Under the Dome Recap 8/13/15: Season 3 Episode 9 “Plan B”

Under the Dome Recap 8/13/15: Season 3 Episode 9 "Plan B"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday August 13, season 3 episode 9 called, “Plan B.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode Big Jim [Dean Norris] and Julia [Rachelle Lefevre] form plans to end Christine’s control over the town with a life-or-death plot involving Barbie [Mike Vogel] and Eva.

On the last episode a resistance formed against Christine, who was organizing a massive excavation project in the caves beneath the town. Also, Hunter figured out a way to contact the outside world. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “Big Jim and Julia form plans to end Christine’s control over the town with a life-or-death plot involving Barbie and Eva. Also, Joe and Norrie research the Dome’s ultimate agenda and Hunter uncovers more information on Aktaion.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.

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#UnderTheDome begins with them looking at the schematic and wondering what it means. They worry the kinship will come at them hard. Sure enough, Barbie and others are outside the house with guns. Junior is with him as they kick in the door and storm inside but they don’t find them in the main room. The upstairs is empty too. Barbie wonders where they’ve gone too. They’re hiding out in the funeral home. Julia is frustrated with not knowing what the schematic is.

Barbie torches the house on Bird Island. Jim watches it go down and radios back to Julia with the news. Barbie radio Christine with an update and she’s furious and then almost collapses in pain. Eva comes in and helps her to a chair. She looks at her wound. Christine shows her the amethyst glowing her hand and tells Eva she’s pregnant. Julia checks on Norrie who is devastated over the loss of her mom. She says she’s sorry they have to hide out in the funeral home.

Norrie tells Julia it’s not her fault, it’s Christine to blame. Julia says her mom’s death won’t be in vain. Norrie says her mom was in so much pain and she didn’t want to leave her but at least she died herself and not one of those things. She tells Julia to get the real Barbie back if she can. Christine tells Eva her baby will be the new queen. Barbie comes back and Christine leaves him to talk with Eva. He asks what’s happening. She reminds him of the cocoon world.

She says in the hospital they were pregnant in the dream world and now they are here too. She says it’s a girl and he kisses her then asks how. She says the guards outside are a precaution. Barbie says he won’t let anything happen to her or the baby and says he’ll take care of Julia. Jim comes back and says they will have to move again at some point. He says in war you always need an exit strategy. Hunter comes back – he cracked the recorder password.

It’s a message to the new baby queen that Eva and Barbie are breeding. The recording says it’s to guide her. Junior tells Christine he brought the last amethyst to city hall so they can guard them. Christine tells Junior he has to spare Joe because she needs him but says Sam can die with the resistance if he won’t join them. Christine is in pain and says she needs to go to the dome wall. Norrie and Joe study the diagram that Christine made.

He says he thinks the wavy lines are sound waves. Jim tells them to consult the library. He says Christine was talking about a way to bring the dome down and says maybe that’s the way. Jim says to be careful and none of them can know they’re there. Joe and Norrie head out promising to be careful. Hunter is transcribing the recordings and tells Jim that Christine is not his biggest fan. Hunter tells him he’s not pulling his weight since he’s stuck in the wheelchair.

Jim reminds him they couldn’t have hacked the files to know what Christine is up to and says he is pulling his weight. Hunter thanks him and says he doesn’t know why everyone else thinks he’s such a tool. Julia tells Jim this all keeps getting worse. He says they can still stop Christine and says no mommy and no daddy means no baby. She says she doesn’t want to kill Barbie and he says that Barbie and his son are gone. She says Hunter and Caroline came back from it.

Jim says he tried that with Junior and it didn’t work. Julia says maybe physical pain suppresses the life force allowing emotion to overcome it. She says if she’s wrong they can do it his way. Barbie radios Julia. He says it’s good to hear her voice. He lies and says he wants to see her. He says she’s right and there’s something wrong with him. He says Eva is messing with his head. She tells him to meet her at a farm outside town and he agrees. Eva strokes him while he talks then hands him a gun.

Later, Barbie is at the farm waiting. Julia comes out gun drawn and tells him to toss the gun or she leaves. He pulls out his gun, unloads it and throws it aside. She lowers hers and comes closer. Barbie says when she asked if he loved Eva he didn’t know what to say. He says he couldn’t get that question out of his head. He says whatever he felt for her wasn’t real and knows they’re using him. He says he’s sorry for not believing him. She hugs him and thinks it’s really him.

He says Christine is crazy and they have to stop it. She injected him with something in his neck. Jim is there and tells her nice work. They haul Barbie away. Junior takes Christine to the dome wall. She says the surface is calcifying and says they can’t breathe. She says she’s connected to the dome and if she can’t get it down, she’ll die with it. She collapses and Junior catches her in his arms. Barbie wakes to find himself tied to a chair. She asks if he remembers murdering her husband there.

He lies and says he’s not like the others anymore. Jim says it’s almost convincing and Julia says except for the knife in his boot. Jim has a battery and sparks some jumper cables and Julia says he’s going to help her help him fight this. Barbie begs her not to do this. Junior brings Christine back and lays her down. She’s got a horrible mark spider webbing across her abdomen. Junior asks what he can do and Christine pulls him into a kiss.

Julia tries to get through to Barbie after Jim shocks him several times but Barbie just laughs at them. He says he’s sorry then says the two of them working together is priceless. He says the problem is they already lost. He says he’s part of the kinship now and is with Ava. He says nothing they do can change that. He says she’s having his baby. Julia and Jim swap a look. Barbie says spoiler – then says he just found out this morning and says to use Jim to torture him all he wants.

Barbie says it just reminds him how much he doesn’t want her in his life anymore. Jim goes to shoot him and Julia says there’s still time. Barbie asks Jim if he has any parenting tips and says there’s a reason Junior was the first to fall in line with the kinship. Barbie calls him a sad, pathetic, cold-blooded killer. Jim hits him a couple of times with his rifle. Outside, Jim tells Julia that Barbie is playing with them and Julia says she gets that and says he’s pitting them against each other.

Julia says she can do this without him but says to give her more time. Jim leaves her with Indy and says the dog will know if he’s not changed back. Joe and Norrie search the library for books on sound. Joe says sound could take down the weapon. Norrie wonders what if it’s a beacon. Two of the kinship grab them at the library and they get away then secure the doors. Sam comes in and says he was looking for them.

Christine and Junior get dressed after sex which seems to have restored her somewhat. She says sex provides oxytocin which heals. She tells Junior this is all temporary and her cycle is coming to an end. He says he thought they were mates and she says this is beyond mating. She says Junior is different in another way and says she sees him with many mates. Sam says he was captured and Christine experimented on them. He tells them the front door has guards and tells them to come with him.

They all run out together. Julia comes back in with the dog to talk to Barbie. He asks where her better half is. She says maybe he went to kill Eva and Barbie says he better stop Jim. She says Jim is Jim, a killer. Then says he is too then asks how many people he’s killed. Barbie says he’s only killed people that had it coming. Julia asks if it was friendly fire that killed his fellow soldiers or him. Julia say she has no idea what she’s capable of and she shocks him.

Then she asks about the war and says they went back to family and he became a debt collector that killed people who didn’t pay up. She asks if that’s what the kinship wants and if her husband begged for his life before he killed him. She asks if his plan was to kill him, sleep with her and steal her money. She shocks him again. She says that the kinship wants him to be the killer he was not the man who can move that. She says Eva is his past and she’s the future. She tells him to fight for it.

Eva tells the guards to send Barbie to her room after he gets back from killing Julia. Jim sneaks into the city hall through a large vent. Julia tells Barbie she didn’t want it to come to this. He says he knows she wants to see the best in others and it’s so annoying. He asks who hooks up with the guy who killed her husband. She says this isn’t him and he says the real him is the part of him she refused to see. Barbie says she was naïve and easy pickings, desperate for any man.

He asks if she thought they would be together after the dome came down and says it would never happen. He says she was nothing but comfort food until he got out of there. She says he warned her in the matrix and he says he lied and she can do her worst. He says nothing she does will get him to leave Eva’s side. He says the baby will have her beautiful eyes. He says this is him, not the kinship. He says anything between them is over and says he doesn’t love her.

She walks out aggravated and he immediately starts rocking the chair to try and free himself. Christine walks Junior around picking out females for him to mate with. He points out Charlotte and she says she needs the younger ones. He wants a specific one and insists and she goes to speak to a woman with a baby. She says he has to find her replacements. Norrie and Joe come back with Sam and tell Hunter he’s on their side. He says he’s on the Aktion files that Lily sent.

He says Hektor and not Barbie’s dad is the real head of Aktion. Joe shows Sam the siagram they found. Julia sits outside the cabin looking upset when Indy starts up barking. She goes back inside and sees Barbie is loose. He fights her for the gun. They grapple. She kicks him in the face and then Indy bites Barbie. He kicks the dog as Julia runs away. Eva is worried about Barbie but Christine says not to worry then introduces her midwife and says she has to go now.

She says this baby will be here before she knows it. Eva doesn’t want to leave without Barbie but Christine insists. Sam says he doesn’t know what it is and Joe says he thinks it’s supposed to bring down the dome. Joe says the dome could shatter like an opera singer breaking a glass. Turns out Sam is a bad guy. We see his glittery alien reflection in the mirror as he asks if Christine knows he has this and then pulls out a knife from the knife block as Joe’s back is turned.

Julia runs through the woods with Barbie chasing her. She gets disoriented and stops to look around. She hies behind a tree as he slows. He looks around then runs past her. She runs off the other way. Hunter chats up Norrie and tells her it will get better with time. She says she was mad when Alice died but with Caroline, she’s just angry. Hunter says just to let herself feel something. She asks how he’s doing and he says the sponge baths sucked.

Norrie says she’s sorry for being on the roof and he says she doesn’t have to apologize and says he’s not going to be paralyzed and says there’s a girl in Zenith he wants to dance with and says everything down there still works. They come out and find that Joe and Sam are gone and they see blood. They run calling for him. Jim is killing off people at City Hall and stashing them. Eva comes at him and says she could smell him for miles. She’s still wet from the shower. They grapple.

She screams and others come running and he has to run off. She says Jim is there and tells Christine she’s stronger and faster. Christine says it’s the baby and says they have to get her to safety. It’s dark and Julia is still running. She hits the edge of the dome and Barbie is still coming at her. She pulls the gun and tells him to stop. Christine comes with Eva to the barn. She tells her they will take care of her. They open the bar and see a host of women there holding candles wearing white dresses.

Christine says they are there to greet the queen. Junior grabs Christine and says she wanted Charlotte. She says she’ll get him another one and says she won’t feel a thing the tells him not to let anyone in or out and she closes the barn door. Hunter says the recorder is gone and so is the schematic. Jim, Norrie and Hunter pack up in a hurry. Sam sends others after them. Norrie says they’re surrounded and Jim says they have to make their stand.

Barbie asks if she’s going to shoot him. He puts up his knife and tells her to do it. He comes closer and says come on, pull the trigger. He comes up until the gun barrel is at his head and he screams at her to do it then snatches the gun and points it at her. He tells her she should have let him go. He holds her by the throat and she says she loves him and that’s all she’s done since the moment they met. She says if there is anything left of the real Barbie and then she grabs him and kisses him.

He pushes her back then he looks strange and says her name. He pulls her to him and kisses her passionately. He throws down the gun and holds her tight as the kiss standing by the edge of the dome.