Under the Dome Recap 9/3/15: Season 3 Episode 12 “Incandescence”

Under the Dome Recap 9/3/15: Season 3 Episode 12 "Incandescence"

Tonight on CBS Under the Dome, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King, returns with an all new Thursday September 3, season 3 episode 12 called, “Incandescence.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the Dome’s calcification accelerates, leaving 24 hours before everyone suffocates from the barrier’s breakdown.

On the last episode the Resistance tried to free loved ones from Christine’s influence before she finished her plan. Barbie risked it all to free Eva and Hektor enlists Big Jim and Julia to a test cure for infected citizens. Also: Joe worked with Christine after she shares shocking news about the being that created the Dome. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the CBS synopsis “the Dome’s calcification accelerates, leaving 24 hours before everyone suffocates from the barrier’s breakdown. Also: Barbie and Julia try to save his child from the Kinship and Big Jim faces an increasingly explosive Hektor.”

This is definitely one episode that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging the premiere episode of season 3 Under the Dome.

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#UnderTheDome begins with Junior running through the road. Julia and Barbie drive by and he’s ranting about leaving his baby. Julia says they will kill him to protect the new queen. She reminds him the baby was born in three days and is not human. He says it’s his daughter and she has no idea how he feels. Julia agrees but says if the cure works it could help the baby. He says she’s the first they’re using it on.

Big Jim paces with Indy while the others sleep except Lily. She says she heard him make the deal with Hector. She tells Hector is desperate because the cure failed. She says to tell him that losing Junior doesn’t mean he shouldn’t quit trying. Jim says if he works with her, she needs to get rid of the footage of him doing bad under the dome. Hector tells Barbie that his father spoke highly of him. Barbie says he thought his dad was the scumbag in charge but it’s Hector.

Hector says he’s there to make things right. They ask what happened and Hunter says Junior went aggro and killed the guards so now he’s even more dangerous. Jim asks about the new alien queen and Norrie asks if she’s okay. The doctor asks if the baby had an umbilical cord, they can use it to make a better vaccine. Barbie says he can get it. They also need Christine and Lily suggests using the drone they brought in.

Christine is with Sam and she’s draining the dome’s power to protect the baby. The dome is looking bad and Christine says if the dome seals before the queen is ready the kinship won’t make it out alive. Dr Bloom tells Jim she just needs a sample of the most recent viral strain and she can do this. Hector tells Jim it will take longer than the doctor thinks. Hector also has something that can poison the food supply to kill off the kinship.

Jim says they need their help to take down the dome and says it’s calcifying and they’re running out of air. He says they can let them bring down the dome and they’ll all get out. He says the government already has a perimeter and can capture them. Jim says the device will be done in a couple of days. Hector pours the poison down the drain. Dr Bloom overhears all of this. Junior tells Christine that Big Jim captured him and tried to cure him but it only made him stronger.

Christine hugs him. She says he was right about Barbie and he’s turned human but the baby is fine and Eva has served her purpose. Christine is in bad shape. Sam goes to check on some sick people who are feeling the effects of less oxygen. The elderly are in worse shape but Sam says they’ll all feel it soon. Christine says it will only get worse and they need to leave the dome sooner. She says to help the ill into beds and meet her in an hour.

Joe is working on the device. He’s pushing amethysts into position. Christine brings him some water and says the dome is hardening and they have less then 24 hours. He says he needs a replacement for the egg to amplify the signal. He says he’s just a kid. Christine says he’s one of the most inventive people she knows. He says he can’t be responsible for this many lives. She says he has to save Norrie. Joe makes her promise to not harm Norrie and she promises.

Christine says to close his eyes and let the ideas come. He stands at the window and closes then opens his eyes. He sees something of interest. Julia and Barbie find Eva dead and Julia says she’s sorry. Barbie says he didn’t love Eva and never even knew her. She asks what he thinks happened. He says the baby didn’t do this. Julia covers Eva’s body and then notices her eyes. It shows that she was suffocated. Julia asks who would do that. Barbie says Christine said everyone serves a purpose.

He says Christine must have killed her and he’s going to kill Christine. He finds a bag of birth goo. Lily, Norrie and Hunter watch the kinship march around on drone footage. They see the dome calcifying. Christine comforts some of the ill. She tells Junior they’re all dying and Sam says we all are. Junior asks what if they eliminate competition for air. Christine says that makes sense to preserve the young and healthy.

She tells Sam and Junior to take the elderly to the lake and do what needs to be done. They agree. Norrie sneaks into Joe’s secret lab. She says something is wrong with the dome and he says he knows and is working on bringing it down. He says he’s going to use the radio transmitter to bring it down. Norrie thinks that Christine will kill Joe as soon as the dome comes down and tells him to meet her as soon as he finishes the device. He tells her he loves her.

Christine makes a recording for the queen telling her that many will be gone including herself. She says to trust her instincts to find an alpha and fight the others when they arrive. She says she’s their last hope and wishes the queen hope. Jim tells Lily he talked Hector out of killing everyone. Norrie comes back and tells them how fast the time line is and says they can’t move around or panic and need to sit tight and be calm.

Lily shows them footage at the cement factory. Jim radios to meet them to pick up the umbilical cord so they can go check out what’s going on at the cement factory. Junior and Sam are walking all the elderly and infirm into the lake to kill themselves. Jim tells them what Norrie found out from Joe about the dome time line. Jim tells Barbie to kill Christine slow for what she did to both of their kids. They head off and Jim goes off without the cord which he tosses away.

Christine is with the baby who is in a purplish cocoon. She touches it and says she gives her life force. Christine looks awful with veins popping out all over her and looks to be in pain. In the factory, Julia and Barbie come on a guard and he takes him down. They move on and find Christine. He asks where his baby is and Christine says they are moments away from the queen’s final transfer. HE asks if his daughter is in there. He throws Christine away from the cocoon.

It bursts open and something black comes zooming out of it. Christine breaks down crying. Barbie chases the alien thing. It’s super fast and evades him.

Julia holds a gun on the crying Christine who says – what have I done. She look around and cries more. Barbie comes back and asks where is his kid. She says she put her in the cocoon. He asks where it went and threatens her. Julia says Christine is different. She says she’s so sorry and Barbie says she’s playing them and says to tell them or he’ll kill her. She says the thing that came out of the cocoon is his baby, she thinks. She cries on.

Dr Bloom confronts Bloom about the mass poisoning plan. She says she’s going to tell Julia and Hector pulls a gun on her and says no. Lily finds blood dripping from above and sees a body. She runs upstairs. It’s Dr Bloom. She asks what Hector has done and why he would do this. He says they can’t let the infected get out into the world. She says these people are sick and the government will quarantine them. Hector says the government will just cover it up.

Lily says he can’t kill the town and says he’s going to kill Joe. Hector says if Joe doesn’t complete the device, the world will be spared. Lily says they’ll all die. Hector says he unleashed the plague and has to fix it – he says he has to contain the damage. She says Joe is innocent. He says everyone under the dome is and this breaks his heart. Barbie tells them his daughter is less than a day old and that thing couldn’t be her.

Christine says she transferred her knowledge and life force to the new queen should have killed her. Julia says they interrupted the process so she should recall something. Christine says she did something terrible and says they have to get to the lake. Sam watches as the last two of the elderly walk into the water. Sam sees Junior leading a line of little kids to the lake. He says they have to protect the most fertile of them and the kids are not fertile yet.

Junior tells Sam to help him or get out of the way. Sam turns and walks away. Junior leads the kids to the water. Hunter finds Lily tied up and calls for Norrie. She says Hector killed Dr Bloom and is going to try and kill Joe to stop him from bringing down the dome. They tell Lily that Jim never came back from picking up the cord. Lily radios Jim and says Hector is going to kill Joe to stop the dome from coming down.

Jim says to stay put and he’ll take care of Hector. He tells Indy to stay put with the bag of cash and other stuff he packed in preparation of leaving the dome. Joe and some of the kinship are at the radio tower to prepare the last steps. Barbie, Christine and Julia get to the lake and Christine is horrified to see that they have little kids. She tells Junior this is not what she instructed and tells him to take them back to town hall. She says perhaps what happened to him with the resistance affected him.

Sam takes the kids and goes but one heads into the water and Christine goes to save it. Junior attacks Christine and says she’s not their queen. Barbie attacks Junior and Junior gets the best of him until Julia hits him a couple of times with a pipe and takes him down. Joe makes the final plans for the device when Hector’s guys show up and start shooting. They take out the guy with Joe and then come for Joe. Joe hides. Norrie kills the guy. She says they have to go.

Then Hector is there and tells Norrie to put down the gun. Then he aims at Joe and says he wishes there was another way. Then he goes down – Big Jim shoots him. Hector says he’s trying to save the world. Jim says the world is better off without him and puts a bullet in his head to finish him. Hunter asks how Christine can be a good guy now. Julia reminds them she was never cocooned and is certain that Christine is human now too.

Lily says Hector killed Dr Bloom so that means no cure. Julia says they need to take a break and then go over what Christine remembers. She says whatever she can do to help, she will. Barbie is mad and says he let Christine control him. Julia says he was manipulated by what was in the cocoon. He says others fought back but he didn’t and almost killed her. He says his child is now paying the price for his weakness. Julia says he’s back and they can figure this out.

She says if Christine can be saved, anyone can. He says Christine started out human, his baby did not. He says his baby is a monster and there’s no coming back for her. Christine lies down on a cot and shuts the window. A shadow flies by – it’s the queen. Christine sits up and says – Eva, it’s you. She says she has her father’s eyes. She grabs Christine out and throws her against the dome and says she has something she needs. The dome glows blue around her and she pushes Christine into the dome.

She glows alien white and the young Eva says – I’m the queen now. She walks away as Christine is absorbed into the dome.