The Walking Dead Premiere Recap -The Best Laid Plans: Season 6 Episode 1 “First Time Again”

The Walking Dead Premiere Recap -The Best Laid Plans: Season 6 Episode 1 "First Time Again"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday October 11, Season 6 premiere called “First Time Again” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group are still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl experienced trouble on a run while Rick and his group continued to feel like outsiders in Alexandria, where trouble is creeping into the gates. Did these setbacks break Rick? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Rick and the group are still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria. Will a new threat bring them closer together or drive them further apart?”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 6 premiere live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 6.


#WalkingDead begins in the present with Rick telling the others they have to come to terms with the fact that they will come for them if they don’t go after them. Rick shoots someone dead. He says it’s an insane world. They are in the quarry that’s full of walkers. He says Toby will release the walkers and then lays out the strategy. Morgan and the others are all there watching. They see a truck fall into the quarry and that means the walkers are loose. Rick says they have to move now before they planned.

They all get into vehicles and start their plan. The others are upset because this was supposed to be a dry run not the actual thing. He says they’re headed for home and they have no choice. They set off the flares. There must be a thousand walkers down there. They pull the trucks out to let them start straggling out and then the stream out. In the past, right after Reg’s shooting and Pete’s death, Gabriel finds Deanna by the fire and she tells him that he was wrong.

Abraham carries Reg’s body and lays it down. He opens a bottle of hooch and has a drink. He pours some out onto Reg’s body. Pete’s family sits sad and Ron walks away. Tara is in bed looking bad. Glen comes in looking bad. Tara says they look like shit. Maggie is there too and is glad to see her awake. Glenn says they’re okay and he was hit by a ricochet. Eugene is there and says – holy shit. This is all in the past – the quarry scene is in the present. Tara says thank God Eugene’s hair is all right.

She asks where Noah is – he just died. Carl finds Enid up on a trailer and he sits by her. Someone watches them – looks like Ron. Morgan looks at a map while Darryl eats. Morgan tells Rick he was right, it wasn’t over. Rick is all bloody and a mess and tells Morgan they should talk more tomorrow. He says he doesn’t takes chances anymore. Morgan agrees he shouldn’t. Abraham is also bloody and he sets Reg’s ring on top of the booze bottle. He seems pretty drunk.

He throws up a peace sign to Sasha who throws one back. In the present, a walker staggers down the road. Rick tells the teams they know where to rendezvous and says Darryl will lead them out. He tells Glenn to meet them when he hits the walkers at the tractor place. He tells them all to keep up. They are all running top speed. Darryl is on his motorcycle riding at a slow pace. In the past, we see him working on the bike when Rick comes out and they talk about what happened with Morgan.

Rick says they need watch points and he says he’s going to tell Deanna they shouldn’t go looking for people anymore but Darryl doesn’t agree with that part. Rick says those people can take care of themselves. He says they shouldn’t leave him in there any longer than they have to. Now, Sasha and Abraham are in a car and she says she’s fine. She asks why he got in the car with her if he was so worried. He stays silent. Sasha says this is big what they’re doing and it’s living.

She says – there it is – there’s a tree with three red balloons on it. Darryl says the parade is coming. In the past, Rick goes to see Morgan who is working with his staff. Rick asks where he learned that and Morgan says a friend. Rick says from before or after then tells Morgan it’s common courtesy to answer. Morgan says after everything. Rick says he’s sorry for having to do this and Morgan says it’s okay and you’re safer sometimes when there’s no way out. He says they have to get to know each other again.

Eugene is by the fence when some guys show up and ask to be let in. Eugene doesn’t know him. Heath says he lives there and his team has been on a run the last couple of weeks. Eugene says he can’t confirm his residence there. Heath says he won’t kill him but he’s annoying him. Eugene opens the gate. Heath asks if he’s on gate duty. He says Holly is on duty and asked him to take her place and he says no but she left. Scott and Annie introduce themselves and they ask how many of them there are.

Eugene says 13 then 12. Heath closes up the gate behind them. Heath asks if anything big happened while they were gone. Eugene says they had a meeting last night and says to talk to Deanna about it. Heath walks off. Eugene says it’s good to see someone like him and respects his hair game – Heath has a ponytail full of braids. Rick walks with Morgan and tells him that Reg built the wall and says they didn’t have a lot of walkers and have been living not surviving so they brought them in.

Rick says it still may be too late for the Alexandrians to come around. He tells Morgan he has to talk to Deanna and says she’s the leader and was married to Reg. They spot Gabriel and Tobin digging graves. Rick says just one and says Pete can’t be buried inside the walks since he’s a killer. Tobin says it’s not up to him but Deanna is there and says Rick is right and tells them where to take Pete’s body to dump it – out a way they rarely go. She says let the trees have him. Ron, Pete’s son, overhears this.

Rick explains to Morgan that he shot Pete for killing Reg. Morgan says they have a cell but Rick says not for killers. Morgan reminds him they’re all killers. Now, Rick radios Glenn who says he’s almost there and will meet them at yellow. Rick, Michonne and Morgan are at a gate with orange balloons tied to it. Morgan asks Michonne if she took one of his protein bars. She says no. He says there was one more peanut butter left. Michonne says that’s how it is, you always think there’s one left. Walkers growl.

In the past, Ron stands at the side of the road. He follows the car that takes his dad’s body. Morgan and Rick go into the woods with shovels. Rick says they should just leave the body but Morgan says that’s not who he is. He says he knows that. Rick says he doesn’t know. Morgan starts to dig anyway. They hear walkers growling in the distance. Rick tells Morgan to stop and listen. They go investigate. They come to the edge of the quarry and see the walkers.

Then they hear some nearby. Ron is being chased. Rick tackles him as the walkers go tumbling over the cliff. They take out a few more.

Darryl rides his motorcycle slowly with the horde of walkers behind him. Abraham and Sasha pull out in front of him. The horde follows. In the past, Rick and Morgan look down at the mass of walkers in the quarry. Rick asks Ron why he’s out there and he says he wanted to know where his dad was buried. Morgan has binoculars and looks around. Rick says – this is how. Morgan asks how what and Rick says how the community is still here. He says most wound up here instead of at the walls.

Morgan sees walkers squeezing through a small opening and Rick tells Ron he shouldn’t be out here. Ron says he doesn’t care what he thinks. Rick says it’s what he knows and says he has no idea how to protect himself and says he’ll die then it will never be over because he’ll be one of them. He tells Ron he’s coming back with them now. Rick starts digging a grave for Pete and Morgan helps. They do it for Ron. Now Rick tells Glenn he needs to hurry so the noise doesn’t distract the horde off the road.

They are at the truck place that is packed with walkers. Glenn says to take them out a few at a time. He tells Nicholas to get the door. He says let a couple out then close it. Heath says that’s not a plan. Glenn says if they get into trouble they will run out back. Nicholas tells Heath that Glenn knows what he was doing and he says he and Aiden didn’t. Glenn says they have to quiet the noise so the horde doesn’t get distracted. Heath agrees. They pry the door open.

They open the door and see a metal door behind it. Glenn curses. In the past, Heath talks about scouting runs early on and says there was a camp and they must have blocked the exits to the quarry. He says there was a dozen back then. He says they never go that way since there’s nothing that way. Michonne says that sound is drawing other walkers in. Rick says one of the trucks could go off the edge any day and that will free them to come right at us. He says it’s not about if but when it happens.

He says they have to do this soon. Carol says this is all terrifying but says it sounds like there’s no other way. Someone suggests building up the weak spots but Deanna says to do what Rick says. Rick says Darryl will lead them away and Sasha and Abraham agree to help him. Rick says they’ll have teams on each side and Rosita, Spencer and Holly will be on watch. Michonne says she’s in and Glenn tells Maggie to stick with Deanna during this. He says people need to see her come back.

Glenn says he’s in too. Gabriel says he’d like to help but Rick says no. Carter says there must be another way and says you can’t control that many walkers. Rick says walkers herd up and follow a path. Carter asks if they should take his word for it after… Rick says after what and Carter says he shot a man in the face and waved a gun around. Deanna says it’s enough and shuts Carter down. Heath says he’s in too. Annie says she’s in and so does Tobin. Deanna asks who else and Glenn shakes his head no at Nicholas.

But Nicholas says he has to help. Rick asks if he can handle it and Nicholas says they need people to help. Rick says they’ll make it work and keep their families safe. Carter asks to hear the whole plan again step by step. Now, we hear the engines revving. Rick, Michonne and Morgan shoot flares as Darryl, Sasha and Abraham bring the horde close to the orange check point. In the past, we see Rick pointing on the map and says they block it off to force them to move West.

Michonne says they’ll keep moving. Carter says what if they slip through the cracks and they stop following. Eugene says we’ve got big ass metal plates to disperse the force and says it will reinforce it. Carter says what happens if they push through. Rick says he needs to help them make sure it holds. Morgan says he already did the impossible building the walls and can help. Deanna asks Carter to help. Now, we see Darryl and the horse and they’re making the all-important turn around the corner.

Morgan and Michonne watch the wall rattle. She sees them through the cracks. Rick is back there with her. Walkers make the turn but are bounding off the wall. They shoot flares to keep them going West. Many bounce themselves to pieces on the wall and are trampled underfoot. In the past, we see Carter and the Alexandria crew working to build up the corner to protect them. Rick eyes Jessie who is there. Darryl tells Rick that finding more people to bring in is taking care of themselves.

Carol brings Rick some water and says she can come along. He says she should stay back and get a feel for how people feel now. Carol says he’s in charge now. Today Glenn, Heath and Nicholas talk about this. Glenn tells Nicholas what to do and to get to Rick if this goes bad. Maggie tells Tara that Nicholas got Noah killed and lured Glenn into the woods and tried to kill him. She wanted Nicholas exiled but he would die out there. Maggie says Glenn saves people, even people like Nicholas.

Maggie says she couldn’t accept it either but then thought about Tara and being on the other side of the fence from her in Woodbury and now she’s important to her. She tells Tara to tell her what she wants to do. Tara says she’ll follow Maggie’s lead. Glenn watches them. Now, Glenn and Heath get ready. Glenn shoots out a glass window and the walkers come pouring out. He and Heath shoot them as they come out. One gets close to Heath who grapples with him. Nicholas saves Heath and then Heath saves him.

There’s one walker left. Glenn tells Nicholas to get it. He puts a knife in her head. Glenn says good and says they can go now. They trot away.

In the past, we see them all working on the wall at the corner. Carol hands out drinks and Morgan asks isn’t her name Carol then asks how long she’s been with Rick then asks if she’s a cop too and says she’s always watching and seems ready. Carol asks for what. He says – to handle things. Carol says he’s sweet and walks away. Abraham and Sasha ride on and Abraham says they have some stragglers. He hops out to get the stragglers back into the horse. Sasha calls him an idiot.

Abraham runs back to the car and gets back inside. He has some goo on him and says look at me. He says she it was a mess the night Reg got it. He says Pete’s face blew up like Pompeii when they were cheek to cheek and says he thinks some of his brains are in his ears. Abraham checks the horde in the mirror and says things are aces. She asks what he’s doing and he says grabbing the bull by the nut sack and living.

In the past, Rick and Deanna look at the wall construction. He tells her he’s sorry about Reg and says he was smart, kind, and a good man. Rick says she made the right call and says they need this. Deanna asks what else and says to tell him. He says people need to be trained and armed inside the walls. All of them. He tells her they’re coming then tells Carter heads up – some walkers are coming. He holds back the regulars and tells the Alexandrians they can do this and says to use shovels.

Morgan runs to help but Rick says no. He doesn’t stop so Rick’s people dispatch them quickly while the Alexandrians cowered. Morgan tells Rick he told him he doesn’t take chances anymore. Carter looks scared and horrified. In the past, Carter talks about Rick and his plan. Eugene overhears. Carter tells Spencer that Deanna is asleep at the wheel and they have to stop Rick. He says Gabriel was right about them. Olivia tells Carter to be careful.

Carter says he’s not talking about meetings and says they need to kill Rick before he kills them. Eugene drops a jar then backs into a dish rack. He says hello. Tobin says he heard. Eugene says he didn’t. Carter says he heard and goes to shoot Eugene but Olivia says he can’t and then Rick is at the door with Darryl and Morgan. He asks what the hell is going on. Carter says he’s taking this place back from him. The others say this is Carter talking. Rick says it would have been smart to set up lookouts.

He knocks Carter down and holds a gun to his hand and asks if he thinks he can take this community from them and asks if he has any idea who he’s talking to. Carter says it was just him doing the talking and says just kill me. Morgan watches upset. Darryl speaks Rick’s name. Rick says he’s good and hands the gun over. He tells Carter he can try to work with them and try to survive. He asks if he can do that. Now, the horde walks on.

Glenn, Nicholas and Heath meet up with Rick in the woods. Carter is with them and he tells Rick he was right and it’s working. They shake hands. Rick tells them all they need to finish this and says to fan out. He tells Glenn he has the back and says it’s one after the other. They fan out to finish what they started. Carter runs into a straggler that grabs him and bites his face. He screams. That sends the horde towards the noise. Rick tells Tobin to fire their guns to get the horde back on track.

Rick has Judith and sits with Morgan. He asks if it’s okay he’s on his porch since he doesn’t have one. Rick hands him a house key and says he should get his stuff and stay with them. Morgan asks if there’s room and Rick says they’ll make room. He says he knows him now. He asks if he wants to hold Judith. Morgan laughs and says okay. Michonne watches as Rick hands the baby over. Morgan says hi to her. They sit down with her on the steps. Morgan says Rick is still the same man he met in King County.

He says the man who dealt with Carter is that same man. Rick says he wanted to kill him and it would be easier if he did so he wouldn’t have to worry about what stupid thing he’d do. Rick says Carter shouldn’t be alive now because he’s stupid and says he wanted to kill him then realized he didn’t have to do it. He says Carter doesn’t get it. He says someone like that is going to die no matter what. Rick runs up and rips Carter away from the walker and kills the walker.

Rick tells Carter to take a breath. He tells him to be quiet and covers his mouth with his hand. He won’t stop screaming so Rick has to put a knife in his neck and kill him. The others fire their guns and get them back on track. Michonne comes up and Rick is asked about the noise. He has to tell them Carter got bit in the face. Rick tells Morgan to head back and tell the others what’s going on and says he’ll take care of that one. He tells Michonne to take point.

Morgan tells Michonne he knows that’s how it is and she says she does too. Rick kills off the stray walker and they move on. Darryl and Sasha are still at the head of the horde. In the past, Jessie is taking inventory in the armory and Rick says he’s there for flares. She hands them over. Rick says he thought it was best if he let things be with her for a while. She says Ron told her what happened and he was right that Ron shouldn’t have been there but says Rick can’t talk to him like that or touch him.

Rick says Ron needed to hear it but she says Ron won’t hear anything that Rick says. Rick says she and Ron need to know how to protect themselves. She says Rosita will teach her and she will teach her boys. She says she heard what he said at her house and at the meeting. She says she will fight. He nods his head. Michonne and Rick creep along in the woods. In the past, Rick shows them the finish line and says Darryl and Sasha will take them the other 20 miles.

Abraham asks Sasha if she’s doing this because she wants to die. She says no. Now, Abraham, Sasha and Darryl ride on at the head of the horse. In the past, Rick tells Glenn and the others they have to clear the tractor place on the way back. Glenn tells Nicholas he’s not ready to be out there tomorrow but says he’ll make sure later that he’s ready so he can make things right. Nicholas thanks him. Now, the horde walks on and Glenn, Heath and Nicholas creep along.

In the past, Rick tells the others it’s an insane world and they have to come for the walkers before they come for them. Now the past and current time are reconciled – we’re back to where we started. The walkers stagger on down the road. Then a horn blares. Michonne and Rick panic. The back half is turning. Glenn hears it too and they start to panic. Michonne says it’s far away and sounds like it’s coming from home. They run off at top speed.

The horde is now headed for Alexandria! We see hundreds and hundreds of walkers veering into the woods towards Alexandria. Who’s sounding the horn?