Wayward Pines Recap and Spoilers – A Great Place for Family: Season 1 Episode 3 “Our Town, Our Law”

Wayward Pines Recap and Spoilers - A Great Place for Family: Season 1 Episode 3 "Our Town, Our Law"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines treats fans to an all new Thursday, May 28 season 1 episode 3 called “Our Town, Our Law,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, new evidence is uncovered by Ethan, [Matt Dillon] who, while still in shock that Kate participated in Beverly’s “reckoning” in the town square, has another run-in with Sheriff Pope [Terrence Howard] and is given a new house by a real-estate agent. Elsewhere, Theresa [Terrence Howard] and Ben [Charlie Tahan] head to Idaho.

On the last episode, after finding Secret Service agent Bill Evans’ body in an abandoned house, Ethan continued to search for clues with the help of Beverly. Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben decided to go to Idaho to look for Ethan and Ethan found out why residents of Wayward Pines always had to answer their phones. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “following Beverly’s “reckoning” in the town square, Ethan is shocked by Kate’s participation in the heinous act. Although determined to find his way out of Wayward Pines, Peter meets real estate agent Peter McCall (guest star Justin Kirk), who gives him a new house. Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben head to Idaho to find Ethan, who has another run-in with Sheriff Pope.”

Tune in at 9 PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!

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#WaywardPines begins with a little girl walking up on the platform to set a flower down by Beverly’s body. Sheriff Pope says they are blessed and says their community is fortunate to have one another to protect each other even if it’s from each other. He says they won’t allow anyone to endanger their way of life. Ethan runs through the night away from the scene. Pope says being Sheriff is trying but is not a thankless job. He says knowing he has their support and trust keeps him going.

Ethan hears animals howling. Pope asks the townspeople. They chant “do not try to leave, do not discuss the past, do not discuss your life before, always answer the phone if it rings.” They all chant work hard, be happy, enjoy your life in wayward pines. People are pursuing Ethan and he hides. He hears them chanting like an insane cult. Harold and Kate go home after the reckoning and she makes them some tea. He goes upstairs and she goes to the kitchen.

Ethan is in the kitchen lurking but she says – not here. He says he fell for her because she was strong and fearless and says tonight what he saw was just evil. He says he knows she’s not evil. Ethan asks her to leave with him but she says Beverly broke the rules. She says that’s why she was reckoned and says that’s what it’s called. Ethan says it’s murder and she watched it happen. The tea kettle whistles and she says they didn’t turn him in but agrees she has blood on her hands.

Kate whispers and says there are no second chances here usually and hands him back his tracking chip so he can pretend her was there the whole time. She offers to make up the guest room for him. The phone rings and she says they’re not calling for her. She says he’ll never make it out alive. He says to watch and he walks out. Next morning, Ethan is on the street looking at the old, run down house. He goes inside and sees Beverly’s body is there. He says he’ll find her daughter for her. He yanks down a curtain and covers her with it gently.

Theresa and Ben pull up in a town and stop the car. He wakes up as his mom stops the car. He says he wished this was all a dream. He can’t believe they’re chasing his dad. He says the Secret Service didn’t tell them anything before so why would they in Boise. She says something is strange and Ben wonders if Ethan is avoiding them. Ben mentions Kate and Theresa sighs and says to never say her name again. Ethan walks down the street then approaches Beverly’s house.

He goes inside and sees it’s empty. The place has been stripped bare. He finds a realtor there who tells his cleaning crew that a new family is moving in today. He sends his people upstairs and tells Ethan not to say a word. He nods that he should go outside and Ethan does. He sees a truck outside with a Wisconsin plate on it. It’s some sort of food delivery truck. Ethan heads off after it. Theresa and Ben head inside the Boise Secret Service office but is told she needs an appointment.

Theresa says her husband is in the Seattle office but she thinks he’s here with another woman. She asks about Kate. The woman says she’s sorry and Theresa says her husband will be sorry. She says her husband’s supervisor told her that he started a formal inquiry at the Boise office. The woman says she can check that out and walks off. Theresa uses Ethan’s ID to try and log in and gets into the system. She has Ben watch out for her.

Theresa sees an expense report and looks at it. She says the last receipt was from a gas station in Idaho. Hassler calls and reports that Theresa logged in using Ethan’s ID and it may be trouble. They head to the gas station where his dad last used his card. Theresa shows a photo and he says he was with another guy dressed like they were going to a funeral. A kid is in the store and says there was an accident near Wayward Pines. They tell them it’s a little town close by.

They head off driving but they are pulled over. It’s Sheriff Pope. He has a bottle and drips some oil then tells her he stopped her because her car is leaking oil. Theresa gets out to see and Pope tells Ben to stay in the car. Pope offers to tighten a valve so she doesn’t break down. He asks her to get back in and pop the hood. She does. He snips a line and fluid gushes out. He shuts the hood and says that should take care of it. He wishes them a good day and they drive off headed toward Wayward Pines.

Ethan lurks near the truck then goes to hop in when it stops for a delivery. He hides in the back. The driver closes up the truck with Ethan in it and drives off. Ethan hears a noise then the truck stops. He hears a door close then the footsteps walk away. He waits a few moments then looks out the back windows. He opens the door and sees he’s in a loading bay of some sort. He goes to check it out. A door opens and he runs to hide. A vehicle is coming.

He hided behind a concrete balustrade and sees the cleaning ladies from the house. He sees the truck stopped in front of a concrete sign that says “Wayward Pines” and he runs inside. There are loads of dusty cars there including a vehicle her recognizes. He hides again as the door closes. He climbs into the car and looks around. He spots a baggie that says “Theresa Burke, personal effects.” The lights go out and he hears noises. He opens the bag and sees a photo of them.

The window is bashed in and it’s Pope. He hits him back and demands to know where his family is. Pope calls him boy and tells him to come back. He tells Ethan there’s nowhere to go. Ethan is dizzy and lies down. Pope says he doesn’t even know what they see in him. Looks like Pope drugged him. Ethan wakes later to the sound of a ringing phone and answers it. The woman says his family was just discharged from the hospital.

He steps out into the hall and sees he’s back in the hospital too. He sees Nurse Pam who says he just missed his family. She says they made them all better and they’re safe and sound at home. She says they’re at a nice house – says the great place came open because the prior occupant came down with a sore throat. She winks at Ethan. He leaves and goes to Beverly’s and notices fresh paint on the mailbox. He finds Theresa and Ben inside.

He hugs his wife and son and checks them out. Ben has a cast on his arm and Ethan asks what happened. Theresa says neither of them remember but they told them they were in an accident. She says they were driving looking at them. Ben says the car had an oil leak and that’s the last they remember. They tell him a realtor met them at the hospital and told them this was his place. The realtor comes out and welcomes Ethan home and says he got his family settled.

Ethan says the house was Beverly’s. The realtor says it’s his now and comes with a state of the art security system then gives a glance to a fire alarm with a camera on it. He wishes them luck and leaves. Ethan asks to speak to Theresa alone. He asks if she remembers anything. She says the Sheriff pulled them over and said the car was leaking oil. The phone rings and Ethan yanks it out of the wall. A kid drives by on his bicycle and calls out – Hey, Benjamin Burke, welcome to Wayward Pines.

Ethan tells Theresa that she and Ben need to stay in the house, not speak to anyone and not answer the phone. Ethan tells Ben that he can’t wander around the neighborhood and says he needs to stay close to the house. Ethan says he has to go but he tells Ben to go lock the door, stay inside and take care of his mother. Ben says that’s what he has been doing and goes inside. Ethan heads to see Pope and tells him to stay away from his family. Pope says he helps them.

Pam says they just want him to have a happy life here in Wayward Pines. Ethan asks if that’s why they publicly execute people, have an electric fence around the town and people can’t talk about their past. Pam says it’s an extraordinary time. Pope says they can settle in or he can keep pushing then says he’ll be safer if they follow the rules. The phone rings and Pam answers it. She says of course, absolutely. She tells Pope that’s enough and he backs down instantly.

Ethan asks who that was and they say nothing. He says he’s talking to the wrong people since they’re not the ones in charge. He walks out. Ben wants to go back to the hospital and check on his guitar and phone but Theresa says they need to stay put. Ben complains there’s no internet or TV and the phones don’t dial out. Theresa says to think of it as a vacation. Ethan walks home and the doctor approaches him and says he heard his family was there. He asks Jenkins what’s the deal with everyone.

Jenkins says they’re all doing the best they can, including Ethan. He follows Ethan and says he understands why he wants to leave but says at least he has his family unlike the rest of them. He begs Ethan to stay and says they need someone good like him there. Ethan says he can’t stay because he doesn’t live there. He walks off away from Jenkins. Ben watches his dad and notices he’s acting strangely. Ben goes outside to follow him.

Kate and Ethan meet to talk in the woods and he tells her that Theresa and Ben are there. She says he needs to tell his wife soon that she’s there. Theresa goes looking for Ben but he’s not where he should be. She goes downstairs calling for him and then finds Pope in her kitchen. She asks how he got in and he says the door was open so he came in for ice cream. He says they have a new flavor that’s a rarity in Wayward Pines. He asks if Ethan told her he’s helping with his case.

Pope says Ethan is very dedicated and he likes him then he asks for him. She says Ethan is upstairs sleeping. He sits to eat and then laughs and says he really came by to see how she was doing after the accident. He asks if she remembers that he saved her. Theresa says Ben will want ice cream and she’s going to get him then Pope asks her to thank him for saving her life. He says usually you get a thank you for that. He says Ethan didn’t thank him either and he’s got a lot of special treatment.

Pope says he’s nearly out of patience with the Burke family and Theresa asks him to leave. Pope says okay and says it is her house as long as she and Ethan remember this is his town. He takes more ice cream and leaves on that threatening note. Ethan and Kate walk and she says she hadn’t seen Evans in a decade then there he was in the coffee shop and hadn’t aged a day. She says she couldn’t breathe and says it was like when she was him. Ethan says there were together five weeks ago.

Kate says for her it’s been 12 years and she works in a toy store. Ethan says it’s impossible. Kate says she tried to figure it out, tried running, tried everything. She says the only way to stay alive there is to play along. Theresa does the dishes when Ben comes in yelling for her. He says he followed his dad and says he’s with her. Theresa asks what and he says his dad is with Kate. Kate tells Ethan she can’t go down this road again and says she already tried all the things he’s trying now.

Ethan says to come see him when she’s ready to stop hiding. Ethan goes home looking for Theresa and sees her wedding ring on the table and them gone. Ben and Theresa are rolling their suitcases down the road out of Wayward Pines. A car pulls up behind them. It’s Pope. Theresa tells Ben to run and they head into the woods. Pope goes offroad in his SIV to give chase. They hit the wall and are stunned. Pope gets out and asks where they’re going. He says they have to have his permission to leave.

Ben comes at Pope who knocks him down and pulls his gun. Theresa moves to protect her son. Pope strikes Ben in the face and says that was for Ethan. He tells Ben to get up and come with him. He shoves him in the car and says he’s in punishment and if he gets out, he dies. Ethan runs up on them and beats on Pope then chokes him. Pope gets loose and has the gun on Ethan but then he’s run down by Ben in Pope’s own SUV. Ethan picks up the gun.

Pope tells him that he thinks he wants to know the truth but it’s worse than he can imagine. Ethan points the gun at him then takes his keys. He opens up a door with a fob on Pope’s key chain. An animal rushes out and grabs up his body then runs off with it. They hear the animals screaming and then sounds of electricity zapping. They drive off in Pope’s SUV away from the terrible sounds.