Under the Dome Recap 7/30/15: Season 3 Episode 7 “Ejecta”

Under the Dome Recap 7/30/15: Season 3 Episode 7 "Ejecta"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday July 30, season 3 episode 7 called, “Ejecta.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode alliances form in the Dome as a meteor shower rocks the outside world. Meanwhile, Eva tries to teach Barbie about the Kinship.

On the last episode When Big Jim was captured by Aktaion, the dangerous private corporation that’s descended on Chester’s Mill to harness the Dome’s energy capabilities, he was forced to manipulate Christine (Marg Helgenberber) for information about her agenda. Also, when Joe and Norrie questioned the town’s new rules, they found themselves in a dangerous face-off with the increasingly unstable residents. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “alliances form in the Dome as a meteor shower rocks the outside world. Meanwhile, Eva tries to teach Barbie about the Kinship; Big Jim and Julia become isolated on Bird Island outside of town; and Joe is forced to accept help from Sam, the man who killed his sister.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.

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#UndertheDome starts with Eva looking around the bunks. Barbie hears a noise and sees people jumping out the window of the city hall. Eva tries to stop them. He runs upstairs and tries to disrupt the line of suicidal people. They tell him there is no one to guide them and they have to do this. He tells them to stop. We see meteors in the sky. Junior watches as amethysts go out in the cave and Christine’s cocoon pulses with light.

Julia and Big Jim are out looking for Indy when they spot the pink stars falling. They wonder if it just hit. They see a splash of light and then a huge meteor seems to head for the dome. They go running. It’s 1:13 am, Eva says Audrey must have been talking about Christine and they don’t know where she is. They hear a noise and wonder if the dome is cracking. Eva asks if it will protect them from metoers. Barbie says it held up against a nuclear blast and she says it’s so much stronger.

They agree to go to the fire tower to try and survey the damage. They go up and see that the world outside the dome seems to be burning. Barbie wonders if this happened everywhere. Eve says the debris that will come after the meteors will be worse then the sun will cloud and says this could be an extinction level event. He says she could be wrong and she says she’s not. A couple of hours later, the debris starts to fall as she predicted.

Eva says she thought humans would end the world, not this. Barbie says billions of people are dead. He mentions the red door and says they need to get to Bird Island to see if Aktion was talking to the outside world and says they bring in survivors. He asks where the key to the hatch is. It’s not there and she says she doesn’t have it. They are stuck up there for now. She says maybe it’s a good thing and says a message to the outside world is a bad idea.

He agree and says it could cause chaos. Barbie wonders how they would feed people that came through. Eva says this is about survival of the town. Barbie says they have to try something. Eva says there is so much weight on his shoulders. She says it can all go away and touches him – she says no more worry, fear or doubt. She says he can be free like her. She says he can join something greater and can evolve. She kisses his ear then unzips her jacket and pulls it off.

She asks if he feels the pull and says she does and it’s the kinship. She starts to undress. She insists he’ll still be himself and he starts to kiss her then steps on the key on the floor. He asks if she hid it. She asks where he’s going and he says to Bird Island. He leaves her there. Back at 1:13, Norrie and Joe watch the first of the meteors fall and Hunter wheels over and asks why they brought him there. He says he wanted Eva to kill him because it’s best for the kinship and says group survival comes first.

He calls Joe selfish and screams for help. They decide to lock him in the powerless freezer to keep him quiet. Later Joe says his infection is causing him to act like this. At 3:57 Joe says it’s now secondary impact from ejecta. She asks if the pink star seizures meant they were prophesying the end of the world. Joe says he could be wrong, but then the sky glows with fire. Norrie says they have no future even if they survive all this inside the dome. She says maybe they should join the kinship.

Joe says no but she says there is no point anymore. She says the kinship won. Joe disagrees and then they hear the door bell jingle. Joe goes to see who it is. It’s Sam. He asks why they are there then he hears banging from the freezer. Joe says he can’t take him. Norrie asks if he’s part of the kinship and he says no and he can tell they’re not either. He says he killed Christine. Norrie asks if that kills the infection. Sam asks what infection. Joe says they can’t trust Sam who’s a killer.

Norrie says what Sam did to Angie was wrong but they are all fugitives from the kinship and there’s not many of them. They show him Hunter and tell him that Eva was trying to kill him. He thanks them for saving his life. Sam checks him over for injuries and says he has some pain meds on him. He doses Hunter and Norrie asks if he remembers what happened. He says Eva told him he was using up too many resources. Joe asks why he changed his mind. He says the kinship felt more important.

He says he doesn’t want to die. Norrie says it’s good to have him back. They hear noise and they go hide in the freezer. Sam says he wants to protect them. He says not to come out no matter what they hear. Around 7:15, the kids come out and see Sam is gone and the sun is up. Joe asks how Hunter is feeling. He says they are keeping him from doing his duty to the kinship. They wonder why he’s acting like this. He tries to cut his wrists and Norrie hits him hard knocking him out.

Joe and Norrie watch the kinship people walk down the street like drones. He asks her not to let him get like that. She says they’re in it together to the bitter apocalyptic end. They kiss. They think the pain keeps Hunter normal but the pain takes him back to the kinship. He wakes and says the pain is back. He says he thinks it’s fear. He says he was in a car accident with his mom at eight and he watched her die. He says his greatest fear is dying young.

He says after the fall, the pain meds made him not fear. He says they wear off, he’s scared and then he’s himself again. Norrie says it’s the emotion and says when she got angry at Sam the real her came back. She says Christine is trying to keep them from feeling emotions so they can control him. Hunter says for Joe it’s the grief and that’s why Christine wanted Joe to forgive Sam. Norrie says this means they can fight back against the kinship. Norrie says they have to go find Julia.

Julia and Big Jim talk about the meteors. She wants to try and contact the outside world and calls him useless for not helping. He says she’s always so can do then says he’s going to go find his dog. He goes calling Indy. It’s 3:57 am and the debris starts falling and Jim watches the world around the down explode into flames. Julia is trying to reboot the computers when Jim comes back in and grabs a bottle of booze. He takes a swig and tells her to forget it. He says there’s nothing left out there.

He tells her to go look. She does and is horrified. He talks about the guy who owned the Bird Island house Ferguson Faulkner. He says the guy was a lush so there’s lots of booze they can drink while they watch the world end. He asks if she remembers the night things froze and she says she does and he says he fished Lyle Chumley out of the lake and says he talked about the end of days and how the world would be on fire and there would be a wall of fire 1,000 feet high. She says it’s the sixth extinction and says the dinosaurs where the fifth.

He says they’re not going the way of the dodo and Julia says Christine will come to kill them if they dome doesn’t crack and kill them. Jim finds a gun and says they need to take her out. She says there’s no point and says there’s too many of them. She says they are not much of a resistance and have no way to change them out. Jim says they can make a last stand like Butch and Sundance. She says they’ll die and he says since the dome came down, that’s been the only outcome possible. Julia says he’s right.

She says she was right that the dome is there to protect – it’s just not there to protect them. At 7:15 am, she tells Jim she’ll never get to go to Paris. He says there are bigger things to regret and says he’s surprised she never made it there and ended up in Chester’s Mill and asks how it happened. She says Peter Shumway. He says they never made sense to her. She says he was a doctor and she was looking for security then says Peter was a mess and couldn’t even take care of himself.

She says she never knew what it was to be safe or in love until she met Barbie and Jim says – look how that worked out. She says you fall for the dark mysterious guy then he turns out to really be that way. She says he must have regrets too. He says he regrets pushing Junior too hard. She says it’s a cliché to treat his son like a second chance to make up for his shortcomings. Jim says she’s wrong and says not to dissect him with cheap psychobabble. He says he regrets letting everything he earned be taken.

He says he won’t let it happen again. They nod off. Indy barks and wakes Jim later. He runs outside and hugs the dog. Julia comes out. At 8:22 am she sees a light and asks if it’s the sun – Jim says it’s a wall of flame – as predicted. At 1:13 am, Junior watches the cocoon Christine is in and says he’ll go bring back Sam. We see Sam washing blood off his hands and going into town at 3:57 am then he headed into the diner.

Junior asked Audrey if she saw am and they all point as one to the diner. Sam tells the kids not to come out no matter what. He goes to find Junior calling for him. Sam puts his knife away and greets him normally. He asks why he’s there and Sam says he took cover when the pink stars hit. He asks why Junior has blood on his hands. He says Christine was stabbed but is alive and Sam asks who did it. Junior says no but he took her body to the caves and says Sam has to help her.

Sam tells him to lead the way and they go. At 7:15 they are in the woods – people are all walking around. Junior says the great destruction is happening like it did on their home world. Sam plays along. Sam asks if any of them will follow them into the caves and Junior says they are special and not like the other drones and they are like Eva and Barbie. He says they have to save the queen. Sam goes down into the cavern. He asks why Junior brought her down there and he says she asked him to.

Sam pulls out the knife as he follows Junior. He tells Junior to slow up and he says they can’t keep her waiting. Junior attacks him and says he’s going to hurt him like he hurt Christine. Sam says she’s evil and put something in them. Junior says he knows. They grapple as they argue. At 8:22 am Barbie runs to the edge of the dome and sees cars outside and people banging on it to get inside. The wall of fire is right behind them. He tries to tell them there’s a way in but Eva is there and says he can’t help.

She says the world out there is the past and humanity is flawed and they have to let it go. Barbie says he doesn’t think he can. Eva says he has to admit that he’s one of them. She says they’re part of something greater. He looks at the people outside the dome begging for help and she says he can’t help them, he can only help the world right here that he’s part of. She says to join them and save them instead. He reaches for her hand. She takes it.

The wall of fire overtakes the huddled people as Barbie and Eva turn their backs on them. He yanks off the dog tags that Julia gave him and throws them down. Junior holds Sam near Christine’s cocoon and says when she comes out, he’ll answer for what he did. Julia laughs and tells Jim the two of them are the last living humans on earth. She starts to laugh hysterically. Indy barks and Jim grabs the gun. Norrie, Joe and Hunter are at the door.

Joe says Hunter is one of them now. Norrie says she knows how to save the town. She tells Julia how. Junior asks Sam if he’s ready to face judgment. Jim and the others make a plan on how to stop this. Julia says the resistance starts here. They load up guns. The computer chirps with an incoming call but they don’t hear it.