The Walking Dead Recap – Rick Grimes Crimes: Season 5 Episode 15 “Try”

The Walking Dead Recap - Rick Grimes Crimes: Season 5 Episode 15 "Try"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 22, Season 5 episode 15 called “Try” and below is your weekly recap. Tonight, Rick and the group face setbacks as existence within the walls starts to mimic life outside.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, while trying to secure their new home, Rick and his group faced many challenges, some life threatening. Was this really the utopia it seemed to be? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “the group realizes that sheltered life might not be possible as life within the walls starts to mimic life outside. Will these setbacks break Rick?”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 15 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 5.

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#WalkingDead starts with a bloody walker stepping on one of the photos Sasha recently shot. Deanna opens up a CD that says – Run Mix. She puts it in the CD player and starts it playing. Spencer sits there with her looking upset. Reg is there too. They listen to the dub step. Carol makes a tuna casserole. Sam peeks in the window. She starts to write on a card. Sasha is in the tower with her gun. She takes careful aim. The walker staggers through the fence.

Reg tells his son to turn off the music. He does. There’s a knock at their door. Deanna steps outside and looks down. It’s the tuna casserole with a note saying they’re truly sorry for her loss. She leaves the casserole on the step and goes back inside. She comes back in and burns the note. The walker bangs at the fence. Sasha puts it down. Another walker staggers in a field. Daryl takes that one down. Aaron says there are more around than they thought. Daryl points out a light not too far away.

Nicholas is being interviewed on camera. Deanna rewinds it to listen to it again. He says Aiden was trying to save them from a roamer by shooting at it and then Glenn distracted him. Glenn says he saw the grenades and tried to stop them. Nicholas says he wasn’t going to leave Aiden or Tara. Glenn says Nicholas wanted to run but they made him stay to help save Aiden. Glenn says all Nicholas had to was close the door. Nicholas says they were trying to push the door and let them get him.

Nicholas says if he didn’t push back, he’d be dead too. Glenn says he tried and then watched Noah die. He’s telling his side of this to Rick. Nicholas totally blames the others. Deanna asks how it came about that he came back with them. She tells Nicholas no guns and no going outside the walls. Nicholas says those people need to go because they’re not like us. He says she has to see this and she says she sees a great deal. Glenn says they could have just left Nicholas out there and made up something.

Rick says he doesn’t know if they can see how things really are. Glenn says they have to be here and Rick agrees. He says we don’t answer to their rules but Glenn says we are them now. He says Noah believed in this place and says they have to make this work. Rick sees a balloon tied to a little boat out in the pond. He walks away from Glenn. Carol watches activity over at Jessie’s house then tells Rick she sent a casserole to Deanna. She asks if he’s thought about Pete.

Rick says yeah. Carol says she talked to Sam some more and says his mom put a bolt on the inside of his closet and tells him to lock himself in some nights. She says he can hear his dad yelling, things breaking and his mom crying. She says Sam said he found his mom unconscious and bleeding last month. Rick asks why she cares and Carol tells him that he knows why and she knows why he does. He asks why and she says she’s seen him talk to her. Jessie goes back in her house.

Carol says if walkers hadn’t gotten in, she wouldn’t be standing there right now but Rick says she would. He walks away. Rick walks down to the pond and looks at the little balloon. He pulls out the hidden gun and just stands there. Pete walks over and calls to Rick who turns to look at him. Pete asks if he’s okay. Rick glares. He tells Pete to keep walking. Pete says what and then Rick gets an even scarier look. Pete walks on. Rick keeps the gun out of sight.

Michonne wakes early and looks at a laundry basket nearby. She looks at a t-shirt then gets out her constable uniform. There’s a knock at her door – it’s Rosita who tells her that Tara is stable and says she thinks Sasha may have spent the night in the tower. She says Abraham is on watch now but no one has seen Sasha. They go outside and hear a noise in the tree. They pull weapons but don’t see anything. They both comment it’s the first time they’ve been out since they’ve been there.

Michonne says it already feels different. Rosita says she was screwed up after finding out Eugene lies. And now Michonne is screwed up. Michonne says Noah is dead and she was sleeping. She says she doesn’t want to forget but Rosita says that doesn’t mean she has to give up. Rosita reminds her that her sword is still up and says that’s something. Rick finds Deann at the graveyard. He asks how she’s holding up and she says she’s not.

Rick says there’s a problem with Pete. Deanna says she hoped it would get better and Rick is shocked she knew. He says it hasn’t gotten better and won’t. She says Pete is a surgeon and saves lives. Rick says they have to stop him beating his wife. She asks how. Rick says they separate them and tell him that’s how it is. He says it’s not Pete’s choice. Deanna asks what happens if he doesn’t accept it and Rick says he’ll kill him then says “we” will kill him.

Deanna says they don’t do that and says this is civilization. Rick says letting him hit or kill her is no good. She says they can exile him. Rick says letting them go is dangerous because you don’t know when they’ll come back. Deanna says not to suggest executing people and tells him not to suggest it. Rick says people die and times like this you can decide who or when or people decide for you. She says she wouldn’t kill him and would just send him away.

Rick stares at her. Michonne and Rosita come upon some walker kills they say have to be Sasha’s – all back of the head. They see the framed photo. Michonne says Sasha is hunting them. Carl is out in the woods when Enid calls to him. She says she knows he’s following her again and says he’s going the wrong way. She says he’s loud and asks him to go back. She says he scares her but he says it’s not safe for her to be out there. She startles him by stepping out from behind a tree. Carl says they should go back then asks what she does out there. She says the same as him and runs off. He gives chase.

They stop running when they see a walker. Enid pulls out a timer and throws it away from them. It goes off and the walker heads towards the noise. She and Carl run off the other way. Glenn sees Nicholas scrubbing blood out of the van and tells him the people he lost on the run are on him and so is Noah. He says those five lives are ones he has to carry. He tells him people like him should be dead but those walls went up just in time to save him. Glenn says Nicholas doesn’t go out of the walls ever again.

Nicholas asks who he is to tell him that. Glenn says he knows who he is, what he did and won’t let him do it again. Nicholas says Glenn just got there. Glenn tells him not to forget what he said. Nicholas asks if he’s threatening him but Glenn says he’s saving him. Carl and Enid sit down and catch their breath. She says they’re supposed to be out there feeling like this and says she doesn’t want to forget. She says running makes her feel better. He says he dreams about being in the forest with them.

Enid says she does too. Carl says Ron’s a good guy and asks he knows she comes out there. Enid says he wouldn’t understand. He asks why he scares her and she says he just does. She pulls out a knife that he says it’s cool. She says it was her mom’s. He asks what happened to her and she says it doesn’t matter. He says something bad happened to him too. They hear walkers and he says it’s time to go but she pulls him into a wide tree trunk. They stand close together.

Enid says it’s their world and we’re just living in it. A herd walks by. Carl touches her hand then stops. He sighs and she says it’s cool that he’s afraid of her too. The walkers have the Ws carved into their heads. Nicholas goes out and digs up what looks like Rick’s gun where he buried it. Sasha takes out the herd efficiently. Rosaita and Michonne find her there but she tells them to go back. Sasha says she’s sick of plating defense. They ask if she’s going to kill them all and she says yes.

A large herd moves toward them and she shoots. Rosita says they need to get out of there. Sasha says she doesn’t they do. Michonne has a flashback to her berserker moment when she took out a herd with her sword. She joins in the shooting and Rosita joins in with her knife. Sasha is out of ammo and the walkers are still coming. One knocks her down and she loses her knife. But then Michonne shoots it. Sasha slaps her hand away and says she had it and didn’t need her help.

She says she told them to go. She points at Michonne and says she can’t do anything. She says it worked out for her and says Michonne can’t help her – she says no one can. She starts crying and says she told Noah he wouldn’t make it. She walks away. Rosita follows then Michonne reluctantly as well. Daryl and Aaron are creeping through the woods. They find a selection of slice up parts like there were outside Noah’s neighborhood. Daryl says this just happened. He says someone took what they wanted.

They have weapons out and keep moving. They come up on a naked dead female body strapped to a tree. Aaron says she was tied up and they let them eat her. He asks how it happened. Daryl pulls her head up and sees the W on her head. She comes to and Daryl puts a knife through her brain. Rick finds Jessie smoking and Rick says her secret is safe. She says Noah was a sweet kid and says Tara is in good hands with Pete. Rick says he knows her husband is hurting her and says it has to stop.

Jessie says it will. Rick asks how. She says there are things in Pete’s life that happened. Rick says he doesn’t care. Jessie says she can fix it and Rick says she can’t but he can. She shakes her head no and asks what he can do. She asks if he’s going to put him in jail. She says that will make things worse but Rick says worse means he killed her and he won’t let that happen. Jessie asks why he cares and why it’s important to him. She says he has a home for his kids and asks what he’s doing.

Rick says he’s trying to help but Jessie says she doesn’t know that. She tells him she’s married and says she can take care of herself. She says – we have to take care of ourselves. She goes into her house. Rick walks down the street. He sees people talking looking happy and normal then sees a kid walking a dog. He stops and tries to calm himself down. He sees a kid run by with another red balloon. He walks off with purpose and goes into Jessie’s house. She asks what he’s doing.

Rick says Sam asked for a gun to protect her. She starts crying and says he shouldn’t be there. Rick says it’s the same in here as out there. He says you don’t get to just live and put it off or wish it away. He says if she doesn’t fight, she’ll die. Rick says he doesn’t want her to die. He says he can help her. He says he can keep her and her boys safe. He says he can and steps closer. He tells her all she has to do is say yes. Jessie asks if he would do this for someone else, anyone else.

Rick says no. Jessie says yes. Pete is there and walks in the room. He asks why Rick is there. He asks again then tells him to leave. Jessie says no. Pete says – excuse me. Jessie says Pete needs to leave. She tells him to just go. Pete asks what they’ve been talking about and then screams at her. Rick says they are going to leave now. Pete rants and says Rick is leaving and asks him if he thinks he’s the law and asks who the hell he thinks he is.

Pete throws a punch, Rick hits back. Pete tries to hurt Rick. They grapple and Jessie screams no. Rick throws Pete out the window and then follows him. Sasha is back in the tower watching. She checks her scope and sees someone running. Reg calls for Deanna. Carl and Pete are brawling in the street. Sam runs for Carol. Pete gets the better of Rick then when Jessie comes to help, he punches her. Rick has Pete in a choke hold. Deanna runs up and says to stop. He asks or what and pulls a gun.

Rick asks her if she’s going to kick him out. Deanna says to put down the gun. Rick is bloody and angry. He tells them none of them get it. Sasha watches the walkers outside the wall. Rick says they know what needs to be done and do it. He says they just sit and plan and hesitate. He says they pretend like they know when they don’t. They hear shots from the tower and walkers. Rick says if they want this place to stay standing, their way of doing things is done.

He says things don’t get better because you want them to. He says they have to decide who should live there. Deanna says that’s never been more clear. Rick asks if she’s talking about him and says he won’t stand by and let her let people die. Michonne comes up behind Rick and knocks him out cold.