Under the Dome Series Finale Recap – A Not so Final Finale: Season 3 “The Enemy Within”

Under the Dome Series Finale Recap - A Not so Final Finale: Season 3 "The Enemy Within"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday September 10, season 3 finale episode called, “The Enemy Within.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode in the series finale, the Dome comes down and the Resistance tries to protect the outside world from the infected townspeople.

On the last episode the Dome’s calcification accelerated, leaving 24 hours before everyone suffocated from the barrier’s breakdown. Also: Barbie and Julia tried to save his child from the Kinship and Big Jim faces an increasingly explosive Hektor. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “as the Dome in Chester’s Mill comes down, The Resistance, led by Barbie, Julia and Big Jim, makes a final attempt to protect the outside world from the infected townspeople in The Kinship, including Sam and Junior, and their new queen.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.

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It’s the #UnderTheDome season finale. We start with Queen Eva telling the others that Christine’s reign is over and their future is on the other side of the dome and she will lead the kinship out so their species won’t go extinct. She says the dome is strangling them but first they have to stop the resistance. We see Joe working on the device with Big Jim and Norrie’s help. Norrie worries about the future. Joe says they need to focus on taking down the dome first. Jim tells them to focus on the device.

The kinship creeps up on them as Julia and Barbie bury the doctor. Julia says she knows the doc was his last hope of curing his daughter. She says they need to go find Christine and see if she remembered something that can help. The kinship shows up and they shoot and run but are surrounded. Queen Eva is there and tells Barbie to put up the gun. He thinks it’s Eva but she says Eva and Christine are dead and calls Barbie dad. He’s stunned. Sam says she’s their new queen.

Junior wakes to blood on his head by the lake and sees fog coming out of the water. He stands and walks away. The queen locks Barbie and Julia in a cell. He says she looks so much like her mother. She says her name is Dawn and she’s nothing like Eva or Christine. He asks why she killed Christine and she says shew as no longer of use. She tells Barbie he’s no longer of use just like males in the animal kingdom. They also have Jim, Norrie and Hunter in the cell.

Julia asks why they’re still alive and Jim says leverage to make Joe finish the project. Dawn comes to see Joe and tells him to finish the project or she’ll torture them all starting with Norrie. He says he needs their help. Dawn asks how she knows he’ll cooperate. He says human and the kinship share the need to survive and says they all need to get out so he’ll keep working. Dawn agrees and says he can have all but Big Jim and Julia. He agrees so long as she doesn’t hurt them.

She says he hasn’t won anything and says he’s still part of the kinship – she says she can feel it inside him and says he’ll always be one of them. That makes Joe uncomfortable. Barbie tells Julia there is no way to stop her. He says if they stop her, they’ll all die and if the dome comes down the kinship will all escape. Julia says they have to kill Dawn before she gets out. He says she’s still his daughter but Julia says there’s nothing of him in her.

Kyle comes to the cell and Jim threatens him. Joe comes to get out all but Julia and Jim and takes Barbie, Lily, Hunter, and Norrie. Jim tells Dawn he needs his dog and says please. He says he’s the key to his heart. Barbie tells Julia that if he’s wrong about Dawn, he’ll kill her himself. Junior bursts in and says Christine is no longer one of them. Another of the kinship says they have a new queen. Dawn listens to the recordings that Christine left her.

Sam tells her that they have the amethysts ready to move. He tells Dawn he wants to be there for her. He reminds her that Junior tried to drown the kids and asks to be her mate. She says the role of alpha will be earned. He warns her about the military outside the dome that will try to capture her and experiment on her. He tells her he knows of tunnels he can use to get her out. She kisses him and says he may have earned the shot to be her alpha. She kisses him and says to go make plans for escape.

Junior stands outside and listens. Indy is brought in to Jim and he reveals to Julia there’s a key on the dog. Julia talks Kyle into getting water for Jim and says he’s got a heart condition. They escape while the kid is gone. Julia says she can’t believe that Kyle thought he really has a heart. Joe cranks up the device with the help of the resistance. He starts to explain the device but they don’t get it. Hunter says the device is already running hot.

He says he hopes the dome will turn to dust like in The Matrix. Norrie says she’s coming with him to keep him safe while he’s with Dawn. Barbie tells Dawn to use her strength to help. She grabs a gun and shoots one of them. Barbie says she’s not a leader, but a killer and Dawn says like father, like daughter. She says the life he lived in the cocoon was done that way so he could pass the darkness on to her. Junior shows up to confront Sam and why he left him at the lake.

He says he’s trying to take his place as Dawn’s alpha. Sam says he’s unfit and unstable. They fight. Sam says he’s unworthy of Dawn and gets the drop on Junior. He tells him to stay out of his way. Junior grabs up a piece of rebar and stabs it through Sam’s abdomen. He tells Sam he’s better than him. He walks away while Sam bleeds out and dies. Jim and Julia head to his bunker to weapon up. She asks how many guns he has.

Kyle shows up and Indy barks to warn them. He says he’s taking them back and is going to shoot his dog. Jim talks about Kyle’s father and then says they won league championship when they played together in school. He pulls down a gold ball off the trophy shelf tosses it to him then beats the kid’s head in. Julia stops him and says he’s dead. Jim says they need to go. Joe gets the device set up and Hunter talks to him on walkie. They get the amethysts aligned and Barbie says he can go.

Dawn says he can go be with Julia and his freedom is a parting gift from daughter to father. He asks what she’ll do when the dome comes down and the military comes for her. She says Sam is taking care of it. Dawn says if they meet again, he’ll be sorry and says not to mistake his freedom for her weakness. Junior shows up and asks how she knows him. She says she has her mother’s memories and Christine’s. She sees a bruise and asks what he did. He says he killed Sam for her and for the kinship.

Dawn says the kinship and the town are lost. She says when Jim destroyed the egg this was compromised. She says they have to find another egg and restart the process. Joe says this is ready and he needs to get back to the transmitter. Dawn says she needs them there especially Norrie. She whistles to the amethysts and they light up. She says none would be necessary if Julia and Big Jim hadn’t destroyed the egg.

She says they didn’t get to complete the cycle because of the resistance. Jim takes aim at Dawn and Julia says to wait until she takes down the dome then take out the bitch. Junior hears Indy barking and goes to investigate. Joe asks why Christine only used seven amethysts. Dawn says Norrie is the eighth note because she was the first to see the stars. Norrie kisses Joe and says she loves him and not to forget it. She goes hand in hand with Dawn.

Hunter tells him the transmitter is going to blow. Joe runs into the middle of the circle and starts the cycle. Norrie is furious that Joe did this and says this was Dawn’s plan all along. Norrie tries to run to him but she’s thrown back. The lights from the amethysts glow and Barbie runs into a barrier then sees the lights all over the dome glowing.

The dome blows up and everyone is knocked down as a purple wave of power washes over them all. Jim comes to and sees a clear sky above them and the sounds of birds chirping. Julia is up too and they realize the dome is gone. Jim grabs the rifle and takes aim at Dawn but Junior is there and knocks him down. Julia runs to help. Jim tells Julia to stop Dawn. Norrie wakes and sees shattered amethysts and screams for Joe. Soldiers are there taking them all into custody.

Junior wrestles Jim down and chokes him. Jim pulls a knife and stabs Junior in the side. He pulls out the knife and then Indy knocks Junior aside. Junior won’t stop and he’s forced to stab his son in the heart. He collapses dead on top of him. Dawn is in the tunnels under the cement and Barbie is there. The board under her feet cracks and he says he weakened the board. She reminds him that she’s his child and says they’re the same. He says that’s a darkness they need to destroy.

He steps out onto the board and says he has to save humanity from her even if he dies. She says – dad, please don’t do this. She says she’s his daughter and loves him and knows he loves her. He says she’s not daughter of his then jumps so the board breaks. They both go flying. Julia is there and screams for Barbie. He comes climbing out of the hole. He grabbed a chain to secure himself. They kiss but then soldiers are there and force them to their knees. They surrender.

Jim is alone in the woods holding his dead son and crying. A soldier stands nearby watching. Later, Barbie is in a holding cell. He tells the soldier that comes in he wants to see Julia. The man says he has to be debriefed. Barbie says he’s stalling. The guy says today he wants to do something different and summarize the events. We see them loading the people into trucks and see Julia hug Norrie. We see them all cleaned up and put into clothes and Indy put into a cage.

The soldier reads off the stuff about the dome, aliens and kinship including mind control. We see Joe zipped into a body bag and loaded into a drawer in the morgue. The guy asks if that’s an accurate summary. Barbie says there’s a lot of details missing but that’s the essence of it. The guy sits and says they are in violent agreement that this fits their observations and the accounts of other survivors. He tears up the papers and says they can’t tell the world a story of pink stars and aliens.

He hands Barbie a paper to read and sign. It says a radical experiment by Akteon on alternate energy took place weeks ago. It says that Hector Martin was there the whole time and was killed as a result of his experiment and most of the town expired when the dome came down. The soldier says as long as the alien infection stays dormant they can be free with some exceptions. He tells Barbie to memorize the details of the statement then hands him his dog tags and asks if they have an agreement.

Barbie asks what happens to the others. The guy says they are being held until they find a cure. He says they’re not monsters but says if he or his friends talk about aliens or say the word kinship, their freedom will end. The man says to sign and he can see Julia. He says everyone else signed. Jim won’t sign it. He says the military has a lot of explaining to do and says billions of people want to know the truth of what happened. Jim wants to be the spokesman as a survivor.

Jim says he was a pillar of the community and everyone will believe him and says he can sell ice to an eskimo. The man says they’re called Inuits. Jim says he just wants to be fairly compensated for performing this great service for his country. The guy asks how much. Big Jim smiles wolfishly. One year later, we see Lily get out of her car. She’s dating Hunter now. He calls and says they have a hit – he’s working at the NSA. He says three weeks ago and she needs to call her boss.

We see Norrie in a soldier’s uniform at a firing range – she’s deadly accurate. Julia and Barbie are jumping off a car. A woman asks if she’s seen Julia on the news. They get back on the motorcycle and drive away. Norrie searches a desk in a military office. She grabs something from the drawer and shoves it in her pocket. A guy comes in and she says the Colonel asked for the requisitions she left. He hands them over and asks her to bring more coffee. He didn’t see her take whatever it was.

Norrie and Julia are camping out by the fire light. He mentions marriage and she laughs and says they’ve been on the road for a year and Chester’s Mill seems long ago. She says there’s no one she’d rather spend the rest of her life with. He pulls out his dog tags and shows her an engagement ring he’s been keeping on the chain. He proposes but they are interrupted by a fleet of black SUVs. Indy gets out followed by Jim in a black suit. He asks if they missed him.

He takes them to his plush government office – he’s a Congressman now. Hunter and Lily are there too. Lily is his chief of staff. He says he got Hunter a job at the NSA and Julia asks if they’ve heard from Norrie – they haven’t. Barbie asks why they’re there. They show them a surveillance video of Dawn. Jim says if you don’t have a body, the bad guy isn’t dead. He says they all know we’re not alone in the universe and says he won’t let it happen again.

Hunter says this was Omaha about a month ago. Barbie says she could be anywhere by now. Norrie swipes the card she lifted and goes into a secure area. She’s in the morgue and sees a morgue tag for Junior. She heads into a holding area and sees Joe asleep on a cot. She speaks his name through the speaker and says she knew he wasn’t dead. He rolls over and looks at her. She says she’ll come back for him and says they’ll help him.

We see a group of kids about to touch something. Dawn is their teacher and she walks up on them. They tell her they found it just like she asked them to. She says she’ll come back another time and we see a black egg with a purple streak running through it lying on the ground. She smiles as she walks away.