Under the Dome Recap 7/14/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Force Majeure”

Under the Dome Recap 7/14/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Force Majeure”

Tonight on CBS their drama UNDER THE DOME airs with a new episode called, “Force Majeure.” On tonight’s episode Chester’s Mill faces a rapidly declining food supply, so Big Jim takes a census to forecast how long the town can continue to exist under the dire conditions. Meanwhile, a rainstorm brings much-needed water until it changes to acid rain and threatens the lives of everyone it touches.

On the last episode Barbie risked his life to help Rebecca save the Chester’s Mill food supply when she discovered an infestation of butterfly eggs on the town’s crops. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s show when tensions in Chester’s Mill continue to rise as resources dwindle, Big Jim holds a census in order to forecast how long the town can continue to exist under the dire conditions. Meanwhile, a rainstorm brings much-needed water until it changes to acid rain, threatening the lives of everyone it touches. Also, Rebecca and Lyle butt heads over the reasons for the dome’s existence.

This is definitely one series that you will not want to miss this summer. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Under the Dome’s second season all summer long.

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It’s time for #UnderTheDome. Here we go. Barbie finds the mystery girl rifling drawers. She says his license says he’s from Zenith (where Junior’s mom is). She says she thinks she knows him. Julia says he needs to take it easy on her and she doesn’t need to let strays into their house. She reminds him he was the last stray she took in. They head down to the meeting Big Jim called for the townfolk to all be registered. She asks if someone might remember her and Julia says maybe.

Jim gets a shave from Lyle at the barbershop and tells him he has a date of sorts with Rebecca. They both dated Pauline back in the day, but Jim won her and now she’s gone. Jim hands out surveys at the diner for everyone to fill out. Mystery girl goes to look around. Joe is worried because Angie is dead and she was one of the four dome hands.

Rebecca asks Joe to go get some stuff from the school – a windmill project – to help generate some wind power. She tells Norrie to go help too then tells mystery girl to also help. Julia says no, but she agrees to go along with the other teens. Julia says Rebecca is embracing her new responsibilities and she gets snippy with Julia and tells her to fill out the phone.

Junior tells Sam he found Angie’s bracelet under his cop and his uncle asks if he thinks he could have killed the person he loved more than anything and he says no, then I don’t know and asks why he can’t remember. Sam tells him that Pauline used to have blackouts. Junior asks if she was violent. Sam says if she went back to where she had the blackout, she could sometimes recall some of what was lost.

He says he’s going to go to the school and Sam tells him he’s Junior’s family, no matter what. The rain starts and Rebecca and Jim tell everyone to grab a bucket and collect but then they open the door and see that it’s raining blood. Everyone is stunned. At the school, the kids open the window. Mystery girl reaches her hand out to touch it and screams and says it burns.

Lyle pulls Jim aside and says this is a Biblical plague. He says the butterflies are the same as the locusts. Rebecca comes up and says it’s not blood. She says in India, a red rain phenomena happened in India a decade ago. Lyle says he’s looking to the Bible for answers and Rebecca says she’s looking to science. Sam shows up and she asks him to help out with medical attention.

The others cover up to go rescue people caught out in it. Junior shows up at the school and they ask why he’s there. He says he was doing homework. He says he’s going to leave and Norrie says he can’t. Jim drives Rebecca and asks if she believes what Lyle was saying. She says the Greek meaning of apocalypse is to reveal and says trials can reveal strengths.

He asks if she thinks they’re being tested by the dome to see if he’s worthy. Rebecca says they can solve it and thinks there must be red algae in the lake and says the town is an environmental horror show. She tells him to believe in her and she’ll believe in him. There’s someone standing in the road and Big Jim drives off and into a tree. The hooded figure grabs Jim out of the car then takes off with Rebecca.

Mystery girl asks Joe if Junior is okay and he says he never has been. He wants to focus on the windmill. They pull tablets down and start looking. Joe says OMG and says there are emails. He says he’s got mails coming in. Jim calls for help on his walkie. Norrie says they’re trending on Twitter. Joe says he doesn’t know how the signal is getting through. He gets a message from his dad telling him to stay safe and be the man of the house and take care of Angie.

Joe asks what he should tell them. He asks if he should tell them she’s dead. He asks what if they never get out and it’s better that they don’t know if they can’t ever see her anyway. Mystery girl calls him sweetie and says they’ll figure it out. Norrie asks Junior if he wants to check his messages. He says no but she hands him a tablet. He logs on and sees an email that says they can help him.

It’s from Hounds of Diana, someone that was also trolling Norrie’s page. He presses the link in the email and it asks him to enter his mother’s birth date. Barbie calls Jim and then he and Julia spot him. They stop and he and Sam hop out to get him. He’s barely breathing and they drag him to the vehicle. Rebecca is tied up – it was Lyle that took her. She yells at him after she wakes up.

She asks where Jim is and he says probably where he left him. She asks what he did and he says nothing. He says if Jim is righteous the rain will spare him but says he’s known him his whole life and Jim isn’t really big on being righteous. He says self-righteous maybe. Rebecca says she knows how to stop the rain and asks him to untie her and help.

Lyle says he doesn’t want to stop it and neither does the dome. Rebecca says the dome has no wants. He says Yahweh visited plagues on the Egyptians to show his power but says this is a new god that surrounds and embraces them all and shows no mercy to infidels. He tells her she has a choice and prays she makes the right one. He leaves her tied up.

They bring Jim inside to treat him and ask what happened to Rebecca. He whispers that it was Lyle. Lyle comes back in and tells Rebecca he can’t have her interfere with the plan. He says it’s the end of days and if she doesn’t stop interfering, he’ll have to hurt her. He has a basin full of the blood rain and says a prayer of baptism over her.

Junior fills in the birth date then sees a video message from his mom who is very much alive. She says she thinks he knows the truth that she’s alive. She says she hopes he gets this message. She says he must have questions but she knows in her heart she’ll see him again. She tells him to talk to Lyle for answers. She also tells him it’s important that he only talk to Lyle and no one else.

The message fritzes out after that and the connection is lost. Joe says the connection is gone too. Junior puts on his jacket and says he has to go find someone. He runs out. Julia says she always thought Lyle was harmless. Barbie says when things fall apart, you see people’s true colors. She thinks he’s being pessimistic and that not everyone brings out the worst. He says the good people are the exception.

Barbie finds a photo of Lyle, Sam and Pauline from the 80s. Julia calls Sam and tells him they found a photo of them back in ’88 and he says Lyle used to date Pauline. He says he hasn’t spoken to Lyle since she died. They ask if he knows where Lyle might be and he says no. Junior comes in and says he’s there to help them. They show him the photo and ask where it was taken. He says it’s by the cement factory.

At the school, they wonder if there is some sort of crack in the dome that’s letting signal in and Joe says he doesn’t mean a literal crack but more like a wormhole. He wants to go look for it as a possible way out. Mystery girl agrees to go. Jim asks Sam why he saved him and he tells Jim he may hate him, but wouldn’t let him die – at least not yet. He tells Jim to rest up.

Lyle goes to pour the blood rain on her when Rebecca begs him to stop. She says she was wrong and the rain is a test the dome is conducting to see if she’s worthy. She says she believes the dome has a plan. She cries and Lyle says she only believes in science and what she can see. He calls her a lost cause. He grabs up a gun and says she’s wasting his time.

Barbie kicks in the door and Lyle holds her hostage and tells them to put the guns on the ground. Juior does but Barbie holds out. He asks them what’s wrong with them and Julia asks him not to hurt Rebecca. He tells Julia he knows she believes and she says she thinks the dome is there to protect all of us, not just the faithful. He asks how she knows.

Julia tells him the dome has spoken to her and he says he hasn’t spoken to it, but gets a feeling that directs its actions. He asks what it says and she says it told her to earn the light by abating the darkness. She says she doesn’t know what it means but thinks the answers will be revealed. Rebecca gets her hands undone and then dumps the blood water on him. He screams in pain.

Julia asks why she did it when he was about to give in and Rebecca glares at her and leaves. Joe and the girls trace the source of the signal. It gets stronger near where Angie died. They stand in front of the locker with her bloody handprint on it. Mystery girl tells him not to be frightened but Norrie chews her out. The girl touches the bloody hand print and then reads off the combination and twirls the lock.

She unlocks it. Joe walks forward and opens the door. Inside there is nothing – it’s empty and looks like an ordinary locker. Norrie asks how she knew the combination and asks who the hell she is. The girl doesn’t answer. Rebecca rushes out to the lake which is bright red to try and reverse what’s happening. They spray water into it and the rain stops.

Later she goes to check on Big Jim and tells him she’s fine. She tells him Lyle is in jail. He says the rain stopped and she says she stopped it – not the dome, but her. She says it was salt water and some other compounds. She says she thought science didn’t interest him but he says it does. She tells Jim it’s time to make some tough decisions and Julia overhears. She asks what decisions.

Norrie tells mystery girl that she’s not buying her innocent act. She says she just saw the locker combination in her head. Norrie thumps her on the head and asks if her name is there. Norrie says she showed up the day Angie died and happens to know the combination. Joe says he thinks he knows how she could have just seen it.

Rebecca tells Barbie and Julia that there is a serious lack of resources. She says after the rain storm, they lost crops, some animals and other serious shortages. Rebecca says they need a contingency plan and says they may have to selectively thin the herd. Julia is horrified. She asks about the form and the questions on it. She says it’s a census to help Rebecca figure out who to live and die.

She tells Barbie they should go but he stays put. He says it’s just a contingency. He finally follows her into the back and she says he’s taking their side. She asks if these are his true colors and she says they can’t throw anyone out of the lifeboat. He says belief only gets you so far and she tells him she thought she knew him. She tells him not to follow her.

Lyle sits in jail nursing his wounds singing Who’ll Stop the Rain. Sam comes in and Lyle says he was wondering when he’d show up. He asks Sam if he’s worried that people will see him there. Sam tells him he told him to lay low and follow his instructions. He says they agreed 25 years to leave what happened buried but Lyle says this dome is force majeure and negates what they agreed on.

Sam says that’s not how it is and Lyle tells him he’ll see him on the other side. Junior watches this conversation on the security feed. Rebecca tells Jim about a tribe in Borneo where they put the elderly and infirm were put up in a tree. They shook it and those who hung on were considered strong enough to make it another year. He asks what about those that fell.

Rebecca says the day isn’t coming – its here – to thin. She says they can all starve soon or ¾ can live. He asks how she’ll shake the tree and she says the census forms can be used to decide and says the dome wants him to decide now before it’s too late.

Junior wakes up Lyle and says they need to talk. Lyle says he found out and Junior says his mom told him he would have answers. He asks Lyle if he knows who killed Angie and he says he might. He asks what he and Sam were talking about. Junior says he wants him to tell him everything. Lyle agrees on the condition that he lets him out of jail.

Joe asks the locker number. He has a list of the people that had the locker over the last 50 years. One name strikes her – Melanie Cross. Melanie had it in 1988 –  the same year the photo was taken of Sam, Pauline and Lyle. He grabs a yearbook and looks up the name Melanie Cross. It’s her. Mystery girl ahs a name, but she should be in her mid-40s not a teenager.