The Walking Dead Recap and Review – Is Alexandria Safe? Season 5 Episode 11 “The Distance”

The Walking Dead Recap and Review - Is Alexandria Safe? Season 5 Episode 11 "The Distance"

The Walking Dead continues tonight on AMC with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday February 22, season 5 episode 11 called “The Distance,” and below is your weekly recap. Tonight, lasting through a spectacular storm, Rick [Andrew Lincoln] and the group meet a seemingly friendly person.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Life on the road had left the group beaten and beleaguered. Would they be able to trudge along? Were they even the same people they once were? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Lasting through a spectacular storm, Rick and the group meet a seemingly friendly person. Can they be trusted or are they just manipulating Rick?”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 5 episode 11 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from the second half of season 5.

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On #WalkingDead, the gang is still in the barn where they hid out from the thunder storm. Maggie and Sasha come back with Aaron. They tell the others that he’s alone and they took his weapons and great. He’s faced with all kinds of aggressive attitude. Rick hands Judith off to Carl and goes to face the guy. He asks what weapon he had and Maggie hands over his gun. Rick tucks it into his waist and asks what he needs. Sasha says Aaron has a camp nearby and wants them to audition for membership.

Aaron says audition seems like a strange word and jokes that they’re not a dance troupe. He says it’s not a camp but a community and says he thinks they would all be valuable additions but isn’t his decision. Aaron says it’s his job to get them to come back with them. He asks Sasha to hand Rick his pack. She does. He tells Rick to look for an envelope and says he brought something to convince them and says it’s not great picture quality. Daryl says nobody gives a shit. Aaron agrees.

They see a photo of a fence supported with poles. He says each panel in the wall is 15 feet high and is solid steel. He gives them technical specs and says nothing alive or dead gets through it without their permission. Aaron says the only thing more important to them than security is people. He says – together we’re strong but you can make us stronger. He describes the next photo but Rick walks up and punches him in the face and knocks the guy out.

Michonne asks Rick why he attacked Aaron. Rick sends everyone out to look around and says – they’re coming for is. He says to search Aaron’s pack to see what he’s really up to. Carl found a flare gun in the pack. Maggie tends to Aaron and he comes to and finds he’s been bound. Aaron tells Rick it was a hell of a right cross. Rick asks how many people are out there and says the flare gun is to signal them. Aaron asks if it matters and Rick says it does.

Aaron says it matters but says he could tell him any number and Rick won’t trust him. Aaron says he left them the bottles of water in the road and Daryl asks how long they’re been following them. Aaron says they’re survivors that have never turned on each other despite how rough it’s been. Aaron says good people are the most important resource in the world. Rick asks again how many others there are. Aaron says one then says he knew Rick wouldn’t believe him.

Aaron asks what will it take to convince him this is for real. He offers to drive them all to the community and Rick asks how all 15 will fit in a car. He says they drove separately and describes where they parked their vehicles. Aaron calls the walkers “roamers.” Rick says he really thought it through. Aaron says he could have burned the barn down while they slept if he wanted to ambush them. He says they can trust them.

Michonne offers to go check out the cars. Michonne says she’s not as sure as Rick is. Maggie agrees with Michonne. He tells them his way is dangerous but Michonne says they can’t pass up on a place where Judith could live is dangerous too. She says they have to find out what this is and says they can handle themselves. Glenn says he’ll go along too. Ford and Rosita agree to go along with them. Rick hands Glenn the gun he took from Aaron.

He says they’ll come after them if they’re not back in 60 minutes. The others go to take up posts outside to watch for anyone encroaching. That leaves Rick with Aaron who says he worked for an NGO to deliver food and medicine to people in need. He says he’s used to bad people putting a gun in his face but tells Rick he’s not a bad person. Rick says just because they’re good doesn’t mean he won’t kill him. He tells Aaron if his people aren’t back safe in an hour, he’ll put a knife through his skull.

Glenn tells everyone weapons up and eyes open ready to fire. Michonne asks if they should shoot on sight and asks what if Aaron is telling the truth. Glenn says anyone who walks up on five people holding guns isn’t coming to say hello. Glenn says Aaron saw them yesterday and wonders why he’d still want them. Glenn says he doesn’t know what the guy saw. We see someone hiding behind the wheel of a tractor as they walk up.

Judith cries and Aaron says there’s apple sauce in his bag. He says it’s not a trick, he just doesn’t want Judith’s crying to attract roamers. Rick brings Aaron a spoonful of applesauce to taste first. He says he’s not trying to poison his daughter. Rick says maybe it will make her sick and he’ll try to blackmail him into a cure. Aaron says he hates applesauce because his mother was crazy. Rick insists and Aaron takes the bite. Aaron says they can find a place for all of them.

Rick tells Aaron he has 43 minutes left. Glenn and the others have guns out and Michonne says Aaron was telling the truth. There’s a Cadillac and an RV parked where Aaron told them. They hear a noise and Ford draws down but it’s just a couple of walkers. Ford and Rosita dispatch them quickly. They open the RV door and go inside to look around. They clear it and Ford is thrilled to see a can of Spaghetti-o’s. He says it’s been a while.

Ford asks her if she thought he was going to hurt her after the fire truck incident with Eugene. She says no, that’s not him. The others get back with everything they took from the RV. Rick says all that is theirs no matter what. Michonne says Aaron isn’t lying and doesn’t seem to want to hurt them. She says they need it, so they’re all going. She asks anyone that feels differently to speak up. Daryl says the barn smells like horse shit, but he doesn’t know.

Rick agrees they’re going. He asks Aaron where their camp is. He says he always drives the recruits back. He says he bet his life that they’re good people but Michonne insists he tell them and says he’s not driving. He gives them directions to a certain extent and says he’ll tell them more. Rick wants to take an alternate route but Aaron says that’s not a good idea since they cleared the other road. Rick says they need to go at night in case things turn bad so they can get away in darkness.

Rick tells everyone to eat and get some rest before night fall. They brought the RV and Caddy to the barn and Rick tells Michonne that he wants Aaron in the car with the two of them and Glenn. He asks Michonne if she’s okay. She asks if he really wants to go or is just trying to get info from Aaron. He says they’re going. He asks Michonne when she first came to Woodbury and what they heard outside Terminus. She says nothing.

Rick says without seeing inside, he has to decide whether to bring his family in. Rick says Aaron asked what it would take to believe it’s real. Rick says he’s not sure anything can convince him to go in, but he’ll see.

The gang takes off with Aaron. Rick finds a cache of license plates and Aaron says he’s trying to collect all 50 states for his house. Michonne asks about his house and he tells her to look through the photos. She does and asks why there are no photos of the people. He says he took one of the group but it didn’t come out right. She asks Rick if he asked the guy the three questions. Rick says no.

Michonne asks how many walkers he’s killed. He asks what and she asks again, how many? He says – a lot. She asks how many people he’s killed. Aaron says two, she asks why. He says because they tried to kill him. Rick finds a parabolic mic and realizes they were listening to them. Then they plow into a whole road full of walkers. Their red lights run red with blood. The car comes to a stop and Rick gets out. Rick says he doesn’t see the RV.

They agree to circle back and go after them. Glenn wipes the goo off the windshield then tries to crank the car but it founders. Through the gut soaked windshield, they see a herd of walkers coming at them. Michonne gets out and pulls body parts out of the engine. Then they see a flare fire and Rick asks who did that. Aaron says to let him out and says it’s over. He knocks Michonne out of the way and flees out the open door and into the woods.

Rick tells Michonne to leave him. He fires into the woods then at walkers. Glenn is in the woods shooting at walkers. One creeps up behind and knocks him down. He bashes its head. Glenn finds Aaron trying to fight off a walker but his hands are bound. Glenn takes out the walker then cuts Aaron’s ties. He tells Aaron to run if he wants but Glenn says they can make it together. He says he was listening to them and heard Glenn says they could only make it together.

Rick calls out for Glen as he and Michonne head into the woods. Rick runs out of ammo and shoots one walker with a flare. The other walkers press forward and they face them hand to hand but then they are mowed down by Aaron and Glenn. The four head off in the direction Rick indicates. They make it to the road and Rick asks Aaron where the others are. He says if this is a trap, he will kill Aaron’s people tonight. They head in the direction of the flare.

They catch up with the others and Aaron asks where Eric is. Rick follows him inside and Eric says his ankle is broken according to Maggie. Aaron kisses him – looks like they’re a couple. He says he found something while he waiting for him and gives him a new license plate. Then he asks if Aaron lost them. Aaron says he lost the whole car and Eric says at least the RV scares the roamers away. Eric introduces himself to Rick. Aaron and Rick walk back outside.

Aaron asks to speak to everyone and thanks them for saving Eric. He says he owes them all. He says he will make sure that debt is paid in full at their community. He calls it Alexandria. He tells them that he’d like to avoid driving tonight and asks if they can leave in the morning. Rick says Aaron needs to sleep over there because they don’t know him. Aaron says he’s going to be with Eric and the only way Rick can stop him is to shoot him.

Glenn tells Rick that they told them where the camp is, there’s just two of them, they’re unarmed and one has a broken ankle. Glenn says he can’t give up everything else and says it does matter. Rick says all right. Next day, they head to the community and Aaron sits by a sleeping Eric. Noah brings him some aspirin and Aaron asks about Noah’s leg and how it happened. Noah says he had a car accident with his dad from rotters in the road.

Aaron says they have a gifted surgeon named Pete who has done some amazing things and says he might be able to help Noah. The gang sees Washington’s skyline in the distance and Rosita tells Ford to look. He’s driving and notices a low voltage warning. He asks how much further and Rosita says halfway there. He says they can make it and smiles. The RV dies and they’re forced to stop. Glenn says they need another battery but Ford is being uber-pessimistic.

Glenn shows him a backup battery and asks how he knows. Note – he knew from Dale’s RV way back in season one. Michonne tells Rick he needs to let it go. She says the fight has kept him warm, fed and alive but says it turns on you and he has to let it go. Rick says Bob was trying to tell him that back at the church – when to rest, when it’s safe, when to let someone in. Rick says the rules keep changing and Michonne says it did for her too.

They all cheer when Glenn gets the RV started again. Rick tells Michonne he needs a moment before they leave. He walks into the woods to a nearby house. He picks up an empty blender and hides his gun in it then puts the lid on. He’s making an emergency weapon cache. They pull up at a large metal fence. Rick hears the sounds of children playing and looks at Michonne. She takes his hand and asks if he’s ready. He nods. The others get out of the RV.

He parks the car and turns it off. Rick gets Judith out and Carol tells Rick even when he’s wrong, he’s still right. He tells Judith – here we go. They all go to the fence.