America’s Got Talent Recap Top 7 Revealed: Season 11 Episode 8 “The Judge Cuts 1”

America’s Got Talent Recap Top 7 Revealed: Season 11 Episode 8 "The Judge Cuts 1"

Tonight on NBC America’s Got Talent returns with an all new Tuesday, July 12, Season 11 episode 8 called,“The Judge Cuts 1,” and we’ve got your America’s Got Talent recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the Judge Cuts kick off with guest judge Ne-Yo joining the panel.

On the last episode, we were given a recap of the best moments of the auditions this season, including unseen footage. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed America’s Got Talent recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “this week NE-YO joins Mel B, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel with control of the Golden Buzzer pushing his favorite act through to the Top 36.”

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Things were finally heating up on tonight’s episode of “America’s Got Talent”. The contestants had made it through auditions and thankfully that stage in the competition was now officially over, but now was when things got tough because the contestants were going to be going through the Judge’s Cuts.

The Judge’s Cuts was when the contestants pull out as many tricks or songs as they could in order to win one of the coveted spots in the Live Show however, there was only seven open spots for the twenty acts that the judges were going to be seeing tonight.

So the four judges along with tonight’s guest judge Ne-yo were looking for something spectacular and it seems they found just that ingredient in Japanese Illusionist Hara. Hara was only twenty-five yet he knew how to put on a show. Hara had performed an act that could be called magic although it was so much more.

He had knives, fires, and managed to scare the living daylights out of the judges when he disappeared on stage to suddenly show up right in front of them. And so the judges were all in agreement when they said that Hara had a certain showmanship to him.

They looked at Hara and knew right away that he right in with the Vegas set. However, another act that they loved might need to be brand themselves. There was a family singing group called Edgar and the judges loves them. They heard them sing “Let It Be” and no one could find a single flaw with it, but Simon had had to warn Edgar.

He said that they might have to find something that makes them unique and thereby allows them to stand out. So he had told them that they were going to need to find a way, besides just being a family, to brand themselves as a more marketable option.

Though to be fair, it’s pretty hard to think about a brand that doesn’t involve them being a family. The dancing duo Philippe and Marie-Lee were a former couple so that kinda left both the judges and the audience wondering if they could get back together. So of course, the judges who were free to ask about that had asked the duo if there was still a chance for them yet Marie-Lee had been quick to answer no so that had cracked everyone up.

The duo’s dance had also been incredible acrobatic so they had impressed the judges with their act. But the one thing that sets them apart was their chemistry and the fact that Phillippe had been slower to answer will they or won’t they than his counterpart. So that was a brand.

Maybe not as extreme as the dance group that tried to set themselves apart by dancing to a Spice Girls song though the dancing duo hadn’t been called cheesy and they weren’t remembered for messing up like some of the other acts.

Another group act had come across as weaker than when they first began when tried to expand on what they were known for. The group called Jumpers in Command was a jump rope act that incorporated music dancing in what they did. Yet, despite that being their talent, the group ended up being known as a hot mess because of their massive mistakes.

They were off-key with the music and someone had splat across the floor after trying to both jump rope and play to the audience. So sadly Simon and the rest of the judges tore that act apart.

They said the group hadn’t improved and unfortunately they couldn’t be considered a great act at doing the same thing as before. Although, Christopher for some reason didn’t really have that problem. Christopher was the guy that had more of a relationship with his puppets than should be advised yet his act tonight was very similar to the one he did during auditions.

So the judges could have held that against him, but they all admitted that they liked Christopher because of his kookiness. Not to say that Christopher and his puppets were the weirdest things that the judges saw.

There was also an act with a man that had turned himself into a HammerHead. So he had hammered everything with his head and had even used it to carry concrete blocks. But, you know, eventually, there came a point when the judges and maybe a certain recapper had to turn away for their own good. And so it’s probably a good thing that the show put a warning during the scarier acts. It turns out that not everything needs to be seen.

There was acts like Tarzan which was funny because he had actually picked up a person and threw her at the judges though there was also Duo Guerro as well that frightened everyone that saw it. Duo Guerro was a couple act and their talent was all the many things they could do on a high wire.

Yet, that same high wire was just like this strip of a thing and it didn’t even look as if it could support either of them as they jumped rope across it or carried a chair blindfolded across. So during their performance, the audience was either gasping or reminded themselves that those two could die.

Technically, they wire was the only thing stopping them from falling to their deaths and at no point in time did it look strong enough to support anyone. So it ended up being a lifesaver that there were acts like Brennley and Lori because the two young women brought entertainment without the unneeded heart attack.

Brennley’s voice and the amount of control she had over it was something that she was simply born with because she’s that talented while Lori had managed to change Ne-Yo’s mind about her act altogether because he said that he thought he would have to fake his laughter and it turns out she made laugh for real.

So thank you, ladies! However, the night only got better for them. Jon Dorenbos’s later unbelievable card trick had Simon Cowell once again saying magic was real and Jon had magical powers and so Jon received the rare Golden Buzzer.

Jon had managed to trick the audience into believing that he kept getting the card that Ne-Yo chose wrong but at the last second he showed that he had known what it was the entire time. And the way he revealed it was legitimately unexplainable.

He had pulled the card from a deck he had drawn on a piece of paper and that there was no false back or anything. It just pulled the card out of a drawn deck without drawing or cutting. And it both weird and astounding. So Ne-Yo pushed the Golden Buzzer and said that Jon had truly earn it.

The Passing Zone on the other hang had funnily moved away from what they were known for to up their wow game. Simon had apparently told them that they were going to need more than just throwing dangerous things over Howie so tonight the duo came back with a knife throwing act that involved two judges.

Howie and Mel B. The act required for Mel B to stand on a pendulum with one of the jugglers while the other who was blindfolded threw knives across them so in actuality Mel was taking a great risk with this act.

But while she was putting her life on the line, it was Howie that got the worst seat in the house because apparently, the target for the knife throwing was the red buzzer that would dunk Howie in the water. So there Mel B was hoping the guys wouldn’t miss because she didn’t want to get hurt while her fellow judge Howie was hoping that they would miss because he didn’t want to be dunk into the water yet it seems Howie’s prayers on this one wasn’t answered. And he did go in much to the amusement of everyone that was closely watching.

Howie thought was a good sport. He didn’t mind getting dunk and so the only problem he had was with Simon. Simon had pushed the Passing Zone to go further and it seems Simon also wanted the duo to use Howie for all their acts. Which they admitted was going to get a lot more dangerous and complicated as they go on in the competition. So Passing Zone might just win a coveted spot because the judges wanted to see what will happen to Howie next.

And although the judges went on to see plenty of acts that they loved, there were was that one person that everyone was secretly rooting for. Jon was like that because he was a likeable guy that came from tough beginnings, but Ronee Martin was like that as well because you can clearly see how she had been overlooked by the music industry for far too long. Ronee had an incredible voice on her and she had presence up on that stage. So she didn’t just sound good, she also looked like a pro. Yet, Ronee has been trying to break into the music industry for more than half her life with no success.

She was an older woman in her sixties and she had tried pursuing music since leaving high school when many girls her age were getting married and settling down. So it was almost a crime that so many had overlooked her. And Ne-Yo had thought that too because he told Ronee that age had no bearing on talent therefore, no one should give up on their passion because who knows what will happen in the future.

There was a wheatgrass band that didn’t think that anyone would enjoy their genre yet the judges loved them. Plus, there was also the young Axel that pulled off even more daring acrobatic moves despite being and looking absolutely petrified. So there was still plenty of doubters at this stage that weren’t sure if they were good enough or if anyone will like them. But they were talented and just needed that positive reinforcement.

Taken Linkin Bridge for instance, the all-male singing group have grown up together and have face tough times together however, it still came as a surprise to them when the judges told them that they really liked their group. The judges had felt that they singers were both great together and apart. So some of the guys had gotten a bit teary-eyed because there had still been a part of them that didn’t think they would make it this far.

Yet, it doesn’t matter if you’re that amazing couple that sang soul perfectly well together or the guys that were set on killing themselves. Making it this far in competition showed that they were all talented. And while the judges would have loved to have passed everyone to the next, unfortunatel,y they could only choose seven.

So the seven acts the judges ultimately chose to go with were Ronee who was finally getting her moment, The Passing Zone (who have a standing agreement with Simon), Lori the little comic, Hara the scary illusionist, Edgar the family band, Linkin Bridge who again got teary up onstage, and of course Jon who had already had his moment earlier when he was showered in gold.