The Walking Dead Recap 11/1/15: Season 6 Episode 4 “Here’s Not Here”

The Walking Dead Recap 11/1/15: Season 6 Episode 4 "Here's Not Here"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday November 1, Season 6 episode 4 called “Here’s Not Here” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in a 90-minute episode, a new face and setting are introduced.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, a return home didn’t go as expected. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “a new face and setting are introduced. With all that’s gone on in the apocalypse, can people be trusted?”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 6  episode 4 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 6.

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Morgan in tears. He says he remembers that you said you liked talking to strangers by the fire – that it was like movies. He says he remembers you said you wanted everything that I have. He says here it is – every last bit. Back then, Morgan is in his crazy room at the little town when he was alone and had gone crazy. We see him ranting and talking to himself. He says – we weren’t supposed to be there. He knocks over a lantern and the room starts burning. On the wall it says – you’re not here. The flames grow higher.

In the woods, Morgan has a gun and a mask on and he runs tree to tree. It’s hazy at the edges like it’s a flashback or something. Then it clears. Walkers come up on him and Morgan takes them out one by one. He drags their bodies and piles them in a heap then sets them alight using leaves as kindling. It’s dark now. The flames pick up and the bodies burn. Another walker snarls nearby drawn by the fire. Morgan kills it and adds it to the fire. More come. He takes them out and beats one brutally.

One walker comes through the fire still moving and at him. He beats it also. Later, we see him sharpening a stick near the smoldering ruins of the fire in the morning light. He makes a circle of spiked limbs around the fire to form a perimeter. One walker with hands tied is taken out by Morgan from behind. He adds it to a new pile he’s started. Later, he purifies some water by boiling it in a trash can lid. He sips a beer later and read what he wrote on a rock in blood – it says “clear.” He’s in the woods again looking around cautiously.

He stops and listens then presses on. Two men are nearby and run up after him. Morgan kneels behind a tree waiting. They run up on him and he puts a branch through one’s neck then chokes another. He repeats over and over “you don’t” as he chokes him. The guy is dead. Morgan sits back and kicks the corpse away. Later, he keeps his fire going. As walkers get hung up on his spike perimeter. He pulls them off and tosses them on his fire.

He pokes at bloody entrails and writes “here’s not here” “clear” and “pointless acts” on other rocks and trees using the walker blood. He’s in a patch of sunshine later and looks around. He says “you’re still doing it – you know what it is.” He’s clearly gone mad. He stops ranting when he hears a goat bleating. He goes towards the sound. He spots a line of cans tied to string and steps over the alert barrier. He sees a couple of cabins in the woods with solar panels on top and sees the goat tied up at a low fence.

Morgan looks around then hops the fence. The goat bleats again and a man says – please step away from the goat, she’s not yours. He says he’s still figuring out how to make cheese. Morgan fires his gun at him. The man says if he puts the gun down they can share some food and talk. He says it looks like Morgan hasn’t eaten in a while. Morgan creeps up to the cabin and looks inside. It looks nice. The man says put down the rifle and we can talk and work this out.

Morgan checks the doors then moves on window by window. The man says – last chance – lower the gun and step away from the cabin. Morgan does neither. He checks another door. The man creeps up and whacks him in the head then says sorry. OMG It’s John Carroll Lynch and he’s in a Dalai Lama sort of toga thing. Morgan wakes with fresh food by his side along with a bucket and a bar of soap plus a treat. He’s in a cell in the cabin.

He sees a child’s drawing on the wall. The man comes inside and closes the door. He asks what his name is and Morgan says – kill me. The guy says that’s a stupid name and he should change it. Morgan repeats – kill me – over and over. The man is hammering some wood as Morgan rants. He goes to Morgan’s cell and tosses in a small book called The Art of Peace. Morgan says – kill me. The guy says his name is Eastman. He walks out to tend the goat.

He tells the goat it’s okay then calls her Tabitha. Morgan hears a walker snarling. He goes to the window and looks out. He says Eastman take out the walker with a staff. He drags the carcass away. Morgan eats the fresh tomato and talks to himself about 16 hours in 19 on the floor. Eastman brings the goat inside the cabin. He puts it in a little cage he’s made. Eastman says – you shot at me, I fed you, please don’t hurt her. He tells him goodnight.

The next morning, Morgan watches Eastman exercise with the staff then take out another walker. He looks down at the book on peace that Eastman gave him. He eats. Morgan repeats 16 hours in 19 on the floor. Eastman works at making cheese. Morgan sits in his cell and watches Eastman try the cheese. He gags and says that’s terrible. He spits it out. Eastman practices with his staff again as Morgan watches. Later, Eastman says he wanted to wait before they talked.

He tells him he’s from Atlanta and is a psychiatrist who helped decide if criminals should be released from jail. He asks what Morgan did. Morgan says he clears. He says he clears walkers, people, anything that gets near me. Eastman asks why. Morgan says it’s why he’s still here. Eastman says that’s a huge load of horseshit. He sets a tray down by Morgan. He says – there’s lunch. Morgan looks at it then back out the window.

Morgan picks at his zipper as the goat bleats. He gets a bit loose then uses it to try and pry away the bars at the window. He gets a board loose then sees Eastman coming and stops what he’s doing. Eastman comes inside and says it’s PTSD because Morgan has been through trauma. He tells Eastman that he killed two men – likely a father and son and tells him how he killed them. He says he stabbed one then strangled the other with his hands the same day he came there.

He says that’s what he did and that’s what he does. Eastman asks if he’s killed a lot and if the people threatened him. Morgan says not all of them. He asks Morgan if he saved anyone and he says those are pointless acts because everyone turns. Eastman says he saw his wedding ring then asks if he had children and says he loved them a lot and that’s why he’s like this. He says this happened when he saw what happened to them. He says his body is here but his mind is still there.

He says you keep coming back to that moment every time and says you just want to stop. Eastman says one of those doors will lead out. Morgan says he will kill him because he has to clear. Eastman says he doesn’t and says they’re not built to clear. He says vets get PTSD because we’re not comfortable with killing. He says he met only one evil person in all the years he worked with prisoners. He says most are damaged and could heal and says we all can. He says he knows it.

He says it’s all a circle and everything gets a return. He tells Morgan the door is open and says he threw the key in the river a while back. He tells Morgan to go clear or crash on the couch and they can try to find him another way. He says the door has been open all along. Eastman says stay or go, those are your choices but says he won’t allow Morgan to kill him. Morgan pulls at the cell door – sure enough it’s unlocked. He opens the door. Morgan comes at him.

Eastman throws him aside and tells him to stop. Morgan comes at him again. He knocks him down with the staff and tells him to stop. Eastman says he gave him two choices. He goes for a fireplace poker and Eastman whacks him with the staff. He knocks Eastman down and chokes him. Eastman fights him off then holds him down again. He chokes Morgan out until he can’t breathe. Then he stops when Morgan holds up his hands. Eastman grabs his staff and Morgan says – kill me.

Eastman starts to but then stops and says he gave him two choices – the door or the couch. Morgan rolls over and stands up slowly. He looks lost. He staggers back into the cell and shuts the door. He sits down and Eastman pushes the door open. He walks into the other room and leaves Morgan there – he kicks the door closed again. There’s hammering later and Eastman tells him it was aikido – how he got the better of him. He says he heard stories about the guys in prison he evaluated.

He says his five year old found him crying in the garage one night. He says she gave him a rabbit’s foot and says she won it at a school carnival and said it would make him lucky and feel better. He says the next day, he found a flyer for aikido and it worked. Morgan asks if Eastman’s wife and daughter are dead. Eastman says aikido will help and says Morgan needs help if they’re going to make this trip to the end. He says he can’t do it alone. Morgan asks where.

Eastman says he has no idea. He tells Morgan goodnight and switches off the lamp. He goes into his bedroom. Morgan gets up and opens the cell door. He goes out and looks at the drawing that was on the wall that was broken in their struggle. He sits down on a stool in the kitchen to think. The sun rises, Eastman is in the kitchen and makes notes on his cheese progress. He says it’s too grassy. Eastman says he’s a vegetarian but won’t give up on chocolate.

He says he should try the Goo Goo Cluster he put on his tray and says they need to go scavenge some stuff for the trip. He asks Morgan to go. He won’t. Then he asks if he can watch Tabitha while he’s gone. Eastman sets out. Morgan gets up once he leaves and listens to the goat bleat. Eastman takes a little wagon with him and walks out of the yard. Morgan looks at the Art of Peace book on the floor. He picks it up and leave through it. There’s stuff about Aikido being about trying not to kill even an evil person.

Morgan drops the book on the floor. He hears cans rattling in the yard and then hears walkers. He hears the goat bleating. The goat screams. Morgan sits still. He finally gets up and goes to fight the walkers hand to hand. He sees one has a necklace on with a wedding ring on it. He kills them both then sits back gasping. He’s outside and hears birds chirping. He watches the goat eat some grass. He goes over to it and takes it by the lead. He walks it into the cabin.

Morgan drags the walker’s bodies away. He heads off into some tall grass then stops at a tree where a shovel is propped up. He sees a graveyard. Eastman has dug a grave for every walker. Morgan digs as Eastman comes back. He thanks him for watching out for the goat then says it’s progress. Eastman checks the walker’s pocket for his wallet and gets his ID to see his name. He makes a wooden marker with the guy’s name and he keeps the IDs in a tin.

Eastman says he broke the garden fence and needs to fix it – he says Morgan also ruined a good tomato plant. Then he says he fixed his spear but then hands him a staff of his own. Morgan takes it. Morgan fixes the fence and then he and Eastman work in the garden while the goat snacks on grass. Eastman teaches him aikido and says it’s about caring about the welfare of your opponent and you have to care about yourself. He says you must believe that your life is precious, despite your history.

Eastman says what we’ve done, we’ve done. Morgan reads the book and works hard to learn aikido. Now that Morgan is out of the cell, Tabitha is in it so she’s safe inside. We see Morgan and Eastman sparring on the banks of a creek. Later, they sit at the table and Morgan asks why Eastman has a cell in his cabin. He says he built the cabin with his wife before their daughter was born and there was no cell then. He says he worked with convicts – 800 men and 25 women.

He says he evaluated a man named Crichton Dallas Wilton. He says the man was likable but had done horrible things. He says the man was a great inmate but he saw through them and knew he was a true psychopath who was playing the parole board and the warden. Eastman says there was a moment and he knew that Crichton knew that he knew what he was up to and was hiding what he was from himself and others. He says Crichton cracked him across the face with a fist then tackled him.
Eastman says he saw his face and his eyes and says he could see the evil because his mask had slipped. He says he was going to kill him to keep him from stopping him from getting out. Eastman holds out his lucky rabbit’s foot and says there’s a counter for being choked. He says it was aikido that saved his life and he tried to make sure Crichton never got out again. He says he broke out and the man killed his wife, daughter and son.

He says then he walked down to the police station, still covered in their blood and surrendered. He says he told the cops the only reason he broke out was to destroy his life. Eastman says the prison still let him do his flower growing program. He says he built that cell to bring Crichton to his house and watch him starve to death. Morgan asks if he did. Eastman says he’s come to believe that all life is precious and Morgan asks even for a man like that who did that to his family. Eastman says all life is precious.

Eastman tells Morgan they need more gear for the trip. He says he thinks they should head to the islands off the coast. Morgan says he knows where they can find the supplies they need. They go back to his crazy clearing and Morgan pulls gear out of a bag he left there. Eastman looks at the writing on the rocks then asks who he lost. Morgan says his wife and son. He asks their names. Morgan says Jenny and Duane. Eastman tells him he’s sorry. Morgan says don’t be sorry.

Eastman says let’s do forms right now. Morgan says no but Eastman insists. They each grab their staff and Morgan adopts the starting position. They bow formally then Morgan raises his staff and starts the positions. Eastman corrects his stance and tells him he’ll hold a baby again. They bow to each other again. A walker snarls and Eastman says it’s all his. Morgan hesitates and thinks about the humans he last killed. He freezes up and Eastman runs to save him and is bitten.

Morgan says that wasn’t for him to do. He says he can’t just step in and says tell me how it is. Eastman says let’s go home. Morgan says he won’t go anywhere. Eastman says – you’re done with this – and tells him he made it out. Morgan comes at him with the staff. Eastman fights him off then punches him. Their fight turns uglier and he knocks Morgan down. Morgan says again – kill me. Eastman staggers away and grabs the walker and starts to drag it off. He loads it into his wagon.

Morgan says – I said not here. Eastman says the thing is – here’s not here. Morgan sharpens his sticks. He’s in the woods and hears a walker snarling. He creeps up on it and puts a spike in its brain. It was coming for two people. A woman and a man are there and the woman opens her pack and sits down a can of food for Morgan after he growls. She lays a bullet on top of it. Then she says – thank you. They head on the other way – the man leans on a crutch and the woman helps him.

Morgan goes back, grabs his staff and goes running off. He hears a walker on the way and then finds a walker eating Tabitha the goat. Morgan kills it. He finds Eastman at his graveyard. Morgan wheels in Tabitha’s body and Eastman says she figured out the door was open. Morgan says he never figured that out. Eastman says he’s glad he’s back. Morgan tells him to sit down and let him take over. Eastman looks bad. He sits as Morgan keeps on with the grave digging.

Morgan looks at the marker that reads Crichton Dallas Wilton. Eastman says they let him work out beside the freeway even after what he did because he was so charming. Eastman says he waited for his schedule, paid off some people, then kidnapped him. He says it would have been better if they caught him. He says they never knew where to look for him. Morgan helps him back to the chair. Eastman says he put him in the cell and let him starve to death.

He says it took 47 days. He says – then I was gone – and says he was like Morgan and wasn’t trying to open the door either. He says what he did to him did not give him any peace. He says he found his peace when he decided to never kill again. He says he went back to Atlanta to turn himself in but then found out the world ended. Morgan says it hasn’t ended. Eastman says – progress. Eastman tells him about the drawing his daughter made. He says he found out he couldn’t turn himself in then he went home.

He says he cut that piece of the wall but then lost his car. He says he walked 30 miles to get that piece of drywall and says it was the scariest but best thing he ever did. Eastman tells Morgan he can stay there as long as he wants but shouldn’t stay. He says he’ll be alone there and says everything is about people – everything that’s worth a damn. He says Tabitha is gone now too. Eastman tells Morgan he’s ready and says he has a gun in the lockbox. He stands and Morgan helps him.

Eastman hands him the lucky rabbit’s foot and says he hopes it’s lucky for him too whatever he decides. Morgan says he has decided. He helps Eastman to get the gun. Later, we see Morgan beside the water working on his forms. Morgan then packs a backpack and leaves the cabin. He walks out through the graveyard. We see a fresh grave for Eastman there. Morgan goes out into the woods and pockets the lucky rabbit’s foot. He sees a sign for Terminus and heads that way.

Morgan finishes the story and says that’s every last bit. He tells this all to a wolf who asks if it could turn out that way for him. Morgan says it can. The guy shows him the bit on his side. He says he saw how settled Alexandria was in the pictures he found and thought there might be medicine to help this but that was before you people won. He says he knows he’s going to die and will have to kill Morgan and every person here including the children just like your friend Eastman’s children.

He says that’s his code then says – don’t eve be sorry. Morgan stands and walks out. He shuts the gated door behind him. Morgan locks him in. He goes out of the basement and hears Rick yelling to open the gate. Morgan goes running up.