Wayward Pines Recap – Theresa Sees the Mistress: Season 1 Episode 4 “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire”

Wayward Pines Recap - Theresa Sees the Mistress: Season 1 Episode 4 "One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines premieres with an all new Thursday, June 4 season 1 episode 4 called “One of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen to Retire.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ethan [Matt Dillon] is appointed to a leadership role in Wayward Pines and his first act, according to Nurse Pam, should be to call a reckoning for Peter McCall [Justin Kirk] for his treasonous act of graffiti on Main Street. Meanwhile, Ben [Charlie Tahan] receives private tutoring from Megan Fisher [Hope Davis]on his first day of school; and Theresa [Shannyn Sossamon] is offered a job as a real-estate agent.

On the last episode, following Beverly’s “reckoning” in the town square, Ethan was shocked by Kate’s participation in the heinous act. Although determined to find his way out of Wayward Pines, Peter met real estate agent Peter McCall (guest star Justin Kirk), who gave him a new house. Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben headed to Idaho to find Ethan, who had another run-in with Sheriff Pope. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “after the Burkes’ run-in with Sheriff Pope, they head back into town to discover that Ethan has been named in a new leadership role in Wayward Pines. With his new role, Nurse Pam tells Ethan he must call a reckoning for Peter McCall (guest star Justin Kirk), a “traitor” who painted graffiti on Main Street. Meanwhile, Ben goes to his first day of school at Wayward Pines Academy, where he gets private tutoring from teacher Megan Fisher (guest star Hope Davis) and Theresa is offered a job as a realtor.”

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#WaywardPines begins with the Burkes driving back from the Sheriff’s murder. They head back to town in his police car and Ethan tries to calm his son down. He tells him to step outside of the car. He helps him rinse the blood off his hands and asks what those things were on the other side of the wall. Ethan says they were wolves. Ethan leaves him washing up and gets back in the car with Theresa.

She says he almost killed them and Ethan says he didn’t. Theresa says they need to call the police and he says he was the police and they already know. He says there are cameras and mics everywhere. He says in the house, the trees, the whole town is under surveillance. She asks by who and Ethan says he doesn’t know. He says he was sent there to investigate the disappearance of Bill and Kate.

He says he woke up in the hospital like she and Ben. He says he’s been trying to get out of the town since he work up there. He says they have to play along and keep their guard up. He says they have to act like and she says – that we’re a happy family. He says if they want to survive, they have to. They notice that Ben isn’t there. They find him in front of the house.

A postman just dropped off info about the school along with a uniform. Ethan was made Sheriff. The uniform was for him and there’s even a cake from the receptionist. She says the pine cones are edible. Mayor Brad Fisher shows up with Toby from the paper to take a congratulatory photo. Ethan says he’s a little surprised then asks who appointed him.

He asks if it was the mayor but he says he doesn’t have that authority. Ethan says he’d like to thank the person and ask some questions so he can do a good job. The mayor says it’s better not to ask questions and just stick to the rules. Ethan asks who wants cake and the mayor asks Toby to step out. He tells Ethan he’s happy to have a sheriff with his experience.

Brad says Ethan’s new position also comes with power. Ethan thanks him and they shake hands. He leaves. Theresa walks Ben to school and Mrs Fisher greets them. She says they focus on team building, athletics, the arts and the mind. She asks if he’s a musician and says they have a great music program. She says the students form their own bands and they have an annual battle of the bands.

Theresa says she’ll see him after school and they hug long and hard. Megan hands her a brochure and Theresa leaves. Ethan searches his office in depth and finds a hatch in the floor. He opens it and finds files on everyone in town. He sits down to browse. He finds one on Arlene and sees she’s from New Jersey originally. She sits at her desk blowing her nose when he comes out.

Ethan asks her about New Jersey and sits. He asks if she ever wants to go back. She says no and she loves it there. Nurse Pam and some others come in with a citizen’s arrest. Pam says the guy is an insurgent and he defaced public property with subversive graffiti. She says there has to be a reckoning. Ethan tells her no one is getting reckoned. Pam says it’s not what they want either.

She says Peter has given them no choice since it’s his third strike. Ethan thanks her for doing her civic duty and says she can go. Pam says if he doesn’t want to do it, she’ll be happy to do it herself. He says it’s taken care of and she says she’s looking forward to how he takes care of it. Ben is in the principal’s office with Megan. She says she has some questions for him to know how to place him.

She says it’s not a test, just a get to know you. She asks where he’s from and he says Seattle. She asks where does he live. He says Seattle. She asks where is home. He gives her a funny look. She says she didn’t ask where he lives, she asked where is home. He says Seattle. She asks if he misses it. He says he guesses so and she asks why. He says a lot of reasons. She says he doesn’t know why.

She asks why his parents won’t take him home and he says they can’t. She asks why not and he says his dad is in the Secret Service and has been assigned there. She asks what if his dad made it up. She asks if his father has lied to him and he says he has. She asks how he can trust him. Theresa is in town looking around. She sees the graffiti that reads, in a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

She walks by the coffee shop and then sees someone on a bike across the street get off. She turns and looks. It’s a woman going into the toy shop. Theresa crosses the street and goes inside. Kate asks if she can help her find something. She says she wants a gift for her son and Kate asks what’s the occasion. Kate says he likes music, right? She has hand crafted instruments made by her husband.

She winds a music box and says it’s her favorite. Kate says she has 30 seconds to say what she needs to say. Theresa says she can’t set the rules but Kate says they’re not her rules. Theresa says she stopped training to be an agent because she thought family should come first. She says Kate hurt her family and Kate says a lot has changed since then and says she’ll know that soon.

Theresa says she doesn’t want the music box and leaves. After school, Ben looks around for his mom but she’s not there. A girl approaches him and introduces herself as Amy. She asks if he’s waiting for his mom and he says he doesn’t know where he lives. She says she’ll help him find the house and they walk off together. Theresa shows up later to find him gone.

Ben tells Amy about the strange questions that Mrs Fisher was asking him. She asks if he’s home sick and asks if he was popular at his old school and if he had a girlfriend. He says not right now he doesn’t. She says if everything was perfect in Seattle, it makes sense to want to go back. He asks if Amy has been to the wall or knows about the animals on the other side. Amy asks how he knows about them.

Then Theresa comes running up in a panic and Amy says it’s her fault for insisting she walk him. They walk away from her. Ethan has Peter in his office. Peter says he has the wrong person when he shows him the file on himself. Peter denies knowing his wife and daughters. He tears up when Ethan shows him the photo. Peter says it was a long time ago and another life. Ethan asks how long.

Peter says he stopped keeping track after four winters and says he stopped keeping track and it’s been about eight years but he says there are no calendars. He asks him about the numbers on his file and he doesn’t know it. He asks why he walks with a cane and Peter says he tried to climb out. Ethan asks why can’t anyone leave. Peter says there’s one way out then points to his head. The phone rings and Ethan is told he must call a reckoning for Peter at 10 pm sharp tomorrow. He hangs up the phone and says it was a telemarketer. Peter looks like he knows what it was.

At home, Ethan turns on the water in the bathroom and Theresa whispers asking how it went. He says they made him Sheriff. He says maybe when you kill someone, you get his job. He says they expect him to kill the guy who spray painted the graffiti and if he doesn’t kill him, someone else will. He says everyone is a prisoner. He says he met the mayor and Theresa says his wife is Ben’s teacher.

Ethan says she used to be a hypnotherapist. He says he thinks the mayor was trying to tell him something and they need to get more out of him. Megan high fives her students when Theresa shows up with Ben. She says she loves parents that are involved. Theresa says she heard their husbands met yesterday and says they’re new and have no friends. She invites them over to dinner.

Megan says to meet them out instead at the Beer Garden. They make a plan for dinner and swap an air kiss. At the Sheriff’s office, Ethan gives Peter some coffee and he asks if this is his last meal. Peter says he’s been reading his file and forgot how much he forgot. He says it was 2001 and he was at a conference in LA. He says he went down for a drink at the bar and started talking to a brunette.

He says her name was Denise and after five drinks, he invited her back to his hotel room. He says he was still married at the time and says he cheated occasionally. He says they went back to his room and he blacked out after doing drugs. He says then he woke up in a hotel room somewhere else. He says the brunette from the bar was still there and she was older and her name wasn’t Denise. It was Nurse Pam!

Megan starts with Ben and asks where he’s from and where he lives. He says Seattle then I don’t know. She says that’s so good and says he can start class with the others tomorrow. She tells him to close his eyes. He does. She hands him a guitar and says to open them. She says it’s for his heart zone. He smiles and is thrilled.

At the Beer Garden, it’s a packed house when Ethan and Theresa show up to meet Brad and Megan for dinner. Kate and her husband are at a booth across the way. Her husband asks Kate about her steak but she’s distracted looking at Theresa and Ethan. Harold looks over and sees them. The Fishers tell them it’s an honor to have dinner with the new Sheriff and mention that Pope’s retirement was so sudden.

Megan says she thinks being a Sheriff is like being a good teacher. She says you have to set boundaries and let people know there are consequences. Megan and Theresa leave for the restroom. Brad asks how he likes it and Ethan says the mountains, pine trees and fear in everyone’s eyes is lovely. They pour some wine. Amy goes to the Burke’s house and throws pebbles at Ben’s window.

Brad asks about his son Ben and says he heard he’s a god kid. Brad says they focus on the children in this town and the school is very dedicated. He says it’s all about shaping the mind of the child and puts an emphasis on this. He tells Ethan to be careful. Megan and Theresa come back and Ethan asks how they feel about the public executions. Megan says the reckonings are… then she says they don’t make the laws, they just follow them.

Arlene complains that Pope left without a word and Nurse Pam says they have a new Sheriff. Arlene says Pope was a good man one on one and says he was always generous with her. Pam says she’ll feel the same way about Ethan soon. Pam asks the patrons to all raise a toast to the new Sheriff Ethan Burke.

She says great power requires great responsibility, someone who understand that those who break the law need to be punished swiftly and severely. Ethan cuts her off and says it’s an honor to be of service and says as long as he’s Sheriff, he will do everything in his power to ensure that the evils of this town are brought to light and that the true criminals are brought to justice. He says this last looking at Pam.

Dr Jenkins is lurking in the streets when Theresa and Ethan walk by. He says he’s checking on a new cross breed of two different pines he has bred. Ethan tells him people want him to execute Peter for spray painting. Ethan says he doesn’t want to go along with it. Jenkins says he knows how he feels and says the best things sometimes require the biggest sacrifice.

Jenkins says there’s so much beauty around them. He says almost all the locals tune into the piano show in the radio. Ben and Amy are out in the woods. She takes him to a bench and they sit. She asks about his friends. They hear the piano music playing over the speakers. He says he didn’t really have any friends. She says they don’t dwell on the past here and he has her now as a friend.

Ethan tells Peter he’s going to try and hide him to avoid the reckoning. Peter says they’ll find him but Ethan says they can try it. Peter says to take him to the fence. Theresa heads home and sees a letter in the mail box. It’s a congratulations saying she’s got a new job at the Wayward Pines realty office. Peter and Ethan go to the wall and Peter quotes Robert Frost then says does the wall keep us in or something else out.

Peter says he didn’t want to leave like most people do. He says he wanted to forget and be someone new but says the past catches up to you. He says there’s only one way out. Peter says this is the end for him. Ethan says he doesn’t have to do it. Peter says he does and says they’re watching and he has to earn their trust. Peter says he should give him a push. They’re at the edge by the fence.

Ethan says he won’t. Peter hugs him and says that’s why this town needs him. He acts like Ethan shoved him and he goes into the electric fence and is killed. He goes home and tells Theresa that Peter is dead. She asks why and he says it doesn’t matter. He says he’s going to leave and go get help but needs her to stay there and play along. He says she’s stronger than she knows.

Ethan walks out. He goes to the jail and packs a bag. Pam shows up and says he may be a good Sheriff after all. He says Pam might be better at it. She says that’s one sensible thing. She says she knows he let Peter do his job for him. He walks out and she sits down at his desk. Amy tells Ben the radio is silent except when Hector plays piano. He asks what’s over th fence. She kisses him. Ethan goes to the mountains and scales up. He makes it to the top. Someone is watching him.