The Walking Dead Recap – Alexandria Too Good to be True: Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember”

The Walking Dead Recap - Alexandria Too Good to be True: Season 5 Episode 12 "Remember"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday March 1, season 5 episode 12 called “Remember” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, molding into a new lifestyle proves difficult for the group.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, lasting through a spectacular storm, Rick and the group met a seemingly friendly person. Could they be trusted or were they just manipulating Rick? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “molding into a new lifestyle is proving difficult for the group. Has life on the road proven too treacherous to go back to who they once were?”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 12 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 5.

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#WalkingDead starts now. Aaron helps Eric inside the gate and Daryl shoots a possum on the way in. He grabs it up and says they brought dinner. They are told to come on inside. They go in and the gate clangs shut after them. Nicholas says they need to turn over their weapons. Rick says they aren’t sure they’re going to stay. Aaron says to let them talk to Deanna first. He says Rick can start. There is a walker and Rick says – Sasha. She turns and puts one down with a long range shot to the head. That shocks the others and Rick says – it’s a good thing they’re here.

Rick goes to see Deanna at her house. She introduces herself and then asks if it’s okay if she films their talk. He tells her to go ahead then asks why. She says they’re all about transparency there. She asks him to sit then asks how long he’s been out there. He says since the start. She asks if they knew each other before and how they found each other. She says she was an Ohio Congresswoman. He says it doesn’t matter what he was and she says it does. He asks what this is and she says – it’s the start of sustainability. She says they found it and it was a planned community where homes started at $800k.

She says they sold them all. She says she and her family were trying to get back to Ohio from DC when it started. She says they were sent there by the Army but the Army never showed up so they made the best of it. She says there was a big shopping mall being built nearby. She says her husband Reg was an architect and helped design the wall. She says more people showed up and they were able to establish a community. He asks if she’s been behind the walls this whole time.

She says they needed people who had been out in the world. Rick says they should keep their gates closed. She asks why and he says it’s survival at all costs and people out there will measure you, play on your weakness and take from you. He says they will use you to live. He says bringing people in is dangerous. She asks if he’s telling her not to bring his people in. She says Aaron says she can trust him. Rick says Aaron doesn’t know him. He says he’s killed lots of people and knows why they’re dead.

He says they died so their group could stay alive. Deanna says it sounds like she’d like to be part of his family. She says Northern Virginia was almost completely evacuated. She says they’ve lost people too and says she’s done things too. Rick asks what she’s done. She says she exiled three men who didn’t work out and knows that’s as good as killing them. Rick asks what she wants from them. Deanna says he should be able to raise his children in a safe environment.

Deanna says she wants him to help them survive and knows he can help them do it. He asks how. She says she’s exceptionally good at reading people. She says she was going to be a professional poker player if she wasn’t re-elected. She says he’s skeptical and has a right to be. She says it’s time to decide if it’s him that does the deciding. Rick winds his watch and says he was a sheriff. She says she knew it had to be something like that.

The gang turns in their guns and Deanna says they can get them back any time they want to go outside the wall. They all disarm – it’s a huge bunch of weapons. Carol smiles as she unloads weapon after weapon. Aaron shows Rick two houses and says they get them both. He tells Rick he’s glad he came and says Deanna told them all to give them space to get accustomed to it. He says to take his time and explore and says he’s four houses down. Carl and Rick go into a house.

It’s clean and has furniture and Carl turns on the faucet and sees running water for the first time in forever. Rick goes and basks in a hot shower. He looks at himself in the mirror and takes some scissors and trims it then shave his beard. There’s a knock at the door and he goes to answer. She says she was asked to bring supplies over. He says they’re just cleaning up. She says he still has shaving cream on her chin. She tells him her name is Jessie. She offers to cut his hair if he wants.

Rick says she doesn’t even know him but Jessie says she can take care of herself. She trims his hair and says she has two sons – Ron and Sam and says Ron is about Carl’s age. He says that would be great. Rick says it’s strange to have electricity, showers and haircuts. He says he never thought he’d see these things again and Jessie says haircuts were never going away. She finishes and offers him a mirror. He’s surprised at how normal he looks.

Daryl is at Deanna’s and she asks him if he wants to be there. He says the boy and the baby deserve a roof. He still has his possum. Later he guts it on the porch. Rick tells Carl he can go explore and he does. Carol walks off too. They go to the other house and Carl says they look like mansions. Carol says it’s strange they’re just giving them away. Carol picks up some paper off the table. She goes back to the other house and Daryl and Rick agree they don’t like that they took their weapons and split them up.

Rick says they’ll all stay in the same house tonight. They agree. Carl hears a sound and goes upstairs to explore. He pulls his knife and creeps towards a door. He yanks it open and sees it’s an unfinished room. He sees a comic book. It looks like someone was camping out up there. The gang is all in the one house preparing to settle down for the night. Michonne gets out of the shower happy and says she couldn’t stop herself.

She looks at Rick and says she’s never seen his face like that. She tells him she knows why they’re playing it safe and says they should but says she has a good feeling about this place. He says he hopes she’s right. There’s a knock at the door and everyone goes for a knife. It’s Deanna. She looks at Rick and says wow. She says she just wanted to see how they were all settling. She sees they’re all crammed in and says they’re staying together. She says it’s smart.

Deanna says Rick said they’re a family and it’s amazing how people that are so different can become that. Rick asks why she didn’t assign him a job. She says she did but hasn’t told him or Michonne yet and is closing in on something for Sasha and Daryl. She leaves. That night, Rick can’t sleep. He gets up and puts on his jacket. He goes in the kitchen and gets out a knife.

Michonne sits down with Deanna and says they want this – if it’s what she says it is. #CleanCutRick tells Daryl they should explore but he doesn’t want to. Rick tells him he and Lori used to drive through neighborhoods like this thinking – one day. Daryl says – here we are. Rick goes out to explore. He sees Carl and Judith walking around and then runs to catch up as they turn a corner. He doesn’t see them. He keeps running and accidentally runs into something.

Jessie takes him to Natalie and Bob Miller’s. She says no one has seen a baby in a long time so Judith will have to put up with it. He apologizes for running into her contraption. She says it’s a sculpture of an owl she’s making with her sons. He thanks her and says he’s sorry for freaking out. Jessie asks if Carl can come over and meet Ron. She says Ron really wants to meet him. Rick goes to take Judith. Ron tells Carl they go to school in the afternoon but it’s only in a garage.

He introduces Mikey and Enid to Carl. Enid doesn’t give him a second look. He says Enid is from outside and just came eight months ago. He says he found a comic and Mikey says they used to hang out in the attic and listen to music. Enid snatches the comic. They offer to play video games or play pool over at Mikey’s. Carl is flummoxed and they apologize for coming on strong. They tell him it took Enid three weeks to stay something.

Carl says video games sound good. Deanna tapes Carl with Judith and he says his mom would have liked this place. She says she’s sorry he lost her. He says he didn’t just lose her he killed her. Later Carl asks his dad what he thinks of this place. Rick says it seems nice. Carl says he likes it and likes the people but says they’re weak and he doesn’t want them to get weak too. Michonne wakes in the night and sees Rick standing looking out the window.

Michonne tells him Deanna hasn’t given her a job yet and she says she wants one. She asks if he wants one but he says that’s like signing the papers and saying yes. He asks why they’re both awake if everything is okay. He says he’s going to go take a walk. He heads down the darkened streets and a man greets him by name. He says his wife Jessie cut his hair. He welcomes him to Alexandria. Rick walks on – the guy doesn’t seem too happy.

Later Rick sleeps then wakes again. Carol is next on camera and says she was a housewife before all this. She says she misses Ed every day (lies!). She says she didn’t have much to offer the group and says she’s the den mother and they protect her. (Lies! She’s so violent). Carol says she’s a real people person and asks if they have a junior league. Later she comes out in a sweater and says she was assigned to cook for the older people. She tells Daryl to take a shower and says she’ll hose him down in his sleep.

He tells her she looks ridiculous. Glenn says they need to make this work because they were almost out there too long. The gate opens and Rick heads outside for the first time. He checks the supports and walks the wall. Carl sees Enid creeping around. She goes to the wall and scales it and then heads outside up and over it. Glenn, Tara and Noah meet up with Aiden and Nicholas. Aiden asks if they know how to do supply runs. Aiden says he’ll show them the ropes.

Tara asks if they’re doing a run today and Aiden says it’s just a dry run to show them the outside of the wall. They ask for weapons and they hand them each a handgun. They check to make sure they’re loaded. Enid creeps into the woods. Carl follows her. She hears the gate opening and is startled but moves on. Carl looks around but seems to have lost her. Rick spots a walker and pulls his gun. He doesn’t shoot it. He just walks off. There’s another one beside it.

He heads to where he hid his gun in the blender carafe and is shocked to see it’s gone. He puts up his gun and pulls out a knife. Carl walks up on him and they see three walkers staggering close. They stand side by side, knives out. They dispatch them quickly. Another reaches out of a little tent and Carl says he’ll take it. He stabs a metal spike into its head.

Aiden tells them they increase their radius every time they go out and have made it 53 miles out. He says they divide into two groups and says they lost four people last month. He says roamers came out and the others didn’t follow the system because they were too scared. Aiden says he can be a douche bag but someone has to lead and says if they’re on the crew they have to listen. They tell him they grabbed one of the dead heads that took them down and use it as a pregame ritual.

It got loose – they whistle. Glenn says it’s gone and to let it go but Aiden says they’re not letting it go. It shows up and they secure its arms. It turns and comes at Aiden and Tara tries to grab it. It’s skin comes off and then Glenn puts a knife into its head. Aiden rants and demands to know what the hell. Glenn just glares at him then walks off. Aiden says they need new jobs because they’re not ready for runs yet. Glenn tells Aiden they’ve got it backwards.

Aiden says that walker killed his friend. Glenn says if they obey his orders they’re just as screwed as the other crew he lost. Glenn tells Aisen that no one is impessed with him and tells him to walk away. Deanna asks what’s going on and Aiden asks why they let them in. Glenn says it’s because they actually know how to take care of themselves out there. Aiden took a swing at Glenn who ducks it and slams him in the face. Daryl takes the other guy down who went for him.

Rick pulls Daryl off and Michonne tells Aiden he’ll end up on his ass again if he tries it. Deanna tells everyone else that Rick and his people are part of the community now and are equals. Aiden says it’s understood. Deanna says for everyone to turn in their weapons then says she wants to talk to Aiden and Nicholas now. Deanna tells Rick she wants him to be their constable. She tells Michonne her too. She asks if they accept. Rick says yes and so does Michonne. Daryl walks off annoyed.

Deanna thanks Glenn for knocking Aiden on his ass. That disconcerts him and he walks away. Enid looks over at Carl and he asks if she doesn’t like him. She just walks off. Deanna plays the video fo Rick saying they should keep their gates closed. Rick comes down in uniform ready to go to work. The others look at him as he goes. Daryl waits outside and Rick asks if they’re good. Daryl asks if he’s a cop again and he says he’s trying it on for size.

Carol asks Rick if they’re staying and she says this place will make them weak. Rick says Carl said that too but says it won’t happen like that. He says they won’t get weak. He says that’s not in them anymore. He says they’ll make it work. He says if they can’t make it, then we’ll just take this place. Daryl and Carol seem to be interested in this take.