The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Premiere Part 2 Recap 9/22/15: Season 9 Episode 2

The Voice 2015 Blind Auditions Premiere Part 2 Recap 9/22/15: Season 9 Episode 2

Tonight on NBC the Emmy award winning music competition The Voice continues with an all new Tuesday September 22, season 9 episode 2 called, “The Blind Auditions Premiere Part 2,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the Blind Auditions Part 2

On the last episode, in the season premiere, the “blind auditions” were held in front of the celebrity panel of musician coaches, including Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams, who each picked vocalists for their individual teams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.” Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “the “blind auditions” continue and are held in front of a celebrity panel of musician coaches including, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.”

Tonight’s season 9 episode 2 is going to be exciting. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on season 9 of The Voice.

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#VoicePremiere blind auditions starts now and the first audition it literally a blind audition. The guy’s name is Blind Joe because he was born premature and his retinas didn’t form properly. He sings If It Hadn’t Been for Love. He’s got a really neat voice. Blake turns in short order followed by Adam. Pharrell and Gwen turn in the last few moments – he got a four chair turn.

They tell him he got a four chair turn and he’s shocked. Adam begs him to pick him despite the cowboy hat. Pharrell says he turned at the last moment and says he’s original and has his own thing. Gwen says there’s the country mafia and Blake is in charge of it and she says she knows Blake has a lock but she likes him. Blake talks about him jamming at the CMAs after he wins it.

Adam cautions him to not join a team that’s full of country artists and Blake tells him to shut it. Joe chooses Blake and Adam says – what a surprise. Blake is thrilled to have the young man and says he’s one of the most special singers he’s ever had on his team. Next up is a contestant who auditioned last year and got no chairs but was encouraged to train and try again.

Ivonne Acero sings Style and does a great twist on Taylor Swift’s song. She immediately gets two chairs from Gwen and Pharrell. She didn’t get Adam and Blake, but she did get two chairs. She tells Blake he told her that he’d turn and she says she’d best learn young that men lie. Pharrell says she has a nice pocket skill and her control is impressive. Gwen says she made it her own.

Gwen says it didn’t sound like Taylor at all and says she can really help her. They jockey back and forth over her. Ivonne chooses Pharrell and he’s excited. He tries to get Gwen to high five her and she says he crushed her.

Next is Gage Navarro from Southern California. He says he started singing in middle school to attract girls then talks about how the economy crushed his family.

Gage signs Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked. All the judges seem to be grooving but they don’t turn. Poor kid gets no chairs but he sounded cool. Gwen says she didn’t feel an emotional attachment to what he was singing. Adam says he needs oomph and Pharrell agrees and encourages him to work on it and come back.

Next up is radio host Regina Love. She had a record deal with Evander Holyfield’s record label for a gossip deal but then the label folded. Now she’s back and ready to try again. Tonight, Regina sings Rock Steady and boxer Evander showed up to cheer her on. She belts some huge notes then Adam turns followed by Blake. Gwen says she didn’t turn because she didn’t know what she could do for her with a voice that developed. Pharrell says he made a mistake by not turning.

Adam says he turned because she has an incredible talent then says Blake makes lots of mistakes and then Adam says she’s beautiful and he loves her. Blake says he loves her too. He says he’s a fan of hers and can help her shine. Adam tells her again that he loves her and Regina chooses Adam who is excited. Blake says she doesn’t need any coaching so she might do well in spite of Adam. Then Adam gives her a big hug then comes and flaunts it in Blake’s face.

Next up is Zach Seabaugh from Marietta, Georgia. He dropped out of football to pursue singing and won trophies in his new pursuit. Tonight he sings Take Your Time. He has a nice voice for country and is a really cute kid. Finally, Pharrell and Blake turn at the same time then Adam follows shortly after. Zach got all but Gwen. Pharrell says he’s never had a country artist but would love a shot to work with him. Adam asks if he’s Superman and says he looks like him and he sings like Superman.

Adam says his voice is seasoned and deeper than his has ever been. Adam says he can win The Voice with him and says he has no country singers and doesn’t want him to get lost in the shuffle with Blake. Gwen says Blake will make the country mafia pitch. Predictably, he takes Blake who tells him he has a shot to win this and says Zach is a dark horse that could go all the way and Adam laments that he couldn’t talk him onto his team.

Next up is Evan McKeel from Virginia and he cut his teeth singing in church choir then his first gig was at the farmer’s market. We see that he also volunteers to perform for dementia patients. He sings Typical. He hits a huge high note and Blake turns then Adam and Pharrell also turn. Blake is on his feet as Gwen turns too. Adam says he got better as the song went on and got more confident as chairs turned. He tells Evan he’s the coach for him. Blake says he’s awesome for wearing two jackets.

Blake says can’t decide, screw it, I’ll wear both. Blake says they would have fun together. Gwen says she likes that she can’t nail down his style and loves the collision. Pharrell says he has something unique. Evan says he loves Stevie Wonder and says he likes Overjoyed. Pharrell asks him to sing a bit and he does and it’s amazing. They are all floored and Gwen gushes. The judges are back on their feet and Gwen gets up close to him and shows him that he moved her to tears.

They all gush over him some more and how he nailed that high pressure situation to sing on the spot something he hadn’t rehearsed to perform. Adam begs him but Evan chooses Pharrell.

Next up is Bryan Bautista from Brooklyn and his parents influenced him strongly with Latin music and his mom says he’s been singing since he was a baby. He does Locked Out of Heaven and really funks it up – but is a bit pitchy. He gets no chair turns.

Adam says Bruno Mars is hard to sing and it pisses him off that he struggles to sing them. Adam says he needs to come back and try again. Gwen says there were some struggles so they couldn’t take a risk on him and says the top notes were strong. Pharrell says what matters is that he sings like he loves to do it. Pharrell and Blake come up to encourage him. Gwen says it didn’t connect and he just didn’t make some of the best choices.

Emily Ann Roberts is next and she’s been singing in restaurants and competitions around her small town and says she has an old soul and likes classic country and bluegrass. She sings I Hope You Dance. She seems a bit off the beat but her voice is nice. Adam is first to turn and then Blake turns at the last minute which infuriates Adam. Adam says Blake is going to make him look bad and himself look great and says Blake is the man for country.

Adam says she would have zero competition in the country category on his team. Adam says Blake took a while to turn around and he says he wanted to hear what she could do. Blake says look at Adam and asks him who sang the song she just sang and Adam says Lee Ann Womack and nails it! Blake says which of them have you hear on country radio. Adam says he has more passion for her and she should choose that and then Blake says use common sense. Adam says he wants her more.

Emily says she loves country music and Blake is a good connection and Adam says Blake will still help with that networking. Adam says it’s intelligent coaching and Blake calls him ridiculous and a middle man. Emily asks if it’s time for her to choose and Blake says she belongs with him but Adam asks to give him a chance. Emily says she’s sorry and goes with Blake who stands up and says she’s right. Emily says Adam gave him a run for his money but she had to go with Blake for country.

Blue haired Ellie Lawrence is from Calhoun, GA and she says her brother was always the musician of the family. She says her fiancée Cody inspired her to do this. She and her fiancée have a band together and she hopes to be 100% her as an artist on The Voice and hopes to work with Gwen. Ellie sings We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off. Adam turns almost immediately as do Gwen and Pharrell. Her BF starts crying backstage. She does a really cool bluesy version of the song and has a cool raspy voice.

She’s so excited to have three judges turn. Adam says he knows they have no chance against Gwen. Adam says he was so excited then knew when Gwen turned and she screamed and pointed at her that he was done. Ellie says Gwen is her idol. Adam says he gets it and is a huge fan of hers. Blake says to go ahead and give her the Team Gwen t-shirt. Adam says her timing is cool and says he can give her a critique. He says he thought she was straining a bit on the high notes and says come to his team.

Pharrell says he loves the way she used the rasp and says he loves that she’s from GA with the blue hair and asks what songs would they do together. Ellie says she likes songs with passion. Blake says they are all on the edge of their seats and want to know who she’s choosing. Of course, Ellie goes with Gwen Stefani and lands the Team Gwen shirt. Gwen is thrilled and goes to give her a big hug.

Blake scored three so far tonight. Adam got one more. Pharrell took two tonight. Gwen landed four tonight. Next up performing is Natalie Yacovazzi and she’s an office worker. She has a past singing in cover bands and says her husband didn’t support her music so they split. Natalie sings Oh Darling. She doesn’t get any chair turns. Blake says there were parts where she was sharp and that was what kept him from pushing the button. Natalie says it’s intimidating and Pharrell says nerves got in her way.

Next is James Dupre from Louisiana who is dad to four boys and has a history as a YouTube artist. He sings Let Her Cry. All but Blake turn almost immediately. Blake finally turns too. Blake says he’s the choice for the country path he’s on and Adam says Blake turned last and says they all made it where they are not by fitting in a box. He says even Blake doesn’t fit in and says just look at him. Adam says every country singer is on his team and Adam says he’s better than that and there’s more to him.

Adam says he wants to win against Blake with a country singer and says James could be that person. Blake says he’ll make sure he ends up in the right hands. Adam says he loves to work with artists different from him and says it’s the beauty of the show. James chooses Adam and Adam is so happy he falls on the floor then runs to hug him and says he’s not letting go. Pharrell and Gwen congratulate him on stealing a country artist from him. Blake says now Adam’s head can barely fit in the room.

Adam mocks Blake and Blake says Adam just destroyed that guy’s life and will make him do a Sublime cover. That’s it for tonight and the blind auditions continue next week.