The Walking Dead Recap – Good Deeds Backfire: Season 6 Episode 6 “Always Accountable”

The Walking Dead Recap - Good Deeds Backfire: Season 6 Episode 6 "Always Accountable"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday November 15, Season 6 episode 6 called “Always Accountable” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Daryl, (Norman Reedus) Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) run into multiple obstacles.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, the mood in Alexandria was quite grim after a number of setbacks, which proved too much for the sheltered citizens inside the gates. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Daryl, Abraham and Sasha run into multiple obstacles, including a new threat, while trying to return to Alexandria after a mission.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 6  episode 6 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 6.

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#TheWalkingDead begins with Sasha and Daryl talking on the walkies about how they have to keep the herd moving. Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are now headed back to Alexandria when someone opens fire on them. Daryl’s bike goes down and another car pursues Abraham and Sasha. Daryl gets back up and drives on but they are under heavy fire. They shoot out the tires of Sasha’s car and then Daryl is in a field of walkers dodging them on the bike. Sasha and Abraham get out guns blazing and shoot the drivers.

Sasha tells Abraham to leave it and says there could be more. They hear tires and take off at a run. Daryl crosses the road and into the woods as the car pursuing him drives on by. He looks battered. He’s in a burned up area of woods. He slows to a stop then falls off his bike. He looks around at the charred trees then collapses back. He hears a growl and sees a burned up walker in a motorcycle helmet nearby but it can’t move. He passes out.

Later, Daryl gets up and pushes his bike through a maze of charred walkers. He’s breathing heavy and falls over again. He pulls out his walkie and calls Sasha and Abraham and gets only static. He looks down at a charred skeleton and sees blood dripping down his hand. He pulls off his gloves and jacket and he’s clearly in pain. He gets out a pack from his bike and his crossbow then drags some braches over his bike to conceal it then he goes to investigate a noise he hears.

There are two women there who tell him they earned what they took then a man creeps up and knocks him out. Later, he wakes by a fire and hears them talking about how this is the last day they’re going to live like this. The next day, he wakes with hands tied and the man tells him to get up and points a gun in his face. He tells Daryl they’re moving. He tells the man he’s not who he thinks. The guy says shut up or die and tells Daryl to follow the women. They are low on water and talk as they walk.

They walk through the charred forest and tell Daryl to drink so he doesn’t fall down. He says if “they” find us, they may give him to them. They seem to think he’s a wolf – seems like. One of the women says they can’t believe they’re back and the guy says they’re just just back to pick up Patty. They ask how he did it and the guy says they let fuel leak for miles then lit a match and let them all burn. He says then he took an ax to each. A few bodies reach out but they can’t move. Daryl asks if they did this.

One of the women says they were there when it started and the forest filled with them. They tell him they thought everyone was fighting them and then Daryl says they’re being stupid. The man holds a gun on him then asks if it’s a mistake not killing him then says Daryl kills for someone who gives him a roof and three squares. Daryl says he has somewhere to be and he can help them. The guy says Daryl is one of them and says they never should have trusted them to begin with and tells Daryl to keep walking.

He does. They come out of the woods at a fuel company and see walkers inside the fence staggering around. They wonder where Patty is and the man says she must be gone. Daryl creeps towards the woods. One of the girls question if this was the right thing – she says just go back and tell “him” that it was just her. Then one of the girls collapses – Tina – and Daryl takes the chance to grab his bag and run off. They tell the guy to stop shooting when he takes shots at Daryl.

Daryl gets away and unties the knots then opens the bag. He tries to walkie Sasha again but gets more static then a walker comes through the woods. Daryl looks for his knife as it gets closer. He can’t get his crossbow out but does at the last second and puts an arrow in its head. He sees a cooler in the bag that says INSULIN and realizes it’s the girl’s. Sasha and Abraham go looking for Daryl and she says she thinks he got away. She says the ambush seems strange.

Abraham says he thinks they were looking for someone in particular. She radios Daryl and gets nothing and she says they should stay put and let Daryl find them since he’s a better tracker. He doesn’t want to stay put and she writes on a door DIXON then goes inside the place. They are in an office building and open all the doors. Abraham finds a military uniform with tons of badges and ribbons on it. Then he sees a photo on the wall of a military man and his family. Sasha sits in a chair in an office.

A walker is in a glassed in office and startles him but Sasha says he can’t get out then says the door is locked. She asks him if he wants to stand watch or sleep and he says stand watch and will do some shopping. Sasha lies down on the floor in the corner with her gun by her side. Abraham asks if she can sleep and then says he wants to release that thing from its plane of existence. He chuckles then asks if this is their new home. He asks should they give the walker a name.

She reminds him he chose to come along and he says she couldn’t do it alone. She asks why he thinks that and he says she was out of control for a while and she says she’s in control now and he says he is too. She doubts it and he says loose ends make his ass itch. He says the shit keeps hitting the fan without respite and that’s why his psyche isn’t straight. She says jumping out of a moving car makes no sense. She talks about him playing chicken with challenges.

She says they had walls, food and a roof over their head and that means choices which makes him uncomfortable. She says he doesn’t like being accountable when there’s not shit hitting the fan. She tells him stand watch or sleep and he says he’ll stand watch all night and they can reassess in the morning what the hell they’re doing there.

Daryl is in the woods creeping along and comes upon the people he just escaped and tells the guy to hand over the gun. He does and he asks what they have besides the gun and they tell him nothing. Then he asks what the guy is carving and Daryl takes it. It’s a figurine. He tosses them the duffel and says it’s all there then tells him good luck – they’ll need it. Branches snap as a vehicle approaches and Daryl takes cover. Men get out and come that way. One says – let’s end this.

They tell them they will hand it back and pay for the gas. They tell Wade they’re done kneeling. The truck comes forward and Daryl sees other men in the woods. He tells them which way to go and helps Tina who is staggering. They run on away from the truck and the men. Daryl hides them then hands the guy back his gun. They hear Wade talking on the walkie giving instructions. A walker is pinned nearby and Tina tells Sher she didn’t have to do this. Sher reaches for the bag.

They make a noise and draw a guard who is bit by the pinned walker. He calls to Wade and tells him to take the arm. He ties a tourniquet and hacks the guy’s arm off. Wade says Cam got bit and it’s time to go home. He says “he” only wants ass that’s willing and they’ve taken this far enough. He drags Cam away as Daryl sees Sher give Tina a shot of insulin. The guy tells Daryl he thought they were with them and says after all they did to him, he still came back. Daryl grunts and says maybe he’s stupid too.

The sun rises and Abraham creeps around the office. He looks out a window and sees something that makes him smile. A walker soldier is impaled on a bridge dangling. Abraham goes closer and looks around cautiously. He pops open a case in the back of a truck and finds RPG rounds. He also finds some cigars. He goes over to the walker and climbs over to it. He creeps close and grapples with it. He roars at it and then stops. He lays down exhausted and then backs away as the creature still reaches for him.

Abraham goes back to the truck and takes out a cigar and lights it. The walker continues to reach for him and growl. Abraham sits up in the back of the truck and then the metal starts to rip through the walker’s body and it falls. Only a black harness remains on the fence. It’s the RPG launcher dangling there. Abraham comes back with a duffel bag and Sasha asks where he got it. He says it’s the fruits of his stupidity. He says he knows Rick and says they are managing what ever happened just fine. He says they’ve got beer and air conditioning and walls there.

He says the table is set for the rest of their lives and he hopes those years are long and fruitful. He says he’s been feeling the urge to make some plays before his life is taken unceremoniously but says he now sees there are years to come before that happens. He says he likes the way she calls bullshit on him and says he would like to get to know her a whole lot better. She asks what makes him think she wants that and he says a man can tell. She looks him up and down and says he’s got some stuff to take care of. He agrees that he does.

Daryl walks the small group through the charred woods and they tell him they have been the same place since the beginning but human nature kicked in and it turned into a real shit show. Sher says people will trade anything for safety. Daryl says nobody is safe anymore and no one can promise that. Tina takes off at a run when she spots a house but it’s burned out too. She says it’s Carla and Delly and says she and Sher used to baby sit them. Sher says they did this and Tina puts some flowers on two corpses.

The creatures wake and attack her. It looks like they killed themselves and were then zombified under the plastic bags. Sher is horrified her sister is dead. Daryl took out the walkers, but Tina was already bitten to death. Daryl asks the guy how many walkers he’s killed and he says a bunch then he asks how many people he’s killed and the guy says none. He says if he killed a person there would be no going back. Daryl says he’s from a place where people are still like they were before.

The man digs graves for the people they knew. Daryl takes them to his bike then says they can meet his friends then they can ride in their car. The guy asks how he knows his friends weren’t taken and he says he doesn’t. When Daryl turns his back, the guy aims the gun at him. He tells Daryl to give her the crossbow. The guy says nowhere is safe anymore and he fires a warning shot. Daryl takes the crossbow off his back. She takes it then the guy lifts the bike and gets on.

He starts it up and Sher gets on behind him but leaves him some bandages for his arm. They tell him they’re sorry and he says – you’re going to be. He has the little carving he took from the guy and looks at it. Daryl walks back to where he first collapsed and comes upon the growling partial body of the walker in the charred motorcycle helmet. He digs down and uncovers something and then looks around more carefully. He uncovers a fuel truck in the woods and opens the door. A walker is inside and he kills it.

Then Daryl drags it out. Abraham comes in wearing a military jacket and Sasha looks at him. They hear a truck and then they laugh. It’s Daryl. They get in with him and head for home. Abraham looks behind them out the side view mirror then smiles. Daryl tries to radio Rick and gets no answer but then a garbled voice comes on and a man says – help.