Big Brother 18 Recap – Paulie Wins PoV, Da’Vonne Angry Renom: Season 18 Episode 20 “PoV and Ceremony”

Big Brother 18 Recap - Paulie Wins PoV, Da'Vonne Angry Renom: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Wednesday, August 3, season 18 episode 20 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the Power of Veto competition is held.  For all You BB spoilers, news and more, CLICK HERE!

On the last episode, Paulie and Bridgette were nominated for eviction. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, “Houseguest compete head to head for the Power of Veto and the Veto Ceremony is held.”

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 picks up immediately after the nomination ceremony when Paul put Paulie and Bridgette on the chopping block. Paul adjourns the ceremony and the ritual hugging takes place. Paul wants Bridgette to go but Paulie wants Da’Vonne on the block as a backdoor.

Bridgette isn’t happy to be back on the block. She thinks it’s because of her association with Frank and calls it a slap in the face. Day is stunned because she thought Nicole was going up next to Bridgette as pawn and wonders why she’s out of the loop.

In the Have Not room, Paulie, Nicole, Zakiyah and Michelle talk and the girls thank him for going up. Day knows Bridgette is all alone in the game and says she’s a Cabbage Patch kid. Da’Vonne goes to talk smack about Nicole with Bridgette.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Day tries to con Bridgette

Day tells her it might help her game if she pushes Nicole and says she needs to try and win the Veto. Bridgette knows that Day is trying to get her to do things to help her own game and doesn’t trust her. Bridgette goes up to talk to Paul in his HoH room.

He says he’s sorry about how harsh his speech was but then says Da’Vonne is shady and that speech helped to keep her in the dark. He tells her to win the PoV and pull herself off the block since she and Paulie are both pawns and Day is the real target.

Paul thinks his idea is genius and he’s covered his butt with everyone. Bridgette goes to make cookies and Paul asks her to do the peanut butter ones. Corey and Paulie go get in the hot tub with Victor and James. Then Nicole comes out whiny and sleepy.

She tells them she was dreaming about Derrick and they woo woo her. She says his wife was in the dream too and that sets them off even more and they applaud and taunt her. She goes back to sit down and is embarrassed at what they’re implying.

James asks to hear more and she says Cody was there too and the guys really heckle. She’s flustered and goes back in the house.

Showdown over showmance drama 

Paulie says he’s going to go upstairs and sleep with Paul and Zakiyah is upset and says Paulie has been distant lately because he usually sleeps with her. Z follows him upstairs and says he can sleep upstairs and he says he was planning on it and acts cold with her.

Paulie then talks smack to Paul once she leaves. Paulie says Z makes him feel like he can’t breathe. Paul says Zakiyah could go haywire if he steps back from her. Zakiyah goes and complains to Michelle about Paulie.

Upstairs, Paulie says she’s acting like a girl and he only deals with women. Paul agrees that she’s petty. Michelle tells Zakiyah not to cry and Michelle pats her back while she tears up.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Michelle eavesdrops, Zakiyah cries

Michelle says Paulie is just stressed because he’s on the block. Paulie says Z makes everyone uncomfortable. Paul says fake it til you can clip her. Paulie says he wants to win HoH and take her out and Paul says keep her happy until you can take her out.

Michelle tells Zakiyah she’s pretty and a great catch and Z cries more and more. Z can’t stand it and goes upstairs to the HoH room. She opens the door and Paul and Paulie are asleep but her going inside wakes them up. Paulie goes downstairs to deal with her.

They go talk in the safari room and she asks if he’s okay. He says he’s fine and is focused on the comp. Michelle eavesdrops outside as Zakiyah says he makes her feel uncomfortable and he cuts her short. Then he says he put his neck out because no one else wanted to go on the block.

Z starts to get teary and says he’s making her feel bad for no reason. Paulie says in the Diary Room that he doesn’t want the drama and she may need to go sooner rather than later.

Paul pranks Michelle – she hits back hard

Paul sprayed something into a cup and then Michelle goes berserk. She comes at him yelling. Looks like she drank whatever he put in her juice. She throws an apple at him hard and left a huge red mark on him. Paul hugs her.

Michelle goes into the Diary Room and cries hard saying she put a bruise on him where his kidney is. She comes out bawling and is #SadMeech. She says she doesn’t want to be seen as a violent person. Paul tells her to stop crying.

Michelle asks if she’s an ugly crier and he says she is.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Veto player selection

Paul calls everyone for the veto competition player pick. Bridgette and Paulie join Paul up front. Paul draws Corey. Paulie draws Houseguest Choice and asks Victor if he wants to play. James isn’t happy about that.

Bridgette draws Natalie. Bridgette is happy and says she thinks Natalie is the only one in the house that might use the veto on her. Natalie says she’d have to choose to do what the house wants or saving her friend Bridgette.

Paul and Paulie sit down to play chess and then Da’Vonne comes up and sits with them. They have to stop talking strategy. Day asks them what’s Plan B. Paul says it won’t happen. Day asked if they talked to Nicole about going up. They tell her no.

Da’Vonne being “sketch”

After she leaves, Paul and Paulie agree that she’s being sketch. Paulie comes in and sits with Corey and Nicole and talks about Day being Plan B. Paulie tells Nicole that Da’Vonne wants Nicole on the block and Nicole says Day is evil and they need to get her.

Paulie say he’ll tell Paul what to do and he’ll put up Day. They agree that they’ll be happy if Da’Vonne goes. Paulie tells them if he wins HoH, he’s putting Zakiyah up since he can’t deal with her drama. They talk about Z and him cutting her loose.

Paulie says he has to put a smile on his face and deal with it for now. Nicole is pleased that they told her that Day wants her on the block.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Veto comp is a sprint

Nicole is hosting the veto comp and calls everyone to go outside. Victor is looking cute in pigtails. Nicole calls it Ready Set Whoa. She says it’s five races. They have to go when they see Ready, Set, Go. They sprint down and hit a button. Once you hit one of your five buttons, it’s out of play.

And if you let go of one of your two buttons at the start line before Go, you’re eliminated. Paulie really wants to win so he can pull himself off the block. Bridgette is also eager to win and doesn’t believe that she’s just a pawn and Da’Vonne is the real target.

They take their places for round one. The words are a fake out the first time. Then there are more rhyming words. Corey falls off his buttons after he talks about winning state in school. He’s out on a false start and Paulie laughs at him.

Paulie wins it!

Bridgette says waiting is the worst part since her knee is aching. Finally, it’s GO and Bridgette was last to finish and she’s eliminated. She hopes Paulie wins it and comes down off the block so there’s a renom. Now it’s race three.

Natalie gets a late start because she wasn’t paying attention when it comes up faster this time. She’s eliminated. Now it’s race four. Paul also gets distracted and starts last and is knocked out of the PoV comp. On to race five and it’s Victor vs Paulie.

Paulie thinks that Victor is super confident and thinks he’s a competition beast so he wants to take him and his pigtails down. Paulie slaps his buzzer first and that knocks Victor out of it. Nicole gives Paulie his golden PoV. He’s ready to put Day up.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Renom scheming starts

Da’Vonne wants Nicole to go up as the renom and plans to go work on Paul putting up Nicole. They all head back inside. Paulie is happy to have the PoV and is ready to backdoor an unknowing Da’Vonne. Zakiyah approaches Paulie and hugs him.

In the pantry, Paul tells Bridgette that Paulie will pull himself off the block. He says it’s okay for her to hate him for nominating her. Bridgette asks if the plan is still the same and he says yeah, don’t worry about it. Bridgette doesn’t trust him at all but knows she has no choice.

Da’Vonne talks to Bridgette and asks if she has a Plan B. Bridgette plays dumb and says she doesn’t know. Day tells her to target Nicole since everyone is rocky about her. She tells her to tell Paul to nominate Nicole to sit beside her and let them go head to head.

Bridgette isn’t buying it

In the Diary Room, Bridgette thinks screw you about what Day is trying to sell her. Zakiyah hangs onto Paulie and acts needy. She says she just wants him to be happy. He pats her back and puts on a happy face. He says he’s going to use the veto when she asks.

He says Paul will put Da’Vonne on the block. Z likes Day but thinks the house will keep her and vote Bridgette out. Zakiyah tells Paulie she thinks the house will vote to evict Bridgette. She tells him that he should put Paul up next time.

She says Paul went from the bottom to the top and Paulie says he sees her point. He asks when she thinks Paul should go. Paulie doesn’t like hearing this and plans to tell Paul since he’s his ally. Zakiyah says they can’t let Paul get further along in the game.

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Bro talk in the yard

Paul, Paulie and Victor talk in the yard and play pool. Paulie tells them that Zakiyah wants to nom Paul. Victor is stunned. Paul asks what was the context and Paulie says she just brought it up. Paul is upset and says he might nominate her since she brought up his name.

They say the girls are all schemers and they need to clip them boom, boom, boom. There’s also a reminder about #AmericasCarePackage and voting is open at CBS dot com BB care package. The next care package will be delivered on Sunday.

You can vote up to 20 votes per day and remember, once someone gets a care package, they can’t get a later one and the care packages get more valuable as things progress.

Day suspects Paul

Da’Vonne comes up to the HoH room to talk to Paul. He decides to try and hint to Day that she will go up since she might have the Round Trip ticket and could come back into the house. Paul says he needs someone to go up as a replacement nom when Paulie comes down.

Day tells him that Nicole volunteered. He says no he can’t trust her. Then she says Natalie and he says Natalie will flip out because she’s never been on the block. Da’Vonne says what about Zakiyah and he say nah he can’t trust her either.

Paul tells her that he’s certain if he puts her up, she’ll be a pawn and Bridgette will definitely go home. Day says she’s a big target and doesn’t want to go up. Paul keeps fibbing to her about why she needs to go up. He says he trusts her and she trusts him (she doesn’t).

Big Brother 18 Recap 8/3/16: Season 18 Episode 20 "PoV and Ceremony"

Veto meeting and renom

Paulie takes his PoV medal and considers his options then calls everyone for the #VetoMeeting. He says he’s using the Power of Veto on himself. He then tells Paul that he now has to name a houseguest as replacement nominee.

Paul says he’s made his objective clear and is happy that Paulie pulled himself off the block so someone he trusts needs to go up so that things go smoothly. He says he needs someone confident and calm and renoms Da’Vonne. She takes her seat but isn’t happy.

Nicole can’t contain herself and smirks. Paul says he gave the house what they want and now it’s up to them to vote for what they want. Bridgette says she hates everyone for voting Frank out and Day is at the top of her hit list and hopes she goes home.

Day says she’s gone through hell with Bridgette and doesn’t want their hugs, she just wants Bridgette to go home. Who will it be? Come back to CDL tomorrow night for the LIVE eviction and see if it’s Bridgette or Da’Vonne that exits the #BB18 house.