Animal Kingdom Recap 6/21/16: Season 1 Episode 3 “Stay Close, Stick Together”

Animal Kingdom Recap 6/21/16: Season 1 Episode 3 "Stay Close, Stick Together"

Tonight on TNT, Animal Kingdom returns with an all new Tuesday, June 21 season 1 episode 3 called, “Stay Close, Stick Together” and we have your Animal Kingdom recap below. On tonight’s episode, Craig recovers from a wound as Baz and Craig sharpen focus on old associates in Mexico.

On the last episode, an upcoming heist was planned and Joshua “J” Cody discovered the intense nature of his estranged grandmother in the series premiere of this crime drama about a teen plunging into danger when he moved in with his wild relatives in a surf community.Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Animal Kingdom recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the TNT Synopsis, “Craig recovers from a wound as Baz and Craig sharpen focus on old associates in Mexico. Meanwhile, Pope needs cash and draws Deran and J into a job without Smurf’s knowledge, and Deran sends a terrifying message to J.”

Tonight’s Animal Kingdom looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live Animal Kingdom recap at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our Animal Kingdom recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about season 1 episode 3 of Animal Kingdom.

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#AnimalKingdom starts with Pope bashing a fish to death on the pier. Vin approaches him and asks if he’s going to eat it. He’s a fellow ex-con who talks about a job they can do to take a safe. He tells Pope he’s been in 11 years and needs to work to live.

Pope says he can’t take any risks yet with parole sniffing around. The guy asks about the baby. Pope must have been telling people that Catherine and Lena were his wife and kid. Vin was Pope’s cellmate and Pope was lying about this life on the outside to him for years.

Later, Nicky wakes in bed with J and panics because her dad will freak. He steals the watch from her jewelry box and takes off on his bike. Her dad Paul stops his police car in front of him and asks if he spent the night in his house.

OMG her dad is played by C Thomas Howell! Baz is in bed with his side piece Lucy and his phone keeps ringing. He takes the call and runs out. J comes home and runs into Smurf. He says story for staying out all night but she says come and go as you please.

She says the boys will be back tonight since Craig is better. She says she’s making ribs tonight then asks if he’s having sex with Nicky. He’s embarrassed. Then she asks if he satisfies her then says he may need to tell her what he likes in bed.

She tosses him a cell phone and says call next time you decide to sleep somewhere else. Baz goes back inside to Lucy and says sorry. He says let’s go back to bed and she says she’s busy. He jokes with her in Spanish and she asks if Smurf is okay.

He says the doc told him he can take Craig home today. Lucy tells him Craig doesn’t blame him and he says good since he didn’t shoot him. She asks what he’s going to do about the guy that shot Craig and he says nothing because the guy who shot him is dead.

A kid comes running in and it’s her son. He hands the kid a Halo video game and they go to play. Wonder if that’s his kid also. Catherine shows up to Smurf’s house and freaks out when she sees Lena in the pool looking like she’s struggling.

Smurf was right there and says she’ll be swimming soon. Catherine freaks out and says call me before you do something like that. Smurf says it’s ridiculous she can’t swim and says you learn by being thrown in then asks if she’s coming tonight.

She says Baz really missed her and says bring the baby and come tonight. Smurf says leave her with me and I’ll cover your work money. Catherine is annoyed, says no and goes. Craig tells Doc Nevins that he wants to go and Nevins says six more hours on the IV.

Baz says Smurf says come home so they’re going. Nevins says if he exerts himself, he’ll reopen the wound. Craig says he’s not going home without having tequila on the beach. Devan is there and Smurf tells him to go collect late rent from Tao.

Pope comes in and hands him the fish. Smurf asks if he’s noticed J hasn’t been around as much. Pope says he doesn’t care and Smurf says life went on without them and he has to work his way back in. She says J is new and is up for grabs.

Nicky and J are at the beach and she says she lost the watch he gave her. She says she thought it was in her jewelry box and it’s gone – she says she feels bad. J says he’ll help her find it and she kisses him. She says it’s the nicest thing anyone ever gave her.

At the beach in Mexico, Craig has his IV in his arm. Baz’s girl is there. Marco offers Craig a chance to make some money and Baz says no. Marco is Lucy’s brother. He hassles Craig about Smurf holding his balls and Baz playing white knight.

Deran goes to collect rent from the surf shop and the guy sends him to see Adrian. Deran says he’s sorry. Adrian is the guy who was blowing him and that he beat. He says he had to pay $4k for an MRI so he doesn’t want to pay rent.

He says otherwise he can tell Smurf that Deran sucked his d-ck then sucker punched him like a p-ssy. Pope goes to find J and tells Nicky family stuff and tells J to get in the truck. He tosses his bike in the back and tells her sorry. Pope gets impatient as he kisses her goodbye.

Baz goes to say goodbye to Lucy who gives him a souvenir to take to Lena. He kisses her goodbye after they swap endearments. Pope takes J with him to the surf shop and Deran asks why he’s there. J says he has an English test.

Pope tells Deran he has a thing for them to do and he agrees and gets in the truck. Smurf is at the grocery store loading up her cart. Smurf sees Lena run by and she says she’s hiding from Krystal. Smurf walks off with her to get ice cream and offers sprinkles.

She leaves her groceries and walks out stealing her from the babysitter. Catherine is at work at the bar when an off-duty cop comes in and talks about the meth heads that robbed a jewelry store. Fischer tells her if they catch them they won’t make it back to the station since they shot a cop.

Fischer flirts with her and then Catherine gets a call from Krystal, the sitter, and panics. Pope swaps the plates on the trick and they put a magnetic sign on it. J asks what they’re doing there and Deran asks if Pope vetted the place and he says it’s cool.

Craig tells Baz that Lucy looks good and he teases him. He says it’s not serious because she has a kid. Craig says Baz does too. The drug dog at the border is going car to car and Baz asks what he did. Baz tells him to throw it out.

Craig says he can’t throw a quarter key out the window. Baz tells him to shut up and let him do the talking. The drugs are in a burrito. He picks it up and nibbles it. The dog and handler go by without incident. Craig says it’s all good.

Deran and Pope have hand trucks and J follows nervously. They go into a warehouse and pop the lock. They clear out some carts of equipment and grab a sledgehammer. They but through the sheetrock. J stands and watches.

They cut through some metal and avoid the wire. They go through the wall and Pope tells J not to forget the backpack. They go search for the safe. Pope says he doesn’t know where the safe is. He says right there and they spot it. It’s huge.

It’s bolted to the floor too. They pull tools out of the backpack and get to work. Pope uses compressed air to pop the bottom bolts. Deran spots someone on the security camera in a truck. He panics. They put a wheeled dolly under the safe as the guy gets closer.

Deran tells them to hurry. They run out and punch through the wall. The safe won’t fit and Deran says they have to go. Deran runs off but J grabs the saw and cuts the wire. They punch it through and Pope glares at Deran as they leave.

Baz pulls up at the first stop and yanks his brother out and punches him hard. Baz curses him for shoving drugs in a burrito and running shit for Marco. Craig says it was a gift. Baz says they have to be smart right now. Craig says Smurf barely gives them enough to live on.

Craig says he can sell it then reminds him that he has nothing and Baz has Catherine and Lena. Catherine makes a statement at the store to a lady police officer. The security guard points out Lena on the screen and she sees she left with Smurf.

Pope works to crack the safe. Deran and J stand by and watch. He gets it open. Inside is porn and he tosses it aside. Then he finds stacks of cash. Pope says he and J will split the cash and Deran can have the porn. Deran says he was looking out for Pope.

Pope says J has more balls than you and cut the wire. Deran asks why he wants to risk going to prison again for $10k. They bicker and J says let’s split it three ways as the brothers face off. Pope says okay and tells Deran to thank J for having genuine balls.

Pope says to say thank you J for actually having some balls. Pope keeps prodding him and Deran screams at him then walks off. Catherine comes to Smurf’s house furious and asks if she’s out of her mind for kidnapping her kid.

Smurf says her kid was running around a grocery store all alone and Krystal is not fit to watch her. Catherine says they don’t belong to her. Smurf says Catherine always takes from the family. Catherine says she knows who Smurf is even if Baz doesn’t see it.

Smurf says Baz gives Catherine a nice life and not to forget where it comes from. Lena comes in and Smurf says Granny loves you. Catherine snatches her up to go and runs into Pope. It’s awkward. When they go Pope asks Smurf what that was and she says some bullsh-t.

Craig sells Marco’s drugs for $8k and Baz yells at him for being high but then laughs. They take off. Pope asks J wasn’t that fun and says he did good. J hands him the watch he got back from Nicky and says he took it and she thinks she lost it.

Pope says as long as Nicky keeps it and doesn’t sell it, it’s cool. Pope says just make sure she keeps it and hands it back. Craig and Baz come in and Pope tells Craig he smells terrible. J watches them. J approaches Deran inside and asks to talk.

J says he didn’t see anything in the bathroom at the beach the other day and he doesn’t care either way. Deran says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about then smirks and walks away. Craig snorts coke and Baz tells him to switch to beer for the day.

Pope asks if Baz saw Lucy. The brothers tease each other about who their fathers were and Pope say Deran’s dad was a selfish prick that was short and then ran off two weeks before he was born. Pope says he delivered him and he slid right out on the bathroom floor.

Pope says he’s leaving since he’s not supposed to sleep her. Catherine loads Lena into the car and she’s already asleep. Pope is right there and startles her. He asks if she’s okay with what happened with Smurf. She says she missed two hours of work.

She says they docked her pay and her daughter slept in a bar. Pope offers her a stack of cash and says don’t tell Baz but get a decent babysitter. He reminds her she was his friend first. Fischer comes out, the cop, and asks if she’s okay.

Catherine says she is then tells Pope not to come there anymore. He glares at Fischer and walks off. The cop asks if that’s her BF and she says his brother. He hands her his card and says call me instead of 911 if you have any problems.

Deran, J and Baz talk about surfing. Baz takes off and leaves them talking. Deran asks if he’s ever been held down by a 20 footer and says prove it. They each take eights to jump into the pool and test their breath holding.

They dive to the bottom and each sits down. They stare and the music thumps above them. J starts to crack a bit. They see people looking down at them. J goes to rise up but Deran grabs his leg. J fights him. He smiles and they grapple.

He finally lets the kid go and J comes up out of the water gasping and swims to the side and gets out. Deran finally comes up and J is still gasping for air.

Baz tells Smurf that Pope’s pills aren’t working and she says she had to lower the dose and to give it a few days. He asks about what happened with Catherine and Smurf says the girl is ungrateful. J comes to Nicky’s house and says she thought she lost her watch.

Paul says he doesn’t like him giving her something expensive and doesn’t know where it came from. J says it was the only nice thing his mom had and Paul says he’ll give it to her. Smurf comes to confront Deran and asks where is J.

She says all his clothes are gone and asks what the hell happened. She gets physical with Deran and pulls his hair. He lies and says Tao paid the rent but she won’t be distracted and demands an answer. Baz goes to his dad’s place.

He’s got a secret stash of cash there and adds more to it. He points a gun at the back of his dad’s head again and his dad says, just do it already. He doesn’t. Baz gives him some cash but wads it up and throws it on the floor by his hand.

Smurf finds J at the bus station. She says she tracked her phone and does it with all the boys. He says he thought it would be better for everyone if he left. She says his uncles play rough and always have. She asks where he’s going.

He says his mom knew a guy who lived in Stockton. Smurf says her mom was a junkie too. She asks if the guy in Stockton might be his dad and J says he doesn’t know. He asks if she knows who his dad is and Smurf says his mom had a lot of guys around.

She says she only loved one of them though and says she tried to welcome him into the family. Smurf says she could not make him her brother and he asks if it’s Baz. Remember Baz isn’t Smurf’s biological child so he might be J’s brother.

Smurf comes home with J and tells him no more running away. Deran looks upset. Smurf kisses him on the lips and J goes to his room. Deran tries to talk to Smurf but she walks away from him. Baz goes to talk to J and says don’t worry about Deran.

He says Deran talks big but it’s just talk. J says he shot his mom up the day she died because she couldn’t find a vein so she asked him to do it. He says he did it right in her foot. Baz says it’s not his fault – his mom was a wreck and did that sh-t to all of them.

Baz tells him to get some sleep and leaves. J lies down and tries to rest. Smurf wakes to one of her son’s watching her. It’s Pope. He comes into the room and gets in bed with her. He snuggles up and spoons her. Smurf takes his arm in hers.