Under the Dome Recap 8/6/15: Season 3 Episode 8 “Breaking Point”

Under the Dome Recap 8/6/15: Season 3 Episode 8 "Breaking Point"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday August 6, season 3 episode 8 called, “Breaking Point.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a resistance forms against Christine, [Marg Helgenberger] who is organizing a massive excavation project in the caves beneath the town.

On the last episode alliances formed in the Dome as a meteor shower rocked the outside world. Meanwhile, Eva tried to teach Barbie about the Kinship; Big Jim and Julia became isolated on Bird Island outside of town; and Joe was forced to accept help from Sam, the man who killed his sister. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “a resistance forms against Christine, who is organizing a massive excavation project in the caves beneath the town. Also, Hunter figures out a way to contact the outside world.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.

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#UnderTheDome begins with fires burning outside the dome as the rest of the world was apparently destroyed. They wonder if they’re all that’s left. Big Jim isn’t happy with the mini army they have of Norrie, Joe, Hunter in his wheelchair, and Julia. Jim says they need a plan. Julia says they need to find a way to use the emotion. Hunter says they’re outnumbered and Norrie says they should save them, not shoot them. Julia says she’s going to town to see how things are going without Christine.

Julia has Hunter working on cracking the code to Christine’s recorder. They have radios and Jim mocks Julia’s recon mission but she, Norrie and Joe go anyway. Barbie an Eva are making out and getting hot and heavy. He starts undressing then she pulls off her clothes. Junior chokes Sam as Christine breaks out of her cocoon. She tells Sam he’s fallen far and he says she deserved it and he’d do it again. Christine says she has plans for Sam and can bring him around. She kisses him.

Junior chokes him until he passes out. The amethysts are flickering out and she’s upset. Junior says the kinship would be lost without her. Eva dresses after sex and she sees her weird white alien image in the mirror. He looks in the mirror and sees nothing strange. She kisses him then he sees something glowing outside. They go out, see sparks and the dome turns sort of white off and on. They wonder what it is.

Norrie, Joe and Julia wonder what’s up with the sky. They see blue sky and clouds and he says it’s like a TV screen changing channels. Julia wonders what’s real. They see the pod people walking through the woods and follow. They hide and observe as the others surround the underground chamber. They help up Christine and Norrie is shocked to see her alive. The dome flickers then changes to blue sky.

Julia says Christine must have gone into a cocoon. Christine says the disaster outside the dome was a projection she made to galvanize them. She says there are amethysts that need to be brought out. She says to gather picks and shovels and meet back there. Julia tells them about a schematic in Christine’s office and says the kids need to steal it and take it to Bird Island. Julia says she’ll keep an eye out there.

Eva asks Christine what happened. She says Sam stabbed her and Junior put her in a cocoon. She tells Barbie to lead the mining group. She says the amethysts are the battery that keeps the dome going. She says she hopes they can recharge them. She says the dome will calcify and they will suffocate if they can’t recharge them. She sends Eva to set up a station to feed the mining group.

Barbie tells Eva to get a gun to protect herself and he leaves. Eva says they slept together but she doesn’t think Barbie is fully transformed. Jim tells Hunter to look outside and he checks to see if they can get a signal. He sees a message and enters his employee code from Aktion. It’s Lily Walters and she asked why the dome went black. Jim asks to talk to the man in charge. She says she knows who Jim is.

She says Big Jim was in Marsten’s custody and now she can’t reach the doc. He says the people are infected and Marsten is alive but the others captured him. He says they need a care package sent inside. Hunter asks didn’t he kill Marsten when she can’t hear and he says yeah but they don’t know. Jim asks her for explosives.

Barbie organizes the town folk and gives mining assignments. He sees Julia hiding in the woods. She runs tree to tree and he comes after her. Then he hears her voice – she dropped one of the radios. He picks it up and he says she’s not welcome. She tells him to listen and says she knows he’s mad but he needs to think about something. She asks why did he fall in love with Eva in the cocoon.

He thinks she’s jealous but she asks why the alternate reality had to pull him away. She says he needs to see through this and he says they are done. Julia says it should still matter and he says what he has with Eva is the way it should be – no tension or drama. He’s tracking her while they talk. She asks if he really loves Eva. Then Eva is there and he hides the radio and says he thought he saw a deer.

Julia lurks nearby and watches them walk away hand in hand. Christine and Junior have Sam in the old bunker. He comes to and finds himself chained. Junior says he can’t leave until Christina says so. Sam says he’s infected and not himself and says he can fight it. Junior complains about his loser family and says the kinship is his real family. Christine comes in and Junior holds him down.

Christine puts in an IV line and tells Junior to go. Christine says it’s for his own good. Indy comes and gives Hunter some love. Jim starts to believe he’s not a pod person. Hunter explains how his pain brought him out of it. He says his mother’s pain brought him back. Lily comes back on and says her boss agreed and has sent the care package. Jim shuts down the laptop and calls Julia.

She says the world is still out there and she says Christine did it and is alive and well. She says the amethysts are being dug up. He says to meet him at the high school. Jim tells Hunter if anything happens to his dog he’ll break his arms and throw him in the lake. Norrie and Joe get to city hall and start the car charging. They head into Christine’s office and start looking.

Norrie shows him the drawing she found. She says it’s like Stonehenge. Joe radios Julia and says they have it. Norrie spots her mom but Joe says they need to go. She says she can convert her mom and says they need her on their side. Julia meets Jim and he says Aktion sent them a care package. He says he told Aktion that the kinship has Marsten. He wants to blow the tunnels so Christine can’t rise again.

Jim says some people will die and Julia says it’s war. Barbie works with the mining group to build a pulley. Junior helps and asks Barbie about he and Eva and says they’re meant for each other. Barbie says yes but seems thoughtful. Norrie’s Mom asks where she’s been. Norrie reminds her of a childhood memory. She talks about her taking care of her when she was little. Norrie says she needs her.

Norrie takes her hand and her mom says the kinship needs them. Joe says it’s not working. Norrie says change of plans then says it’s her fault that her other mom died. She says they never would have been there and says her mom was her real mom because she gave birth to her. She says they talked about it all the time. Her mom whistles. Norrie says she went to an all night rave and hitchhiked there.

She says she did drugs and says she and Joe are having sex. The others are coming. Her mom says to take them to the tunnels and put them to work. She begs her mom to talk to her. They are taken away. Sam tells Christine she took too much of her blood and she says it’s time to give some back. He says the wrong type can kill him but she says she’s type O, universal. He says he won’t be part of it.

Christine says he needs to stop fighting it and will feel better soon. In the mines, Norrie complains to Joe. He says to keep her eyes open to look for an escape. Her mom says to take a break and eat but then tells Norrie and Joe they have to keep working. She says the amethysts are needed for their survival. They pull the first one out and it’s huge several feet across. Barbie says to take a lunch break.
[2015-08-06, 10:33:32 PM] Rachel Rowan:
Jim says it’s their chance. Barbie says he’ll hang back to keep an eye out. There are three guards. Julia says she can handle them and says she’ll draw them away while he plants the explosives. He says there’s no turning back and they will hit back at them. He says he won’t die if she can’t pull the trigger on her BF. She says she’s all in. They agree to meet back at the dock.

Sam watches the blood drip and asks her to stop. She’s glowing white in the mirror. Christine asks if his old life had value. He says he helps people and she asks who and says Angie and Pauline are gone. She says Abby is where now. She says he tried to kill her too when she was trying to help him. She takes down the blood bag and says all he has is the shame of his human failings.

She says all the shame can disappear and he would have value. She says to let go of his pain and says she forgives him then she kisses him. She says the choice is his then unchains his arm. She leaves him there. Julia creeps up and sets off a smoke grenade. Two guards see the smoke and run to check. Jim takes out another. He takes the bag of explosives down into the tunnels and looks around.

He sets on bomb with a 15 minute timer. He looks up and sees the amethysts above him and sets the others there. Eva serves lunch and Barbie helps. They see the smoke and Junior asks if it’s fire. They see the two guards are gone and one is dead. Barbie looks around and says the smoke was a diversion and says he saw Julia earlier. Barbie says to stay up there and he goes into the tunnels.

Jim sets another bomb with a seven minute timer. He covers the light of the bomb as he sees a flashlight. Jim comes up out of the tunnel and finds Junior there. He asks his dad why he’s there. Jim pulls a gun on his son and says he rigged the tunnels to blow and says let’s go. Junior says to tell him where the bombs are or die there. Jim offers Junior an apology and says he failed him.

Junior says he’s not his son anymore. Jim says he told his father the same thing once. He says he tried not to become his dad but kept the cycle going. He says he shouldn’t have pushed that hurt onto him and is sorry. He touches Junior and he tells Jim he’s his own man and moved on when he burned his house down. He says to show him where the bombs are. Jim agrees but then backhands him hard.

Junior is knocked out. Hunter tells Julia that Joe and Norrie aren’t back yet and Eva creeps up on her. They each have a gun and Eva says she’s too late and says she and Barbie are bonded and Barbie would never forgive her if she killed her. Eva says love is a human construct and has no value to the kinship. Jim drags Junior away from the tunnels. He says he’s truly sorry then checks his watch.

Eva says she and Barbie are the future and Julia says what they have is built on a lie. Barbie spots one of the bombs and disarms it. Then he spots another with just 50 seconds left and several more. He looks around and realizes there are bombs all over. He yells for everyone to get out. Norrie hears him yelling and her mom says to drop everything and run. He says there are bombs.

Julie says Barbie will choose her when she breaks free. Eva fires at her. The tunnels blow. Eva turns and Julia runs into the woods. Eva fires at her. Norrie’s mom is hit by the explosion in the tunnels and Joe and Norrie are blown back. Joe calls out for Norrie and she’s fine but she’s with her mother and says she saved her. Her mom cries and says she’s her daughter. Norrie says she’s back but she’s dying.

There’s a beam on her and her mom asks what happened to her. Norrie says she’s sorry for what she said and was trying to snap her out of it. Joe says the tunnels are collapsing and her mom says to go, there’s no time. Her mom says she’s such a fighter and tells Joe to keep her safe. He says he will. Norrie cries and then her mom says to go. They run as the tunnel collapses on her mother.

Julia waits at the dock. Jim shows up and she asks what happened. He says it’s not his blood. He says they need to get back and she says Joe and Norrie are missing. Barbie gets to his feet and Junior runs up. He says there were lots of bombs. Junior says his dad did this. Norrie and Joe call for help and Barbie helps them out of the tunnels. Barbie asks who else was there and she says her mom.

Barbie goes into the tunnel and the others start to come back. Joe says they have to run and they do. Hunter chats with Lily online and she says they call her the new Hunter. She says she found all his hidden files. He asks her to send his password cracking algorithm. She sends it then there’s a noise. She says to hang onto some files and she has a gun. She grabs a gun. Looks like she’s not really Aktion.

Norrie sits down to cry and says she can’t go anymore. She bawls and says she had two moms when she came there and they loved her and says she has no one now. He says he loves her. She looks and they see the others coming from them. He says they have to run now. The car pulls up with Big Jim and Julia and they hop in and take off.

Sam gets up off the bunk and looks in the mirror. He walks on by. Julie tells the others that she stashes the car at Sam’s. Jim says to give up on the others. He says emotion doesn’t work but Norrie says it does. She says she got through to her mom then she died. She says she was trapped in the explosion and made them leave her behind. She says her mom sacrificed herself for her and Joe asks who set them off.

Joe asks Julia what was she thinking and Jim tells her there are no regrets in war. Joe throws down the schematic and they get into the boat. Jim and Julia both look ashamed. They head out to the island. Jim rows them across the lake. The dome begins to turn white. Christine says the amethysts were essential. She says she gave Sam his own blood and pulls a band aid off her arm – she didn’t take her blood.

They tell Christine that Big Jim and Julia did this. Eva lies and says Julia shot at her and tried to kill her. She says she barely got away and says Julia is obsessed with him. Barbie says he saw her earlier and she told him she just wanted to talk. He says he could have stopped this. Christine tells the others they can’t co-exist peacefully and have to kill them all. Junior and Barbie are ready.