The Walking Dead Recap – The Gang Gets Promoted: Season 5 Episode 14 “Spend”

The Walking Dead Recap - The Gang Gets Promoted: Season 5 Episode 14 "Spend"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 15, Season 5 episode 14 called “Spend” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Rick [Andrew Lincoln] and his group face a number of challenges while trying to secure their new home.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Rick and the group continued to acclimate to their new surroundings. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “while trying to secure their new home, Rick and his group face many challenges, some life threatening. Is this really the utopia it seems to be?”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 14 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 5.

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#WalkingDead begins in Alexandria on a sunny morning. Gabriel has set up a makeshift church in a garage. He goes up to the podium and looks at his bible. He sees a bowl of strawberries sitting for him with a note that says: Father, we are so blessed to have you. Please enjoy, Rosemary. Gabriel stands at the pulpit he’s put together and tears a page out of his bible. Then he tears out another and another. He’s ripping the entire thing apart. He slams it shut and looks around then looks up. Daryl sits on his motorcycle waiting to leave. The gate opens and he pulls out followed by a car.

Noah waits on Reg and asks if he’ll teach him how to build things. He asks if Noah wants to be an architect but Noah says he wants to make sure the walls stay up. He says the walls could get knocked in and says it wouldn’t hurt to know how to build in case they need more buildings. Reg asks if he’s in it for the long haul and Noah says yeah. Reg pulls out a notebook and starts to write. Noah asks what he’s writing and Reg says he writes down everything that’s of note. He hands the notebook to Noah and says he should since there will be a lot to remember. He says he should record everything.

He also says he should write down everything he’s going to teach him about building things. Abraham washes up while Rosita sleeps. Noah offers Eugene a gun but he says he doesn’t want to go. Eugene shows Aiden what to get and says it’s all the same. Tara asks Noah about Holly and says she heard them talking. Aiden’s parents go over the list and he says he’s got it. Glenn is going along with them. Reg says the power grid was a prototype and he’s surprised it’s lasted this long.

Deanna thanks Glenn for going alone. Aiden cranks the van and music blares and they roll out. Gabriel comes out of the garage and Reg raises a hand in greeting. Gabriel steps back into the garage. Rick finds Jessie cleaning up a mess – someone tore up her owl sculpture. She says stuff like this never happens here. Rick asks if she has any enemies or knows anyone who hates owls. He offers to ask around but she says he doesn’t have to.

Jessie asks if he finds the person, what then. Rick tells her the broken window theory about keeping the windows intact to keep society intact. She says it was just an owl but he says he needed something to do today. The run crew are at the warehouse and Aiden and Nicholas want to head in but Glenn wants to scope it out and find all the exits first in case things go South. A walker comes up and Noah quickly puts one in its head. Aiden then says Glenn is right about the perimeter check.

Eugene is with Tara and he tells her he’s not combat ready or inclined. She tells him he has to start pulling his weight. He says got them to DC but she reminds him they got him there. He says they would never have come there if he hadn’t told them to. She asks if he’s that much of a coward and he says he is and he’s told her that before. Noah walks with Glenn and the talk about what a douche that Aiden is.

They head around a corner and see a fence and a huge ton of walkers right out front where Aiden wanted to run if there was trouble. They are at the door and Glenn bangs on the door loudly to stir up any walkers that might be there. Aiden is impatient and they head inside with flashlights out. Glenn hears noise and says he thinks the walkers are trapped behind something. Aiden asks how he knows and he says he doesn’t but that’s what he thinks.

They come up on a chain link area packed with walkers. Aiden is terrified. He tells Glenn he knows his stuff and Tara reminds them they were out there a long time. She tells Eugene that he’s up. He searches boxes and finds what he’s looking for. A walker staggers up on Aiden but it’s in a helmet that protects it from the head shots. Glenn tells Aiden to stop but he doesn’t. One of his shots hits the grenade on the zombie soldier’s vest and he blows up.
The smoke chokes the gang and the explosion stunned them. They stagger to their feet coughing. Glenn looks around and sees that Aiden is dead. He curses. There are also more walkers coming. He calls out to everyone that they need to go. Noah startles him and he says the cage is open and they need to head out. Eugene calls them over to him. They see that Tara is down but he says he can’t tell if she’s breathing. Eugene is panicking because a walker is close and they tell him to take it out.

His hand is shaking and then another one sneaks up behind him and gets the drop on him. Glenn saves his ass and tells them to get into the office while he gets Tara. Carol comes downstairs and finds Sam, the kid she threatened, in her pantry. He asks if she has more cookies and says he didn’t tell anyone about the guns. She says they’re gone and tells him to go home. He says his house doesn’t have power and he wants to paint his statue but someone broke it.

She says these are his problems not hers and he asks her to show him how to make the cookies. She tells him if he wants them, he has to steal the chocolate from Olivia and tells him to steal an extra bar for him. She says if he gets caught, he better not talk. They hear Aiden calling out and realize he’s still alive. Eugene tells them to save Aiden and he says he’ll stay with Tara and keep her safe. He promises. Noah, Glenn and Nicholas go try and save Aiden.

Abraham is with some others loading up sheet metal for a building project. The guy says he needs to send a fax to Cleveland (aka take a poop) and asks Abraham to hang tight. He agrees but is on high alert. It looks like he’s having a panic attack of some sort. His heart is racing and he tries to get his breathing under control. He hears a noise and a scream. The guy runs back pulling up his pants with walkers chasing him.

The men all open fire at the herd of walkers that come out of the woods. One of their team falls and Abraham goes to rescue her. He puts her into the cab of a piece of equipment and looks at the approaching zombie and says – mother dick.

Abraham climbs under a piece of equipment and shoots at the walkers. He’s got her firing on walkers from the cab while Abraham goes hand to hand with them. Pete shows up with a beer for Rick but he declines. Rick says he doesn’t want a drink and says he asked around about Jessie’s sculpture but no one seems to know. Pete says it was just an owl. Then Pete asks about Rick losing his wife. He just stares at Pete. He tells Rick it looks like they haven’t lost much but they have.

Pete says other things they’re fighting like hell to hang on to. Pete says they may not see it after all Rick’s group has been through. He drinks more and tells Rick to bring his kids in for a check up. Then he tells Rick that they should be friends since they kind of have to be. Rick agrees they do and shakes his hand. Pete leaves with a slap on the back. Rick just watches him go with a cold glare then looks at his wedding ring.

Eugene tells Tara that he told her what he was and they should have all listened to him. She lies unconscious. He peeks out the office door and then leaves carrying her over his shoulder. He sees a walker and shoots it. Then another. Glen makes it to Aiden who’s impaled on several pieces of metal. Glenn tells him to stay quiet. They try to move him and he screams. Nicholas wants to leave him but Glenn says they can get him out if they’ll just help.

Noah keeps the walkers at bay while they pry him loose. Aiden begs Nicholas not to leave him. Nicholas is terrified as Noah runs out of ammo. Nicholas tells Aiden that they left the others and that’s who they are. He says he’s sorry then takes off. Aiden tells Glenn it was them that panicked before, not the others. He tries to save him but Noah says they’re here. Noah yanks him away as the walkers dig in for the feast of entrails.

Abraham rants at Tobin for leaving people to die. He asks Francine to tell them but she punches the guy in the face. They want to leave and try again in the morning but Abraham says screw that. He gives orders on how to set up a perimeter and tells them to pull the cobwebs out of their ass and move. Sgt Ford is back. Nicholas runs out the front door of the building even though Glenn warned him not to. Looks like he’s toast.

Noah pulls Glenn into the revolving door and they turn it so they’re in one safe spot and Nicholas in another and the walkers are pushing at them from both sides but are trapped outside of the glass. Tobin tells Reg and Deanna that he’s off the crew. He says he screwed up and if not for Abraham, Francine would be dead. Reg says that makes Abraham a hero and not qualified to run a construction team. Tobin says Abraham is still out there and is leading them better than he ever could.

Deanna says it’s settled then and says she’ll talk to Abraham and make it official. Tobin thanks her and says he knows she won’t regret it. Maggie sees all this go down and tells Deanna that he’s right and says Abraham is very qualified. Deanna says she put another of their group into a position of power and it’s becoming a pattern. Maggie says that’s why they brought them there. She says that’s why Aaron and Daryl are out looking for people. She says if they want a future, they need them. Deann agrees.

Sam comes back to Carol smiling with the chocolate. She snatches it and lets him in. She shows him how to make the cookies and says he can leave with half since he only did half the work and says he’d better not come back. He asks if she was always a good cook but Carol says they’re not going to talk. He says they don’t have to be friends, just not quiet. Carol says it distracted her when she was sad. Sam says when he’s sad, he breaks stuff.

Carol asks what kind of stuff then asks if he broke his owl statue. He nods and she asks why then asks why he’s there. He asks why she stole the guns. She says sometimes you need to protect yourself. Sam asks if he can have a gun. She asks why he wants one. He says it’s not for him. Carol asks who it’s for but he runs out without answering. Back in the revolving door, Nicholas says maybe they can shoot past them. They remind him he has the ammo. He says there has to be a way.

Eugene pulls up in the van with the music blaring and bangs on the side yelling – come on and get me. The walkers shamble off after the van. Now they only have the half trapped inside the building to deal with. Glenn says to hold the door steady while he breaks the glass. When Glenn bangs, a walker almost gets Nicholas. He says it won’t work and Glenn says to trust him. Instead, Nicholas tries to push and sacrifice Glenn and Noah so he can get away. He gets loose.

But Noah is grabbed and dragged out. Glenn watches while they eat him alive and he screams. He’s horrified and starts to cry. They pull Noah’s face apart and blood gushes. It’s gruesome. Eugene cruises along and Nicholas runs up and tells Eugene they’re leaving. He turns the van off and demands to know where the others are. Nicholas says to get back in the van or die with the others. He tries to take the van from Eugene but then Glenn shows up and kicks his ass. Eugene asks where Noah is.

Glenn says to help him get Nicholas into the back. Carol goes to Jessie’s house. Pete answers. He asks what she needs. She says she was with Sam earlier and asks if he’s okay. Pete asks why wouldn’t he be. Carol asks to talk to Jessie. Pete says it’s not a good time and closes the door in her face. Eugene keeps his gun on Nicholas as they ride back to Alexandria. Gabriel comes to see Deanna and asks to speak to her in private. She lets him in. He says Satan disguises himself as the angel of light and says that false light is there inside these walls. He tells her the community is a paradise and says he’s grateful.

He tells her she made a mistake letting in the others. She asks how so. Gabriel says Rick and his group are not good people. Maggie overhears. Gabriel says they’ve done unspeakable things. Carol comes back to the house and tells Rick that Pete is hitting Jessie and maybe Sam too. Deanna tells Gabriel that they had to do things out there to survive. She says that’s what makes them assets. Gabriel says she’s wrong and they can’t be trusted and are dangerous.

Gabriel says the day will come when they put their own lives before the others and will destroy everything they worked so hard to build. Rick asks Carol how she knows and she says she does. Gabriel rants on about false apostles who don’t deserve paradise. Deanna thanks Gabriel. She says she has a lot to think about. Gabriel says he wishes he had come to her sooner but says he hopes it isn’t too late. Maggie is very upset at what she heard.

Glenn screams for help as they pull up and Deanna hears. Carol says she knows how it’s going to go with Pete and says there’s only one way it can go. Carol tells Rick he has to kill Pete.