The Walking Dead Recap – One of These Things Is Not Like the Others! Season 5 Episode 13 “Forget”

The Walking Dead Recap - One of These Things Is Not Like the Others! Season 5 Episode 13 "Forget"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 8, Season 5 episode 13 called “Forget” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Rick and the group continue to try to move on with their new lives.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, molding into a new lifestyle was proving difficult for the group. Had life on the road proven too treacherous to go back to who they once were? Some of Rick’s gang was able to start to assimilate while others like Darrell had more difficulty. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap and review right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Rick and the group continue to acclimate to their new surroundings.”  Sasha meets Olivia the keeper of the firearms and is amazed that she seems to be clued out about what is going on outside Alexandria.  Sasha is worried she will get soft like the residents.

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 13 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 5.

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#TheWalkingDead starts now. Sasha stares at photos of other people hanging on the walls off the house and propped around on furniture. It’s sunrise in Alexandria. Sasha goes to get a gun to go hunting. Olivia lets her check one out then asks for a leg to cure if she shoots a boar. Sasha heads out to the woods and sets up the photos in frames she took form the house. She practices her sharp shooting. She shoots one then waits and looks around to see if anything responds to the noise. Nothing.

She shoots then waits again. She shoots again, waits, looks. She hears birds. She shoots again and again and again. Her brain is hearing walker sounds, but none are there. Sasha goes to check the debris of her shots and leans against a trunk. She says “come and get me.” Rick is out in the woods with Carol and Daryl. They’re at the little house and they discuss going in when it’s empty. Carol says she can leave a window open. Rick says they may or may not need the guns.

He says these people are the luckiest they’ve met and are luckier now that they have them. Carol says there are foot lockers full of 9 mms and they won’t even notice they’re gone. Rick says they need the others to try and get along and says tit’s just the three of them that will know about this. A walker comes up and Carol shoots it with a bunch of bullets before taking it out with a headshot. They notice that one of the dead walkers near the little house has a W carved into its head.

Michonne tries on her constable uniform and checks herself out in the mirror. Rick comes in and says he doesn’t know if this is some kind of play – giving authority to strangers. Michonne says she doesn’t know if it’s for us or them. She says maybe Deanna is trying to make them blend in by putting the jackets on them and says that would be smart. Rick says maybe Deanna was smart for then but not now. Michonne tells him this is now.

Daryl is out in the woods and hears a noise. He tells the person to come out. It’s Aaron. He comes out hands up. He asks how he can tell the difference between walkers and humans. Then he asks if he can tell the difference between good and bad guys. He asks why he’s following him. Aaron says he came out to hunt rabbits. He asks if he can join Daryl. He tells Aaron to keep up and keep quiet then walks off. Deanna tells Michonne and Rick to patrol and watch out for disputes they need to break up.

Deanna says there’s going to be a government there one day. She has Maggie there and says she wants her to work with her. She says she sees real commerce and a community there one day. She asks if they think it’s pie in the sky but the three tell her it’s not. Rick asks if they can talk security. He says the wall needs a constant patrol. He says they need to look for signs that someone climbed in. He tells her that people are the real threat now and says someone could climb up the supports.

Sasha comes up and volunteers to be a look out in the clock tower. Deanna says there are no lookouts there and says there hasn’t been a need. Rick says they need to have it manned 24/7. Sasha says she’ll take as many shifts as possible. Deanna asks why and Maggie says she’s their best shot. Deanna says she’s putting Spencer up there today and will consider making Sasha the primary. She makes it conditional on them coming to a welcome dinner at her house.

Carol chats with some of the ladies about recipes then walks over to Rick and asks him about the party. They agree to steal the guns from the armory tonight. They discuss who they can use to steal them. Carol says what’s great about this place is that she’s invisible again. Rick says they can’t use Daryl but Carol thinks she can do it. Daryl and Aaron are in the woods and Daryl hears something. It’s a horse. Aaron says he’s been trying to catch it for months. He says one of the kids named him buttons.

Aaron has a rope on him and Daryl takes it from him. Daryl says the longer a horse it out there, the more it becomes what it really is. He creeps closer to the horse whispering to it and says he used to be somebodies. He’s almost there when some walkers creep up on them. Aaron shoots several then Daryl kills the others by hand. He tells Aaron to come on and they follow the horse. Carol shares a recipe with Olivia to substitute applesauce for eggs. She rations Carol some chocolate. Some guys come to check things out and Olivia tells her to grab what she needs.

Carol lurks around, gets her chocolate then watches the guys draw guns. One asks Carol if she’s scared of guns. She says she carried a handgun on the outside. She says she doesn’t like the big ones. The guy called Tobin says he’ll be glad to teach her. She unlocks the window while they’re distracted and thanks him. Aaron asks Daryl if he rides horse and he says he rides bikes. Aaron says he knows Daryl feels like an outsider. He says he and Eric still get that feeling from some of the people there.

Aaron says people are people and when they’re afraid, they get stupid. He says fear shrinks the brain and says they’re scared of he and Daryl both because they’re different. He encourages Daryl to go to the party and let people get to know him. Daryl says he’s got nothing to prove to anyone. Carol, Carl, Rick and baby Judith show up at the party. Deanna greets them warmly and Carol puts on a big fake smile. Deanna is thrilled to see Judith and welcomes them.

Tara and Abraham show up and he says he’s not sure about this. Tara says maybe they have beer. Deanna introduces her husband Reg who tells Rick he’s pretty remarkable. He says the others had a lot of good things to say about Rick on their interview tapes. Rick says he knows Reg built the wall but Reg says he has him beat saving 14 people out in this world. Reg says he’s glad he’s here and offers Rick a drink. Rick says he’s good but Reg says he doesn’t have to be and pours him some whiskey.

Jessie shows up with her husband and kids. Daryl hears walkers and they see they’re following the horse. They shoot one and then one on the ground grabs Aaron’s leg. It almost gets him then Daryl stomps its head. They press on after the horse which is being attacked by five walkers. They drag it down and start tearing into it. Daryl says he’s got the one on the right.

Daryl and Aaron kill all the zombies that were eating the horse. The poor thing is still alive. Daryl tells him to go ahead and Aaron puts the suffering horse down. Aaron says he always ran and Daryl says he was trying to help him. Noah is at the party leaning on a wall when Glenn and Maggie show up. Glenn asks if he’s okay. He says this isn’t his thing. Glenn tells him he can’t bail and says they’re in it together. Maggie says he’s their family and they pull him off the wall.

Daryl lurks outside watching the party. Aaron comes out of his house and then says he wasn’t going because of Eric’s ankle. Daryl asks why he told him to go and he says he told him he should try. He invites Daryl in to eat dinner with them. Carol sees Olivia come in and says she’s going to the armory. Rick offers to go but she says no. Jessie introduces her husband Pete to Rick. He says he should come by his office so he can look at him. Then he qualifies that by saying he’s a doctor.

He’s got a letter A on his hand. Pete goes to get them drinks and Rick chats with Jessie. She asks if he’s having fun and he says he is. She says this place has an amazing view. She tells him to take a look. Jessie says it’s ordinary life like before – she says what she means is it’s better in here than out there. She says they’ve all been through it and a lot of things disappeared but so did a lot of old shit. She says everyone is from totally different backgrounds and would never have met.

She says now they’re part of each others lives. Jessie says they all lost things but also got something back. She says it’s not enough, but it’s something. Rick sees Carl smiling and talking with some other teens and he says it’s pretty good. Jessie’s younger son comes over and complains that they’re out of cookies. He says Rick doesn’t have a stamp then asks if he wants one. He puts an A stamp on his hand and Jessie says he’s officially one of them. She goes off with her kid.

Is the A for Alexandria? Then what’s the W for? Sasha knocks at the door and is let into the party by Spencer. He says Deanna is his mom. He says if she hands with him, he’ll protect her from Mrs Nedermeyer who only wants to talk about how much she wants a pasta maker. Sasha blows him off and walks off. Daryl gulps down his food at dinner and Eric tells him about Mrs Nedermeyer wanting a pasta maker. He says if he ever sees one while he’s out, it would shut her up.

Then Eric says he’s sorry he thought Aaron already asked him. Daryl asks asked him what. Aaron takes him to the garage and shows him a motorcycle he’s working on. He says whoever lived here built a bike. Aaron says he brought back bike parts every time he came across them while he’s out. He says Daryl will need a bike and he asks why. Aaron says he told Deanna not to give Daryl a job because he has one for him. He says he wants Daryl to be the other recruiter with him so Eric can stay home.

Daryl asks if he wants him to risk his and Aaron says Daryl is good out there but doesn’t belong out there. He says he understands that Daryl needs to be out there sometimes and says he does too. Aaron says Daryl knows the difference between a good and bad person. Daryl says he has nothing else to do and thanks Aaron. He says he’ll get him some rabbits. Aaron thanks him. Michonne stares at a little toothpick sword when Abraham comes up and asks if she’s packing different steel these days.

He makes a joke about the little weapon and says she should pray she doesn’t have to use her sword again but also that she doesn’t forget how. He says it’s on her back even when it’s off her back. Michonne asks how much he’s had to drink and he laughs. He says he’s a large man and has had many beers to make up for that. He says he has come to realize that things worked out pretty damned well for him. He asks what about her and what she’s done.

Michonne says she put on a dress. He says to try again. Carol sneaks in through the window she left unlocked and goes to the freezer. She takes a piece of chocolate then goes to the chest of guns. Sam, one of the kids follows her there and says he was hoping she’s make more cookies. She offers to make him a whole batch of cookies if he keeps it secret that she was in there. He says he has to tell his mom. She says he can’t tell his mom or else one morning he’ll wake up and he won’t be in his bed.

She says he’ll be outside the wall, far far away tied to a tree. She says he’ll scream and scream because he’ll be so afraid but no one will come then the monsters will come. Carol says he won’t be able to run away and they will tear him apart and eat him up while he’s still alive and can feel it. Then she says no one will ever know what happened to you. She says – or you can promise not to tell anyone what you saw here and I’ll make you lots of cookies. She says she knows what he should do. The kid is petrified.

Jessie walks up to Rick with Judith and says it’s been a long time since she held one of these. He says Judith and Carl are the reason he’s still there. He says he gets what she was trying to say – that here isn’t that bad. Judith fusses and she hands him over. Rick kisses her on the cheek. She smiles and blushes a little. Deanna goes to Sasha and asks her to join her and says she only needs to listen. Some of them are talking about book club, some of them about tea and she sees someone drinking whiskey.

She sees them eating lots of food and she starts to see Tyrese and some others. One woman asks Sasha what her favorite meal is so she can make it for her. The woman says she’s worried she’ll make something she doesn’t like. Sasha reacts poorly and yells out – that’s what you worry about? Next day, Deanna finds Sasha by the gate. Deanna says she’s trying to figure this out exactly. Sasha says this isn’t real but Deanna says that’s bullshit. She hands Sasha some ammo and opens the gate for her.

Carol meets Daryl and Rick to give them guns. Daryl asks if they really need these. He says they wanted him to try and he is. Carol offers one to Rick and he takes it. Michonne puts up some nails above the fireplace and hands her sword up. That’s a very symbolic gesture. Rick, Daryl and Carol come back from their walk and go their separate ways. Jessie greets Rick and he shows off the A on his hand. He watches them walk together and touches the gun at his back as he stares at Pete.

Rick walks down the street then heads to the wall to check it out. There’s a walker on the other side. Rick hears him. He touches the wall as if testing its strength and looks at the A on the back of his hand. He presses his ear to the metal and leans against the wall.