Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 “Live Eviction”

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Thursday, June 30, season 18 episode 5 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, another houseguest is evicted from the compound.

On the last episode, the Power of Veto was held and one person was given the power to remove a house guest off the block and save them from eviction. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “tonight another houseguest is eliminated during the live eviction.”

The Big Brother 18 recap begins tonight at 9pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about the Big Brother 18 recap tonight? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BigBrother #BB18 starts with Julie Chen talking about how Jozea may be the first blindside of BB18 and we pick up at the end of the Veto Meeting after Paul took himself off the block and Bridgette went up as the replacement nominee.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Franco comforts Bridgette even though he nominated her – he says in the Diary Room it’s just a numbers game. The houseguests wonder who it is that nominated Bridgette. Jozea says “checkmate” and tells Da’Vonne and Victor that Paulie is the Roadkill winner.

He says his intuition is always right. Da’Vonne nods and plays along. Paul tells Jozea to go make nice with Nicole in case there’s a tie and she has to make the deciding vote. However, Jozea says that he thinks it’s going to be a landslide vote against Paulie.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Jozea tries to manipulate Nicole

Jozea goes to talk to Nicole and says he doesn’t mind working with her. Nicole is stunned that he’s trying to connect with her after he told her he’s his target. She says cool but then says in the Diary Room that if there’s a tie, she will send him packing.

Zakiyah and Da’Vonne tell Nicole about Bridgette spying when she came up to the HoH room and Nicole is shocked since she liked her. Nicole and Zakiyah and the other girls from the 8-Pack talk about a #Fatal5 alliance that’s girls only and pledge not to get distracted by guys.

James goes and puts mayo into a bottle of face lotion. Natalie uses it with no clue but then Bronte takes it into the shower and realizes it by smell instantly. Bronte screams “James” and Natalie goes running and pounces on him in bed and starts hitting him.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Bronte suspects a veteran conspiracy

She’s mad because he watched her put it all over her. Bronte and Natalie wonder why no one has approached her to vote against Jozea or Bridgette instead of Paulie. Bronte says if Jozea goes home, then the other side of the house is stronger than she thought.

Later, Bridgette tells Jozea he can’t trust what Nicole told him. Up in the HoH room, Zakiyah comes up and says Bridgette was trash talking Nicole about how she can’t be trusted. Nicole is stunned. Zakiyah says females can be catty and Bridgette is not innocent.

Michelle says she would be happy to send Bridgette home. Da’Vonne is mad that she’s talking like that to Jozea and they may need to reconsider who they send home this week. Julie Chen says the eviction vote will happen live but that may not be the end of the line for the evictee.

That must be the twist that we’ll learn about tonight.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Victor gets snippy and Paul flips out

Victor gripes when James and Natalie are dropping chips from upstairs. Natalie says Victor is always riding her butt. She says he has an opinion on everything. He complains to Natalie about her pants, her eating habits and her makeup. She complains to James about Victor.

James asks about it and she says he’s f-king rude and not nice. James says in BB17 everyone got along but this is nuts. James says he thought the fights would take longer to get started but it looks like now. James is in a room full of girls and says let’s talk about how much we hate boys.

Paul comes in and James says they’re having girl talk. He’s annoyed and Bronte takes Paul out of the room. He tells Bronte he’s going to get upset and says James is pushing all of his buttons since James isn’t a girl. He says he’s going to scream.

Bronte tries to calm him down and says don’t blow up. Bronte says it’s fine, leave it be. She says getting mad will turn them against each other. Paul thinks she needs to get off his back since he has a mother. Paul says they need to kick James out of the room.

Bronte tells Paul and Jozea to keep their mouths shut. Jozea doesn’t like the fighting and Victor tells Bronte to go back inside where she’s more useful. Paul tells the guys he can’t deal with women. Julie says the live vote nad eviction is next then the HOH battle.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Time for the eviction vote!

Julie says it’s time for the first live vote and eviction and tells Jozea, Bridgette, and Paulie they get to make a brief statement. Jozea says he’s been honest and bold in the house and he’s friendly and loyalty and he loves them all.

Paulie says it’s been a pleasure getting to know them for 16 days and he hopes to continue to play on and then does a Scarface accent. Bridgette says she hopes to stay and perfect her peanut butter cookie recipe. Now it’s time for the vote.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Here’s how the votes go:

Victor – Paulie

Zakiyah – Jozea

Paul – Paulie

Frank – Jozea

Da’Vonne – Jozea

Michelle – Jozea

Bronte – Paulie

Natalie – Paulie

James – Jozea

Tiffany – Jozea

Corey – Jozea

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

As expected, Jozea is totally blindsided by his eviction. He grabs his bag and heads out. Paul looks like he’s holding in a major eruption. There’s not a lot of talk as the HGs mill around waiting on Jozea’s photo to go black and white.

Jozea says he has nothing to say to those people who will have their day. He says he feels most betrayed by Natalie. He’s wrong again – he thinks she flipped and she didn’t. Julie asks him about his “Messiah” remarks and being in control of the house.

Julie asks what happened. He says the last two days, people from the other team tried to persuade his team members by making promises to them. Julie asks why he targeted the HoH and he says that was his personal agenda since he watched BB16.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Jozea explains targeting Nicole

He says she was snakish when she played the game. He says he knew she needed to go home first. Julie says he didn’t have any secrets and told everyone everything. He says he’s honest and bold and it can be your downfall or your uprising and this was his downfall.

Julie talks about the big Have Not room meeting. He says he was trying to do motivational speaking and be a leader. He calls himself powerful. Julie plays the HG videos for him. Da’Vonne says she liked him but the “Messiah” thing lost her.

Nicole says he’s been after her so she had to come after him and says don’t tell the HoH you’re coming. Paul says one of them blew it but he’ll Rambo through this game. Paulie says he should have learned you never underestimate the Calafiore charm and social game.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

Jozea thrilled with new Battle Back twist

Jozea says it’s clear who didn’t like him but they will have their time and the Calafiore won’t last. Julie says he has another chance to get back into the game and Jozea starts to freak out. Julie says the big twist is the #BattleBack which will send one of the first five evicted houseguests back into the game.

She says he’ll face off against Glenn in the first Battle Back comp and the winner will challenge next week’s evicted. This is like Redemption Island from Survivor (another CBS show, of course). Next up is the Head of Household comp.

Big Brother 18 Recap 6/30/16: Season 18 Episode 5 "Live Eviction"

HoH comp “Berry Balanced” begins

Now it’s time for the HoH comp. The winner will be safe, as will their team, this week. Nicole doesn’t get to play, but her team can. The comp is called “Berry Balanced.” They have to race across balance beams to retrieve one berry. Then they put it in a column in the chest.

There are two paths. One is shorter and more difficult. The other is longer and easier. If they fall, the column of berries they are filling must be dumped. They must complete four columns of 10. Then they choose one teammate to choose the blueberry that makes them HoH.

Natalie fell off, so she’s eliminated from the competition. Victor gets a berry and so does Paul. Bronte struggles with balance. Paulie delivers a berry. That’s all we see. The results will be revealed on Sunday’s episode on CBS.

But check back with CDL later for Big Brother 18 spoilers including the HoH reveal before the Sunday episode.