Zoo Recap 8/25/15: Season 1 Episode 9 “Murmuration”

"Murmuration" -- Jamie contacts a fellow journalist in an attempt to expose the truth about Reiden's involvement in the global animal problem. After realizing Delavenne works for Reiden, Mitch escapes with both the Mother Cell and his daughter's medication. However, on their way to deliver the medication, Mitch and Abraham come face-to-face with a terrifying army of birds, on ZOO, Tuesday, August 25 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network  Pictured (L-R)  Nora Arnezeder     as Chloe Tousignant, Kristen Connolly as Jamie Campbell and Billy Burke  as Mitch Morgan Photo Credit: Cook Allender /CBS  © 2015 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday August 25, season 1 episode 9 called, “Murmuration,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, Jamie (Kristen Connolly) contacts a fellow journalist in an attempt to expose the truth about Reiden’s involvement in the global animal problem.

On the last episode, the team discovered a terrifying rat infestation when a cargo ship carrying the bloodthirsty rodents washed up off the coast of Massachusetts. Meanwhile, Mitch secretly prepared to make a dangerous trade with Reiden-Global to save his terminally ill daughter’s life. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Jamie contacts a fellow journalist in an attempt to expose the truth about Reiden’s involvement in the global animal problem. Meanwhile, Mitch escapes with both the Mother Cell and his daughter’s medication after learning who Delavenne is working for, but he’s stopped in his tracks by a terrifying army of birds.”

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#CBSZoo starts with Mitch handing over the mother cell and then seeing Chloe’s boss. Mitch grabs the meds and mother cell and starts to make a run for it. Clayton locks the door and says to hand it over now and he can keep the medicine. Mitch throws a chair through the glass and runs for it. Delavane calls security and describes Mitch. He dodges into a freight elevator when a delivery guy leaves and throws his shirt over the camera then hits every elevator button.

Clayton tells security to start a floor to floor search. They lock down the building. Delavane asks Clayton why Mitch was there. Mitch opens an emergency exit which triggers a siren but he’s on the street. He scales the fence and takes off running. Clayton and Delavane come out but Mitch is gone. In New York, Shafer’s boss gets a report from Singer that Shafer was on his own time in New Orleans and mentions he dialed a woman named Chloe several times.

The boss recognizes her name and Singer says she’s on leave from French Intelligence. He says Jamie was on the same flight with her and was in DC too. He tells Singer to dig deep on Chloe to see who she was with in Mobile. In Boston, Mitch tells the team what he did with the mother cell but that he still has it. He explains about his daughter then says he kept the mother cell. Jackson and the others go off on him. Mitch says they need to focus on Delavane and says he’s not who they think he is.

Abe says maybe he had a good reason to be there. Mitch says trust him, the guy was up to something. He says he was at Reiden because he works there. Chloe asks if he saw Mitch and he says yes. Chloe says this is bad. Abe says the company that put them together is Reiden and wonders why they would do that since they might uncover the truth. A friend of Chloe’s calls to say there’s a warrant out for her for the murder of an FBI agent.

Mitch says he thinks the mother cell could reverse the mutation. He says they need an animal who has mutated but not exposed to the mother cell. Abe says all the animals they’ve seen have been mutated because of Reiden. Jackson asks how they would find this and Mitch says it’s like finding a needle in a needle stick but says that’s what they need to find. Chloe tells her buddy to trust her and they end the call. Chloe fills the others in on the warrant out for she and Jamie in Shafer’s death.

Chloe says they’ll connect the rest of them soon. Jackson asks where they can go. Mitch says it feels like game over. They wonder where they can go. Mitch’s ex takes Henry for a check up at the clinic. A woman is there with some parakeets who have gone crazy with noise. She heads home with the dog and Henry barks at some birds on the power line – a bunch of them that are chirping madly. Abe tells the others they need to act like criminals. He hands out burner phones.

Mitch says he has to get the meds to Clem. They hear a siren and they all look shifty but the car drives past them. Jackson says this won’t work and says they need to get out in front of it. He says they need to save their asses and the world. Chloe asks what to do. Jackson says they need to go public in an official channel. He asks who Jamie knows. He tells Abe to go with Mitch and get the meds to Clementine. He tells Chloe they’ll work together.

Delavane asks Clayton why they never told him about the mother cell. Clayton says it was need to know. He says he was blackmailed by a member of his team. Delavane says if he had known about the mother cell, he could have dealt with it. Clayton says the team was supposed to protect Reiden and now they can ruin everything. He tells Delavene to get the mother cell back and end this. Delavene comes home and Sasha says his friends are here – it’s Chloe and Jackson.

Sasha leaves them to talk. Jamie calls Wilson at the Boston Sentinel and he asks why for him. She asks to meet and he says to come by the office. She asks to meet discreetly. She says it’s career defining big and needs to be an anonymous source. He tells her to meet him at a warehouse then asks if she’s in trouble. She says she’s okay and they plan to meet at two. She cracks the phone and throws it away. Abe swaps the license plate on their car while Mitch calls his ex.

Abe says the police might go there and Mitch says it’s likely not a good idea. Abe tells him he’s only doing this for Clem. Mitch says he knows he was wrong to do this and tells Abe he can take a swing at him. Abe smirks and says that’s the last thing Mitch should want. A bird lands by them screeching abnormally. Abe shoos the bird away and they spot a cluster of them together. Abe says a fishing crew were attacked by a flock of birds off of Capetown. He says they sounded like cicadas.

Mitch says they need to get out of there. Jackson tells Delavene he has a beautiful home – surprising on a government agency salary. Chloe says they know he works for Reiden. Chloe asks why he put them together when he knew Reiden was responsible. He says their culpability is not a foregone conclusion then asks why they are there. Jackson says they want resources and information to help them make the cure to reverse the mutations.

Jackson says they also need to come clean about Reiden and the mother cell. Delavene says they’re naïve and says they will be sued. Jackson says they can be part of the solution and the court of public opinion may go with them. Delavene says they can hand over the mother cell and he will let them walk away. He says he knows Jamie and Chloe have a warrant out on them. He says their whole team will be implicated in these incidences and believe they caused the problems.

He says no one will believe in anything they say about Reiden. Jackson says no and Chloe says she agrees with Jackson. Delavene says they’re making a mistake and Jackson says he’s the one making a mistake. He says they have nothing to lose but Delavene does and says when all this is gone, remember they gave him a chance. Jackson tells the others how it went with Delavene. Jamie says he’s going to have them all killed. Chloe asks when they can talk to her journo friend.

Jackson says they still need to find a cure. He asks if she has Leo Butler’s ledger and asks to see it. He says there’s a list of every location of Reiden products. He says they need a location where Reiden didn’t expose anyone. They tear a map off the wall of the bar and Chloe pays the bar keep $100 for the trouble. They wonder why all the animals haven’t been affected.

They start marking locations on the map. Singer calls boss Ronnie and says he ran a search on Chloe on CCTV and got a hit on one of her accomplices – Jamie. He sends Ronnie the footage. He sees Jamie make a call and crack the cell phone. Ronnie digs her phone out of the trash and gives Singer the serial number on the phone and asks him to find out who she talked to. Chloe sits outside drinking when Jackson finds her. He says they eliminated 2/3 of Asia plus most of North and South America.

Chloe says Shafer and Delavene are all her fault. Jackson says they all fell for it but Chloe says she’s trained to read people and didn’t see it. She says her sister slept with her BF and she never saw that. Jackson admits that one was pretty bad. She asks how she can trust her instincts. Jackson says just do it and ask for help if she needs it. Mitch and Abe pull up near the ex’s house and look around. His ex’s wife isn’t there and the door is locked.

Mitch says she always hid a spare key in the same place. They notice screeching birds on all the power and phone lines. Abe says he thinks they’re talking to each other somehow. They hear dogs barking and see several running down the street. Mitch gets a call from Audra. She says they’re trapped at the park and birds are attacking people. The birds knock down and flock on a woman and she hides Clem’s face from the horror. Mitch tells Abe they have to go to the park.

They take off. The birds fly away and one comes back and lands near the baby with blood dripping from its beak. The rest of the gang goes to meet reporter Wilson. Jamie explains the Reiden mother cell to him and he says one of his reporter friends was attacked by a bird this morning. Jamie says they have the mother cell and Jackson says they have data and experimental data. Chloe asks if he can help. Ronnie is there with gun out and IDs himself as FBI.

He tells Jamie that Shafer was like a son to him. Jackson says she shot him in self-defense and Chloe says Shafer was working for Reiden Global and they found something the company wanted kept secret. Chloe says Shafer was dirty and was covering up Reiden’s mess. Ronnie threatens Chloe and Jackson knocks some boxes on him and they run then pull down the warehouse door and shoot off the key pad to trap him. They run off.

Abe asks Mitch what they can do. They hear sirens and fire trucks. Mitch says he saved a dalmation’s life last year – his name was Rufus. He says it was a firehouse dog. Audra and Clem watch the birds and they run for the baby then the birds come after them. They grab the baby and run but the birds attack. Then Mitch and Abe are there with fire fighters and they fire hose the birds. Audra cries and asks what’s happening.

Jamie tells them that Wilson is out and says his editor called Reiden who shut them down with an injunction. Abe says maybe they can turn themselves in and tell their story to the police. Jackson says the only people the can help them are themselves. They watch the news about the deaths of people from the bird attacks. Jamie says it’s getting bigger and Jackson says soon it will be too late and says they need to act now. Abe asks what.

An FBI tactical team heads to the house with assault rifles ready. Audra is packing to go and Mitch talks to her. She asks how he got the drugs and he says all that matters is that she has them and Clem will be okay. She asks about him and his friends. Mitch says they’ll figure it out. He checks her eye and she touches his hand. She thanks him and says he saved Clementine’s life and hers. She says she’s sorry she was so hard on him. He says it’s okay and he brings it out in people.

Clem comes in with Henry and she asks why they have to go. Mitch says it’s not safe with the birds. Audra says they are going to Maine to see Justin’s parents. Mitch tells her to keep an eye on Henry for strange behavior. Mitch looks at one of Clem’s stuffed animals and tells Jackson his dad had a list of traits. He says leopards were on the list and says there has to be a reason and asks what if his dad was searching for a cure too.

Jamie searched for leopards and locations. Jamie reads about leopard attacks and they find a location near the Zambia River and the largest company there is owned by Reiden’s critics. Chloe checks the ledger and says Zambia isn’t there. The tactical team creeps up on the house with Wilson in charge. They bust the doors in, front and back, and move room to room. The house is empty. The team missed them. Mitch says it’s 7,000 miles to Zambia.

Abe says one thing at a time. Jamie opens the window and they listen to the birds and sees a giant swarm of them nearby. Abe says he thinks the birds are talking to each other across species. Mitch says there are 300 billion birds in the world and Jamie says they could send a message around the world. Mitch says they need to figure out how to get to Zambia fast. Clayton tells Delavene his hiring instincts are good since they found the mother cell.

Delavene says the group thinks they can make a cure. Clayton says it’s a shame they wont’ get a chance. Delavene says he’ll make the call.