Under the Dome Recap 7/9/15: Season 3 Episode 4 “The Kinship”

Under the Dome Recap 7/9/15: Season 3 Episode 4 "The Kinship"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday July 9, season 3 episode 4 called, “The Kinship.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Julia [Rachelle Lefevre] and Big Jim [Dean Norris] make shocking discoveries that reveal a new threat within the Dome. Meanwhile, Christine [Marg Helgenberger] urges the townspeople toward individuals and projects that remind them of their experience in the tunnels.

On the last episode the residents of Chester’s Mill tried to move on with their lives in the aftermath of their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town. Meanwhile, Big Jim suspected new residents Christine (Marg Helgenberger). Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “under the guise of helping Chester’s Mill rebuild, Christine (Marg Helgenberger)urges the townspeople towards specific individuals and projects that remind them of their experience in the tunnels. Also, Julia and Big Jim make shocking discoveries that reveal a new threat within the Dome.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.



#UnderTheDome begins with Big Jim watching the video of Christine and the egg. The camera fritzes out and he hides it in a breaker box for safety. He watches the far shore as Christine meets Junior at his campsite. She pulls off her shirt and asks him to borrow a clean shirt. She’s in a tight tank top. He says he thinks his dad may come after him for burning the house but she says he took an important first step. She asks him to help her with a project in town. He’s pleased.

Jim says that woman is a thing. He’s bagged from behind by a couple of mercenery looking guys. Julia waits and waits and Barbie finally shows up. She asks where he was all night. He says he was just out wandering after he buried Melanie and his dad. He asks what she found and she says it’s an ID badge she found in the biggest cocoon and says the person must be important. She says Christine knows more than she’s saying and he points out that Christine saved her life.

He changes and says he’s going into town. She asks why and he says he thinks they should and walks out. She hurries to follow him. Eva panics when she can’t find the camera in their hotel room. Christine makes a recording about all those who have showed up – they’re all in tents – and says Junior and Sam are moving well along and so is Norrie. She says Joe didn’t show up and she’s worried about his resistance and says it could be contagious.

She’s also surprised to see Barbie with Julia and says as soon as he moves on there will be no reason for her to exist. Norrie is out with Hunter – he’s swimming and she’s watching and she says she can’t believe they were all up all night staring at the moon. She says it was great. He kisses her and then Joe walks up on them angry. He tells Norrie he was looking for her all night and says she must want her matrix life back and that doesn’t include him.

He tells her they’re done and storms off. Christine tells Junior she’s worried about all the tents outside. She tells him she’s like to make a communal area by blowing out his dad’s office. She asks how he’d do it and he tells her how it would work. She says he retained the knowledge he gained in the other world. He looks at the photos of his dad around the place. She says tearing down his office will show the town that Big Jim no longer has a hold and will help them heal. She touches him and says it could be good for him.

Jim is tied to a chair while people in biohazard suits poke around him. He asks where they are and what they’re doing. He tries to fight them off but they inject him with something. Eva asks Christine if she has the camera and tells her it’s gone. She asks Eva if someone saw it with her and she asks Christine why she’s blaming her then tells Christine she’ sounds crazy. Christine says she’s holding hands with Barbie and thinks she’s pregnant from the cocoon.

Christine says it’s either Big Jim or Julia. She says Julia is two doors down at the hotel and then Sam shows up. She tells Eva to leave and asks Sam about the support group. She asks about Abby and he says she didn’t show up today but he’ll track her down. He says he still has to ask Joe for forgiveness and she makes arrangements to meet him later with Joe then tells him he’s doing the right thing. Julia is worried about the lack of food and Barbie agrees it’s an issue.

He sees Eva come out of the town hall and they walk up to her. Julia asks how she is then a fire breaks out and they run over to help. A tent is on fire and a woman cries and says her son is in there. Barbie goes in and snags the kid. Christine comes out and says they’re building dorms inside town hall. She asks Pete if he can help inside and asks to help Junior inside. Julia tells her that food is the real issue and Eva says she can forage and asks Barbie to show her around town.

Christine asks Julia to help her by discussing the dorm plan so she keeps her there and away from Barbie. A man says that Jim is negative and contact with the egg hasn’t altered him. The guy pulls off the mask and Jim sees it’s Malick. He wonders how Aktion is inside the dome. Julia thanks Christine for saving her from Melanie. She runs into Norrie and Hunter and asks where Joe is. They tell her that Joe has had a hard time. Christine tells Hunter and Norrie to help with dorms and asks Julia to wait.

Julia goes into Christine’s office to poke around and finds the voice recorder. Christine comes in and asks what she’s doing with it. Julia says it’s hers from when she was a reporter and it was lost in the chaos. Christine says that’s her drawer and Julia says it’s just been a day and asks what’s on there and Christine says notes about her clients and says she doesn’t want to betray her confidences. Julia says she found something in the caves and says maybe she can identify it.

Christine says it’s her university ID badge from the University of Zenith. She tells Julia what happened with Barbie and Eva must be difficult for her and Julia says it’s not real. Then she says it must be hard him going off with Eva last night and says she’s there for her. Julia says it was great to talk to her. Malick sits down in front of Jim and asks about the egg. Jim says the egg he gave him when he promised to get him out. Malick asks again where it is.

Jim says they’re scared and there’s something inside it and he thinks it infected him. Jim says Malick broke their deal and says he can tell him all kinds of things and says what’s inside it is scary as hell and has already been unleashed. Barbie walks with Eva and tells her about how the crops had an infestation. They talk about Morocco and their shared memories. She says all she can think about now is how he’s sleeping two doors down with her.

She tells Barbie the corn seeds are viable and he says that’s long-term and they need short-term too. He takes her hand and they walk on. They see silos and he says they’re filled with cattle feed. She heads toward them. Hunter chats to Norrie and says with Joe not there, they can pick up where they left off and find an empty closet. She says he’s so romantic. She says she feels bad about Joe seeing him like that and Hunter says to just tell him sorry.

She says for Joe, it feels like it was just one day. Hunter says Joe was in the other world too. Christine finds Joe lying down and he asks why she’s there. She asks if this is about Norrie and Hunter. He says Andre’s body made him think of his sister but it’s more than that. He says he doesn’t want to be like Norrie and Hunter and says they seem off. Christine asks him to consider that frustration may be clouding his judgment. She says grief weighs you down. She says he needs a sense of purpose and kinship and asks him to meet with Sam to finish the conversation.

Christine says she thinks he’s ready to forgive him and move on. She touches his face. His she compelling him? Sam goes looking for Abby. She has just hung herself. He grabs her legs and cuts the rope. He tells her to breathe slowly. He sees she’s drunk and asks what happened. She says she couldn’t bear it for another hour. She says she was on the chair half the day and when she heard the door open, she just went for it. She grabs the bottle and he takes it from her. He says the dome will come down.

She says she still won’t get her baby back and says social services took her. Sam say she can help. He says she can change. She cries and asks if he’s trying to save her or him. She says when she got pregnant she thought she would clean up for her but didn’t. She says she can’t be fixed and takes a drink. Pete and Junior work on the dorm project and Pete wants to move people in now by priority. Junior says he doesn’t do favors like his dad.

He says to tell him about the egg or they torture him. He opens up a kits of tools. He goes at his face and Jim says he stole the egg and it’s on bird island. Malick says to take him and his boss to the egg now. Jim says let’s go. Malick cuts him loose and Jim attacks him. Jim gets the knife and holds it to his neck and tells him to hold still. He says to take him to the comm station so he can talk to whoever is in charge. He says his life for him getting out.

The doctor tells Jim to drop the weapon and he threatens Malick. A mercenary shoots Malick instantly. The doc says he needs the egg and says to tell him where it is. Jim says they need him. He runs out the door and the doc says to let him go and says he can’t go far. Barbie and Eva check out the silos. She says the food may be digestable, if unpleasant. He climbs up top and looks down inside. He says there’s feed and says enough to hold them over until they get crops going. He slips and almost falls.

He’s hanging on the edge and she comes to his rescue. She pulls him back up and they are face to face. Julia finds Joe harvesting solar panels to try and get power going. She says everyone else is doing Christine’s bidding and he says Christine gave him the idea. He says she told him that his issues with Sam are holding him back. Julia reminds him that Sam murdered his sister two days ago. He says they have to help the kinship and says that’s what Christine calls it.

Julia notices the ID badge and says Christine works for Aktion. She shows him the badge and he says she’s been lying to them. Julia wonders what else she’s been lying about. Eva reports back on the grain news and Christine says it’s good work and they make a good team. Junior and Pete argue about a beam. Pete says it’s load bearing and Junior disagrees. Junior knocks it out and says it’s his call. He tells Pete to get out and Pete says he’ll regret it then says they all will. He leaves.

Christine tells Junior – good job. Hunter found an empty closet and stocked it with blankets, pillows, candles and some chocolate. She thanks him and he says at least they’re together. He kisses her and she holds back and says she wants this but just not right now. He says she’s used to Joe who is a kid. She says all he cares about is sex. He says if she wants to talk he can do that too. She says this is not her and walks out.

Abby says she hurt her kid and can’t go on. She says her getting her back in the alternate world was a lie. She reminds him that he stole a girl from her family and killed her. She says no one will forgive him and says he’s like her – beyond salvation, beyond anything but another drink and offers him the bottle. He considers it. Barbie comes back to the hotel and finds Julia sketching. He says he found food that will work. He says Christine has some ideas to make it work. She says Christine works for Akteon. She says Christine told her the badge was her university ID but the logo is Akteon’s.

He says maybe the university ID looks similar. She says he knows that his dad’s company always wanted it. She says Christine is lying and so is Eva. She says he is too and he was with Eva all last night. He says nothing happened. She says something is going on. She says is she supposed to sit there while he goes off and screws her. He lunges at her and slams her up against the wall. Julia tells him to get out. He takes his gun, tucks it in his pants and leaves. There’s a hole in the wall where he punched it.

Barbie goes to talk to Eva. He says he was walking and trying to figure this all out. He touches her face then kisses her. He sees she has a pregnancy test and she says she knows it’s strange but she couldn’t shake the feeling. He asks if she took it and she says she did but hasn’t looked at it yet. He says it all felt so real to him too. He goes to look at it and says it’s negative. She says it wasn’t meant to be after all. She says he needs to go and she’ll be all right. She starts crying.

Barbie takes her in his arms and closes the door to stay with her. Julia gets in the boat to go out and see Jim. She takes a pistol with her. Joe waits at the diner for Sam who is 20 minutes late. Joe leaves. Sam is getting drunk with Abby. She tells Sam she likes him this way. They start kissing. Jim is running from the guards and dogs. He hits water. Then he runs into Julia. He tells her he’s not the bad guy and says they kidnapped him and ran tests on him. He says it’s Akteon.

A guy runs up and Julia shoots the guy and runs. Jim follows. Joe finds Norrie waiting on him and he asks why she’s not with her new BF. She says she wasn’t feeling it then says she’s sorry and what they did was crappy. He says he had a bad day and just wants to sleep. She asks what happened. He says he was supposed to meet Sam and he was going to forgive him then he didn’t show. He says he wasn’t even sure he wanted to forgive him and let Christine talked him into it.

Norrie rants and says she should tell Sam to screw himself. She says she hates Sam and everyone. Joe smiles and she asks why. He says it’s the real her – he says, you’re back. She asks what was wrong with her and he says he doesn’t know but he missed her. She kisses him. He asks if he should get a condom and she asks if he has one. He says he has a lot and she says it’s overkill but says to get one. Christine takes Junior to the cocoons.

She says not everyone is coming along like they should and calls him her star pupil. She says there is a solution and she has something special planned for him. She smears some cocoon goo on him then kisses him. She pushes him down on the ground and then straddles him. The purple crystal above them glimmers brightly.