Wayward Pines Recap 7/2/15: Season 1 Episode 7 “Betrayal”

Wayward Pines Recap 7/2/15: Season 1 Episode 7 "Betrayal"

Tonight on FOX, Wayward Pines airs with an all new Thursday,  July 2 season 1 episode 7 called “Betrayal.”  We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Ethan [Matt Dillon] finds a bomb planted in his car, which leads him to question people he thought he could trust; Kate [Carla Gugino] and Harold [Reed Diamond] discuss their fertility issues with Nurse Pam; Ben’s [Charlie Tahan] relationship with Amy [Sarah Jeffery] heats up.

On the last episode, Ethan got a tour of the facility and personnel that manage the day-to-day operations of Wayward Pines and learned more about the history and how the residents ended up in the eerie town. Meanwhile, at the realty office, Theresa found a map of an unusual plot of land she wanted to investigated and Kate and Harold are planning a covert operation. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the FOX synopsis, “after discovering the truth behind Wayward Pines, Ethan finds a bomb planted in his car, which makes him question people whom he thought he could trust. Meanwhile, Kate and Harold have a fertility consult meeting with Nurse Pam and Ben and Amy’s (guest star Sarah Jeffery) relationship heats up.”

Tune in at 9PM on FOX for another exciting episode of WAYWARD PINE We’ll be blogging it right here for you so check back in with us. In the meantime, hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts on the second season of the show!



#WaywardPines begins with Ethan coming home after his long day with Pilcher. Theresa asks when he got back and says she was sitting up waiting. She says they have to get back to Seattle and says her mom’s surgery is Wednesday. Ethan tells her there is no Seattle. She asks what he means. Ethan says the car wrecks they weren’t take directly here, they were put into a suspended animation. She asks about his arm and he says she’ll think he’s crazy.

He says there are creatures, monsters outside the wall and he saw them with his own eyes. He says the cities have all been destroyed and this fake little town is all that’s left. Theresa asks what they did to him. He says no. She tells him to try and remember if they injected him with something. She sees he wrote down 4028 and he says that’s the date. She doesn’t believe him. Ethan goes to crank the car then notices the battery on his car was messed with because the CD player time is flashing.

He tells Theresa and Ben to go ahead and walk so he can check the starter. He pops the hood and looks inside. He sees something in his engine. He pulls the wire and unhooks a device. Looks like a bomb. He looks around wondering who decided to try and kill him this morning. At the office, he takes it apart and finds it’s a simple plastic explosives pipe bomb kind of thing.

He then gets into the files about the townfolk and starts flipping through. He starts with Franklin Dobbs. Nurse Pam shows up and says she can help him with something. She asks if he thinks Frankin is involved with the subversives. He says he’ll find out and let her know. He says he needs to go do his job. She says she’s just there to help and says she would do anything for her brother.

She says she can be a good friend to him and he asks for access to the surveillance system to see what Franklin has been up to. Ben and Theresa walk and he asks why she’s walking him to school. She says she just wants to spend time with him. He asks if she’s okay and she asks if he misses Seattle. He says he doesn’t think about. She asks about camping and he says we’re not supposed to think about the past.

Pilcher walks by them with a smile. Ben tells her he likes it in Wayward and she would too if she gave it half a chance. Megan greets them and Theresa asks if she can take a tour of the school and Megan says school is for children not for parents. She says to feed him and take care of him at home and let her take care of the rest. Theresa is not happy. She goes to look at the undeveloped piece of property.

She opens the fence and goes inside. She hears a metallic sound when she stomps her feet. She goes into the little shed on the property and goes inside. She gets a piece of rebar and hits it and hears a distinctive metallic clank. Ethan meets with Franklin at the bar and says he wants to get to know all the shopkeepers in town. Ethan says they don’t talk about the past then cracks a joke.

He says would like to discuss something person with him and asks about gophers. He says they’re destroying his lawn and says that he worked in demolition. Franklin says he can’t help him and says he needs to get back to the shop. He leaves and Ethan walks out moments later. At school, Megan is teaching biology and says to go ahead and giggle. She says the textbooks have to stay there.

She says their parents will be uncomfortable about biology. She says procreation is beautiful and blessed and says in Wayward Pines, it’s really their most important job. She calls on Ben and Amy and asks them to step up front. Everyone giggles. Megan says male and female and says they’re designed to fit together effortlessly. She says they’re perfect puzzle pieces like hand in glove.

The kids giggle and says what if Ben was a bee and Amy a flower. She says then it wouldn’t be funny. She says Wayward Pines needs a new generation and one day not too far away, they will all parent the first generation of 100% originals. She says to look around the room. She says it’s a small town and your mate and co-parent is right in this room. She says it’s part of her job as counselor to help them find each other. She tells Ben and Amy they can sit. Ben tells Amy that was weird.

Pam finds her brother and asks to speak to him alone. She says she’s doing fertility consults and there are two new pregnancies. He says it’s wonderful but doesn’t look that happy. She asks what’s wrong and he asks why they’re trying to undermine them and says they have a passion for self-destruction. She says he worries so much he forgets to eat then his blood sugar drops and he gets gloomy.

She says Ethan will find the trouble makers and says he’ll get them through this. Pilcher tells her it’s great news then he has to go into a consult. Ethan lurks near shops in town looking around. He sees Franklin talking to Kate’s hubby Harold. Franklin leaves and Ethan asks him to come talk in private about the damned bomb in his truck. Harold says he knows nothing about it.

Ethan says to come to his office and he can tell him what he doesn’t know. Harold shoves him off and goes running. Ethan has to tackle him in the street and says next time he won’t be so gentle. He tells everyone Harold tripped and fell then hauls him to the sheriff station. Ethan says Franklin made the bomb and he or someone who works with him planted it in his truck.

Ethan says he knows they want to take out the fence. Harold asks doesn’t he want to get out. Ethan says there is no somewhere and asks for names from the group and who’s the leader. Harold says there’s no one else and he acted alone. Ethan says he did plant the bomb in his truck and lied about it but is telling the truth now. He writes a note and tells him to give it to Kate then says he can go now.

Harold is confused and leaves. Theresa tells Bill she found a substructure under the soil at the lot. He says maybe a water tank. He says life is full of mysteries and says not to think about it too much. He tells her she shouldn’t be snooping. He looks at a camera. He says a safe and happy town is people minding their own business. He sends her to the hospital to pick up some files.

Kate comes to see Ethan and says she got his note. He tells her to come in and sit down. He says he disabled the surveillance in the room. She says she heard about the bomb and says she doesn’t know who did it. He says she can figure out who did since she’s their leader. She asks what if she was and he says of course she is and says Harold was an accountant. He asks who else is involved.

Kate says it’s all that’s keeping her sane. She says it evolved over time. She says they meet in secret to be real with each other. We see scenes of a support group type thing meeting in a basement. Kate is there, Franklin and Harold are part of the group. She says she’s been trapped there 12 years. Ethan says it stops now and she says she won’t stop trying to escape a prison. He says the world outside the fence is gone and it’s not 2014.

Amy runs up to Megan and says it was a good class. She tells Megan she really likes Ben and Megan says it’s fulfilling when an assignment turns into something more. Megan says she’s likely his first GF. Amy says she wants to ask him for a date so they can be more intimate. Megan asks if he’s pressuring her and she says God no. She says she might have to pressure him.

Megan says to enjoy being young and in love. Kate can’t believe he’s working for the people in charge of this all. He says to hand over the explosives and whoever rigged his truck by tomorrow morning. He tells her she can’t take down the fence. Harold is working on a bomb at the shop when Kate comes back. She says they got to Ethan and they have to advance the time table.

Kate says they won’t get a second chance and says they have to execute tonight. Kate gets a call from Pam to remind them of a fertility consult and Kate says they have to go so she doesn’t get suspicious. Pam says they’re young, fertile and in their prime but not pregnant. Pam says she doesn’t understand it and says their lab work is all good. Pam thanks them for coming in then stops at the door.

She tells them she’s always thought highly of them and says they are the perfect Wayward Pines couple and have such good genetics. Harold says they need to gather the team. They make a plan and she wants to use all their explosives. Theresa runs into Kate in the elevator at the hospital. They don’t speak but then Theresa asks to talk to her and says she’s worried about Ethan.

Kate tells her to come on and they go to talk. She asks if Ethan told her it’s the future and there are no humans left. Kate says she thinks they brainwash people in the mountain. She says she called a secure line and Hassler left her a message saying she was in a government experiment and she might be tested by another agent. Kate says Hassler is a straight shooter but says she didn’t tell Ethan any of that.

Kate tells her she’s a good person and wishes they had met under different circumstances. Theresa tells Ethan she’s worried about him and he says she thinks he was brainwashed. He says he saw things and is not making this up. She says everything can’t be gone. He says they are what’s left then asks what else Kate said. She says Kate was emotional like it was a permanent goodbye. He asks where Ben is.

She says at school and he says he’s going to get him. Amy asks Ben to sneak out later for a walk in the woods. He asks if it’s against the rules and she says it’s up in the trees. She says she has a plan on how to get there and asks him to meet her after dinner and tells him where. She says she doesn’t know why people got nervous in class talking about biology. Ethan pulls up and he says he needs to come home.

Ben says he’s busy right now and Ethan says he’ll explain it in the car. He insists he has to come and tells him to tell Amy goodbye. He does and says he’s sorry. She says to meet her later and he nods. Harold meets with Ted and asks if he put the pipe bomb in the sheriff’s truck. Ted is unrepentant. He asks if he wants him to do this or not. Harold slides a bag over to him. Ted takes it and goes.

Ted leaves and opens the back of his delivery truck and sets the package inside. Nurse Pam says a camera went out – she tells Ethan but he thinks Kate is trying to distract them. He’s headed for where he thinks they are. They are placing bombs at the fence. Ethan asks Pam where the blind spots are and Ethan shows up and finds Kate. He says he’s not letting them blow it up. He tells Franklin to disarm it.

Kate tells him no and Ethan threatens to shoot her. He cocks the gun and Franklin caves in and shuts the bomb down. He tells Kate he trusted her and he hauls her up. He tells them all to get on their feet. He locks them all up and then goes into Kate’s cell to talk to her. He says they had a deal. She says they did something to him and he just doesn’t know it. She says they’ll be in Seattle soon.

Ethan says she has to convince them to stop it but she says it’s just begun. He asks where’s Harold and he says there’s a backup bomb then asks where it is. She won’t talk and he locks her back in her cell. Ben sneaks out of the house to meet Amy. They wait on the truck that comes by at 8 pm. He says they could walk but she says it’s more fun this way. She tells him to relax.

Ted pulls up and gets out something to deliver and takes it to a house. The kids run over to the truck and sneak into the back. They climb inside and they’re right near the bomb bag. Ted gets back in and drives off. Ethan goes to Pam and asks her to locate Harold. She looks for him and says he was at the Biergarten an hour ago and she says he was with Ted. She says he drives the delivery truck.

He asks where the truck is – she tells him where it is and where he switches the trucks – it’s at the fence. Ethan spots the bag that Harold passes to Ted. Ben and Amy stand in the back of the truck. Ethan goes racing after it. Ben looks around the boxes and Amy sees the bag and looks inside it. She pulls out the music box. It turns on and Ben asks what it is. They listen.

She sets it on the floor of the truck and pulls him down beside her behind some parcels and kisses him. The little ballerina twirls and the music plays. Some others spot Ethan and wheel a dumpster into the street. One of the guys is wounded and they limp away. Ethan’s truck is toast. He’s on foot now. Ben and Amy are still kissing. Ethan races on foot and the truck has to stop at a crosswalk for a pedestrian.

Just as Ethan gets close, the bomb goes off. Ethan sees Amy lying on the ground and then sees Ben lying there too. Ethan sees the blood and screams his name.