Bachelor in Paradise LIVE Recap 8/16/16 Season 3 Episode 3B

Bachelor in Paradise LIVE Recap 8/16/16 Season 3 Episode 3B

Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC this evening with an all-new Tuesday, August 16, season 3 episode 3B and we have your weekly Bachelor in Paradise recap below. On tonight’s episode, a drama queen arrives in paradise and discovers her ex has met someone else.

On the last episode, a newly single bachelor made a desperate plea for the heart of a taken woman; the unattached guys tried to bring their A-game to the cocktail party so they wouldn’t be sent home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed Bachelor in Paradise recap right here for you.

On tonight’s show as per the ABC synopsis, “a drama queen arrives in paradise and discovers her ex has met someone else and she’s forced to watch from the sidelines as he finds love with another woman.”

We will be live blogging tonight’s episode of the Bachelor in Paradise and you just know there is going to be tons of drama, cat fights, and tears. So come back tonight at 8PM for our live Bachelor in Paradise recap of tonight’s episode. While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this season of Bachelor in Paradise?

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Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise kicks off where we left off last night – Ashley I. just arrived in Paradise. Jared is busy trying to get to know Caila, he can see himself falling in love with her, and can’t wait to get to know her better. Jared has no idea that Ashley Iaconetti is back on the show – and things are certain to get awkward. During her pre-interview, Ashley confessed to Chris Harrison that she and Jared have “gone to second base” but she swears that she is okay with him hooking up with other girls in Paradise …

Everyone is shocked when Ashley pops up and introduces herself to the newbies, especially Jared, he had no idea that Ashley was coming. Ashley and Jared sit down to chat alone – he explains to her that he has been getting to know Caila. Of course, Ashley starts crying. She sits down with the twins – Emily admits that she hung out with Jared, but he dumped her for Caila. Ashley is furious – apparently she and Caila were friends, and Ashley knew Jared had a crush on Caila, and Caila “promised” Ashley that she wouldn’t go to Paradise and hook up with him.

Ashley tracks down Caila so that they can talk. Caila explains that she arrived with a date card and invited Jared on a date – they have only been talking so far. Ashley cries over how hurt she is, she doesn’t understand why Caila didn’t tell her that she was coming to Paradise. Caila apologizes profusely, but Ashley isn’t impressed. She feels like Caila totally backstabbed.

Ashley heads down to the beach to cry. Jared follows her to try and talk to her. Ashley wants to go home – he tries to convince her to stay. Ashley shouts that there is no one else here for her, and Caila backstabbed her. Jared convinces Ashley to use her date card on Daniel – since he is basically the only guy that isn’t seriously coupled up. Daniel heads to the pool to let Sarah know that he is going out with Ashley, it’s awkward for sure, and Sarah is feeling a bit threatened, she was really starting to like Daniel.

Ashley I. and Daniel head out on a romantic dinner date. Daniel isn’t exactly the smoothest guy in Paradise, he decides to break the ice and ask Ashley if she is still a virgin. She awkwardly confirms that she still hasn’t had sex. They start talking about Jared – Daniel is baffled as to how she can be so in love with him, if she hasn’t even had sex with him. Daniel volunteers to be Ashley’s “replacement guy” to help her get over Jared.

Back in Paradise, Jared is trying to smooth things over with Caila, things are a little strange between them since Hurricane Ashley rolled through. Caila tells Jared that everything is fine, she still likes him, but she is friends with Ashley and she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Jared is sick of Ashley coming between him and other girls.

Ashley and Daniel’s date is going surprisingly well, even Ashley is surprised that she is starting to like Daniel. Then things get kind of weird when a tribe of dancers rush in chanting, they pick up Ashley’s chair and carry her out of the restaurant. Daniel is a bit baffled, and isn’t sure if he is supposed to follow the strange parade or what – so he decides to finish eating.

The next day, there is a new arrival in Paradise – Jen from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor. Jen was super quiet on The Bachelor, and hardly anyone remembers her. She didn’t make it too far in the competition. Jen gets a low down from the twins and learns that Nick, Evan, and Daniel are pretty much the only semi single guys in Paradise. Jen decides to ask Nick out on the date and he happily accepts her.
Carly is convinced that Evan faked being sick the other night so that she had to stay in his room with him.

Meanwhile, a doctor stops by Evan’s room to check in on him. Apparently he has been taking some sort of medication and it is making him swollen. The medica says he needs to go to the hospital – of course, Evan rushes to get Carly so she will ride with him in the ambulance, he thinks it will be a perfect date opportunity.

It turns out that Evan’s plot to win Carly back by having her go to the hospital with him is actually working. He and Carly appear to be reconnecting, and Carly is starting to like him all over again.
Jen and Nick’s date is going well too. They are definitely hitting it off while they have drinks on the beach after a romantic boat ride. Nick and Jen share a kiss on the beach, and then they have to make a run for it because they are being attacked by crabs.

Tonight’s episode ends with the girls getting dressed and heading to the rose ceremony. This time around, the guys have the power and will be handing out roses, which means that some of the girls will be going home. The cocktail party kicks off, the drinks start flowing, Ashley starts crying to Jared, and it looks like we will have to wait until next week to learn who will be eliminated.