America’s Next Top Model Recap 12/26/16: Cycle 23 Episode 3 “Make Your Mark”

America’s Next Top Model Recap 12/26/16: Cycle 23 Episode 3

Tonight on VH1 America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) airs with an all-new time.  ANTM airs with an all new Monday, December 26, cycle 23 episode 3 called, “Make Your Mark” and we have your weekly American’s Next Top Model recap below.  On tonight’s ANTM episode as per the VH1 synopsis, “The judges choose signature looks for each model, but some ladies aren’t happy with their makeovers. Later, Ashley encourages the contestants to feel comfortable in their own skin as they get ready for a nude-photo shoot.

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America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) begins tonight with the models celebrating who made it through their first panel experience. Courtney says that the twins are far too confident. CoryAnne admits that she came in confident but is now humbled. She was raised by her father, not her supermodel mom so she doesn’t really know much about the modeling life, and wishes that she didn’t have to be compared to her mother all the time.

Rita Ora has a new message on the TV for the models called a “RitAlert”. Rita’s message is that she hopes all the models have taken their advice and critiques because the judges expect them to raise and improve their game at every photo shoot. The ladies think her message means they are going to have a photo shoot tomorrow.

Cherish says that being in the bottom three last week has really woken her up and she knows how to take a photo. The ladies head to bed early to be ready for 9 a.m., Courtney is upset that all the girls are staying up to talk instead of letting her sleep. Tash says that Courtney has the super model attitude and hasn’t deserved it.

An argument erupts when Marissa and the models tell Courtney she could have just left the room to go to sleep; Marissa doesn’t even have a reason to be in the argument since she isn’t even sharing a room with Courtney. Courtney goes to Giah and lays down with her crying. Cherish goes to confront the girls who are in Courtney’s room, telling them it wasn’t fair that they all attacked Courtney when she said she didn’t feel well and wanted to sleep.

In the morning, the models arrive at Highline Stages, where they are greeted by Rita and Drew Elliott. Rita announces they are standing on the set of their next photo shoot. Drew tells them their hair and makeup is going to be a bit more intense than usual. Rita informs them that today is about their trademark look and they are presented with the trademark looks that have been created for each of them.

As they are sent to get their makeovers at Sally Hershberger Salon, Cherish becomes very upset that they are going to touch her hair. She loves her natural red hair, stating her hair cannot be achieved in a bottle and she doesn’t want to end up with a hair color anyone can get in a salon. Marissa says Cherish is being stupid.

All the models are getting their hair done, while Rita and Drew go around to talk to each of them individually and explain why they chose the specific trademarks for everyone. Cherish meets Sally and tells her that her hair is virgin and she doesn’t want to change it; Sally dismisses her concerns and Cherish cries as they begin to do her hair. Rita comes to comfort her and Drew reassures her that Sally has done even Julia Roberts hair.

Ashley Graham arrives to tell them that the only thing they will be wearing at their next photo shoot is their hair. Some of the models are struggling with the idea, but Ashley tells them nude photo shoots are super popular now. Their photographer will be Ellen von Unwerth, the women are super excited. Ellen tells the models that they just need to come with their attitudes and she will do the rest.

Tash is having a hard time looking at herself because they have cut her hair and are making her very boyish, where she is the feminine one of the twins and they have transformed her twin sister Cody more into a woman, with long hair. Courtney says that it is karma getting them back for doing what they did to her the previous night.

Tash locks herself in the bathroom, telling them that they need to let her be her; that she knows who she is, that she is a girly girl. Ashley talks with Tash telling her that at the end of the day, her looks will always be changing, that she needs to roll with it because that is what a boss does; Tash agrees that she is a boss.

They arrive for their photoshoot and see Ashley getting her photo taken, all the models join her for photos, except for India. Drew tells them he was there when Kim Kardashian got naked and she doesn’t have anything on them. Ashley tells the girls that they don’t need to be self-conscious, that she has curves and cellulite and things she doesn’t like about herself; even people who have told her what wasn’t perfect about her, but to be confident.

Drew announces that he is separating the models into groups. The first one is Cherish, Krislian and Binta. Binta says they are to work together and make everyone in the photo look great. She continues to say that Cherish is too attached to her hair color and she needs to look around and be happy; if not, they might send her home. Cherish says she hates her hair and it would be like them telling them they need to change their skin color.

The second group starts and Cody feels like she looks like a man in a wig, but when the photo shoot starts she is going to look like a lady. CoryAnne is more confident this time around, but hopes it is enough to stay.

India is very upset about having to go nude. She is called in to the photo shoot, and she begins to cry as Sally gets her ready, she joins Paige and Marissa and does a wonderful job. Marissa says she forgot she wasn’t wearing clothes and giggles. Drew asks India if she would do some photos her mother would be mad at, she loosens up a little saying, telling the camera that she was covered with some pearls so she technically wasn’t nude.

Courtney is sick but she is very comfortable with the shoot. Tash says that she doesn’t know anyone who can play the victim card better than Courtney. Marissa admits that Courtney is stunning and couldn’t stop watching her. Tash is flailing around trying to cover herself and she is ruining the shoot for Giah and Courtney.

It’s a wrap and Drew said it was amazing.

After the photo shoot, the models are back at the house making fun of Paige fidgeting with her hair. She says she can’t figure out the hair, they all laugh. Marissa admits that she feels bad and guilty for her attitude the previous night. She tells Courtney that she is a strong woman and encourages her to go on. Courtney tells her she appreciates it and that it took balls for her to say that; she says that Marissa is very mature for her age, considering that she is 18 and can admit that when the twins are almost 30 and still can’t be like that.

A new RitAlert comes in on the TV and the message says that the time has come that one of them will be eliminated, and she will see them soon. Cherish finally has come to terms with her new hair color and is leaving everything up to the judges. The girls share how proud they are of each other, but everyone is fretting about who is going home.

ANTM’s models arrive for the panel judging. The judges are Law Roach, Ashley Graham, Drew Elliott and Rita Ora. Rita tells them the winner will receive $100,000.00, be featured in a commercial for Rimmel London, featured in Paper magazine and a one-year talent deal with VH1.

Cody, CoryAnne, Kyle and Tatiana were the first group up. The judges have nothing bad to say about all four of them. Cody admitted that it was hard for her to have the long hair, but says she rocked it better than her sister ever could.

India, Marissa and Paige are next. The judges clap when India steps forward. Rita tells her that Ellen said she couldn’t make the photograph all black and white; she insisted that India’s purple hair stood out in the photo. All of the models were given high praise again, they tell India they are proud that she overcame her limits to do the shoot.

Binta, Cherish and Krislian were the third squad.. Binta was told that this was not a good photo and they didn’t love it. Rita is disappointed, saying that Krilian is more of an online model. Cherish is told that they are not confident that she is a model, the poses did her no justice, and her hands were more like claws in the photo. Cherish fights back and says she is a far better model than this, and hopes she can prove it to them.

The final group was Tash, Courtney and Giah. Rita calls them her gangster squad. They have nothing but praise for Tash, Rita calls her the dark horse and she is loving her. Giah is then scrutinized and they say that Tash and Courtney looked like models but Giah looked like an R & B singer, and even now she doesn’t look like a model. Drew tells her the photo shoot for next week really needs to be strong if she wants to move forward.

Courtney is up for the judges and Law Roach keeps saying she looks so yummy. Rita tells her she looks timeless, her hair gives her elegance and her incredible face wants her to be friends with her, have sex with her and be her. Drew says that Courtney so far has delivered on every front. He brings up when Ellen asked her to arch her back, she didn’t complain and tried as much as she could.

The judges deliberate as the models worry back stage about who is going home. The models are welcomed back and Rita tells them the first name she calls wins best photo, she calls Courtney forward, who is shocked. Rita tells her she should be proud. Courtney, CoryAnne, Marissa and India are the top four models this week. Cody, Tash, Kyle, Tatiana are all safe as well.

Four names are left. Paige, Binta and Giah are safe, leaving Krislian and Cherish in the bottom 2. Rita tells Cherish they tried to give her vibrance, but in the photo she faded away, and asks her if she really has what it takes to be a boss? Cherish tells her absolutely. Rita tells Krislian that without a doubt her new style has elevated her look, but her photo still says commercial. She asks if she can go from catalog to catwalk? Krislian nods her head but Rita tells her the judges just don’t know.

Rita announces that Cherish is going home and tells Krislian that she needs to think she is a super model, not an Instagram model or a video model. Krislian nods her head again and walks over to the other models. Cherish thinks that she did fantastic in the shoot and goes over to say goodbye to the other models.

Cherish’s parting words are they tried to break her, but they can’t. She is upset that she trusted them with her hair when she tried to keep her integrity and wanted to stay natural. She still believes she did amazing in the photo shoot. Cherish ends with saying America’s Next Top Model isn’t the end for her, she says she is a strong woman and they can’t break her.

“Have fun picking your winner because I am a unicorn.”
~ Cherish

End of episode.