Zoo Recap – Activist Animals: Season 1 Episode 10 “Emotional Contagion”

Zoo Recap - Activist Animals: Season 1 Episode 10 "Emotional Contagion"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday September 1, season 1 episode 10 called, “Emotional Contagion,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, the team are on the run as fugitives when they fly to Zambia to gather leopard DNA in order to manufacture a cure for the abnormal behavior that’s affecting animals worldwide.

On the last episode, Jamie contacted a fellow journalist in an attempt to expose the truth about Reiden’s involvement in the global animal problem. Meanwhile, Mitch escaped with both the Mother Cell and his daughter’s medication after learning who Delavenne was working for, but he’s stopped in his tracks by a terrifying army of birds. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the team are on the run as fugitives when they fly to Zambia to gather leopard DNA in order to manufacture a cure for the abnormal behavior that’s affecting animals worldwide. When it’s time to leave, they need to reach out to an animal rights activist in order to get safe passage out of the country; and Chloe ends up making the ultimate sacrifice to avoid further bloodshed.”

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#CBSZoo is next. The gang puts on masks, short circuits a fence and steals a zebra, some camels and other animals. Security comes after them and they run. Then it’s 20 hours earlier in Boston. They wonder how they can get to Zambia. Chloe says they could take a freighter if they weren’t in such a hurry. Mitch talks about the equipment they need to cure the animal. Mitch says genetics labs have them and so do some hospitals.

Abe tells them to listen to the news – they’re talking about aberrant animal behavior that might be a virus. Mitch asks where they’re going and Jackson says let’s go to Clearwater, Florida. He says they can get to Africa from there. Abe asks if he’s thinking about Ray and says no way. Jamie asks who Ray is and Abe says he’s a nightmare. Ray is taking a beating when Chloe, Jackson and Abe show up on the docks. Abe asks what he did and the fisherman says he released caught shrimp from their holds.

Ray says they’re fishing unscrupulously. Abe tells Ray he almost got them killed in Kenya but Ray says they were on the right side. Chloe introduces herself and he asks why she’s with them. Jackson asks if he’s still making the Africa run and Jackson says five of them need to get to Africa ASAP. Ray says he’s a last resort and he doesn’t come cheap but it may not cost them anything at all. He says he could use the manpower on a “project” tonight. He wants their help cutting some animals loose.

He says if they watch his back, he’ll fly them out of the country. Ray says they’re liberating animals at Clearwater Zoo. At a cheap motel, the five meet and discuss Ray and his project. Jackson says Ray interferes with poachers and is an animal rights activist. His group is FARM – free animal rights militia. Mitch says they’re zealots but Jackson says Ray can help them get where they need to go and what he does is for the animals.

Abe says this is reckless. Chloe wants to do it and says there’s no other option. Abe sees a new report with Jamie’s picture that says she’s wanted for murder. Mitch says he’s with Abe but says they could get the device they need from the zoo – the electroporator. They see the FBI guy saying that the other four are Jamie’s accomplices. Jackson says they are all wanted now and Chloe says Ray is their only chance now. They meet up with Ray to go over the plans.

Ray says people deserve what animals are doing to us. Ray says one of them can go get the device they need while the others load up the animals they’re freeing. Mitch says the zoos help endangered species. Jackson says they can go stealthy and not alert security. He says they have a secret weapon and points to Mitch. Mitch says he knows a thing or two about zoos and Jamie knows a thing or two about getting information. Jamie calls in to the zoo pretending to be a zoo doctor who needs access to CCTV feeds.

She intimidates the after hours security guy and gets the access she needs. But then she tells Mitch she’s not sure about this and asks what if it doesn’t work. Mitch says if it doesn’t work he’s in trouble but says he has faith in her. The FARM people come back with smart phones that she’ll use to monitor the cameras to alert them if security is coming. Abe cuts the alarm wires and they head inside. The crew puts on their masks. Mitch and Chloe go for the device. The others go for the animals.

Jamie monitors remotely. Jackson helps release a zebra. Jamie alerts him about a guard and he hides behind the hay. Jamie checks in with Mitch who is struggling with the alarm code to the lab. He finally gets it. They rifle the lab for the toaster-sized device. Chloe finds it and they shove it in a bag. Jamie alerts them about a guard. She tells them she got two feeds crossed and she missed a guard. Jackson says security is coming and tells Anissa they have to go.

Jackson tells Ray they have to go now. Security is there and the guards are around them. They tell them they are unarmed. The militia guys shoot at the guards. Ray got shot and Cody is dead and everyone is mad at Jamie. Anissa says they couldn’t take him to the hospital. Mitch goes to work on him and Mitch says to get him some first aid supplies, a knife and a lighter so he can do make shift surgery. He asks for the plane but Anissa says take care of Ray first.

Mitch says Ray passed out and that’s better. He tells them to tie Ray to the table. Abe tells Anissa that Mitch is good but she says the problem is Ray is the pilot. Singer tells Ronnie that he just got a call about a break in at the Clearwater Zoo. He says they took a bunch of animals. He say they also broke into the zoo’s breeding lab and took an electroporator. That gets Ronnie’s attention. Jackson tells Abe he can says I told you so. Jackson says to let him have it.

Abe says he’s seen Jackson make stupid mistakes before and says these sound like the same bad decisions his father made. Abe walks off and leaves with Anissa. Mitch says the bullet is in a bad place. He asks Jamie to assist. Ray wakes when Mitch begins cutting into him. Jamie comforts him and Ray thankfully passes out again. Mitch gets the slug out. Anissa asks Abe what’s the deal with him and Ray and why they don’t get along. Abe says Ray is trouble and always will be. She disagrees.

Abe says he met Ray when he booked a spot on a safari tour as a cover to look for poachers then sabotaged them. He says they traced Ray back to them and beat Jackson almost to death. He says Ray later had weapons shipped to their business and they were almost arrested as arms dealers. He says then in Nairobi, it was even worse. He says Ray got Jackson to go with him to Kenya to put an end to some big game hunters but it was a trap. Anissa says the way Ray tells the story, Abe is the hero.

Abe says it was awful and he had to hurt people to save them. Anissa says maybe it’s not Ray that’s trouble but Jackson that’s the magnet for trouble. Jackson gets water for the animals and Chloe asks what’s up. He says it feels like 100 years ago when they first met. They hear a noise from the truck with the animals and they go check. A warthog went into a cage with a serval – a wild African cat. Instead of being afraid, they’re bonding. The other animals are also freaking.

Jackson says they need to get out. They tell Mitch what’s going on and that all the animals had a common enemy in them. Mitch says the other animals joined in. Jackson says not all at once but like it was being passed around. Jamie asks what that means and Mitch suggests emotional contagion. He says it’s like yawns are contagious or laughter. Jackson says that would explain the increase in abnormal animal behavior that’s spreading so fast.

Jackson says his dad called it the spark and said once it was lit it would spread from animal to animal like wildfire and would be impossible to put out the flame. Abe and Anissa go check out Ray’s plane. She tells him that FARM is huge and it’s way more than just she and Ray. He says he can’t get on board with their methods. She says too bad. Abe makes a call back to the gang and says he’s at the plane. Ronnie is at the Clearwater hospital where Cody is still alive surprisingly.

He asks Cody about the electroporator that was stolen from the zoo. Cody plays dumb. Ronnie presses his finger into his gunshot wound and he screams in agony. He shows him photos of the five and asks where he can find them. Mitch tells Jackson he can’t believe it’s gotten this out of hand. Jackson says he didn’t see Mitch bringing up better ideas. Mitch says they were with masked gunmen. Jamie says Ray is still out and Mitch wants to leave him. Mitch says he didn’t take the Hippocratic oath – he’s a Vet.

The four of them head out and Jackson says they can call 911 and the zoo when they leave. Ray is up on his feet and follows them out. He has a gun in hand. He asks about Anissa and Jackson says she’s at the plane with Abe. Ray says they’re taking the animals but Chloe says they can’t. Ray says they’re setting them free then leaving for Africa. He asks who’s going to ride in the back since they all can’t ride up front. Mitch says it’s not safe up front. Jackson says he’ll get in back and Chloe says so’s she.

Ray says Mitch can drive. They all pile in. Chloe tells Jackson he’s been the best course of action if he’s not so sure. She says they’ll make it because they have to. He agrees but they’re nervous about the aggressive animals. She says her instincts are to trust him. They agree they used bad judgment with Alves and Delavene. Jackson tells her he’s glad he met her no matter what. They lean close and kiss. The zebras go berserk yipping and the camels roar. The serval hisses.

Chloe asks what’s happening. Mitch says he’s pulling over but Ray says not to. The zebra breaks its lead and the truck loses control. They’re crashing into cars. Mitch struggles for control and gets the truck pulled over. They run for the back. They hear sirens. They all run for the airport. They tell Ray to run. Mitch grabs his bag. Ronnie is with the cops. There are zebra on the road. Ronnie sees they are near the airport. The locals go for the animals. Ronnie goes for the plane.

They tell Abe to go as they run into the plane. They get on board and Jackson says to go. Ronnie is right on the tail of the plane and is ready to take a shot. Anissa is going to shoot Ronnie but Chloe won’t let her and tackles Anissa. They both go tumbling off the ramp of the plane. Ronnie lets the locals take Anissa while he claims Chloe as his catch. They watch as the plane climbs into the sky.