Big Brother 18 Recap Corey Wins HoH – Victor and Paul Angry on the Block: Season 18 Episode 38 “HoH and Nominations”

Big Brother 18 Recap Corey Wins HoH - Victor and Paul Angry on the Block: Season 18 Episode 38 "HoH and Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 18 returns with an all-new Sunday, September 11 episode and we have your Big Brother 18 recap below!  On tonight’s episode, the endurance HoH is held and it is traditional Big Brother slip and slide competition.

If you missed last week’s episode where both James and Natalie were on the block and Natalie was sent home,  we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the HoH competition are held. The remaining houseguests were told they had to deliver eight gallons of buttery goo to the large tanks at the end of their slippery row to win the HoH. Once the new HoH is crowned he/she will announce their nominations for eviction.”

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#BigBrother18 starts with the slip-and-slide Head of Household competition to win #BB18 Week 12 HoH. They have the option to fill up a smaller container of buttery goo first to win a bigger scoop. Corey decides to beast out and just win it without worrying about the smaller one.

Victor is on the sidelines watching and he hopes James won’t win. Paul hopes they can win and get James evicted this week. Nicole says she and Corey were discussing trying to get Paul and Victor out by making a big move. We see a flashback to them talking two days before.

Corey says in Diary that they have to have James on their side in order to target them. We see Corey talking to James after he had an argument with Natalie before she got evicted. Corey told him to worry about moving forward and says he and Nicole have his back.

Corey, James and Nicole scheme before eviction

When Nicole comes back to bed, Corey tells her he talked to James and they’re in good shape with him. James comes back in to talk to them and discuss future plans. In Diary, James says he’s had their back since day one and they can ride this to the end.

Back to the HoH comp and Corey wants to make sure that him, Nicole or James wins the HoH. Corey is killing the comp. Nicole is focused on the small container hoping to get the big scoop. Paul is struggling and slides around and ends up on all fours.

Nicole quietly cheers on Corey and James. Corey is happy that Nicole is doing the small one and him the big one so they have all their bases covered strategy-wise. Corey is in the lead, James is second and Paul and Nicole are working on the small jug.

It’s a sticky mess

James is getting tired and says in Diary that he’s out of shape and needs to get on the tread mill more often. Paul takes a hard tumble and backslides. Victor laughs at him as he goes down again and again coming and going. Victor is in hysterics.

Corey is happy that Paul looks like a baby crawling all over and falling down. Paul says in Diary that he feels like he’s on a butter-covered treadmill on maximum incline. Corey is still in the lead after almost half an hour in. James takes a hard fall too.

Paul decides to slide down on his booty to go downhill. He says it’s working for him. He and Nicole are close to getting the big scoop. Nicole is so close to having her big scoop but she says she’s also getting tired. She digs in and unlocks her big scoop.

The big scoop strategy

Now that Nicole has the big scoop, she can fill faster. Paul is trying to get his big scoop loose but it’s not enough yet. Nicole says this feels good and she’s happy to see how fast her big container is filling up. It’s close to an hour in and Corey is close to winning it.

Nicole starts falling and makes some butter angels. Corey is very close. James is crawling back up. Paul says he can’t catch up and asks Victor for a hot dog. Corey wins it just as James and Nicole poop out. Corey is thrilled he and Nicole will be in the final four.

In Diary, James is happy that Corey won and thinks he could be safe this week. Victor hands him the HoH key. Paul is sliding around eating a hot dog. Victor knows that he or Paul will be up this week, but he thinks they will be up as a pawn with James as the target.

The pain sets in

Everyone is sore as they had back into the house. Paul feels safe and thinks he’ll honor the Final Four alliance and that James will go home. Paul tells James he respects him for sticking by Natalie. Corey and Nicole go high five in the Tokyo room.

Nicole is ready for them to make a big move. Paul comes in to high five them. Victor celebrates with them in the pantry. He is confident they are sticking by him and Paul and he thinks they’re winning. James takes his packed back bag to London since he wasn’t evicted.

He says he lost his best friend in the game and feels like this was a break-up. We see a flashback to him and Natalie talking 40 hours before the eviction. He turns the light on and tries to talk to her. He says he cares about her and doesn’t want her upset with him.

James tries to make up with Natalie

She’s grumpy and says she just wants to sleep and is done fighting. James says he was upset and wants to apologize. She gripes about him making remarks about Paulie and her throwing him under the bus. She starts crying and says this has been difficult.

She says she wants to stay and change her life but would never ever throw him under the bus and if she did, she’s sorry. She says she would never use him or anyone. James laughs that she left him her flip flops so he doesn’t get foot fungus.

Now he says he has to focus on the game since there is still game left to play, but he’s clearly still upset by their bickering before she was evicted.

Corey pranks Nicole

James’ pranking habit has taken over the house and Corey salts Nicole’s water jug and laughs. Later, they’re playing dominoes and she sips it and then spits it out onto him. She dies laughing and he asks if she’s freaking kidding me.

She laughs and he goes off to clean off. Corey calls them to see his HoH room. Everyone comes up and he reads them a letter from home about his family and his dog. Corey and Nicole talk strategy and he says he’d rather take James to the final three.

He says Victor lied to him and sent Paulie out of the house so they should take out Victor then Paul next. Nicole says he’s playing Big Brother and good for him. Corey knows Victor is the biggest threat in the house. Nicole says make sure and talk to James.

Nicole worries what James might do

Nicole wants to talk to James to make sure that Natalie didn’t give him marching orders to come after them and Corey says they’ll talk to him but says it makes no sense for James to work with them. Nicole says she will crap herself when he nominates Paul and Victor.

Nicole says maybe she’ll fake food poisoning so she doesn’t have to be at the Nomination Ceremony. Later, Victor flirts with Nicole and says he’ll marry her if Corey won’t. Paul observes that Corey is trying to win Nicole’s heart.

We see him flirting with her and pranking her. He’s chasing her around the house and kissing her. Corey just overlooks it. We see him picking her up and hugging on her all the time. He’s always touching her. Paul thinks Nicole’s heart is a comp he won’t win.

Corey and Nicole watch the cams

They see James in the kitchen and wonder if he’ll come up on his own or if they need to get him. They watch him walk past the cameras then he comes back by and heads to the kitchen. He heads upstairs and they’re excited. They click the screens off.

Nicole and Corey high five then he knocks on the door. Nicole says they were hoping he’d come up. James asks what they have planned and Corey asks what he thinks they have planned. James says he thinks they’re going for big fish.

Nicole says they want Victor out and James agrees. He says it was tearing him up but he knows Natalie had to go. James says he’s good with Corey. Nicole says Paul and Victor will try to get in his ear. Corey says they need to win the veto and leave them on the block.

James, Nicole and Corey are a lock for F3

James, Nicole and Corey all feel good about this so long as they all win the veto. Paul and Victor talk downstairs. Victor wants to win the veto too. Paul asks if Nicole and Corey might put them on the block and Paul says James might get into their ear.

Paul says James is a sneaky little guy but Victor seems confident. Corey and Nicole laughs as they watch the cameras and they see Paul coming upstairs. Nicole puts on the headphones and they click off the screens. Paul comes in and asks where’s everyone.

Corey says no one has been up here and he doesn’t know. He asks Corey the plans and if he’s putting up James. Corey says yes and then Paul says he can put him up as a pawn and he and Victor are both cool. Corey says a lot of yea’s and nothing else.

Paul and Victor are in the dark about noms

Paul feels good about this and thinks this will be a smooth week and James will be evicted. They tell him goodnight and he heads out. Nicole says she feels bad and Corey says Vic and Paul will be pissed. She says Victor will be hurt and Paul will be obnoxious.

Nicole says Paul will try and get in her head and it will work. Corey says they can’t play Victor and Paul in Final Four. Corey says he doesn’t want James to go home since they can beat him at any comp they want. Nicole repeats she’s worried James is secretly working with them.

Nicole says all of them being in London all week makes her nervous. She says she never wants to have to vote James out of BB18. She says he’ll listen to what they have to say. Corey hears her but says they have to get nominations right.

Nomination ceremony – hurt feelings

Corey ponders nominations while he goes on a cleaning binge. He stresses out and cleans up the whole house while everyone is sleeping. He even did the stairs going up to the HoH room. Paul and Victor assume one of them will go up as a pawn and aren’t worried.

Corey says he’s playing Big Brother not Big Baby as he makes his selections and heads down to call everyone for the Nomination Ceremony. Corey reveals he nominated Victor. At first, this seems okay. Then he shows the second nom is Paul.

Corey says he nominated them but he cares about them but it’s not in his best interest strategically to put up James. He says he can’t put Nicole at risk and says “momma didn’t raise no bitch, I’ve got to make a big move.”

Paul and Victor fume

Paul says in Diary that he’s pissed and he and Victor have been abused and lied to him again but he’s got to gun for the Veto and get himself off the block. Corey says he nommed them because they are huge threats and his target is Victor.

Corey says Victor will be evicted for a third and final time – he says third time is the charm. Nicole is thrilled and hopes she could win Big Brother. Victor is furious and says it’s another knife in his back and his downfall this season has been trusting people.

He says he’s going to go Rambo on the veto comp and says Corey and Nicole are not the people he thought they were. He can’t wait to take a shot at them after he wins Veto. Once again, Victor is making emotional choices. That could screw him up in the PoV comp.