Zoo Recap – What Doesn’t Cure You Kills You: Season 1 Episode 11 & 12 “Eats, Shoots and Leaves/Wild Things”

Zoo Recap - What Doesn't Cure You Kills You: Season 1 Episode 11 & 12 "Eats, Shoots and Leaves/Wild Things"

Tonight on CBS Zoo continues with an all new Tuesday September 8, season 1 double episode called, “Eats, Shoots and Leaves & Wild Things,” and we have your weekly recap below! On tonight’s episode, an injured Jackson (James Wolk) undergoes emergency surgery at a hospital in Zimbabwe that, unfortunately, is overrun by wild animals.

On the last episode, the team were on the run as fugitives when they flew to Zambia to gather leopard DNA in order to manufacture a cure for the abnormal behavior that’s affecting animals worldwide. When it’s time to leave, they needed to reach out to an animal rights activist in order to get safe passage out of the country; and Chloe ended up making the ultimate sacrifice to avoid further bloodshed. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “an injured Jackson undergoes emergency surgery at a hospital in Zimbabwe that, unfortunately, is overrun by wild animals. While Mitch and Jamie work to formulate a cure using the Mother Cell and leopard DNA, a shocking turn of events jeopardizes everything.”

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#CBSZoo begins in Virginia. Ronnie has Chloe cuffed and strapped in his car. He makes small talk about her being French then says his late wife always wanted to go to Paris and asks what’s so great about it. Chloe says Shafer was lying to him and he says to shut up or he’ll drive them into a deep river. She says he was on Reiden’s payroll and that company caused the animal problem. Ronnie says Shafer was his only friend and he’s trying to ruin his good name.

A car drives up beside them and takes a shot at Ronnie. The car drives off the road and Chloe gets out. She grapples with the gunmen but they put a bag over her head nd shove her in the trunk of their car then take off. In Zambia, the rest of the gang are on the ground. Ray says he has a contact who can help them find the leopards. He says he wants to help. They show up looking for Ray’s friend and find no one there. Abe points out dead bodies and Jackson says that’s why they didn’t answer their call.

Ray’s friend is dead. Mitch says those are claw marks and they assume it’s the leopards. Mitch says they’re likely on the right track. They see the TV is on a news program talking about the animal problem. Mitch says this means it’s getting worse. They gather some supplies from the place and Abe tells Jamie to check the bodies for keys to the vehicles. Ray says all they have is one tranq gun. He’s worried.

Back in VA, Chloe is yanked from the car and dumped into a nearly empty house. They zip tie her to a chair and leave her there. She struggles to get loose. The rest of the gang takes off in a Jeep and meet a family on the road that looks like they have all their possessions on them. Ray asks Mitch if the leopards mutated early on and Ray says it makes since as Africa is the cradle of life. Abe speaks Swahili to the man who then drives off.

Abe says the man told them to go back. He says leopards dragged 12 people out of their farm last night. They look for the farm on the map. Jackson maps the other leopard attack. They wonder what the leopards are planning. Abe says haphazard attacks scare people and Ray asks if they think the leopards are using military strategy. Mitch says they may be attacking as a group. Jamie says if they’re random, how do they look for them. Abe says the leopards will likely come for them.

Someone comes in the room with Chloe. He yanks the bag off her head – it’s Alves. He tells her no one knows where she is and no one is coming to rescue her. He says it’s up to her how long she remains there. He says he told them to be gentle and notices the blood on her hair and skin. Another man comes in with a silver briefcase. Alves talks to her about interrogation methods and says to tell him where the rest of her team is. She refuses and says they’re trying to clean up a mess Reiden made.

He says the team is the mess that needs cleaned up. Chloe says he can hurt her all he wants but it won’t do any good. Alves says he’s not going to hurt her. The other guy boots up a laptop. The gang spots someone in a tree and goes to take a closer look. There are many bodies in the tree and Jackson says the leopards attacked in a group. Ray says he can’t imagine this. Mitch says they’ve seen worse. Jackson says they’re getting close to the den. Jamie doesn’t want to get closer.

Jackson says if they want to find a cure, they need the leopards. They press on. Later they stop and build a fire and Ray says the poop Jackson is using for fuel will scare away the leopards. Jackson says he’s worried about other animals too. Ray criticizes Mitch and Jamie’s tent pitching skills and they hand it over. He pops it right up. Mitch says that’s annoying and Ray says they all have different skills. Ray says this doesn’t make sense and asks about Mitch’s plan to catch a leopard.

He asks how he’ll cure all the animals. Mitch says the hope is that he can administer the cure and it will work. Ray asks how he will administer the cure to every critter in the world. They hear a noise. Mitch says one step at a time. He says find a cure first then figure out how to deliver it. Abe and Mitch sit by the fire and worry. They hear loud animal noises and Mitch says he used to love the sound of nature. Abe says this is not how the bush should sound and it’s very different now.

He sings a Swahili song. Mitch says that’s what the farm kids were singing. Abe says it’s an old song he grew up singing with his brothers. He says they’re dead now. Mitch says he used to sing Clem to sleep and does a couple of bars of Oh My Darling. Abe says his singing will keep the animals away. Jamie says she has to go pee and Mitch says to speak up so she doesn’t startle them. Mitch says he needs to go because she can’t hold the gun while she pees. They head off.

The animal sounds get louder and more ominous. Mitch says it’s far enough and then they hear a growl. Mitch says she needs to hurry. She says she can’t pee when there are people around. She says she can still him and tells him to stop further away. He hears a noise and growls. He tells her to pee faster and she asks how you can do that. Jackson comes out and Abe says Mitch and Jamie went for her to pee. Then he tells Jackson that Chloe will be okay and they’ll be heroes when they find the cure.

Jackson says he just wants back the quiet life they had. Abe agrees. They hear scary noises and stare at the fire. Alves shows Chloe the laptop screen and she recognizes the apartment. He says to watch the screen. He says the man who is there is Toma who is dreadful. He says her sister should be home any moment. Chloe says her sister betrayed her with her fiance and she might enjoy this a little. Alves says no one deserves the pain Tom offers.

Jackson wakes Abe and says something is out there. Ray lurks by the fire on the ready. He says he saw something zip by. Jamie and Mitch are up too. Ray steps into the darkness with the gun and says he’s got this. They are all scared. Ray comes back and says nothing was there. Then a leopard comes out of the darkness and leaps on Ray. They all scream.

They all light torches to try and fight the beast. More come out of the darkness at them. They each take torches and Jackson asks for Jamie’s chem glow sticks. One comes up behind Mitch. Jackson splatters one leopard with the glow stick and says they can follow it. He tells them to all get into the truck now. They lost Ray and have to try and get the leopard. Jackson points out the chemical smears in the grass. Mitch says they should say something about Ray in memorium.

Abe says Ray was obnoxious, loud and stubborn but was passionate about animals. The trail runs out and they wonder where the leopard went. Jackson says they should make camp and start in the morning Alves puts the laptop closer so she can hear Nathalie scream as Toma grabs hold of her. He throws her on the sofa. Chloe tells Alves she will kill him. He says to tell him where the team is to save her. He calls Toma and tells him to put the phone to her ear.

He says Chloe is in control of all of this. Chloe refuses to speak. Nathalie begs her to tell them what they want. Chloe shakes her head no. Chloe says she’s sorry but she can’t. Alves tells Tom to keep going and Nathalie screams in terror. Next morning, the gang presses on with their leopard hunt. Abe says they can make their own tranquilizer and Mitch mixes up some ketamine. He tests it on himself and says it tingles. They stop the truck and spot a likely spot for the leopard den.

Jackson says they need to isolate one from the group. Abe tapes the syringe onto a long stick and they head closer. Mitch and Jamie stay in the car. Jackson sees fresh leopard tracks away from the den. Looks like they left for the hunt. Jackson says they can wait and nab the first one to come alone. Abe says Ray didn’t have to die and they should have had a plan. Abe says he doesn’t want any more of Jackson’s excuses. They hear a leopard. It’s a female and she’s alone.

They wonder if there’s a cub in the den they can steal. They agree that would be easier than an adult. Jackson creeps into the den to look around. He sees Ray’s body – they brought it back. Abe hears a noise as Jackson hears little cub sounds. The female is coming back. Abe gets closer. Jackson comes out with the cub and says let’s go make the cure. The gang pulls up to a river and see the bridge is out – the rope was chewed. Abe says they have to drive around.

Jackson says that will take them through the Ndube Army territory and says they’re the local equivalent of the Hells Angels. Mitch says maybe they should just drive fast and try to get through. Chloe’s phone rings and Jackson answers. The man asks who this is and says it’s Pascal and he works with Chloe. Jackson says she was arrested by the FBI and is safe. Pascal says the agent with her was murdered and now she’s missing. He says Chloe is now wanted for two FBI murders.

He tells Jackson to call if he hears from her and they agree to keep in touch. Jackson fills the others in and Jamie says it must be Reiden. Abe wonders what Reiden has done with Chloe. Nathalie is crying and begging for mercy. Alves says she’ll enjoy the next part as Toma starts in with electricity torturing her. Chloe says to make him stop and she’ll tell. She says they’re in India and he asks why. She says they’re looking for leopards unaffected by Reiden.

Alves thanks her and says if she’s lying, her sister will die. She watches the torment on screen continue. A truck confronts the team on a road. The men are heavily armed. Another pulls up behind them. Abe gets out and speaks Swahili to them. Jackson tells the others he can’t translate. Jackson gets out and says to take him instead. Abe says they’re not going to hurt him and says they think they have money or are worth money.

Jamie asks what to do and Mitch says they have the leopard. He says to give him the needle on Abe’s spear. Mitch pokes the leopard. They drag Mitch and Jamie out and club Mitch in the stomach with a gun. They lock Abe, Mitch and Jackson up and they worry what the men will do to Jamie. Abe says they need a diversion. Leopards come up on them and start to attack. Abe and the others get out of the truck and back into their truck.

They drive off while the men are under attack from the leopards. Alves comes back in and tells Chloe that he knows she lied to him. She says she didn’t and he says he checked the flights. She says they’re fugitives and can’t travel by regular travel. She says they may have changed their plans. Alves says her sister will die because of a useless lie. Chloe says if he kills her sister he will have no more leverage. Alves calls Toma and says to chop off her left hand using the dullest blade he has.

Alves says he’ll be back in 10 minutes and they can talk more then. Jamie tells the others that Mitch was smart because the kitten cried out and the adults came. Then they realize Jackson was shot and Mitch says they need to get him to a hospital. They speed down the road as fast as they can. Alvs comes back and Chloe cries. Then Delavene is there and shoots Alves’ sidekick. He tells her that he’s on her side and says things weren’t supposed to go like this. He says to let him help.

He says to tell him where the others are and he can help them. Delavene says he’s risking everything to help her but she thinks it’s a trick. Alves beats on the door and she says to shoot Alves then they’ll talk. Delavene shoots him and Chloe says he has to help her sister. He says he already has. He opens the laptop and shows her that there are officials with her sister and says they’re taking her to the hospital. She says the others are in Zambia then says if he’s lying, she’ll kill him. He says they have to go now.

In Zambia, birds are swirling and Abe says they’re close to the hospital but Jackson is bleeding heavily. Mitch says he can’t do this kind of surgery on the fly. Abe talks to Jackson and tells him to name the leopard cub. They come up on a line of vehicles driving the other way – they wonder what’s going on and where those people are going. Mitch says there could be many reasons. Jackson looks worse and worse.

In DC, a cleaned-up Chloe is with Delavene and she says she needs to talk to her team. He says Reiden will be monitoring cell conversations. She says she doesn’t even know if they found the leopards or made the cure and says they could all be dead. Delavene says if this goes well, they could get the US government to help them. Delavene says she’s seen this epidemic up close and can make them believe. In Zambia, they pull up to the hospital. There are lions and crocodiles all over.

They try to get inside but the doors are locked. A man lets them in but says the hospital is closed. The doctor says he can’t help and says they’re closing. Abe says they will help and then the doctor shoots a leopard in the hospital. The doctor finally agrees to do the surgery but says they have to hurry. The doctors tells them the lions came first then the leopards. He says they started with the young and old. They hear screams over the PA.

The man takes Jackson into surgery and they tell Abe he has to stay behind. He gives Abe the gun to protect the door and they see another guard there too. Mitch and Jamie head with the leopard to a hematology lab to try and make the cure. Abe catches up and they all head off together. Abe says to stay behind him and he gets out gun first and goes into a silent hallway. They see dead medical workers and patients on the floors. Then they hear metal clanking.

Abe says it’s a single set of paw prints and they creep closer. Abe says the teeth went straight to the bone and says that means leopards. The paw prints go where they need to be and they hear growls. Leopards are coming up the stairs – several of them. In DC, Chloe and Delavene are at a special session of the UN. A man tries to blame an RNA virus like distemper. Delavene says Mitch should be talking to them and he says she’s picked up enough.

The man says they need to destroy the infected animals. Then Delavene is called up and he nods to Chloe to go in his place. In Zambia, they make it to the hematology lab and Mitch says he has to pull out one of the kitten’s teeth to get stem cells. He gets the kitten to nibble on a piece of rubber with some flavor on it to loosen a tooth. Mitch says they need an animal to test it on. Abe says even if the cure works, they need an animal to test it on that’s domesticated since wild animals still act wild.

Abe says he’ll take care of it and says not to open the door until he comes back. He locks the door and goes. In DC, Chloe introduces herself and gives a quick background. She says the animal threat is a threat to mankind. She tells them they found a genetic mutation. She gets a question she can’t answer but says it’s not a virus because they are otherwise healthy animals. One man says an inter species mutation is not possible.

She says her team has risked her life to prove this out. She says the animals will continue to attack technology and communicate inter-species and says they no longer recognize them as apex predators. She says they are facing a mass extinction event. Many go to walk out. Chloe begs them to listen. She says her team is in Africa and needs their help. One woman seems intrigued and stays put. Mitch and Jamie go to work with the mother cell. She says this has to work.

She talks about all the people they’ve lost and says some good must come from this. Jamie gets a tooth from the leopard kitten and he digs out the pulp with the DNA matter in it. He pulverizes the tooth. The doctor finds Abe and says Jackson is in post op and gives him some antibiotics and pain meds. He says no one will left to help him. Jackson lies with a monitor on him, all bandaged up. A nurse comes to get another patient to take it away to another hospital. A leopard is in the hall!

Jackson is hallucinating that Chloe is there with him. They smile and flirt. He says he thought about her when they wheeled him into surgery. Jackson comes to and hears a woman screaming. A leopard is eating the nurse and is in the room with him and the other patient. Abe is on the street looking for a domesticated animal. He prays for a sign and spots a dog in a yard. He has improvised a dog catcher’s noose and goes for the animal.

It’s chained and very aggressive. A man comes out with a gun and says his dog is very sick. He wants to put it down but Abe says he may be able to help him. The man says his neighbors all had to shoot their animals and says it’s a terrible world where a man has to shoot his own dog. Abe says if he can’t help the dog, he’ll shoot it for him. The dog’s name is Bakko. Abe sneaks up and gets the noose around its neck. He tells the man to open the back of the truck for him.

The other patient is a woman who is screaming and crying. Jackson tells her to be quiet. There’s also a young boy in the room. Jackson picks up the boy and puts him in the bed with the woman. He wheels them into another room and slams the door. The boy tells Jackson that his brother is in the other room. Mitch says they have some viable stem cells. Jamie is worried the kitten’s calls will alert the leopards. Mitch says to zip it into the bag to see if it will calm down.

Jamie asks why he didn’t go to med school and he says emotions of people did him in and she asks if it bothers him when she talks about her mother being sick and dying. Mitch says he’s learned a lot from her. Jamie asks if the cure will work and Mitch says, in theory. He tells her thank you for dragging me into the insanity, giving him the courage to save his daughter and reminds him that it’s okay to feel. He says she may not have saved her mother, but she saved him.

The machine clicks off and Mitch says this is it. She opens the door and there’s a leopard outside. It comes in at them and then sniffs around. It growls. He turns on the fire alarm and sets off the sprinklers. They head into the hall and find Abe. He says he found the dog and they tell him they lost the mother cell. They also wonder if the birds told the leopards where they had taken the leopard kitten. They go check out the dog that’s going crazy in the room where Abe locked it up.

Mitch readies an injection and he creeps up behind the dog and injects it. She asks how long it should take to work but he has no idea. Chloe’s cell rings and it’s Chloe. She says she’ll explain things later. Jamie says they found a cub and says they’re at a hospital and are testing the cure now. She says she’s in DC and Jamie starts to tell her that Jamie got hurt. Delavene comes up and snatches the borrowed cell phone out of her hand. Men in black suits show up to take them away.

Jackson opens the door and peeks out. He sees the dead nurse and then opens the door wider. There’s a bed behind a closed curtain. He creeps out and closes the door behind him. He doesn’t see the boy. The other two peek out the door to watch Jackson’s progress. The last bed is empty too. He hears whimpering and finally finds the kid. He wheels his bed towards the other room. The leopard comes back. Jackson runs for the door and they make it in before the leopard can get to them.

The dog is still barking aggressively. Mitch says they would have seen evidence by now if it had worked and says it’s all his fault. He says he’s sorry for leading them down the wrong path with the mother cell and leopard cub. Abe asks why it didn’t work. Mitch says he’s not a geneticist, Robert Oz could have been completely wrong but Abe asks why did he fail today. Mitch says he doesn’t know. Then Mitch stops to think. He says maybe the mother cell was contaminated.

He says that’s unlikely then says maybe the cub’s gene didn’t mutate naturally. Mitch says if his hypothesis is sound, then maybe it’s the delivery system. He stops to think and says maybe the needle was contaminated or says the material never made it out of the dog’s muscle to its brain. He says maybe it needs to be oral. The dog barks. Mitch says they need to test it orally. He gives Abe credit for talking him through the problem.

Mitch approaches the snarling dog and kneels down. He squirts it into the dog’s mouth. They back away. The dog barks and snarls but then calms down. It wags its tail and sits. Then it kind of whines and pants like a normal dog. Mitch approaches it and speaks his name. The dog whimpers and lets him pet it. It acts like a normal dog. Mitch says they need to find Jackson and get this stuff home. Chloe and Delavene are escorted down a long hallway into a secret area behind a door secured by a hand scanner.

It’s the woman from the UN meeting – not Reiden. She apologizes and says her name is Amelia Sage and says she believes her. She says the people who matter also believe her. Abe comes looking for Jackson and sees the dead nurse. He opens the door from the radiology room and Abe is thrilled to see him. Jackson says he’s right and says he’s been a lousy brother to him and has made some dangerous choices. Abe says he’s a good brother and sacrificed himself to save him.

Abe says the cure worked. Mitch and Jamie run but are confronted by leopards all around. He tells her not to move. He has the bag with the kitten in it. He says if they run, the leopards will take them down. She takes his hand as soldiers burst in and take down the leopards with tranq guns. Delavene asks Amelia how long she’s known about the animal problem. She calls the Defiant Pupil a symptom of the Rogue 6 gene. Amelia says that the team is about to come heroes.

Amelia says they’re not alone anymore. They are the ones sent to save the African team. The American military were the ones who saved them at the hospital. He says a French national provided their location and they’re getting them on the plane and back to DC now. Abe asks them to spare two men to take the dog home. They head out. On a flight back home, Jackson and Abe sit side by side and Abe says he made many promises to god while they were in Zimbabwe.

Jackson asks if he’ll keep them all and Abe says all but the one about hamburgers. Jackson says that and cold beer sounds good. Jamie asks how they can eat hamburger after all they’ve gone through. They have the cub with them too. Jamie goes to find Mitch drinking little bottles of booze. He offers her one and he pops a tiny vodka bottle for her. She asks how many animals have nearly eaten them and he says they would have just killed them, not eaten them, to be fair.

Jamie says they did pretty good and he says yeah. She kisses him. He hesitates then kisses her back. There’s a thump and the captain comes over and says the air space has been closed due to some migratory behavior and they’re being diverted to another airport. Then there’s another slam and part of the plane opens up and some people are sucked out – everyone screams.