The Walking Dead Recap – Stranger Danger with a Capital W: Season 6 Episode 2 “JSS”

The Walking Dead Recap - Stranger Danger with a Capital W: Season 6 Episode 2 "JSS"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday October 18, Season 6 episode 2 called “JSS” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, as things begin to return to normal, a new problem arises for the Alexandrians.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and the group were still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “just when it looks like things can return to normal, or as normal as things can be in the apocalypse, a new problem arises for the Alexandrians.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping season 6 episode 2 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 6.

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#WalkingDead begins with a woman standing up out of a car and looking around. It’s Enid’s parents. The car wont’ start and walkers approach from both sides. She screams they need to go. Later, she sits in the car alone with blood all over and watches walkers eat her parents. Then she walks in the rain. He has a knife in her hand and then hears snarling. She takes off at a run. She hides behind a sign and cringes. She writes in the dirt JSS. Enid walks on the road and sees a body half out of a car. She tries to move it.

It snarls at her and she knifes it. Then she climbs into the car and writes on the foggy window JSS. A box turtle crawls along the forest floor and Enid sees it. She kills it and eats it raw. She takes the turtle bones and spells out JSS again. Later, she trudges along outside the walls of Alexandria and hears people talking. She looks around and approaches the wall cautiously. She finds the entry gate and then turns away. She touches her hand and spells out JSS on her hand. Then she goes to the gate and is allowed in.

We see JSS written on her hand cutting through the filth there from her time on the road. Carol takes celery soup from the pantry and she says she thought she’d try to use things people don’t want and says she would make spring cleaning casseroles for Ed to get rid of stuff in her pantry. They compliment Carol on her recipes and call her hero. Shelly complains about the old noodles and says she wishes they had fresh. Carol says she’ll teach her to make homemade if Shelly promises not to some inside anymore.

She tells Shelly that enough things are trying to kill her already. Carol talks to Sam and tells him his dad hit him, now he’s dead and it’s done. She says live with it or it will eat you up then tells him to go home. She goes inside her house. Jessie calls for Ron to come into the kitchen. He doesn’t respond. She calls to him again. He comes down and says no. He says he doesn’t want a haircut. She says take off your hat and sit and Ron says it’s bullshit and she just wants to talk to him.

Jessie says there are things he needs to learn and things to talk about. She asks if he blames her. She asks if he actually blames her then says raise your left arm over your head. He can’t. She says tell me why you can’t. She says his father was dangerous. Ron says Rick is dangerous. She says Rick has nothing to do with this and Ron asks if Rick is her friend. She says yes. Ron walks away. Maggie and Deanna are in a grassy area and Maggie says it will be hard work but they can plant somethings.

She shows her a packet of seeds and says they found crates of them. She says they need to expand and put up the wall. She says Reg wanted the community to grow then says everyone is there because of Deana and needs to show them she’s still there. She hands her a shovel. Deanna takes it. Eugene complains to Tara that they shouldn’t waste the biggest building in the place as a church. He says it would be a good machine shop or a sweet game room.

Dr Denise is there and says she heard him say ham my biscuits and says she’s the new doctor now and asks why they’re taking aspirin. She says she’s nervous because she’s a shrink. She says she went to med school but had panic attacks when it came to blood. She says she’s trying to lower expectations. Eugene asks if she can do this and Tara says she can. She says Pete didn’t want her there but she’s all the town has and just wants to throw up a little. Tara says she has a headache. Denise offers to check her out.

Denise says she’s her first patient and probably won’t kill her. Eugene says she could if she misses a hematoma. Carl is out taking Judith for a walk in her stroller. He spots Ron with Enid. Gabriel approaches him and says it was about him not them, what he said to Deana. He tells Carl he’s ready to learn now what he tried to teach him back at his church. Carl says he needs to tell everybody. Gabriel says he’s right. Carl says to come by at three and they can start with machete lessons.

Carl sees Enid and Ron hugging and then she sees him watching them. He walks on by. Carol is in the kitchen cooking and sets a timer. She sees Shelly outside smoking and then sees someone run up with a machete and hacks her to death. Carol told her to smoke outside and she did and that’s why she was there to get her killed. Ironic right? Technically it was the smoking that killed her. Deanna and Maggie hears screams and then Richard, on the wall, hit by a Molotov cocktail. Deanna is horrified.

Maggie pulls her gun and tells her to come on. Carl tells Carol he saw from upstairs they’re coming in from all over. He has a gun. She tells him to stay there and keep Judith safe. Jessie and Sam hear a noise and lock themselves in the closet she made to keep them safe from Pete. The marauders run amok in Alexandria. Carl creeps downstairs with the gun. He almost shoots Enid. She says she had keys. She says she wanted to say goodbye then says she’s not staying. He says sit down and help protect Judith.

They sit back to back and he says they won’t let them in. He asks if she saw them. She says they’re just people. She says this place is too big to protect and has too many blind spots. He says they will die, all of them. He says don’t tell him goodbye. She says okay, she won’t. Carol creeps along out of sight and watches the invaders hacking up the locals. One paints a W on his head in blood of one of his victims. Carol runs for the garage and then sees Erin begging. The guy slashes her and Carol kills him.

Carol puts her hand over Erin’s mouth and tells her to be quiet. She holds her tight so she can’t make a sound and then finishes her off but she was dying anyway from the initial stab wound. From the tower, one of the guards takes shots at the invaders. He hears a truck and tries to shoot at it. The semi crashes into the reinforced wall and its horn sounds. That’s the noise Rick and the others heard when they were off herding the walkers.

Spencer is trapped in the tower because of the truck crash. Denise curses as wounded start being carted inside. Rosita starts an IV and then Rosita says she has to go. Eugene says he’s staying there with her and Tara does too. Blood drips all over. Morgan climbs into the truck, kills the driver who’s now a walker and shuts off the horn. He’s told there are invaders in the walls killing people. The guy is scared so Morgan tells him to just hide. Morgan finds one dismembering an Alexandrian.

The guy has an ax and says quick or slow. Morgan says leave please. The guy has a W carved in his head. Carol sneaks up dressed as one of them with a W on her head and stabs him. She says they have to get to the armory before they do but Morgan says they don’t have to kill them. Carol says to help do what needs to be done. Maggie and Deanna run into Spencer and Deanna says she doesn’t know how to fight and they’ll just have to save her. She says the best thing she can do is stay outside.

Maggie tells Spencer to keep her safe. Spencer puts her in the cab of the truck. Deanna is haunted by the screams. Denise tells Tara the woman is dying likely from a severed artery. Tara tells her to try and save her but Denise says she can’t do the surgery. Tara says she doesn’t care if she’s afraid and says try and help her. Eugene tells her she doesn’t want to be a coward, he knows that. Denise tells them what to get her. Ron is alive and hiding. He hears a noise and one of them comes after him.

Carl shot him in the leg and the guy goes down screaming. The guy begs Carl not to kill him. He grabs for Carl who finishes him off. Enid watches and Carl tells Ron to come inside so he can keep him safe. Ron says no and walks on. Enid tells Carl to come back inside. Jessie and Sam know someone is in the house but then hear Ron come in and the invader runs downstairs. Jessie goes downstairs to help. She has a gun and tells Ron to stay outside. A woman comes at her and they grapple for the gun.

She knocks Jessie out for a moment and then walks away. Jessie gets her scissors and goes for her before she can get the gun. She stabs her viciously and repeatedly. Ron comes in and sees his mother going berserk killing the woman. Then she stabs one last time, into her temple. Morgan and Carol walk by some others and they call her Aphid. They think she has Morgan prisoner. She shoots down more of them and then runs off. Morgan went to help Gabriel when Carol was going to let him die.

Carol fights off another and then shoots one who runs out. The woman is still alive and she stabs her in the head to end it. She sees a door ajar and opens it but it’s an Alexandrian – Olivia. She tells her to come to her now and Carol starts loading up the armory. She hands her a gun and says barricade the door and shoot if one of them comes through the door. Olivia takes the gun and gets ready. Morgan and Gabriel tie up one and Gabriel asks how he learned to do that. Gabriel says from a cheese maker.

The man tell Gabriel they’re freeing them and says people don’t belong here. Carol comes up and shoots the guy they tied up right in the head. She hands Morgan a gun and he hands it to Gabriel who says he’s not good with guns. Maggie meets up with Carol. Aaron takes out another then Carol another. Gabriel walks down the street. More screams and shots echo through the settlement. Morgan comes face to face with one who says – you live here? He’s surrounded by five of them and tells them to leave.

He says – my people have guns, yours don’t. He takes them down one at a time and says they may be eying them now through scopes and says to get the hell out and never come back. He says you will die if you keep choosing this life. The guy says – we didn’t choose. He signals the others and they run off. The guy grabs a gun before he runs off. Morgan follows them and closes the gate behind them. Carol stares down at Shelly’s body and then the pack of cigarettes.

She sits on the porch steps and rubs the bloody W off her head then sees a red letter A on the porch side. Aaron goes around stabbing the brains of those still dying and he sees one has a bag. He opens it and sees a packet of photos. It’s photos of the wall and the settlement – aren’t those the recruitment photos. Denise tries to save Holly but she flatlines. Tara tells her she tried and is a doctor. Denise asks her to go see if it’s over. She has another there giving blood to transfuse and just asks them all to go.

Tara says make sure you get her brain. The survivors trickle back into town. Spencer asks Rosalie if that’s what it’s like out there. She says pretty much. He asks how you live like that. She says this group, Abraham and this place – she says they need to make sure they have something worth dying for. Maggie puts a knife into the charred body of Richard which has come back as a walker. Maggie tells Deanna they’re still here but she says – not all of us.

Carl stares out the window at the body of the guy he shot then he calls to Enid. He finds a note on the floor. She wrote just survive somehow – that’s the JSS. The timer goes off and Carl silences it. He opens the oven and takes out Carol’s casserole. This all went down in the time it took to cook dinner. A walker shambles for Morgan who knocks it down and puts his staff through its brain. He sees an open door and goes up the stairs. He goes inside cautiously. One hides around the corner and comes at him.

The guy wields a sickle but then they both lose their weapons and grapple hand to hand. The guy says he can’t kill him then says he should have. He comes at Morgan who trips him and knocks him into the wall. The guy comes at him with a knife. Morgan says he’s sorry then kills him. Later, he walks through town with a little blue bag and his staff. He meets up with Carol and they swap a look then walk past each other. Looks like he’s headed for the gate.