Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all-new Monday, June 26, season 18 episode 3, we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a new weekly competition is revealed.

On the last episode, shocking twists and turns were revealed and the first house guest was eliminated from this season. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis “Now that the houseguests have been introduced, the shocking twists and turns have been revealed and now it’s time for the weekly competition.”

Big Brother 18 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the Big Brother recap with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win to win this season? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

#BigBrother starts now and the BB18 house is still reeling from the first nomination ceremony of #BB18. Nicole knew she would be drawing a line in the sand when she nominated newbies. She says she had to nominate Jozea because he’s plotting against them.

Nicole hopes Paulie won’t go home. Jozea starts talking smack about coming for her. Paulie isn’t happy to be nommed. He knows he’s not the target and tells his brother Cody who’s watching #notworried. Paul says he knew Nicole would do this but is happy it’s not him on the block.

Victor is happy that he’s safe and thinks Nicole made a ballsy move. Da’Vonne plays dumb and tells Jozea she’s sorry that he got nommed and tells him to play hard. She mocks in the diary room for thinking he was all-knowing.

Paulie goes up to the HOH room and talks to Corey and Nicole about Jozea’s reaction. Paulie says he tried to look mad at her. Nicole tells Cody she’s sorry that she nommed his brother – talking to the camera. Paulie talks to Jozea and some others.

Jozea is talking more smack about Nicole in the bathroom and says her ass is gone. Bridgette talks about how she’s a fan of Nicole and follows her on Twitter. Paulie thinks Jozea was an idiot for telling everyone he’s coming after Nicole.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Jozea comes crying to Nicole!

Da’Vonne tells Nicole all the bad stuff that Jozea has been saying and that he’s got to go. Jozea comes to the HOH room and Nicole freaks out a bit. Day asks if he wants her to go and he says yes. He says he knows this is a game.

Jozea talks about how when he’s HOH, he’ll play things differently. Nicole says sorry and says others came and asked her not to put them up. Jozea says he’s not the person who would come ask someone to save him because he’s “100% real.”

Nicole says she’s not a #kissyourbutter either. She says she was trying to be fair by putting up two strong people. She says he and Paulie are both strong. Jozea tears up – OMG all that tough Messiah talk and now he’s crying… OMG

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Roadkill comp revealed

Nicole calls everyone to the living room later. She has a message from BB18 and says you’re not safe just because you’re not on the block right now. She tells them about the new comp #BBRoadkill. She tells them it’s an individual comp.

She says that the winner will find out in secret that they won and will get to nominate a third houseguest for eviction. Victor is excited and wants to win and put up a vet. Nicole tells them all about the BB RV that comes tomorrow.

Jozea says he’s not worried because the house loves him. Paul rants about it being anonymous. Nicole is worried about the new twist and says if Jozea stays, she’s in more trouble.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Roadkill announcement fallout

Paulie talks in the diary room about the Roadkill challenge. James says they’re all in it now. Nicole says she knew something weird was up. Nicole says Jozea is really happy about it. Jozea tells Victor and Paul they need to put Frank up if they win Roadkill.

Jozea says Frank never talks to them and says he’d get more votes to stay than Frank. James and Frank talk and are certain that a vet will go up on the block. Frank says he has to win this or it’ll be BB14 all over again and people coming after Eudy’s booty.

Da’Vonne tells Nicole that none of the four vets can win. She says that’s her core alliance and this new twist puts the odds not in their favor. She’s ready to go work the rest of the house just in case. Nicole says the newbies can just run them all out.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

New alliance forms #8Pack

Nicole says she hopes her team wouldn’t put her up, but you can’t know. Da’Vonne talks to Zakiyah. She plays the sister card with her to try to pull her into their alliance. Zakiyah says she has her back but the other newbies are thinking crazy.

Zakiyah says she doesn’t agree with them and Da’Vonne says she wants to have her covered. Zakiyah wants to work with her because she thinks the other newbies are being erratic and not knowing how to play the game.

Da’Vonne tells the other vets they all fought hard in their seasons. Michelle wants to work with them too. Da’Vonne talks about which newbies they can use also including Corey and Zakiyah. Michelle is a fan and wants to play with them.

James and Tiffany come upstairs too and they talk about a named for their alliance. James laughs and says Scamper Squad. James says names are always hard. Frank says eight pack and the others like it. They are the #8Pack. Da’vonne is thrilled.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Roadkill Comp kills houseguests

The #BBRoadkill RV honks and Nicole is first up to play. Nicole reads the rules that she has to strip off her clothes and get down to her swimsuit while keeping three buttons pressed. If you let go of one button, it goes 30x faster, two buttons is 60x faster and three is 120x faster.

When you are down to your suit, you hit the buzzer. Lowest time wins. It’s called “Take It Off.” Nicole worries that her noms won’t matter if the Roadkill winner puts up someone faster. Nicole struggles – tube socks are involved.

Nicole’s time is 4:57:66. Next is Paulie and he knows he can keep himself safe with this. He uses his mouth on one button. He does it in 4:10. We don’t see many other times but get a montage of all the action that goes down.

When done, Nicole tells everyone that they need to go to the tacklebox with their name on it to find out if they won and says it’s up to them to tell the others if they won or not. Frank won Roadkill! All the other faces are crushed when they see they lost.

Paul is certain that he won but he’s a loser too. Frank is thrilled. He did it in 2:37. But Frank controls his face so no one else will know that he won. Everyone heads back inside the house.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

A new all-girl alliance forms

Frank is happy that he can keep the power in his alliance. James talks to Frank and tells him that f-k yeah he won it. James doesn’t believe him and Frank convinces him eventually. Frank does a happy dance and says the old man game is running strong.

James calls him Frank the Tank. Paulie, Paul, Victor Bronte, Jozea and another newbie wonder who won. Jozea tells Paul that he thinks Paulie won after he left. Frank tells the others he didn’t win and says he was up to x120 at one point – he’s fibbing.

Jozea tells Frank he thinks Paulie won because he reads things. James tells Day that Frank one. Zakiyah hears it too. Frank comes in and dances. Da’Vonne is excited. Bridgette and Natalie talk about an all-girl alliance with Bronte.

Bronte is all for it and so excited about the girl power. They talk about a name for their alliance when they’re out by the pool. They are the #SpyGirls alliance. Bronte is Wifey Spy. Natalie is Flirty Spy. Bridgette is Spunky Spy.

Tiffany watches them and thinks they’re morons for forming an alliance right in front of her where she’s in the hammock nearby and can hear. Upstairs, the 8 pack talks about the activity downstairs. Frank talks to them about his third nomination.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

8 Pack talks Roadkill nomination

He’s already thinking about the PoV. He says Paul. The others agree. He also says maybe Bridgette. He says if Jozea gets pulled off, he doesn’t want Nicole to pull someone off. They debate and Da’Vonne talks about Paul playing PoV for himself. Frank wants Jozea to go home.

 Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Pixel punishment

Paulie, Frank, Michelle and Bridgette are called to the diary room to get their punishment from the first comp since they lost. They are told that no one wears clothes in Mystery Land where they landed and that they have to wear pixels for a week instead of clothes.

Bronte is totally checking out Paulie. They are given nude colored undies but then pixel attachments to cover their naughty parts. Michelle is not happy about this. Paulie says this makes it easier to flirt with the ladies because they can see all of Paulie.

Nicole is checking out Frank – she had sort of a pre-game crush on him IRL back home. Nicole then calls everyone to the living room.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/26/16: Season 18 Episode 3

Paul’s Roadkill nomination revealed

Nicole tells them that the Freakazoids and Unicorns are safe. There’s a screen with the Roadkill RV and the pictures of houseguests rotating around. They all wait biting their nails to see who got nommed. Natalie hopes it’s a strong male player.

She wants the girl alliance protected. Paul sees his face come up and Jozea is shocked. Bridgette’s mouth drops open. Paul joins them on the nominee couch. Nicole adjourns the Roadkill ceremony. James is excited to have Paul up there.

The Power of Veto is important. Paul says he’s bearded Rambo and will win PoV and fix everything like he always does. Frank is hoping he gets to play PoV and wins so he can leave the noms the same. Jozea says he’s loved so whoever wins will use it on him.

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