The Walking Dead Recap Season 5 Finale: [Spoiler] Dies

The Walking Dead Recap Season 5 Finale: [Spoiler] Dies

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 29, Season 5 finale called “Conquer” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in a special 90 minute episode, Daryl [Norman Reedus] experiences trouble on a run while Rick [Andrew Lincoln] and his group continue to feel like outsiders in Alexandria.  We have a few questions we would love to see answered tonight, like who dies – check them out and let us know what you are hoping will be solved on tonight’s finale episode, RIGHT HERE!

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, the group realized that sheltered life might not be possible as life within the walls started to mimic life outside. Did these setbacks break Rick? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Daryl experiences trouble on a run while Rick and his group continue to feel like outsiders in Alexandria, where trouble is creeping into the gates.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 finale live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 5.

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#TheWalkingDeadFinale begins with a car crashed against a tree. Morgan sleeps in the back of it. He wakes and smiles at a lucky rabbit foot. He gets out and makes some breakfast sitting by a small fire. A man walks up on his with a gun drawn and sits down saying the food looks good. Morgan asks what’s the W for – there’s a W on the guy’s head. He says the first settlers put a bounty on wolves and says they’re back now. Morgan says everything gets a return.

The guy asks if he’s shitting him and Morgan says no. The guy says he likes talking and says he doesn’t get to meet new people very often. He says sometimes they find camps and run through them. He also says they have traps. He says it’s different thought, not meeting like this as equals. He says fireside chats are the closest to movies and says he misses those. He tells Morgan he wants his breakfast and everything he has. Morgan asks him to keep a little just to keep him alive.

The guy says he’s taking Morgan too and he won’t be alive. Morgan sets the cup down. The guy says some tribes thought the first people were wolves transformed into men and says it all gets a return like he said. Morgan says he can have his supplies and there doesn’t have to be any ugliness but says he can’t allow him to take him allow. Morgan says he will not allow it. He reaches for his gun but the guy cocks his and says to be still and not move.

Another guy comes out of the woods behind him but Morgan is ready and moves. He tells them to go now. The other guy also has a W. He says no and attacks. Morgan is beating on them both and then says again they should go. He says please. They attack again and he strikes them with his staff. He knocks them out. Walkers come up and Morgan tries to shoot him with the guy’s gun but it wasn’t loaded. He knocks its head open with his staff.

He ties the guys up and shoves them on the seat of the broken car. He honks the horn several times then snatches the rabbit’s foot then leaves. Daryl roars down the road on his hog. Aaron follows along in the car. They stop and get out leaving the vehicles. Rick wakes with a bandaged face in a bed. He smirks and Michonne asks what’s funny. Rick says it’s like the train car again. He says after the whole thing, he’s still there. Michonne says Deanna wanted him there to calm down.

He says Rosita patched him up then Carl came by but she sent him on. Michonne asks Rick what he’s doing. She says they have Pete in another house and says he should have told her what happened. He says he couldn’t tell her about the gun. Rick says she wanted this place and Michonne says they needed to stop being out there. Rick says they’re there and Michonne says he just said he wasn’t. The door opens and Carol, Glenn and Abraham come in.

Carol asks him why he took a gun from the armory (she’s playing dumb). He says just in case. Glenn says Maggie is with Deanna and says they’re holding a meeting tonight. Carol says at the meeting he needs to say he took a gun to keep Jessie safe. She says to just tell them what they want to hear and it’s what she’s been doing since she got there. Michonne asks why and Carol says these people are children and children like stories.

Glenn says the people are guarding the armory and Glenn says they have knives and that’s enough. Rick says if it goes bad, he’ll whistle and they’ll take three key people – Deanna, Reg and Spencer – hostage and tell them they have to give the armory or they’ll slit their throats. Glenn says that sounds like Terminus then asks if Rick wanted this. He says no but he hit his limit and screwed up. He says now here we are. He says he’s going to sleep some more and lies back down. The four leave.

Maggie watches Gabriel doing laundry and steps outside to talk to Deanna who says they’re going to talk about what happened. Maggie tells her she let them all in and says she decided that and now wants to put that decision on people who don’t have all the information. Maggie says the things Rick has seen and lost have been significant. Deanna says Rick pointed a gun at people but Maggie says he didn’t pull the trigger. Reg says Michonne stopped him but Deanna says she’ll do what she has to do.

Maggie walks off and Reg goes after her. He says the cavemen were all nomads and says they evolved into this and we lived. He says civilization starts when we stop running and start living together and stop pushing people away. He says that’s what he’ll tell Deanna and everyone tonight. Sasha is outside the wall cleaning up walker bodies that she’s shot. She wheels one to a giant pit and then looks at the pile of bodies in the pit. She lies down on top of the pile of dead walkers and looks up at the sky.

Daryl tells Aaron someone came through there not long ago. Aaron says they’ll set up a mic to record them. Daryl asks if they sent people away and asks what happened. He says it was two men and a woman, early on. Davison was the leader. He says he brought them in and had to see it out when it didn’t work out. He says he, Aiden and Nicholas drove them far away and left them with a day of food and water. He says they had all their guns. He says he can’t make that type of mistake again.

Carol wakes Rick later and says it was good what happened last night. She says they have more cover now since the others think he’s been found out. She offers him a new gun. Rick asks why she doesn’t want the others to know they have more guns. She says Michonne knocked her out and he says she and Glenn are still with them. Carol says she didn’t tell them just in case. Rick says he doesn’t want to lie anymore. Carol says he can’t not lie and not take this place. She says he can’t have it both ways.

Daryl and Aaron watch a guy in the distance. He’s rubbing his face and Aaron asks what the guy is doing. He says he’s using weeds to keep mosquitos off. Rick leaves the house and walks past Tobin and some others. He walks past a glaring Deanna too. Nicholas creeps around where Glenn is sitting. Maggie comes to tell Glenn it’s what she thought and she’s going to talk to people and try to solve this. Glenn tells her he loves her. Maggie says she’s sure it work out and says she’ll see him there.

She leaves. Glenn sees Nicholas climbing the wall. Gabriel is let out of the gate by Spencer to go for a walk. He says he doesn’t need a gun because he has the word of god as protection. Rick comes home and gives Carl a hug. He tells him he’s sorry and Rick tells Carl he needs to stay home from the meeting. Carl asks if this is home now and says the others will die without them. Rick says he may have to threaten or kill one of them. Carl says he needs to tell them again so they can hear him.

Rick says he doesn’t know if they can hear him and asks if he’s afraid. Carl says he’s afraid for the Alexandrites and says he has to tell them. Daryl and Aaron watch some walkers behind a gate and wonder where they lost the guy. Aaron says he loses them sometimes but says this is unusual. Daryl says leaving means giving up and Daryl says they need to keep looking for the good ones. Aaron says they need to keep feeding the ones they have.

Daryl says okay then taps on the fence. Walkers come over and they kill them through the fence them open it and head inside to the food company facility. They see some cans tied with string on the side of a trailer. They head up onto the loading dock. Aaron says the guy was in a red poncho so they can see him a mile away. He takes an Alaska license plate off a truck. He’s excited they may have a trailer full of canned food. The trailers are booby trapped.
[2015-03-29, 9:44:01 PM] Rachel Rowan: When Daryl touches one they spring open and walkers pour out, all marked with Ws on their head. There are more in the yard now. They battle them and Daryl pulls Aaron under a trailer. The walkers come at them but Daryl leads him out then grabs a chain and uses it like Ghost Rider did. They hack their way through a myriad of walkers. They get into a vehicle and are able to shut themselves in but there are dozens of walkers surrounding them including several torsos tied to the truck.

Aaron says the auto glass should hold for a while and Daryl says they need to try and block their view of them. Aaron finds a crumpled note in the car that said trap, bad people coming, don’t stay. Carol goes to see Pete and she says he needs to check on Tara. He tells her to get out. She has a knife in her hand and says she could kill him right now. She says she will and no one will believe she did it because she didn’t like him. She hold sit to his neck and says people will believe he tried to hurt her.

She pulls the knife away and tells him to come at her. He doesn’t. Carol says no. She says he has a chance the way this has played out. She says he’s there and his wife is over there. She says he’s a small weak nothing and with the world how it is, he’s even weaker. She says if he plays his cards right he may not have to die. She hands him a casserole and says she wants her dish back clean when he’s done. She walks out on him. He drops the casserole and rants and says this isn’t his house then starts brekaing things.

Glenn is outside the wall following Nicholas. He comes upon some blood and a ravaged walker. He hears a twig snap and then he’s shot. It’s Nicholas. He sees blood but Glenn is gone. Rick comes to see Jessie who’s at her broken window. She tells him he should go and he says he wanted to check on her then says she was right. She says people shouldn’t see them talking right now. He says he’s not sorry he did it no matter what happens or what he has to do.

Jessie tells him to turn around when he goes to walk away. He stops and she says he was right. Then he walks off. Pete watches them talking through the window of the house he’s in. Daryl and Aaron ponder their options and Daryl chuckles. He says he came out there because he felt closed up back there. He says even now, this still feels more like him more so than back in the houses and says that’s messed up. Aaron says he saw them with the group when he went off alone at the barn with the storm coming.

He tells Daryl he watched them lead his people to safety and that’s when Aaron knew he has to bring them back. He says the mistake was his for giving up on looking for the poncho guy. Daryl pulls a knife and says he’ll lead them away. Aaron says it was his fault but Daryl won’t hear it. Aaron says they can fight together and go for the fence together. He says make it or not, they have to do it together. Daryl takes a toke off his cigarette and they agree to go on three.

They count then shots ring out and a couple go down. It’s Morgan and he works with them to cut a swath through them. They get out and shut the gate then shoot a couple of stragglers. Aaron tells Morgan that was crazy and thanks him. He introduces them to him and he says he’s Morgan. Daryl asks why and Morgan says all life is precious. Aaron says whoever set that trap is coming and tells Morgan about Alexandria if he wants to come along.

Morgan says he’s on his way somewhere and shows them the map to help. Rick’s name is on it. Daryl smiles. Gabriel walks in the woods whistling. He comes upon a walker feeding on someone. He holds out his arms and says he’s ready. The walker turns to him and staggers over. Gabriel watches him come and then look scared. The walker has a nose on his neck and Gabriel grabs it then decapitates it. The head keeps growling and he bashes it in the head.

He walks over to the body in the road. The guy is still somewhat alive. His entrails are hanging out. Gabriel kills the guy then sits down and starts bawling loudly. Abraham comes with flowers for Tara but Eugene is there so he starts to go. Rosita says Eugene is asleep and tells Abraham to stay. He goes and sits down quietly. Rosita knocks over a pan to wake Eugene. He tells Abraham good afternoon. He says Tara saved his life and says she opened his mind to things.

He says he crafted a lie to give Abraham’s considerable talents a mission. Eugene thanks him and says he’s sorry and says he means both emphatically. Abraham says he’s sorry too. Eugene says that’s unnecessary but Abraham says he almost killed him. Eugene says – there is that. Spencer opens the fence for Gabriel and asks if they can talk later about Aiden. He says he needs someone to talk to about what happened and has no one. Gabriel agrees. He asks him to close the fence and Gabriel says okay.

Gabriel pushes the fence haphazardly and it rebounds leaving a small gap. Nicholas comes on the walker in the woods while chasing Glenn. He pulls out his knife then shoots it. Then Glenn attacks and they grapple. Glenn knocks him down and breaks his knee by stomping it. Nicholas puts his thumb into Glenn’s shoulder wound. Then a walker comes onto them and Nicholas steps away. Glenn struggles the walker then another comes on him.

Michonne comes and asks Rick if he’s ready. He says Carol, Daryl and him worked it out together. He says they took some guns from the armory. He says they lied to her because he wasn’t sure how she’d take it or what she would do. He offers Michonne the gun and she asks if he thinks she’d try to stop him. He says she hit him over the head but she says that was for him, not them. Rick says he was afraid she’d talk him out of it and says he could have.

Michonne says they don’t need them there and she doesn’t need her sword. She says they can find a way. She says if they don’t, she’s still with him. Michonne says something will happen but tells him not to make something happen. He offers the gun but she gestures for him to keep it and then tells him not to take too long. Rick thinks about Morgan telling him that nightmares end and this isn’t the real world. He tucks the gun in his belt then looks out the window. He leaves in a hurry and goes down.

He sees the gate was open and looks around. He notices there is blood on the ground and looks around. He shuts the gate and latches it. Then he follows the blood in a hurry. He skirts the gate at a run looking for the trouble. He picks up the pace. Gabriel goes to his makeshift chapel in the garage and finds Sasha there. She says she doesn’t know what to do with what’s in her head. She asks if he can help her. Gabriel says no. Deanna and the others are at their outdoor meeting.

Maggie asks her to wait for the others to come and says Glenn and Rick aren’t there but Deanna insists they start now. She says they’re going to talk, not fight. She says they have to talk about how Rick stole a pistol from the armory, pointed it at them and what they said. Carol says she’s sure they can work this out. Nicholas is in the dark woods limping on his injured knee. Rick pulls his knife and jogs past some houses. Sasha tells Gabriel she thinks she wants to die.

Gabriel says she doesn’t deserve to be there and says she should die. He says her choices are horrible. Sasha says she knows what he’s doing and he says Bob was mutilated and consumed because of her sins. She tells him to stop. He says Tyreese thought he was apart from it but he was part of it. He says he deserved to die. She attacks him. Michonne tells the others at the meeting about the stress of being out there and says Rick just wants them all to live and survive.

Michonne says who Rick is will be who they will all become if they’re lucky. Rick finds the walkers. There are several. He fights them off. Sasha and Gabriel struggle over her sniper rifle and they shoot out the garage door. Glenn finds Nicholas and knocks him down. Carol says Rick saved her life over and over and says people like them need people like him. She tells them what happened last night was scary and she’s sure Rick is sorry but says they need to listen to what he was saying.

Rick is struggling with a walker that has him on the ground. It’s biting at his face and then Rick chokes it. Glenn beats Nicholas. Abraham tells them there’s a vast ocean of shit out there that they know nothing about but says Rick knows every grain of it then some. Rick chokes it until it dies. Blood explodes all over his face. He throws it off of him. The guy in the orange poncho is with two others at the gate of the place where Daryl and Aaron were trapped. They’re going to get them.

The two guys hack orange poncho guy across the stomach to make him bleed then go to open the gate. Maggie tells the group that her father respected Rick and says Rick is a father and feels strongly about what he does and has to do. She says their group is family now and says they can’t stop this and shouldn’t want to. She says they should want to be part of the family too. Deanna says she wants to share something in the spirit of transparency.

She says Gabriel came to see her and says the new arrivals can’t be trusted, are dangerous and would put themselves in front of this community. She says not one day later, Rick demonstrated what Gabriel said. Jessie speaks up and says Gabriel isn’t there and asks if she taped him. She says she didn’t. Maggie walks away. Glenn tells Nicholas he warned him but he tried to kill him. He puts a gun to Nicholas’ head. Sasha as her gun on Gabriel.

The W guys use a loud light and music system to lure the walkers back into the semis. Tobin says he just wants to keep his family safe but then Rick is there. He tosses down a dead walker. The other scream. Nicholas cries and says he doesn’t belong. Glenn tells him to shut up. Nicholas says he doesn’t belong out there. Glenn stops sort of shooting him. He sits down beside the idiot. Gabriel tells Sasha to do it. Maggie comes in and takes the gun away from a crying Sasha.

Gabriel tells Maggie that she should let her do it. He says they all died because of him. She kneels down and takes his hand. She says they did and he nods. She pulls him up. Rick says there was no guard on the gate and it was open. Spencer says he asked Gabriel to close it. He says he didn’t bring it in but says it got inside on its own. He says they always will – the dead and the living – because we’re in there. He says the ones out there will hunt us.

Carl and Judith listen to a music box. Glenn helps Nicholas back to Alexandria. Rick says they will try to hunt, kill and use them. Rosita reads to Tara and she wakes up. The traps in the yard are reset as they close the last truck. One of the W men looks through photos from the people inside Alexandria including Rick and his group. Gabriel prays with Sasha and Maggie. Did Aaron drop the photos? Rick tells them he can show them how to survive.

Rick says he was thinking how many of them he would have to kill to save their lives. Rick says he won’t do that. He says they have to change and says he’s not sorry for what he said last night but is sorry for not saying it sooner. He says they’re not ready but have to be right now. He says luck runs out. Pete shows up with Michonne’s sword and rants that Rick is not one of them. Pete slashes Reg’s throat. Deanna grabs him and cries as he bleeds.

Everyone is horrified. Reg gurgles in blood. Pete shrieks – this is him, this is him. Reg dies. Deanna tells Rick to do it. Rick puts a bullet in Pete without a moment’s hesitation. Morgan, Daryl and Aaron walk in just then. Morgan speaks Rick’s name. They both seem stunned.

Michonne has her kitana back from when Pete used it. She looks up at the hooks on her wall then decides to keep it and slides it onto her back. We see that poncho guy is now a walker too. An SUV is sprayed with “Wolves Not Far.”