Under the Dome Recap and Spoilers – Kinship Gone Crazy: Season 3 Episode 6 “Caged”

Under the Dome Recap and Spoilers - Kinship Gone Crazy: Season 3 Episode 6 "Caged"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday July 23, season 3 episode 6 called, “Caged.” We’ve got your recap and spoilers down below! On tonight’s episode When Big Jim [Dean Norris] is captured by Aktaion, the dangerous private corporation that’s descended on Chester’s Mill to harness the Dome’s energy capabilities, he’s forced to manipulate Christine (Marg Helgenberber) for information about her agenda.

On the last episode Big Jim and Julia formed a tentative alliance to search for proof that will discredit Christine, which lead them to new information about the Dome’s capabilities. Meanwhile, when tensions ran high in town and threaten Christine’s leadership, she put a plan in play that had deadly consequences. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “when Big Jim is captured by Aktaion, the dangerous private corporation that’s descended on Chester’s Mill to harness the Dome’s energy capabilities, he’s forced to manipulate Christine (Marg Helgenberber) for information about her agenda. Also, when Joe and Norrie question the town’s new rules, they find themselves in a dangerous face-off with the increasingly unstable residents.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome

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#UnderTheDome begins with Marston showing Jim video of Christine finding the egg and becoming something else. He sees the Eva was with her when it happened. He says then the dome came down and a mini dome came down over the egg. Jim asks why he showed them this. Marston says Christine is a very foreign creature now. He says they learned a lot about her recently.

He says they still don’t know what she is though. He says that’s where Jim comes in. Marston says they are close and if Jim helps them, they won’t test the alien DNA on him. He ponders. Eva looks at her reflection in a car window and she sees a glowing white creature. Barbie wants answers from her and she says she and Christine work for Aktion. She says they were looking for meteor shards.

She says the egg was in one of the meteors and says she’s the same person he fell in love with. Barbie says he lives those moments too and he knows her but says Christine is a liar. Eva says she’s known Christine for years and trusts her. He says he’ll give Christine one more shot for that reason. He says after they find her, they need to tell everyone the truth.

Julei goes back into town. She hears whistling inside Town Hall and finds everyone assembled. They all turn on her as one. Then they turn back away from her. She walks closer and whispers to Audrey and asks what’s going on. She says they’re waiting on Christine to give them the go ahead to move in now the beds are finished. They stand whistling waiting on orders. Julia runs upstairs.

Marston’s men drag Christine into the cell next to he and his dog Indy. Jim offers her some water and she tells him to drop the act. She says this body still needs water to survive and gulps some down. Indy growls at her. She asks if her calm demeanor alarms him and asks if he’d prefer it if she acted afraid then she starts crying and acting human. She says sad is the easiest emotion to fake and cries more.

He asks about honesty and if she can do that. She calls to the dug who barks and growls. Jim says dogs are a real good judge of character. Christine says people will come for her including Junior. Jim says he’s not enough and asks who else she has. He says Barbie won’t come for her once Julia tells him the truth. He says her plan is pretty risky since she’s facing her brain in a jar.

Christine says her human body is tired and she goes to lie down. Marston watches this all on video. Norrie and Joe are locked up and she’s upset. She says everyone else seems brain washed. She tells him she’s scared then her mom shows up. Her mom says they need to get an x-ray machine there to check on Hunter’s injury. Joe offers to help. Her mother says the accident they caused damaged the kinship.

She tells Norrie to come on and tells Joe that Junior is coming for him soon. Julia is searching for evidence in Christine’s office. She finds a drawing of keys then goes over to the law books on the shelves and pulls one back. She finds the voice recorder and sees it’s been password protected. Junior, Eva and Barbie come up and into the office and she hides. Barbie spots the sketch she left out.

Junior says Christine told him about a project they needed to work on. Eva says they need to find her and should go look. Barbie tells Junior to stay put with Eva but Junior wants to keep Eva with him to help move people in. Barbie kisses her goodbye and says he’ll look for her. Junior and Eva talk and she says she got Barbie to take out Pete last night. They talk about putting Hutner down if his injuries are permanent.

Julia hears all of this. Barbie asks around for Christine. No one has seen her since dinner. A guy says he saw her getting on a boat with two guys then says the only thing out there is Bird Island. Jim asks Christine if she’s sure the cavalry is coming. She says she may leave him locked up and take his dog with her. The dog growls. Jim says his world view is to cover his own ass. Christine says he’s played out and doesn’t do anything for anyone else.

She asks when was the last time he was fulfilled. She says maybe it was when he got married or taught Junior to play catch. Then she says now he has no one. Jim says he’s fine with his choices. Christine says they are not so bad and can live together. Jim says she took away what was Christine. She says now they have food and peace. He says individual ingenuity is critical.

He say the world is made by leaders, not followers. Christine says they come from very different worlds and asks what’s the point of having him there with her. A gas/smoke grenade is tossed in with them startling Jim. Sam has the bottle of pills in his hands that Abby killed herself with. Joe is moving solar panels and says he won’t help until someone lends a hand.

Junior tells him to pick it up when some fall over. Julia says he doesn’t have the right to punish him. The crowd says they do and Junior knocks her out. Jim wakes from being knocked out and Marston says he’s not doing so hot on finding out what she wants. He shows him a vial of fluid and asks what it is. Jim says he hopes it’s Rogaine. Marston says they have the essence of it and can inject him.

Jim says he almost had her and Marston agrees to give him a little more time and asks what he needs – Jim says leverage. He says she needs to think she has little to live for. Marston says they need to appear to be in the same boat and punches Jim in the face. Julia comes to and asks Junior what’s going on. She says he’s sick and this is not who he really is. Junior says she’s right and says he’s something better.

He says the James she knows is gone. She tries to run but there’s someone barring the door. He says she caused a problem and problems get reported to Christine. He says Christine will know what to do with him. Sam shows up to find the whole weird whistling thing going on. Eva greets him and he plays along. They wheel the x-ray machine in to Hunter’s room. Norrie asks how he is.

Hunter says he can’t move his legs and Norrie says it was an accident. He asks if it was and she says she would never hurt him. Norrie’s mom tells her to come back. Joe says the solar panels are in place and they should have enough power for the x-ray machine. Sam comes in to help. Joe says he and Norrie will help people get moved into tents. Junior says it’s a great idea.

Once Junior and her mom leave, Joe says everyone is crazy but Julia. He says he doesn’t know what’s going on but she’s the only one who’s still herself. They agree to go try and find her. Sam runs the x-rays and then he asks Eva where the pill came from for Hunter. He says they’re for Jessie Gordon. Eva says Christine asked everyone to hand in their meds to make a dispensary.

Sam tells Hunter he’ll never walk again. Eva asks to talk to him again. She says managing his pain would take away too many resources from the kinship and is irresponsible. He says if it’s what’s best then he wants to do it and picks up the bottle of pills. Junior tells Eva he had to put Julia out of the way because she was interfering with Joe’s training.

Barbie tells Eva and Junior that he found Christine and they need help to go get her. Julia is watching out the window and sees Barbie kiss Eva. Eva comes upstairs and closes the blinds and says that Barbie is part of the kinship she can’t understand. She tells her to give up on him and start contributing or she will be disposed of. She tells Julia it would be too bad to lose her and Hunter the same day.

Julia lunges at her and Eva says it’s too bad because if she was part of the kinship, they could both be with Barbie. Christine wakes and finds a mark on her abdomen. He says they stepped up their experiments. She sees he’s been beaten up too. He has the lid to a metal can and pops the tab off it and starts to pick the lock. She tells him to get her out with him and says if he gets her out, she can get him out of the dome. Marston watches on the screen.

Joe and Norrie creep around and they fake an injury to distract the guard then knock him down. They drag the guy into the room where Julia is being held and secure him while letting her go. Julia says they’re unbelievable. They head out and Julia tells them they’re going to kill Hunter. Joe asks how they can get him out. She says she has to go stop Barbie from going to Bird Island.

Julia says everyone in the cocoons has something inside them taking control but others are more resistant. She tells them to keep doing what they’re doing and to get Hunter somewhere safe. Junior and Barbie spot guards on Bird Island. He says he counts four and Barbie says they’re probably trying to get answers. Barbie takes down one guard. Christine tells Jim about her post-cocoon transformation.

He calls her Spock and Christine says they want to survive and flourish like any living organism. He says it’s a good plan except for the body snatching. She says ultimately they plan to bring the dome down. Marston comes in and says they heard it all. They hear a disturbance outside. Marston refuses to let Jim guy and he slashes his throat with the metal lid.

Christine says to let her out and she can help. He says he’s not buying what she’s selling and says no hard feelings. He leaves and a guard is about to take her out when Barbie and Junior shoot him and take him out. Eva comes to Hunter’s room and he asks if it’s time. She says the first shot will put him to sleep and the next will stop his heart. She says to look at her and it will be fine.

Then Norrie tackles Eva to stop her but Hunter says he wants this and doesn’t want to be a burden. They knock Eva out and load Hunter into a wheelchair to get him out of there. Barbie tells Junior to run ahead and get the boat ready. That leaves him with Christine and he says he wants to know who she is. Christine says she worked for Aktion and was looking for the egg.

She says Aktion told her it could be the next great energy source. She says when she made contact with it, it triggered the dome. She says all those lives lost are her fault. She acts all sad. Barbie says Aktion knew they were sending her into something dangerous and it’s not her fault. Julia is there with the gun and says that Christine is not who Barbie thinks she is.

Julia says Christine is dangerous and Aktion was actually trying to help. Barbie says to lower the gun and she says no way. Barbie creeps closer to her and she pulls the gun back. He takes her in his arms then takes the gun and puts is by her side. He asks what’s going on. She says Christine and Eva work for Aktion. He says he knows that. She says there’s more.

Julia says that’s not the real Christine. She says the others are all infected and it’s growing inside them. He says he feels fine and says she sounds crazy. She says he was manipulated into killing Pete and want him to be like them. He thinks she’s being jealous over Eva. Julia says he’s sick and they want him to stay that way. She says he can’t bring Christine back to town.

He says she handed over an innocent woman over to be tortured by Aktion. He says she’s the person that has changed. He says she should stay there and never come back if that’s what she thinks. He backs away from her. He walks off with Christine. In town, Eva tells Christine that Norrie and Joe took Hunter. She says not to worry about it and Christine says it was great with Barbie today.

She then asks Eva if she has slept with Barbie. She says she needs to do that soon so he will become her mate and protector. Eva agrees. Christine goes into her office and looks at the sketch. She puts it away as Sam comes in. She says he looks sober. He says he had a change of heart. He says he had a glimpse of his future if he stayed on the path. He tells her he found Abby dead in the tub.

He says he’s sorry he strayed. Christine touches him and says they all get lost. He tells Christine that she did it for him. He says Christine sacrificed Abby to save him and thanks her. She hugs him and says it needed to be done. Then she gasps as he hurts her. He says she shouldn’t have done that to Abby and says he’ll never be who she wants. He stabbed her.

Junior tells the others that they all did good then he comes in and finds Christine wounded. She tells Junior to get her to the caves and he picks her up. Norrie and Joe talk about Hunter and wonder what to do. He says they need to hide and hide him. The moon is full and Barbie is staring at it when Eva comes up and says she was looking for him. He kisses her. She says they can go into one of the tents.

She says it will be just like old times. He kisses her then says there was just too much going on today. He says what Julia did to Christine was hard and she says maybe Julia wasn’t ever who he thought. She kisses him and he says maybe then says he’s going for a walk and leaves. Christine tells Junior to put her by the crystal. He does. She touches it and says to step back. She tells him to bring Sam to her.

Goop flows all over her from the veins of the crystal and she’s ensconced in a cocoon. This makes the amethysts flicker. Jim calls for his dog and finds Julia in the woods. He asks if she talked to Barbie. She says Jim was right and Barbie isn’t the same. Jim says Aktion is all dead now and Julia says they’re on their own. He says he’s going to find his dog and says she can come along if she wants.