Under the Dome Recap 7/2/15: Season 3 Episode 3 “Redux”

Under the Dome Recap 7/2/15: Season 3 Episode 3 "Redux"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday July 2, season 3 episode 3 called, “Redux.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the citizens of Chester’s Mill try to move on with their lives after their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town. Meanwhile, Big Jim [Dean Norris] suspects new residents Christine [Marg Helgenberger] and Eva [Kylie Bunbury] are harboring secrets about the Dome.

On the last episode the residents of Chester’s Mill appeared both inside and outside the Dome following their mysterious encounter in the tunnels beneath the town. As the Dome began to reveal its ultimate agenda, the townspeople were forced to question what and whom they can trust as fresh threats appeared, new residents emerged and surprising alliances form. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “the residents of Chester’s Mill try to move on with their lives in the aftermath of their mysterious experience in the tunnels beneath town. Meanwhile, Big Jim suspects new residents Christine (Marg Helgenberger).”

This is definitely one series finale that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.



On #UnderTheDome everyone is coming out of the hole in the ground still covered in the cocoon goo. Barbie touches the wall and everyone is upset to see they are still trapped in the dome. One man says – I can’t take this anymore. Barbie tells Julia that he walked into the white light and they were free and outside. He says the world seemed more beautiful and vibrant. She asks where she was and he says she was dead. She asks what he did after she died. She says she wants to know what it was like.

He says there was a funeral and he met her parents then ran far away from Chester’s Mill. He says he went back to the private military and ran missions in dangerous places. He says he met a woman but none of it was real. He asks about her neck and she says his father came back and brought the egg. She says his dad is dead and they think Melanie killed him. She says He has an energy bar for him. He tells him to come home but Junior says it’s not his home.

Junior says he moved on and got rid of him but Jim says it wasn’t real. He says he wants this time to be different. He says he knows he left him in the tree, locked him in the bomb shelter and getting the belt. Jim punches him in the face and says he’s weak and he was trying to make him strong. He tells Junior he’s still pathetic and afraid. He says he can punch the dome all he wants but he’s back under it. Jim walks off.

Christine and Eva talk about being in the cocoon for three weeks after they found the egg. She says it doesn’t make sense. She says they’re anthropologists but weren’t that in the other world. Christine says if the town knew they were there to find the egg, it wouldn’t be good. Eva says she wonders if Hector knew what would happen when Acteon sent them out. She wonders if she’s really pregnant and doesn’t want to go to the town meeting but Christine insists.

The purple crystal is still with them. Joe tells the others they were in a simulated reality. Hunter says it’s strange because he doesn’t need his glasses anymore. Joe asks why Hunter is there with them and he says he has no house. Norrie is upset about the matrix situation. Joe says in the matrix she moved on without him then asks what are they now. She says she doesn’t know and says it feels like a year has passed and she feels different.

Hunter smiles at her – they had just hooked up before the cocoon thing happened. Melanie looks around and says they’re all dead – the butterflies. Christine says their cycle is done and says she had one job – to lead them to the cocoons so the egg could infuse them with the life force. She asks why they were chosen for this and Christine says they touched the egg at the same time. Melanie says she touched the egg first and should have been the queen cocoon but then Christine says she died in the download.

Christine says the goo is oxytocin. Christine says that Jim destroyed the egg because she wasn’t watching it. Melanie says she can’t go up there because they’ll be after her. Christine says she’ll assess things then says to kill Julia if she shows up. Jim starts the town meeting and says it’s good to see them back. Roger tells Jim they don’t want him and says he ran this town into the ground. Jim says he set them free from those cocoons and says the first thing is they need answers.

He says Melanie has those answers and says they have to find her. Barbie says they’ll kill her before they get answers. Barbie lunges against Jim and says he’s the biggest threat in this town. Then Eva shows up and calls Barbie down. Julia asks who she is. Jim asks who they are and Christine introduces them. Eva walks out for some air. Barbie says they know each other. Christine says they were in the alternate reality too. Julia asks why they were in there.

Christine says they were on vacation, wandered off the trail, stepped into a sink hole then emerged from the cocoons. She says she’s a therapist and helped the town recover from a trauma while they were under. She says she can help again now. Julia tells Jim he can’t go back into the meeting. She says they’ll tell them everything he’s done. She says the town is better off without him and he says only Christine seems calm and points out the oddity then leaves.

The townspeople rant at Barbie and blame this on him. He says he’ll find Melanie and get answers. Julia tells them to open their doors to each other and share what they have. Christine speaks up and says they all have something to contribute. She asks Joe to build traps. He says he can help find Melanie. They ask about food at Andrea’s and Julia says in the root cellar. Christine says she’ll be there for anyone who needs support.

Christine asks Sam to help start a support group – he says people there see him as a murderer not a counselor. She asks him to also find Junior. Barbie and Julie are in the woods and she says how is that woman there that he had a relationship with. He says it didn’t really happen. He says they need to find Melanie to get answers. He says that’s what they need to be doing. Junior is in the woods with a gun. He puts the gun to his head but then can’t do it. He calls himself weak and pathetic.

He puts the gun to his head again but then Sam is there and says no. Junior tells him to go away and leave him. Sam asks why he thinks he needs to end it all. Junior says the life in the cocoons was wonderful – he says he was free of his father and can’t be back under the dome with him and says he’d rather be dead. Sam congratulates him and says he hit bottom. He says once you hit bottom, you’re ready to change. He says what he found in the other life can help him here.

Joe makes traps and asks Norrie if she wants to help him set the traps. Hunter comes up and asks her to come on. Joe asks why Hunter knows what sorority she was in and she lies and says she told him at the memorial. Eva asks if she’s really going to counsel people. Eva asks why they need to lie and Christine says they need to keep their trust. She says survival is most important. Eva asks when she became so calculating. Christine says they’ve been through a lot together.

She tells Eva to find the one thing that could expose them. Eva says she doesn’t know where to start but Christine says she can handle this. Eva heads out. Jim lurks nearby. He heads out after Eva. In the cavern, Julia and Barbie don’t see Melanie. She shows him his cocoon and where she saw Melanie put the egg before she tried to kill her. She says Melanie turned on her and led them all into the cocoons. Julia says they were all connected and he and Eva were there for a reason.

Julia says he was with Eva longer than they’re been together because of the cocoon. She says he’s different now somehow. She asks if he loved Eva. He doesn’t answer and says he’s going to keep looking. Julia says the tunnel branches off a ways down. She says she’ll be fine there. He walks away. Eva is out in the woods digging around while Jim spies on her. He sees the dog that has been hanging around and tells it to git. The dog barks. Eva is alerted. Jim tosses the dog some of the protein bar.

Christine finds a camera. She tucks it in her bag and rushes off. The dog whines and Jim gives him more food then heads out after her. Eva hides the camera in a drawer in their hotel room and leaves. Jim is there shortly afterward and breaks in. He sees her muddy footprints in front of the dresser then goes through the drawers and finds the camera. Norrie and Hunter search for the stockpile of food. She finds a bow and arrow and says she was before Katniss and learned to shoot at camp.

She gets a sad look and says she wants that life back – from the cocoon. She says she was part of something and it felt good. Hunter says they can feel good here under this dome. He steps close and acts sexy but then turns on The Ramones. Junior and Sam go looking for the support group. There’s a whole bunch of people there. Sam says Christine was his counselor in jail and she asked him to lead the group. Junior says he can’t stay and tell people his problems. He leaves.

The others talk about what was going on when the cocoon phase ended. Abby had a child in the other place. Sam tells her to start with one hour without her child then says he’ll be there every hour without her. Junior tells Christine there’s people in there waiting for her. She says it’s good to see him again and he says they never really met. She asks how he is and he says he doesn’t know how he’ll survive here. He says he killed his father and was about to burn down his house and that’s the life he wants.

Christine tells him if he wants to be who he’s meant to do and tells him to drop the match. She says – we are what we do. She picks up a knife that’s nearby and repeats the words to herself. Barbie finds Ben dead and sees he was strangled and covered in cocoon goo. He goes running back to Julia. She’s looking around at the cocoons as Melanie sneaks up on her. Julia finds something in the cocoon then Barbie comes up and Melanie hears in time to hide.

Barbie says Melanie killed Ben here because he figured things out. He says he should not have left her alone there and says this was all more real than he wanted to admit – including Eva. She asks him to tell her. He says he mourned her, time passed then he fell in love with her. He says that feels like yesterday with Eva. They leave the cavern. Joe finds Andrea’s body on the porch and hears loud music inside. He goes inside and hears Hunter and Norrie laughing.

He asks what they did to Andrea. Norrie says she was like that when they got there and they moved her outside and covered her. Joe says they treated her like trash and says she was a human. He throws down the flowers he brought for Norrie and walks out. Jim turns the camera on and we see Christine talking about the meteoroid and that the target is in Chester’s Mill. She digs up the egg and looks at it. She says – it’s perfect and says it’s has some quartz and amethyst. She says there’s an energy reserve.

Eva says to put it down then tells her to put it down. He sees Christine’s arm light up and sees her bones then he stops the playback because he sees smoke. He gets out and finds Junior watching their house burn. Junior says Christine told him to do this and Jim says she’s responsible for the cocoons. Junior says it’s a good thing then says his father doesn’t exist anymore and walks off whistling. Joe lets a pig go that was caught in his snare. Then he sees it go down from an arrow. Norrie shot it!

She says it’s what the town needs. As Julia and Barbie are climbing out of the cavern, Julia is yanked up and out and the chain ladder is dropped down sending Barbie crashing to the floor painfully. Barbie gets to his feet and screams for Julia who is struggling with Melanie. She chokes Julia and then she tells Melanie to stop. Julia tries to get the gun but Melanie is brutal with her. She says if Julia was in a cocoon like the others, things would have been so much better.

Then she stops talking because Christine stabbed her in the back and saved Julia. She asks if she’s okay. Barbie gets out and pulls his gun and asks what happened. Christine plays like she’s distraught and says she saw this girl strangling Julia. Julia says – you saved my life. Barbie and Julia bury his dad and Melanie by the water’s edge. He says now they’ll never know why Melanie did this to them. He tells Julia he needs some time alone.

He hugs her and tells her he loves her and they’re going to get through this. She tells him she loves him too and he says he’ll meet her back at the hotel in an hour. Melanie finds Jim loading up a boat. He says in a cocoon, a caterpillar comes out as something else and says the people aren’t the same. She says of course not. He says they’re not the same and have changed. He says Junior burned down the house and whistled while it burned.

She says he stood up to him but he says that’s not Junior and he’s dead behind the eyes. He says Barbie isn’t the same. He says he’s right about them like he is about everything else. The dog gets in the boat with him and Jim yells at him to get out but he won’t. He barks and whines at him and then Jim gives up and lets the dog stay. Jim says the designated survivor goes off when the president and big whigs are doing the state of the union. He says that’s you and me and we’re going to Bird Island.

Christine plays with the crystal then she records some notes. She says Junior was the closest and ready to sprout and Sam is next. She says they came when she signaled and didn’t know why. She says some are ready to do their duty and some will need to be coaxed (like Joe). She says others need to be pruned away (like Jim). She says this kinship will grow to what they need it to be. Barbie is there holding Eva’s hand. Julia is alone at the hotel.

Christine comes out on the balcony and looks at the assembled towns people. She looks up at the big