Big Brother 18 Recap Paulie and Corey Nominated – Paulie Pitches a Fit: Season 18 Episode 25 “HoH and Nominations”

Big Brother 18 Recap Paulie and Corey Nominated - Paulie Pitches a Fit: Season 18 Episode 25 "HoH and Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Sunday, August 14, season 18 episode 25 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, nominations for eviction are revealed.  For all your Big Brother 18 news, spoilers and more, GO HERE!

On the last episode, another houseguest left the compound and was eliminated from the competition. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “On tonight’s episode the new HoH is revealed and houseguests are put up for eviction.”

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 tonight picks up right after Bridgette’s Double Eviction and Paulie laughing at Michelle’s tears after Bridgette was sent packing. Paulie mocks her concern. Nicole gets into Michelle’s face about trying to blow up her game in her pre-eviction vote speech.

Nicole is mad that Michelle called her a snake. Natalie says the day before the DE was crazy and says last night, Paulie got angry at her because she told Zakiyah about him flirting with her. We see a flashback to 24 hours before the eviction. Natalie took Z into the London room to talk.

Natalie tells Zakiyah that Paulie has crossed the line with her more than once. We see a flashback of them playing hide and seek under a bed and Paulie telling Natalie that they could make out and making comments about her breasts and bootie. Natalie says Paulie helped put Z on the block.

Zakiyah hit hard by Paulie’s flirting with Natalie

Zakiyah starts crying and Natalie comforts her. Natalie tells her that Paulie should have used his Veto Power on her. Zakiyah says she thought Paulie told Victor to put her up. Natalie tells her she needs to play her own game and Z cries some more.

Later, Zakiyah asks to talk to Paulie in the safari room. Z tells him that Natalie attacked her and told her she was disposable and that he wanted her on the block. Z repeats the flirtatious comments that Natalie said he told her. Paulie tries to flip it and says Natalie was hitting on him.

In the Diary Room, Paulie rants about Natalie stirring the pot just when he got her calmed down. Paulie says if he wanted her on the block, she’d be up there with no chance. He says Natalie is pulling a classic Jersey Girl move. Natalie also decides to tell James about Paulie’s remarks.

Natalie comes clean to James on Paulie’s flirting

Natalie tells James exactly what she told Paulie. James asks where was he when Paulie made these remarks. Natalie says she never told anyone because she didn’t want Paulie going after her and putting her on the block. James says this is a big deal and wants to protect her.

James then talks to Paulie in the Have Not room and asks him about what Natalie told him. Paulie lies, puts it off on Natalie as a Jersey girl and says she’ll eat James for breakfast since he’s a Southern boy. Then Paulie says he just flirts with everyone and it’s no big deal.

Paulie tells Natalie she’s going home next and she asks why he’s threatening her. He says it’s a promise and tells her she’s done enough already. She says she’s honest and Paulie says she’s as fake as the things on her chest and no one buys what she’s selling.

Paulie continues to unravel

Natalie says she just spoke the truth and it doesn’t matter what he thinks of her. She walks out and he smirks. Natalie tells James, Paul and Bridgette that Paulie got aggressive and threatened to send her home then made a remark about her breasts.

James hates that and says growing up in the South, you learn to treat women with respect. James says he can’t let it go and Bridgette’s jaw drops. James and Bridgette go up to the HoH room where Paulie is with Victor and Paul. Bridgette says he was personally attacking Natalie.

James says this is a game and Paulie says Natalie hits on every guy in the house. Bridgette asks why would you talk about her breasts like that and he says it’s a metaphor for her fake personality. Zakiyah walks out of the room.

Zakiyah tells Natalie about the fight looming in HoH

Natalie goes upstairs and asks what’s going on and why Paulie spoke to her like that. She says what she said about him was the truth. Paulie accuses her of coming on to every guy in the house. Zakiyah goes up with her. Natalie says she’s just a flirty person.

Natalie says no other guy makes her feel uncomfortable and says no other guy talks to her like this. Paulie says get over yourself and says don’t play the victim, everyone knows your game. Paulie gets very aggressive and he’s obviously uncomfortable that he’s been called out.

Victor and Paul watch this like it’s a movie as they eat Cheetos. Natalie says she loves James and he showed her how to trust a man and says don’t talk about James when Paulie tries to bring James into it. Natalie calls Paulie out for things he says about Zakiyah behind her back.

Paulie keeps ranting – his lies come out

Natalie gets irritated with his aggro attitude and lies and walks out of the room with James. When he leaves, he executes a dramatic slow clap while the others stare at him and don’t join in. Paul doesn’t like how Paulie treated Natalie and thinks he’s a ticking time bomb.

Paul says in the Diary Room all of this then says he needs to distance himself from Paulie. Bridgette tells Paulie that he seemed defensive and she doesn’t like the way he talked to Natalie. Z seems shell-shocked by all of these revelations.

90 minutes before the Double Eviction, Nicole asks James in front of Corey and Paulie how he’s voting. James says he’s voting to evict Zakiyah and says she’s going home. James is worried he’ll be nommed if doesn’t tell the truth. Paulie is angry.

The Double Eviction fallout

James admits the girls put the plan together to evict Zakiyah. They ask James who will go up next if the girls win HoH and he say Corey and Paul. Paulie runs to Paul to ask if he knows what James is planning and Paul says all he knows is that James is going to cancel out his vote.

In the Diary Room, Paul says Paulie is grilling him like he’s his ex-wife. Paul plays totally dumb about the whole thing and says why are you yelling at me. Paulie then goes back and yells at James and says Natalie playing the f-k out of him and calls her a Jersey girl.

Paulie says he threw him under the boss. James says he’s allowed to make his own decision and tells Paulie that he’s being very aggressive. Paulie tells him that he’d better win HoH. After the eviction, Paulie apologizes to James for blowing up.

Paulie loses it totally

Victor and Paul talk later about how the lines have been drawn in the house. Those two are in the middle and can go with either alliance so they’re safe. They hop around the supply room acting crazy. It’s the #SittingDucks alliance to the end.

Paul talks with Paulie in the safari room and Paul advises him to put last week in the past. Paulie decides that the only one he can trust is Corey. Paul says let’s just move forward. Paul says in the Diary Room that Paulie is crazy and he has to tiptoe around him.

Paul decides he needs to try hard to win HoH to send Paulie out of the house since he’s going nuts.

Hollywood Squirrels HoH comp

Corey hosts the comp and it stars Bennie the BB squirrel. The houseguests will face off head to head and have to answer questions about a screen full of emojis that will flash. This will be single elimination until someone is left as the HoH.

James is worried and really wants to win to protect him and Natalie. Nicole is also determined to win to ty and keep her and Corey safe. Corey draws Meech’s name and she will face off against James based on the random draw of names.

Michelle wants to win since she knows she’s a big target of Paulie’s. They have to see which Benny appears three times in a row. James rings in first and Big Meech is eliminated. James gets to two people to play in round two and chooses Nicole vs Paul.

HoH comp drama

Nicole thinks James’ choice is sketchy. Next is one about a squirrel that appeared in the Ready Set Who comp. Paul rings in and gets it right and Nicole is out of the HoH comp. Paul then chooses Natalie to go against Victor.

Paul is trying to stay off Paulie’s radar for now. This one is which squirrel appears the most. Victor decides to take a guess since it’s 50/50 and wins it then tells Paulie and Paul to face off. This one is about the squirrel that appeared at the OTEV comp.

Paul gets it right and Paulie is out of the HoH comp. Paulie hopes that Victor wins and will nominate girls and stick with the five guy alliance. Now it’s James vs Victor for the win. This is another counting question. Victor gets it right.

Final round and HoH revealed

Now it’s Paul vs Victor. Paul wants to throw it to Victor. Victor rings in and gets it right. He and Paul hug it out. Victor is happy that he won back to back HoH (except for Corey’s brief stint as the DE HoH). Paulie thinks this is really good for his game.

Back in the house, everyone congratulates Victor. Now Victor knows that he and Paul have to show their cards and pick a side. Paulie says this should be an easy week. Victor says he should nom Michelle and put up a pawn against her.

In the Diary Room, Paul laughs about Paulie being on the block this week even though he’s smiling now. Victor goes to the kitchen to eat and get away from Paulie. Paul suggests that Victor put up Paulie and Corey but Victor worries about blood on his hands.

The nomination talk kicks off

Paul tells Victor to think about their game. Victor says Paulie backdoored him and got him evicted so he feels okay about this. They discuss putting Paulie up against either Corey or Nicole and Paul says he and James both have his back and they need to take advantage.

Paul tells Victor to trust his social game and make the big move. Paul, Victor and James talk and Paul suggest Corey and Paulie. Paul says Corey has been lying low and beasted the HoH and PoV in the Double Eviction. James says he agrees.

They stop the talk because Paulie is in the next room. They walk out and past him and head for the kitchen confident that their plan to nominate their two allies from the bro alliance is ready to go off and they have the numbers to send one of the strong players home.

America’s Care Package

The houseguests are lying around when they hear the screams to go find out who won America’s Care Package. It floats down and hits Natalie in the head. Nicole finds out it’s for her and she’s thrilled. She runs to open it.

She got bug spray, scrunchies and Super Safety. She reads out loud that she’s safe from eviction, nomination and everything but has to wear a costume for a week. Nicole is thrilled and says the costume is cute for #SuperSafety. She has a traffic cone on her head and a unitard.

Paul says she looks like a safety witch. She shows off that it has LED lights on it that flash too. James tells Natalie later that Victor is nomming Paulie and Corey. Natalie is thrilled and says that’s what we need. Victor and Paul come into the room and they talk.

The plotting starts

Natalie tells Victor that she’s got his back and will make sure that Meech is on board. Paul tells her that it’s her job to keep checking in on Michelle and she goes to talk to her to make sure she’s ready to support them on this big move.

Voting is open now for the next America’s Care Package. The next care package is Co-HoH which means the winner will get to make one of the noms for eviction and the HoH from the comp will get to make the other. They will also be immune from nomination themselves.

Eligible for the package as of now are Paulie and Corey (although one will be evicted so those votes won’t count), Michelle, Victor and Paul. You can vote at by clicking on the America’s Care Package tab and can award up to 20 votes per day among the houseguests.

Nomination ceremony shockers

Victor calls everyone in for the nomination ceremony. He reveals he nominated Paulie who is stunned. Then he reveals he also nominated Corey. Corey shakes his head in disbelief. Nicole looks stunned. Victor says Corey is just guilty by association and Paulie is his target.

He adjourns the ceremony and Victor says in the Diary Room that Paulie never thought that when he evicted him, he’d be back and says payback is a b-tch. Paul is happy and says in Diary that Paulie was blindsided. He does a dance with his duck floatie.

Corey says Victor backstabbed him and wonders if he and Paulie can keep each other safe. Natalie says this is justice and he showed his true colors. Paulie is bawling in the Diary Room and says he’s going to win the Veto but then that means Corey will go home. He is crying like a baby.