The Walking Dead Recap – Glenn’s Fate Revealed: Season 6 Episode 7 “Heads Up”

The Walking Dead Recap - Glenn's Fate Revealed: Season 6 Episode 7 "Heads Up"

The Walking Dead continues on AMC tonight with all its gory goodness with an all new Sunday November 22, Season 6 episode 7 called “Heads Up” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Alexandria is finally able to start pulling itself back together. Wanna find out what happens to Glenn?  We spoiled it for you, RIGHT HERE!

On the last episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha ran into multiple obstacles, including a new threat, while trying to return to Alexandria after a mission. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “Alexandria is finally able to start pulling itself back together; and there’s peace between the group and the Alexandrians, but no one knows how long it will last.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the season 6  episode 7 live right here for you at 9pm. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from Season 6

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#TheWalkingDead starts with Glenn’s death scene replayed. We see that the other guy fell on top of him and was eaten. Glenn wriggles out from under him and under the dumpster. Walkers reach for him but can’t get to him. He kills ones nearby and later the walkers begin to shamble away as other things get their attention. Glenn checks and sees he has just a little water left.

He stares at the dead face of Nicholas nearby. The next day, he works himself out from under the dumpster. Walker bodies are all around. He grabs a water bottle from Nicholas and gulps it down and sees the flare gun is broken. Enid is on the roof and tosses him a bottle of water but it breaks. He climbs into the building she’s on top of and calls to her. She tells him to take the bottle of water she left and go.

He asks why she’s there. He looks around what looks like an antique shop. He grabs the bottle of water she left and swigs it. He sees empty cans of food and asks again why she’s out there. She won’t answer. He asks what happened in Alexandria. He says they heard the sound and the gunshots. He calls to her again. She says it’s what always happen – people die. She doesn’t know about the herd of walkers.

She says people came to Alexandria and tells him to go. He asks if Maggie is okay and Enid won’t answer. He goes upstairs calling for her but she’s gone. He hops out on to the roof and sees her skittering away down an alley. She runs off. Glenn goes back down the fire escape and runs after her. He gives up and heads off the other way.

Morgan greets and Rick says they need to talk later. He says okay. Rick goes to the wall and looks at the hole where walker blood is leaking inside. Maggie stands at the top watching over the wall and Rick joins her. He tells her she doesn’t need to be up there that much but she says Glenn would come this way and says if he sends a signal, it will be that way. Rick says it’s not easy when they go out there.

He says Glenn, Darryl, Abraham and Sasha will come back and says they’ve come back from worse. He says maybe they need to figure out how to get the walkers away. He says they need to think it through and clear the way so the others can walk right in. Maggie says Judith is starting to look like Lori and it makes her happy. He says it does him too. He goes back down.

Glenn creeps along in the town and comes to the fence where the others died. One of the Alexandrians is now a walker but stuck to the fence – it’s the guy who wrote the note for his wife. Glenn finishes him off and picks up the note to Betsy that had fallen from his hand. Glenn takes a deep breath then takes off at a jog. Gabriel puts up notice of a prayer circle for later that day.

Rick walks by and snatches the papers down and Carl asks why. Gabriel goes back and replaces them after they walk on. They have Ron with them. Rick shows Ron how to load a pistol and how to make sure the chamber is empty. Carl tells him he’ll be scared the first time he has to point a gun at someone. Rick says if you panic, you miss, and you die.

He says bring it up to your eye and Carl says you have to wait for your moment. Ron asks to hold the gun and Rick hands it over. Rick school him on keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. He tells him to keep that gun and get used to the weight. He asks if he can shoot it. Rick says no because if he makes noise, it will draw walkers.

He then asks about target practicing with silencers. Then Ron says they don’t want to waste bullets and Rick nods. Morgan goes to Denise’s house and finds her making oatmeal. She asks what’s up and she asks to look at his arm. He says he’s fine and she says he can tell her if he’s not. Rick spots Morgan and asks if they can talk now. He says okay and goes with Rick.

He asks Rick what’s up and Rick says on the way back, he tried to cut off the herd with the RV and lead the walkers away but five of the W forehead people and tried to kill him and shot up the RV. He says Carol told him that Morgan wouldn’t kill them. Carol is there and asks Morgan if he let any of them go. He says he didn’t want to kill five people he didn’t have to.

Carol says they burned people alive and Morgan says yeah. Then he asks why Rick didn’t kill him back in King County when he attacked him. Morgan says he let him live and then he was there to help Aaron and Daryl. He says if they died, maybe the wolves wouldn’t have made it here. Morgan says he doesn’t know what is right anymore. He says he wanted to kill them.

He says he knows what they did and he could have ended them but also knows people can change. He says all of them have and says all life is precious and that idea brought him back and keeps him living. Michonne is there too and says it’s not that easy. He says he doesn’t want to let that idea go and Michonne says he may have to.

He asks if they think he doesn’t belong here and Rick asks if he thinks he can make it without getting blood on his hands. Morgan says he doesn’t know.

Walkers growl as a storm brews overhead and wood falls from one of the towers near the fence. Is someone up there? Rick says they need to set up a plan for drawing them away. He says they need to use just their people and don’t have time to educate the others. Michonne says they are in it together and anything else is an excuse.

Rick nods. Deanna comes up to them and says she has plans for the expansion of Alexandria. He says they have other things on their plate now. She says there will be an “after” all this is done. Rosita coaches the Alexandrians on how to use a machete to take out walkers. Eugene is also there for the lesson. Rosita startles Eugene and she tells him to get a grip.

She asks what he’s so scared of. He says dying and she says dying is simple because you’re just dead. She says the people around you dying is worse because you are left behind. She says be scared of living knowing you didn’t do everything you could to keep the others here with you. She asks if the noises scare him too much or can she go on with the lesson.

He throws down the machete and walks off. Enid sits in an empty diner and scrawls JSS on a table check and then grabs her backpack and goes for the door. There are walkers on the street then someone grabs her. It’s Glenn. She asks what the hell he’s doing and he says he’s taking her home. She says she doesn’t know him and he asks why she gave him water.

She says they’re not friends and he says Maggie wouldn’t want him to leave her behind. Enid says she’s not friends with his wife either. Glenn says they’re going now and she says no. He tries to grab her and she puts a gun into his face. Glenn says to give him the gun and she tells him to turn and walk away. He says she won’t shoot him.

She says she will if he makes her. He grabs the gun and she calls him an asshole. He says she’s the one who pulled a gun – he says they’ll go out the back and says they need visibility. He says half the herd broke off and are headed for home. He tells her – lead the way. She grabs her pack and he follows. More boards fall off the church tower. Rick builds a reinforcement scaffold for the weak spot.

Tobin joins him and holds the board while Rick screws in the support screws. Tobin says they can build a brace on this. Enid takes out a walker on the road that’s lying prone and Glenn gives her a look. She asks if his wife wouldn’t have wanted him to kill it. They are at the spot where the green balloons still hang. She takes the balloons and says they can use them as a distraction.

Glenn tells her there’s a helium tank in the shrubs with more balloons and more string. Tobin helps Rick put in an angled support beam. The hole is still leaking walker goo. Rick says if they can keep the wall up, it doesn’t mean anything. Tobin tells Rick he scared him and the others when he first came in with his beard, hiding around corners.

He says he thought Rick was seeing things they didn’t and it turns out he didn’t. Tobin says things moved slow here then too fast all of a sudden. Tobin asks Rick not to give up on them. Enid gets the balloons out and Glenn asks who she stayed with back home but she says Alexandria is not her home. She says she lived in Olivia’s place but says she was alone, orphaned by walkers.

He says he thinks he was too. She says it’s just what happens. Glenn says he knows she’s scared but she says she’s not. He says she doesn’t want to lose anything again so she says that’s just what happens. She says she doesn’t need a lecture but he says she does. He says you honor the dead by living because they don’t get to.

He says her parents wouldn’t want her waving around a gun because she’s afraid. She says they don’t have to talk. She fills another balloon. Glenn keeps a lookout. Ron sneaks into the armory behind the pantry and steals bullets for the gun Rick gave him. He distracted Olivia by rolling some cans around. Glenn and Enid are within shouting distance of Alexandria.

They see the massive herd that surrounds it and she turns to walk away. She says the world is trying to die and they need to let it. Glenn says she’s wrong. He says he’s not going to let her die and says it’s not because of his wife. He says the walls and houses are still up and they’ll find out the rest. She nods. Rick and Tobin walk the walls and hear metal scraping.

They see Spencer on a wire over the herd. Eugene tells Tara. He’s got a grappling hook tethering him but it starts to bend and he’s dangling. Tara tells Eugene to go have Rosita and Maggie dire their guns. Spencer falls and Tara shoots at them to try and protect him while Rick tries to pull him back up. Tobin comes to help. Tara is out of rounds but Morgan pitches in and they get him back.

Rick asks Tara what she was thinking and says she almost died for them. Tara flips him off. Rick asks Spencer what the hell and he says he wanted to find a car and lure the herd away. Rick says if he wants to help, don’t make them save him. He says bring your ideas to me and he asks if Rick would have listened. Denise is in the clinic when Morgan comes in.

She asks if things are okay and he says it’s handled. He asks how well the community is stocked on antibiotics then says he needs to dress a wound and isn’t sure if it’s infected. She rattles off the symptoms off her chalkboard cheat sheet. He says she may not want to be involved with this and says it’s a secret. He says it’s not his wound.

Carol holds Judith and watches Morgan leave the clinic and Denise follow him with a medical bag over her arm. Carol follows. She sees them turn the corner then runs to Jessie and asks if she can take her while she has watch duty. Jessie invites Carol inside and then Sam is there peeking down from upstairs. She asks what and he asks what if you can’t live with hit.

Carol says it eats you up – she tells him to come down. He says the people who came, were they the monsters. He asks if his dad turned into one. He says if you kill people, do you turn into a monster. Carol says killing keeps you from turning into one. Jessie takes Judith and Carol takes off. Carol has a set of keys and finds Morgan there. She asks who the hell he has there.

Ron follows Carl down the street. Ron pulls out the gun. Michonne looks at the new plans Deanne gave them. She sees plans for wheat and a mill and more crops. The wood continues to fall off the tower. Tara asks Rick if he’s seen Denise and he says no. He follows Tara and says he’s sorry about before. She says Spencer was stupid. Rick says she didn’t have to do that.

He says she could have died and she says she didn’t think about it. She says they’re stuck with each other. Deanna thanks Rick for saving his son and he says thank Tara. She says she already did and is thanking him now. He says Spencer was stupid. Deanna says at least he tried. He says when the walkers went for him it made a gap and he could have jumped down and gotten away.

He says Spencer would be dead but he could have used the opportunity. She asks why he did it and he says he’s your son and he had to save him. Eugene practices with Tara with the machete. Green balloons float into the sky and Maggie runs for the scaffold. Rick sees them too. Maggie says it’s Glenn. The wood cracks on the tower and it topples towards the wall. Everyone goes running. It takes down a section of the wall.