Vanderpump Rules Recap 2/2/15: Season 3 Episode 14 “Judgement Day”

Vanderpump Rules Recap 2/2/15: Season 3 Episode 14 "Judgement Day"

Tonight on Bravo Vanderpump Rules returns with an all new Monday February 2, season 3 episode 14 called, “Judgement Day,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Lisa Vanerpump confronts Kristen Doute over her disrespect of management and arrives at a final decision on her future at SUR.

On the last episode, Kristen created chaos at SUR when she ambushed Tom Sandoval with the girl he allegedly slept with in Miami. Scheana erupted at Kristen over her actions, causing a huge scene in front of customers. Lisa jumped to action to keep SUR running and discipline her staff after Miami Girl’s disruption. Katie adjusted to life without Stassi. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the Bravo synopsis, “Lisa confronts Kristen over her disrespect of management and arrives at a final decision on her future at SUR. Tom Schwartz makes a shocking revelation to Katie about the past. Scheana debates whether to disinvite Kristen from her wedding.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Bravos’ Vanderpump Rules Season 3 episode 14 — tonight at 10PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of VR tonight.

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#PumpRules starts now. At Lisa’s house, Ken comes out with the dogs and she has a little lunch table set up. Pandora and Jason are there. Max is there too. It’s all for Ken’s birthday including new dishes. Lisa jokes about Ken wanting sex for his birthday and says he hasn’t had any since 1986. Pandora brought an outfit for Giggy. She brings up Kristen and that she brought this girl into make a scene with Tom and Ariana.

Pandora says Kristen has no respect for authority. Ken agrees and Max says James went wild when they started dating. Lisa says he would not be stealing drinks if it wasn’t for her. Lisa says every time she goes to cut her loose, something stops her. Lisa says she’s like family even though it’s dysfunctional. Ken says Lisa has given her chance after chance and Pandora says she needs to make a decision.

James is deejaying and Kristen is dancing around at a party. Brad is there and so is Jax says Kristen is loony. He says she belittled her boss Diana and says he heard that Lisa was pissed and he’s not sure what will happen. Jax talks to Carmen who is nagging about his drinking. Then he says she hurt him by saying he’s always texting like 25 girls. He says she can check his phone then Kristen says she’ll look at it.

She finds a message about Schwartz hooking up with a girl in Vegas. Kristen says that’s bad for Katie and Jax says she shouldn’t be reading it. The Vegas girl texted Jax and talked about making a plan with Schwartz to say they only made out but it was clearly more. Tom S, Katie and Tom are at this entryway. You have to find the right knob to get into the bar and Schwartz gets it first off. It’s called Lock and Key.

Tom says he’s reeling from Kristen and Miami girl. We see him walk out of the bar. He says he doesn’t know how he can work with Kristen anymore. Scheana shows up with Shay. Tom says they were talking about Kristen. Scheana says as long as there is no drama at her wedding, that’s great. She’s trying to save money and says she’s pulling off her dream wedding on a waitress budget. Tom says he’s got the ice covered.

Jax texts Schwartz and says that Kristen saw his phone with stuff about the Vegas girl. He says Jax is on the warpath because he feels threatened. He asks to talk to Katie outside. Tom says he tried to tell her several times. He says he wasn’t completely honest about Vegas. He says he made out with that girl and it was sleazy, gross and he was drunk. He says he didn’t really remember and says at the time, he wasn’t sure about them but is sure now.

Katie says this isn’t the first time this happened. We see a flashback to another incident. He tells her he’s head over heels in love with her and she says he had to make out with other chicks to find that out. He says he felt guilty and told Jax who is now acting out. Tom says he doesn’t care if anyone else tells her, this is about their relationship. She says he’s only telling her because the truth is about to catch up with him. She says she’s going back to the table.

Scheana asks Katie what’s wrong and if she needs to throw a drink in Tom’s face. Back at their apartment, he tells her again that he’s sorry. She says you don’t drop a bomb like that in public when they’re with friends. She says she’s shocked that he couldn’t just tell her one on one. She asks if they just made out and he says there may have been some touchy feely but he can’t remember. She asks to see the messages but he says he deleted them and her number.

She says Jax taught him well. She says she was just here home alone and he makes a joke about her. She says he can’t go out of town and be with whores. She asks why he didn’t get it out of his system in college and calls him a slut. He says he’s not getting with girls on the side but she says she doesn’t know that because he lies. She says he had a chance to be honest but he lied. She says she can handle that he had a moment of weakness, but the lie made it 10 times worse.

She says he’s not even ready for a girlfriend much less something more serious. Tom comes to sit by her and puts his arm around. He tells her he’s sorry. He says he has a lot of work to do to salvage this. He says he’ll make it up to her and she says she’s heard that before and has yet to be swept off her feet. She says she’s going to bed and he should sleep on the couch. He says he has felt like a piece of shit for weeks over this.

Peter talks to Ariana, Katie and Scheana at the start of shift. Katie says she didn’t sleep at all last night but doesn’t want to be a wreck at work. Scheana says Jax called her last night and says he wasn’t honest about Vegas. Ariana says Tom told her that Jax will grab one of their heads and push it into a girl’s face to start this. Scheana talks to them about the rehearsal and the plans.

Ariana says she can’t believe Kristen isn’t being held accountable for her behavior at work and says she should be fired but nothing ever happens to her. Kristen and James are dressing to go to work and she says it’s been a few days since the big showdown at Sur and she’s not sure what to say to Lisa. James is worried but doesn’t think Lisa will fire her.

Kristen shows up to Sur and chats with Jax. She thinks Lisa has no reason to be mad at her. Jax says Schwartz texted him and told him that he talked to Katie about the Vegas girl. He says he also told Jax to stay out of his business. Kristen says it’s not Jax’s fault since he wasn’t the one to cheat on Katie. She says it won’t end well if Schwartz keeps lying. Jax says the truth always comes out sooner or later.

Tom and Ariana get ready then Vail. Lisa shows up and asks where Guillermo and Nathalie are. Lisa sits down with her business partner and manager. Scheana sits by Katie and tells her that Kristen has to meet with all them. She says Lisa is upset. Lisa says in all her years of owning restaurants, they’ve seen this before but the disrespect to Peter and Diana as managers is not okay.

They bring in Diana. Lisa sends Ken and Guillermo to the bar. Nathalie says she can’t believe the way she talked to Diana in front of customers. Kristen says it’s not fair. Nathalie says she has a bad attitude. Kristen says that was the best it could have gone. Lisa says she put this drama together. Lisa says it’s all her fault but Kristen says none of this is her fault.

Lisa says – you’re a waitress here. Kristen says she wasn’t working. Lisa says she has no right to drop the f- bomb on Diana. She says in her position has no right to talk to management. Lisa says it’s an endless litany of bullshit and says she’s not having it. Diana says when you come to work, everything else stays outside. Lisa says she’s not even trying to save her job.

Kristen says she didn’t orchestrate anything. Lisa tells her that she’s fired and can’t be there socially either. She tells her to apologize to Diana but Kristen walks out without saying anything. Lisa tells Diane she’ll apologize on her behalf then says Kristen will not find a job where anyone will tolerate her nonsense the way they have.

Kristen tells James she’s been fired and he’s shocked. She walks out and he says he does not think she was expecting that. Jax ask what happened and James tells him Lisa fired her. Jax says Kristen should take this is an opportunity to go f- up someone else’s restaurant. Tom comes out and tells Arianna and Scheana that Kristen got fired.

He’s thrilled. He even does a dance. Arianna says she can come to work without getting shamed. Kristen says she got fired because Lisa can’t stand her, not because of Diana. She says it’s bullshit. Ariana and Tom high five. She does a dance too. Katie is also thrilled. Jax does a slow clap of appreciation. Scheana, Shay and Ariana are at a candy bar to plan for the wedding. Instead of a cake, they’re having a candy bar since Scheana doesn’t like cake.

Jim, their friend, comes out and tells her to pick out some candy. Ariana says Nathalie sent out an email about Kristen’s firing. Scheana says she knows Kristen already bought her wedding gifts because she gets notifications when someone buys something. Scheana says she has faith that Kristen will behave herself at the wedding.

James and Kristen are at his place. She says what pissed her off was Lisa attacking her character like she knows her at all. She says she worked for her for seven years but it’s like she doesn’t know her at all. James says it will suck working without her but the job pays the bills. Rachael shows up with champagne for Kristen’s “retirement” party.

They pop the cork and James grabs some glasses. She says that Lisa accused her of orchestrating the Annmarie thing. She says she knew she was coming but didn’t invite her. Kristen says Lisa and Sur can sick it. Rachael asks if she’s nervous about losing her job and says she won’t work in another restaurant again. They tell James good luck at work tonight.

Katie and Kristina go to lunch. Katie tells her that Kristen has been at Sur forever and just got fired. She says she’s blacklisted and can’t even come in. Kristina says she can’t believe Lisa actually fired her and Katie thinks it’s about time. Then Kristina asks about Stassi. Katie says she was insulted that Stassi wouldn’t reply to her text messages but didn’t because they weren’t worthy.

Kristina says Stassi has been through a lot and Katie says she has too but Stassi hasn’t been there for her. Then she tells her about Tom confessing to making out with this girl in Vegas. She says that’s two girls now. Katie says she doesn’t deserve it and Kristina agrees. She says her trust level must be low and Katie says it is. She says to prove your commitment to this relationship.

At Jax’s, Schwartz shows up while he’s tooling with his workout app. He’s all excited about his app and shows it to him. He tells him good job throwing him under the bus behind his back and says it took a lot of courage. Jax tries to tell him what happened but Schwartz says he knows he went to Doute and is showing texts from the Vegas girl. He says Kristen grabbed his phone (she totally didn’t).

He tells Jax to just say he’s sorry and he says he’s not. Jax says if he didn’t do anything, it wouldn’t happen. Schwartz says he’s instigating. Jax says he shouldn’t have shown the texts but that Schwartz shouldn’t have done it. Jax says the guys never have his back and Schwartz says he defended him over this San Diego thing. He says Jax is always sabotaging his relationships.

Schwartz tells Jax he can’t keep his dick in his pants. Jax asks if he told Katie everything. He asks if he told her that he hooked up with her 100%. Schwartz says he did not have sex with that girl. He asks if he wants to talk about Miami and says Jax threw Tom under the bus. He says he’s perpetuating this. Jax says neither of them can keep their dicks in their pants.

Schwartz calls him a scumbag and says he always covers for him. He says he’s just mad that Jax is ratting on him to people. Jax says should he be honest or loyal and says he’s not blaming Tom but he put him in the position. Schwartz tells him to just stay out of his relationships. Jax says yes then tells Schwartz to just leave.