Big Brother 18 Recap – Bridgette and Pawn Paulie Nominated: Season 18 Episode 19 “HoH and Nominations”

Big Brother 18 Recap - Bridgette and Pawn Paulie Nominated: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 airs with an all new Sunday, July 31, season 18 episode 19 and we’ve got your Big Brother 18 recap down below! On tonight’s episode, nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last episode, another houseguest was evicted from the house, Frank ended up leaving the compound. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Big Brother 18 recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB18 as per the CBS synopsis, ” The HoH competition takes place and nominations for eviction are revealed.”

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#BigBrother18 #BB18 starts tonight with the HoH competition we left off with after the LIVE eviction where Frank was sent packing. The houseguests are still practicing their ball rolls with their yellow balls. Once they switch to the red ball, they only get one shot at their score.

Nicole is happy that Frank is gone and wants to win this since Frank called her out to Da’Vonne. Day is happy that Frank is gone too and now wants to take out Bridgette since she knows she’s targeting her. Bridgette is worried she’ll be on the block if she doesn’t win it.

Paulie throws the comp by scoring a low six. That puts him in the lead since no one else has rolled their red ball. James is trying to give Natalie advice but she’s sucking at it. Victor is ready to roll his red ball and scores a 14 and that puts him in the lead.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

HoH comp rolls on (literally)

Paul lands a 21 and that knocks Victor out of the lead and hands the HoH victory to Paul since he got the high score. Others try for a perfect score as well. Bridgette lands a 10. Turns out Paulie cut a deal with Frank to protect Bridgette and not send her packing. She and Paulie whisper to each other.

Michelle and Natalie land the perfect shot which is to land in a tiny box above the 21. Natalie lands three in a row with the yellow ball and James tells her to try the red ball. Natlaie rolls the red and it falls off with a 2 because she was freaking out.

Corey rolls his red and lands past the end and that gives him a zero. Nicole now rolls hers and scores a 19. Not too bad, but not good enough. Zakiyah rolls hers and also rolls off the end for a zero. Da’Vonne rolls her red and so does Michelle. Day gets 19 and Michelle gets 16.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Paul is named HoH

Paulie is pumped and Victor is thrilled. Most of the house seems fine with Paul landing Head of Household. The HGs go back inside and Paul says he’s ready to finish the job they started last week and send Bridgette packing. Bridgette is worried about her next move.

Corey, Paul and Victor talk in the pantry and Paul says he’s worried and needs a favor from one of the boys. He wants someone to go up against Bridgette as a pawn. Victor says he doesn’t feel comfortable going up since he was already evicted. Paul wants him to trust him.

Nicole wants Da’Vonne out of the house. They talk about Frank being gone and Nicole says he didn’t look happy onstage. Day says it really hit him when he walked out. Day doesn’t trust Nicole but has no solid proof against her until Frank told her that Nicole threw her under the bus.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Nomination talk starts

Corey, Paulie and James talk about Paul’s nominations. Paulie says Bridgette can go up but he wants Da’Vonne to be evicted. Paulie thinks Day will come after them and she is getting people to go against each other. Paulie thinks Bridgette can be used by them and Day stirs the pot.

Corey says Da’Vonne is Frank in girl form. James doesn’t like this and knows he can trust Day and she won’t come for him. He’s hoping Paul won’t go for Paulie’s plan but plays nice to Paulie’s face. Paul comes in as James leaves. Paulie tells him to go after Da’Vonne.

Paul really wants Bridgette out. But they don’t know that Paul has been blabbing to Day some of the secrets that the guys have been keeping. Paul says the only way is to backdoor her and he wants to nominate Victor next to her.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Paul considers Paulie’s plan

Paul decides it doesn’t matter if Day goes home or Bridgette so long as it’s a girl that goes. He lets everyone come into his HoH room and shows off photos of him without a beard and with his sister and grandma. Nicole thinks he looks hotter without his beard.

Paul reads a letter from home to everyone. Later, Paul tells Victor, Nicole, Paulie and James that he needs a pawn to put up beside Bridgette. Da’Vonne comes in the room. Day tells him that she was on the block already. She’s making a case for anyone who’s been nommed before not to play.

James tells Paul that his hand is killing him from his HoH win last time. Zakiyah comes in and Paul asks her about being a pawn. She says hell no. Nicole says if he thinks she’s strong enough to win, she’ll do it but then later regrets speaking up.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Bridgette makes a move

Nicole tells Corey how she found a baby kitten and adopted it. They talk about pets and he says he adopted his dog from a shelter and says it’s so sad. He said she would cry. He talks about the cages and how the dogs all look at you. He says he spoilers “the f-k” out of his dog.

Bridgette comes to talk to Paul and Paulie and tells them she doesn’t trust Day and feels like Nicole is up to something too. Paul asks her if Day or Nicole is more iffy and Bridgette says the two are close and are probably working together.

Paulie says Day stirs up shit and Paul says he has a plan. He says if the plan works, it should be okay. Bridgette says cool. Paul just wants Bridgette to feel comfortable so if Day goes home, he can play like he meant for it to happen that way.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Paul and Paulie are #BBTwinsies

Paul tells Paulie he wants a girl gone and would prefer it to be Bridgette but if she’s off the block it can be Nicole or Day. Paulie seems annoyed that he won’t let go of the Bridgette thing. Later though we see that Paulie is now rocking an identical haircut to Paul.

Bridgette calls them twinsies. Paul says he’s never had a friend like that and Paulie is also growing his beard out. Paul also notes that Paulie is in sleeveless sweatshirts like him too. Paulie is also using all of Paul’s catchphrases like za, pissed, and friendship.

Paul says he’s pulling the plug if Paulie asks him to pierce his nose. Zakiyah says they’re lovers. Paul calls everyone to the living room. It’s time for a reveal.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

America’s Care Package revealed

Paul reads them the info about the five weeks of America’s Care Package and says once they win, they can’t win again. There will be an advantage in each and the first is delivered today. Nicole worries this could be a game changer. They are told they have to open it front of everyone.

They get the notice later that a #BBCarePackage has been dropped off and are told to go to the yard. They all run out and Natalie is thrilled that she was picked to get the first package. She opens it in front of everyone. She gets socks and a Never Not pass that will keep her from being a Have Not.

Corey is jealous since he’s on slop and is hungry. James is happy so that will keep him happy too and thanks America. James runs off with the parachute that came with her package. The others check out all her goods she got.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Pawn talk

Nicole talks to Corey and Michelle and she wants Corey to go up as a pawn since he’s a strong player but then she takes it back and says she’ll do it. Nicole comes to see Paul and Paulie and says she’ll be a pawn but they have to guarantee her that she won’t go home.

Nicole says she’ll do it but then Paulie steps up and says he’ll do it. Paul says he and Paulie always pull it out and if Paulie can win PoV, they can control it all and it’ll be an explosion of friendship. Paulie says in the Diary Room that he’ll step up and then Da’Vonne will go home.

Paul says he trusts them all and he’s not mad Nicole doesn’t want to do it. Nicole says she won’t be mad if he puts her up but Paul says Paulie can get the job done. The others listen in but no one else volunteers to be on the block so it’ll be Paulie against Bridgette.

Big Brother 18 Recap 7/31/16: Season 18 Episode 19 "HoH and Nominations"

Nomination time

Paul calls everyone in for the nomination reveal. First up is Bridgette and she looks sad. Second is Paulie who stays straight faced. James pats Paulie on the back like this is a tragedy. Paul tells Bridgette that she’s the hot topic and he made a pledge to finish the job that was started last week.

He tells Paulie he nominated him to make sure the Power of Veto stay in the right hands. Bridgette isn’t happy and says this is not friendship and she was besties with Frank and that’s why she’s on the chopping block.

In the diary room, Paul says he wants Bridgette gone even though Paulie wants Day out. Da’Vonne wonders why Nicole isn’t on the block and why Paulie is. Paulie is happy to be on the block and is certain his backdoor plan is in play.

The End!

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