The Walking Dead Recap – A New Reality and It’s Not Pretty: Season 6 Episode 5 “Now”

The Walking Dead Recap - A New Reality and It's Not Pretty: Season 6 Episode 5 "Now"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday November 8, Season 6 episode 5 called  “Now” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the mood in Alexandria is quite grim after a number of setbacks.

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, a new face and setting were introduced. With all that’s gone on in the apocalypse, can people be trusted? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “the mood in Alexandria is quite grim after a number of setbacks, which might prove too much for the sheltered citizens inside the gates.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 6  episode 5 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 6.

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#TheWalkingDead begins with Deanna climbing a ladder to the top of the fence. There’s a scaffold there and a plaque with Reg’s name and PNL #1. She looks out over the wall. Michonne talks to Maggie about Glenn’s plan to light the fire when the town was overrun. She tells Maggie she’s sorry. She says he told her if he got stuck. He would send a signal. Rick shouts “open the gate.” Deanna turns. Walkers are in the streets – a lot of them. She’s terrified.

Rick runs through them towards Alexandria shouting to open the gate now. Michonne and Maggie throw the gate open as Rick plows through the walkers. They shuts the gate behind him just as walkers hit it and try to grab them. They shut the second gate as well. Deanna looks shell-shocked in terror. A mass of walkers presses up against the wall. The Alexandrians cower on the other side. Rick walks with purpose and tells them they can hear it and some saw it.

He says half of them are there – enough to surround them 20 deep. He says he knows they’re scared because they’ve never been through this or seen it. He says they’re safe for now. He says the walls will hold and asks if they can hold too. He says the others will be back and says they have vehicles and will lead them away just like they did the others. He says Glenn and Nicholas will be back soon too. He says they have to keep noise to a minimum, keep the lights out at night and make it as quiet as a graveyard.

One of the women says this place is a graveyard. Aaron tells them the quarry broke open and says the plan Rick put into place worked. He says they got half of them away. He says he was out recruiting with Darryl and wanted to get into a cannery and salvage but Darryl wanted to look for people. He says they did what he wanted and wound up in a trap set by those people. He says he lost his pack and the attackers came because of him. Deanna shakes her head and looks numb. She walks off.

Rick says they can talk about more later. Tobin calls for Deanna but she’s walking off like she’s the walking dead personified. Jessie is in her house and grabs the legs of the wolf woman she killed and drags her out leaving a swath of blood in her wake. She drags her to the stack of other wolves in the cemetery. She starts digging. Rick shows up with another body and says we don’t bury killers inside the walls. She says they can’t go outside to get rid of them and asks what to do. Rick says – we wait.

The citizens complains about the limited rations. They say they can’t let their family starve while they’re about to do. They all walk past Olivia and start helping themselves. Spencer comes in and tells them to stop. They tell him to make sure the gate is closed. He admits he left the gate open but says he also took care of the truck and he’s the reason it didn’t make it inside. He asks where Bruce was doing it. He says them doing this will start them down a road where nothing and no one else matters.

He says this is the moment when they can destroy this place. Bruce puts down the cans of food he was preparing to take. Deanna walks up and gives Spencer a nod. Maggie works on something. Aaron sees others writing the names of the dead on the wall under a heading of In Our Memory. He reads all the names including Nicholas and Glenn. He sees Maggie with a pack heading the other way. He follows her to the armory where she’s loading a gun. He asks if she’s going out.

He sees what her plan is and she says nothing. He says she’s waiting for dark, right? He asks what happens when she twists an ankle jumping down or gets slowed down by one and they’re all on her. He says he can’t let her do it. Maggie says he can’t stop her. He says he’s going to help her. He says he knows a safer way out and he grabs a gun too. Deanna stares at Reg’s wedding ring then gets out a blueprint. She starts making notes of where to plant which of the crops.

She sketches out notes for the future of Alexandria including a mill and an education center. She adds a quote from Ovid at the bottom “Dolor hic tibi proderit olim” which translates to “Someday this pain will be useful to you.” She stops when she hears the sound of breaking glass. She goes and finds Spencer cleaning up glass. He says it was his fault and she asks if he’s drunk. He says he’s on the way. She sees things he took from the pantry and asks if he stole it.

He says he wouldn’t call it stealing. She says he told everyone BS. He says if they all raided the pantry, it would be the end. He says one person when no one knows is different and says he deserved a reward. He says the others were right and says they’ll all be dead soon. She curses at him and he says she made them this way and screwed them. He says they were never safe. He says she was dreaming and his dad’s death and Aiden’s death is all on her. She’s stunned.

Spencer immediately has a look of regret on his face. Deanna closes up the jar of things he took and piles the items back in the basket. Carl finds Ron and asks if he saw Enid. Carl says he thinks Enid went over the wall before the horde came. Carl tells him he needs his help to find her. Ron says no way. Carl says Enid is his friend and Ron says she was his girlfriend and he told her not to go out there. Ron says he won’t let Carl go. Carl walks away.

Ron grabs him and they start to scuffle. Carl shoves him down and Ron says he’ll tell his dad. He says Rick will go then others and someone will die because of Carl. He says he’s saving Carl’s life just like he saved his during the attack. Dr Denise checks on a patient who has a fever. She gets out a medical book and leafs through it. She sniffles, upset. Tara comes in then and sits down. Denise says he hasn’t woken up and his wound is still infected and she doesn’t know what to do.

She asks why Tara is there and he says her head hurts. Denise asks how bad and Tara says she’s lying and she just came to check on her. Tara reminds her she did good and says she’s making things better. Denise says he’s going to die and she’s so scared she can’t even think about what’s happening outside. She says she wants the roamers to go away and a new doctor to show up at the gates but the end of the world is coming instead. Tara says the guy isn’t dead yet.

Tara says she feels it too then says being afraid sucks. Jessie walks by a house and sees drapes moving. There’s a walker inside. It’s one of their friends. Others come running up and are stunned. Looks like she killed herself by slitting her wrists and is now a walker. Jessie opens the door a crack then puts her knife through her eye. Others look disgusted. Jessie tells them she didn’t want to see the way things are. She says she didn’t want to even though she could have.

She tells them this is what life looks like now and they have to see it and fight it. She says otherwise, they’ll die. She gives them all a look and walk away. Maggie and Aaron walk out and he takes her to a grate and says they’re going under. He says it’s to an old sewer from a prior neighborhood. He says it will take them past the wall and hopefully past the walkers. She tells him he can’t go along and he says he can’t see any more names go up on the wall.

Maggie says if he’s alive he’s hurt, trapped or maybe taken. She says that’s why she’s doing this. She says if she’s dead, she doesn’t want to be waiting on him. Maggie tells Aaron it’s not his fault but he says it is and he has to live with that. They slog through sludge and he says he hasn’t been down here since the beginning. The ladder has fallen and they have to lift it because it’s blocking the way. He loses his grip and goes flying back. He’s got a head wound.

They hear a walker that’s skeletal and was in the sludge. Maggie kills it then another comes. Aaron is trapped. Maggie doesn’t have a weapon is her hands. Aaron kills the one coming at him then gets loose and kills the one who was on her. She thanks him then says his head is bleeding bad. She grabs a cloth and says it needs stitches and tells him to go back. He says he was just there for her. She says she could have done it but he says lead the way and they press on.

Denise finds something in the book and gets a syringe. She puts it into the wound and draws out puss and the guy’s pulse regulates. She says – hot damn. Rick is on the wall trying to call Sasha, Darryl and Abraham. Ron comes up to stand beside him and looks at all of them. Ron tells him that Enid used to sneak over the walls and spend time outside. He says he thinks she went out there after the attack. Rick is surprised but Ron says she knows how to take care of himself.

He tells him Carl wanted to go and he says he stopped him and told Carl he would tell him if he went. Rick asks where he is. Ron says he’s at the house. Ron says he can take guard duty but Rick says it’s not guard duty, it’s just watching for the others. Ron then tells Rick he heard him at the quarry about learning how to protect his family and asks if Rick will teach him to shoot. He hands him his gun after taking out the bullets. What is Ron up to?

Denise comes to Tara and kisses her on the mouth. She sits down beside her. Tara asks what is it and Denise says it’s the end of the world. Tara says it’s not. Denise says being afraid sucks. Tara smiles at her. Maggie and Aaron slog on through the tunnel. They make it to the end where there’s a grate. They are close to the walkers but Aaron says they have to just work through a few of them. He says he can go without her.

She shouts “no” and says it’s over. She shouts loudly to draw walkers to the grate so Aaron will give up. Maggie starts crying and says she’s pregnant and if she had gone with Glenn, she might have helped him to stay alive. She says she just wants to see his face again. She says now she just has to live with what happened and Aaron does too. Aaron hugs her as a pile of walkers tries to grab at them through the grate. Jessie calls Sam and says she made cookies. He asks her to bring them up to him.

She says not then asks why won’t he come down. He says it didn’t change up here. Jessie says she’s halfway up and says he come there and he won’t be downstairs technically. He says no and walks back into his room. She goes back downstairs looking worried. Then she goes upstairs and sets the cookies outside his door. Deanna hears a meeting going on in one of the houses. She hears voices saying it’s a lie. She had the basket of food that Spencer stole.

A walker is there and comes at her. She picks up the broken bottle and stabs the talk walker in the chest. He falls down and she hacks at his neck. Rick comes up and finishes him off. He says it was a wolf that Carol took out but then she couldn’t find the body. He says the guy must have hidden then died. She’s covered in blood and tells him that she wants to live and he says lead them. Deanna says they need Rick not her. She is soaked in blood and gathers everything back in the basket. Rick helps her.

She asks if what she wanted for this place was pie in the sky and Rick says no. Deanna walks away. Maggie and Aaron stand on the wall later watching the walkers. His head wound has been treated. She sets down her rifle and says she’ll be back. She climbs down and goes to the wall where Glenn’s name has been panted. She rubs off the letters and Aaron rubs of Nicholas’ name too. He says when Glenn gets back, she can mention to him that Aaron or Erin either one would work for a boy or a girl baby.

Rosalie stands crying when Spencer shows up. He says he’s her relief and he’s taking Carol’s place. Rosalie stops crying and says he did good with the truck taking out the driver. She says if not for him the wall might not be up right now. He says he got lucky and she says good or lucky, keep doing what he’s doing. She leaves. Spencer pulls some crackers out of his jacket and pops one in his mouth. Rick shows up at Jessie’s and says he wanted to wait because of Glenn.

He says we don’t know if Glenn is still out there or Darryl or Sasha or Abraham. He says he wanted them back by now and those things gone. She says he said it could go on a while then tells him it already has. She says in this moment, this is what it is. He says this is what life looks like now and quotes her. She says she wasn’t saying there’s not a future then says there has to be. She says – tell me there’s more. He steps closer and kisses her. She kisses back. They stand kissing in her garage.

Deanna walks up the gate where she can see the walkers banging on the other side. She hits the fence again and again which only serves to provoke them. She walks away and then we see a tiny hole poked in the wall and black walker goo is leaking through it.