‘Wayward Pines’ Recap – Slaughter in Suburbia: Season 1 Episode 2 “Don’t Discuss Your Life Before”

'Wayward Pines' Recap - Slaughter in Suburbia: Season 1 Episode 2 "Don't Discuss Your Life Before"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pine returns with an all new Thursday, May 21 season 1 episode 2 called “Don’t Discuss Your Life Before,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Ethan  [Matt Dillon] is helped by Beverly as he continues looking for clues to figure out how Secret Service agent Bill Evans’ body ended up in an abandoned house; and he gets answers to the mystery of why people in Wayward Pines always have to answer their phones. Elsewhere, Theresa [Shannyn Sossamon] and Ben [Charlie Tahan] decide to take their search to Idaho.

On the last episode, Matt Dillon (“Crash”) was a Secret Service agent on a mission to find two missing federal agents, whose investigation only turned up more questions. But each question lead him to the most important question of all: What’s wrong with Wayward Pines? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “after finding Secret Service agent Bill Evans’ body in an abandoned house, Ethan continues to search for clues with the help of Beverly. Meanwhile, Theresa and Ben decide to go to Idaho to look for Ethan and Ethan finds out why residents of Wayward Pines always have to answer their phones.”

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#WaywardPines begins with the Sheriff stopping Ethan for car theft. Ethan tells him to move the gun off of him and he pistol whips him. Sheriff Pope says the Seattle Secret Service office has never heard of him. Ethan says he didn’t kill Evans and was sent to find him. He says he can help but Pope says to stay at his hotel room. Some kids riding by on bikes pause and one kid tells Ethan – don’t try and leave Mr Burke, that’s the first rule.

Ethan lies on his bed at the hotel. His alarm goes off. He clicks it off, rises and goes downstairs. He rings the bell but it barely makes a noise. He tries to the computer and the desk clerk asks why he’s there. Ethan asks for a working computer or a newspaper. He has neither. Ethan leaves as the guy tries to stop him. Ethan goes to the abandoned house where he found Evans’ body and finds it padlocked now. He goes around back and breaks a window.

Evans’ body is still inside rotting away. Ethan looks closer for clues and sees something stuck in his boot. Sheriff Pope is there and says he’s breaking and entering and was supposed to stay in his hotel room. Ethan says Evans is his colleague and can’t just let this go. Pope asks what he was doing when he walked in and Ethan says he saw mud and pine needles on the bottom of his boots. Ethan asks why the body is still there and Pope says forensics is coming from Boise and will be there in a couple of hours.

He tells Ethan to go back to the hotel and he says he will but instead goes to the bar and thanks Beverly for the clothes and for answers about Evans. She turns up the radio and tells him to dance with her. She whispers and says that there are microphones under the bar stool and says she was going to escape with Evans. Stan comes in with a delivery and Ethan leaves. He tries to call his house again and gets voice mail. He then tries the Secret Service. He asks for Hassler and is denied by Marcy.

He knows she’s lying when he asks her about the seventh floor reception desk. The barista fixes him a coffee and he looks at the money strangely before he hands it over. He asks about Kate Hewson and she says she doesn’t know her. Then he says it’s Ballinger. She says she’s been coming in for years and works at the toy store. Theresa thinks about her hubby coming home late and saying things got complicated at work. She thinks he’s fooling around on her.

Ben asks his mom why his dad’s disappearance isn’t on the news. She says it’s classified and Ben asks what if he’s dead. He says if he’s not dead, he’s with that woman again and asks which would be worse. Ethan sees Kate in the toy store window. He thinks about their affair. He goes into the shop and says he wanted to say hi. He says he can’t get hold of anyone back here and can’t get home. He says the only reason he’s there is because he was sent to find her and Evans.

He says Evans is dead and she lives with a guy named Harold. He says Evans’ corpse is rotting in an abandoned house. He asks what happened to them both. Harold, her hubby, comes out and she introduces him to Harold. Ethan says he never got a wedding invitation and she says they kept it small. Ethan tells her to ring up some toy ducks then says all the money in town is counterfeit and badly so that any agent can spot it. He asks again what happened to Evans.

She says his widow was very upset. She says Patricia, his wife, is so upset she rarely leaves her house and says she has pink hydrangeas. He heads out. He says the rules mounted on the wall – don’t try to leave, don’t discuss the past and always answer your phone. Ethan heads to the house Kate described and knocks at the door. Patricia answers. He asks if she was married to Bill Evans and he says he used to work with Bill at the Secret Service.

She says he mowed lawns and never worked for the Secret Service. He asks how long they were married and she says almost a year. Then she says she has a newborn. He says he was sent to find Evans and believes he was murdered. She says he killed himself and Ethan asks if he’s sure. She cries and says she watched it. Ethan comes to the Sheriff’s office looking for the Sheriff. The receptionist is annoyed with him and says she doesn’t know where Pope is.

She tells him to have a seat but then Pope walks off and says he found a new suspect – he says his ice cream cone has been up to no good like Ethan. He says he gets the impression that he’s not happy with his accommodations. Ethan says he can’t expect him to stay in the hotel room all day then says he heard he went to bother Patricia Evans saying terrible things. Ethan asks about forensics and Pope says they picked up the body an hour ago. Ethan says Patricia said Evans killed himself.

Pope says Ethan was in an accident and had a significant brain injury and wouldn’t let them operate to take care of the brain bleed. He wants to go to the morgue to check on Evans’ body but Pope says no. Ethan says to let him know what the coroner says. He then, of course, goes straight to the morgue. He pulls out the one body in holding and then slides it back into its drawer. He sees Evans’ clothes and checks the boots for the notebook.

He finds the tiny notebook and flips through it. Nurse Pam comes in and he asks for the coroner. She asks if she can help and he says he thought she worked upstairs. She asks if he’s reached his wife and asks if he’s going to bang her brains out when they get back together. He just stares then turns and walks out without answering. He sees two orderlies wheeling in bodies. It looks like Ben and Theresa. Ethan runs to look for them. He checks room by room.

Dr Jenkins is there and Ethan asks where they are. Jenkins asks who and Ethan says his wife and son and that he just saw them coming down the hall on stretchers. Jenkins says no one has been admitted since he left. He asks Ethan to lie down but he refuses. Jenkins says he has a brain hemorrhage. Ethan asks to see his chart and Jenkins says he’ll go get it if Ethan will just sit down for a moment. He does. He slumps over and Jenkins says his condition is worsening every second.

He says the hallucinations won’t stop and will get worse until he fixes the brain bleed. He asks Ethan if he’s noticed anything else then asks Ethan if he has his consent to treat the brain injury. Nurse Pam shows up and Ethan stands and walks out past her. In Seattle, at Secret Service HQ, Hassler talks to Theresa who wants Ethan’s photo on the news. He says they can’t do that then asks about Ben. She says he thinks his dad ran off with Kate. She asks if Kate transferred to Boise.

Hassler says he can’t tell her anything. She asks if Ethan is in Boise. He says nothing. She takes that as a yes and hangs up on him. Ethan meets Beverly later and tells her he thought he saw his wife and kid at the hospital. He shows her the escape plan that he found from Evans. She says before they can go anywhere, they have to take out his microchip. They cut open his arm and try to dig it out. He finally gets it out. She says to put it in his pocket so they don’t think he ditched it.

She says once they leave, he can drop it. She just has duct tape for his wounded arm. He asks what the plan is and Beverly says he’s the one who has to come up with hit. She says if she could have come up with a plan, she would be gone by now. He says he came in 2014 while she thinks she came in 1999. He asks if she heard of Obama or 9/11. He asks when her birthday is and she says November 1960. He says she looks good for 54. She says that’s something to be proud of.

She says when she first woke up she was so disoriented she believed them when they told her she lived there. She says she walked around in a fog with no memories but they came back eventually. She says now she keeps her head down and goes on but knows it’s not her life. She says fear keeps everyone in line. He asks fear of what and she says what happened to Bill Evans and says Pope cut his throat while the whole town watched.

Beverly says she and Evans were going to take off then he took off by himself with no warning. He says that may have saved her life but she says she’d rather be dead then pretend this is normal for one more day. Ethan looks at some cameras in a store window and she says she hasn’t seen an airplane since she came there. Kate and Harold come upon them then ask if Beverly and Ethan are on a date. She invites them over for dinner tomorrow. Ethan accepts for them both.

Beverly asks if they’re really going and he says yes and to trust him. It’s raining in Seattle and Theresa says she’s going to go to Boise and find Ethan for herself. Ben wants to go along but his mom says he needs to stay with Aunt Darla for school. He insists and she caves. Next morning in Wayward Pines, Ethan looks through Evans’ escape plan notes. He has a diagram of the town and the fence. He sets his microchip on a piece of tape and leaves it in the bed.

He leaves. Arlene is at the bar complaining to Nurse Pam about Ethan. They ask if he’s been flirting with Beverly. She says he has a wife and misses her so it won’t work out. They shake their heads at her and ask if she talks to him about the past. She says never. Ethan is in the woods looking at the map and trying to figure out the lay of the land. He finds a large tree and climbs it. Up in the branches is a pack. He hears a gunshot and sees someone nearby firing a rifle. Looks like the guy is hunting.

That night, Ethan meets Beverly at her house. He says it’s nice and she says she hopes she never sees it again. She says she doesn’t trust Kate and says Evans didn’t trust Kate either. He says he doesn’t trust Kate either but they can’t skip dinner. He says he worked it into their plan. He says during dinner he’s going to check for mics during dinner then he wants her to take out her chip and leave it where they won’t find it. He says after dinner, they’ll say goodnight and leave and go to the cemetery.

Beverly asks what if they catch on but Ethan says they won’t as long as they stick together. He says to just pretend and they head to dinner. Harold talks about his woodworking hobby. He says he opened the store eight years ago. Ethan says that’s almost hard to believe and then asks to use the restroom. He sticks his tracking chip under their table with tape then goes to the restroom where he searches for mics. Kate says Harold’s specialty is rocking horses.

Beverly mentions she has a daughter in Portland then drops it and excuses herself to the restroom after Ethan comes back. She is hyperventilating. Kate tells Ethan that Harold won the horseshoes tournament two years in a row. She says Beverly seemed upset and says she’ll check on her. He says her stomach is upset and says he’ll check on her. He goes and finds Beverly is gone. Ethan says her stomach got to her and he’s going to leave and walk her home. He says they’ll do it again soon and leaves.

Harold asks Kate if she thinks they’re going to run and she says – absolutely. Ethan catches up with Beverly who is freaking out because she slipped up and told them she had a daughter. He asks about her chip and she says she left it in the bathroom. She tells him her daughter is six and tells him to promises to check on her if she doesn’t make it out. She hears the telephones start to ring and says that’s how it started when Bill died. He grabs her hand and they run.

She says they’re going to kill them and he says to run. He tells her to go to the cemetery, get the map and go while he distracts them. Everyone pours out of their house with flashlights and weapons. They spot Ethan who takes off running. The town crazies give chase and he runs on. Beverly watches from nearby cowering. She walks on and sees more of them. She walks up on a couple of people who grab her. Ethan hides behind a dumpster. Harold comes looking for him.

The town gathers. Ethan hides in a room. Beverly is dragged up to a platform. Pope thanks Harold and Kate for doing their civic duty and bringing her to justice. Beverly is dragged onto the platform and chained up. Pope says she discussed the past. Ethan hides while someone comes looking for him. Ethan fights the guy off. Pope says it’s his job to keep the town safe and it’s everyone’s as well. He slits Beverly’s throat. Ethan watches it from a window.

Pope says they can’t tolerate people who don’t play by the rules. Some cheer that she deserved it while others are horrified. Theresa and Ben drive through the night in the rain headed to Boise.