Vanderpump Rules Recap 12/14/15: Season 4 Episode 7 “Spit Take”

Vanderpump Rules Recap 12/14/15: Season 4 Episode 7 "Spit Take"

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with an all new Monday December 14, season 4 episode 7 called, “Spit Take,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Lisa Vanderpump treats a group of underprivileged kids to the full SUR experience, including a serving of bad behavior from her staff. Jax Taylor stands up for Kristen Doute when her break up with James Kennedy turns ugly.

On the last episode, Lisa tried to outdo herself by throwing not one but two huge parties for Gay Pride. When James showed up flaunting fresh love bites, everyone wanted to know which SUR girl was responsible. Sandoval and Schwartz kickstart Shay’s makeover, Scheana doubled down on her marriage, and Jax seized an opportunity to move in on Lala. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “Lisa treats a group of underprivileged kids to the full SUR experience, including a serving of bad behavior from her staff. Jax stands up for Kristen when her break up with James turns ugly. Ariana’s mood sours when Sandoval contemplates going to Vegas without her, Schwartz and Sandoval fail to impress with their business plan, and Jax asks Brittany to move in with him.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ Vanderpump Rules season 4 episode 7 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of VR tonight and what you think of the current season so far.

Recap Here!

Schwartz and Sandoval tell Katie that they are going to step back a bit from their sangria ambitions because of the commitment it would involve. Schwartz says that Lisa knows they are non-committal, so what did she expect? Katie says he should ban use of that word around both Lisa and herself.

Katie says in confessional that she is is allergic to the word non-committal, and gets a tingling right around here when she hears it, gesturing around her ring finger.

Jax and Lala see eachother for the first time after the gay pride event.

Jax says in confessional that he and Lala didn’t do anything. He says he wanted to and he would have “destroyed her,” though.

Jax asks Lala if she has spoken to Jax.

Lala says that James has been texting her, but she hasn’t spoken with him at all since then. Jax tells her that maybe she should stay away from him, and she says she’s heard that.

She asks Jax about Brittany, and Jax says that she is visiting but until she makes it official, it’s not official. Lala asks if they can still get a drink together then, and he says that should be okay. Lala jokes that she isn’t asking to suck his dick, just get a drink with him, which makes him laugh in semi-embarrassment.

James meets with his mom in a restaurant. His mom asks him about James, and he accuses her of messing around. His mom tells him just to enjoy himself and be with someone kind, to go to dinner with pretty girls and have fun with his friends. She tells him to avoid drama, because there’s drama down the line.

In confessional, James says that there is no one who has hurt him as much as Kristen Doute has.

He breaks down in tears at the table over the fact that his mother and father are breaking up. She tells him that she is 45 needs to move on with her life, and so does his father. James says he’s been going through a hard time because of this, and has been numbing it with alcohol, which concerns him because people in his family have also coped with alcohol.

His mom tells him that when she was a model people loved to see her use alcohol because it facilitated her breakdown and the people in the industry wanted to replace her with someone else. She tells James that he is going to want to be the one getting opportunities in life.

Jax and Kristen work out together, and Kristen tells him that she has a date coming up with some guy called Alex that Jax knows.

Kristen tells him she heard a rumor that he and Brittany broke up last weekend. Jax says he’s trying to do the right thing, but Brittany hasn’t moved there yet.

Kristen says that she is going to see James later, and Jax tells her she better not be giving him another chance. Kristen says there isn’t an amount of money that could get her back with him, and she doesn’t know what he is doing by openly getting bite marks on his arms and talking about sleeping with various women.

Lisa tells her employees about Ariel, a woman who is helping homeless youth ages 18-21 who have never had a real dinner at a restaurant before. Lisa tells them she wants them to make the youth feel as if it is their day. James appears bored, and Lisa tells James to stop looking like it’s the end of the world, calling him a very privileged lad. James says he will be her busing tables.

Lisa asks Sandoval how his presentation for the sangria company is going, and he says he’s pretty sure of what they are going to show. Lisa tells him he needs to be more sure than that. In confessional, she says that she suspects Sandoval and Schwartz are going to be no more prepared for this meeting than they were the last time.

Scheana says that Lala was the last person she would see herself clicking with. Katie says she has tried to but it just hasn’t happened yet. Scheana suggest she give it one more chance. Katie says she is put off by Lala’s lying, saying that ‘you can be that girl but I don’t want to be friends with that girl.’

James and Jax talk about Kristen, and Jax tells James that he went to a boxing class with her. James asks her if that isn’t strange, and Jax says he isn’t concerned about his past. Jax says that Kristen has a date with his friend, Alex, and was giving her advice. James asks Jax if he doesn’t find it odd that he is jumping in on her once he is done with her.

James goes to see Kristen and brings up her hanging out with Jax. He wishes her the best of luck, and more luck on whoever ends up with her. He says he’s been thinking about their relationship and thought he was going to miss her, but he’s been thinking about Lala more than her these days.

Kristen says that he is going to go down the line of women at Sur, and James tries to accuse her of cheating on him in Michigan again. Kristen brings up the bite and scratch marks that James has been parading around, and James says “remember when you used to do that?”

James calls Kristen ratchet.

Kristen tells him not to speak to her like that again, asking him what is wrong with him that he talks to women like that.

Kristen tells him that he is going to drink himself to oblivion and lose his job.

James tells her she is never going to get married and if she does, it will be over in three years. He also tells her that all she has going for her is a t-shirt line, calls her a nasty slut and says that she smells bad. He spits on her door before storming off yelling “bye, slut.”

Schwartz and Sandoval have their meeting with Lisa’s sangria brand, LVP. Schwartz suggests they become “brand ambassadors” to “champion” and promote the brand. Sandoval stutters while trying to figure out what he is going to say, and Lisa Vanderpump busts out laughing.

One of the business partners asks them what they have been doing the last week, because it doesn’t seem like they are prepared. Sandoval says they are prepared, but that they would like to work pro bono.
Sandoval says in confessional that he doesn’t like responsibility and it is nothing more than a step marching toward death.

“I’m willing to commit to being non-committal,” Schwartz says in confessional.

Lisa asks them what they would do if they started Monday. Sandoval says this is not something where he can show up on Monday and commit, it’s something he will have to talk about it with them as the week goes on.

Sandoval asks the three what they think after seeing their presentation.

“You’re going to come on board, I don’t have to pay you, and you’re going to promote LVP? I mean, yeah,” the other business partner says. Lisa stares on with a blank look on her face.

Jax’s “girlfriend” Brittany comes to Lala.

Jax says in confessional that when Brittany is there, she’s definitely the one he wants to be with, but it gets fuzzy when she is three time zones away.

Jax tells her that Lala invited him out for some drinks and speculated on them being broken up. Brittany asks what they are going to do when she moves up there. Jax says he loves being with her and plans to be for a very long time, he just doesn’t want to screw this up like every other relationship he has been in. That being said, he says, she thinks that Brittany should stay with her.

Jax says in confessional that he knows he doesn’t usually move in with women, but this time it’s different.

 The staff at Sur works on setting up the charity dinner.

Sandoval tells Ariana that he wishes he hadn’t let Schwartz talk first at their presentation. He says they don’t want to work typical 9-5 hours.

Ariana says in confessional that Sandoval’s baby steps seem more like fetus steps.

Lala tells Jax that she feels awkward being in the restaurant while James is there.

Jax says that he is going to talk to James because what he did to Kristen was unacceptable and that he shouldn’t be spitting at girls (a flashback shows her calling Jax and telling him what happened).

Lala says in confessional that she is keeping James at arm’s length and has a big hill to climb if he wants to be her friend again.

Peter asks Sandoval out on a guy’s trip to Vegas that will take place the day after Ariana’s birthday. Ariana is already upset with Sandoval for doing things without notifying her regarding the drinks at the dinner, which she felt illustrated larger issues in their relationship. Now she is even more upset by the heteronormative setup of the trip- her not being able to come because she is a woman.

Ariana tells them it’s cool and to have fun, even though she is visibly upset.

Jax confronts James on “spitting on” Kristen, and James says he never did that, that he spat on her door. Jax says she shouldn’t be doing that anyway. James once again attacks Jax for being older than him, calling him “15 years older” than him, and Jax calls him out for constantly referencing the fact that he is 22. James brings up that Jax is getting his information from his ex-girlfriend.

Lisa comes in the room to break up the fight, and they continue yelling over her. Jax says he is concerned about his friend who is on a downward spiral and mocks James for mooching off his girlfriend. James says that it’s working out well for him.

Lisa eventually threatens to send James home for being out of control. She tells him raising his voice in her restaurant will be the last thing he does. James asks why Jax keeps bringing up Kristen. Lisa tells him to appreciate what he has and tells him to be quiet, sending him out on the floor.

Peter asks James if they are okay, and James says Jax is running around telling him that he is spitting on girls. Lisa has to threaten to send him home again, and he goes and takes a five minute cigarette break because he is “breaking down.” Lisa tells Peter to watch and make sure James and Jax remain separated.