Blindspot Finale Recap 5/23/16 Season 1 Episode 23 “Why Await Life’s End”

Blindspot Finale Recap 5/23/16 Season 1 Episode 23 "Why Await Life's End"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday May 23, season 1 finale called, “Why Await Life’s End,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, in the first-season finale, Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) goes on a difficult search for the truth.

On the last episode, an abandoned baby was found, and it had a tattoo matching one of Jane’s, so the team tried to identify the baby and saved other infants in the process.  Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “in the first-season finale, Weller goes on a difficult search for the truth. Meanwhile, Jane turns to a former suspect for assistance with Oscar; and the team struggle as they try helping a friend.”

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#Blindspot starts with Jane trying to save Bethany’s life but she’s bleeding out. Kurt stands in the midst of chaos at the office thinking about his dad’s death bed confession that he killed Taylor Shaw. Jane shows Bethany’s blood off of her, changes clothes and takes off.

Kurt goes to talk to Dr Borden and tells him what his father said. He asks if his dad’s mind could have slipped when he was dying and might have been delusion. Borden says yes or it could have been the truth and says Kurt would know best if his father was lucid.

Kurt asks the team if they heard from Jane and Patterson reminds him that Jane doesn’t work there anymore. Kurt says his father died last night and he has to go even though Allie is on the way in. He takes off upset and says he has something to take care of.

Kurt goes to the safe house looking for Jane. She’s looking through stuff at Oscar’s hideout and finds a gun. Kurt searches through Jane’s things. Jane tosses the bed and finds photos hidden of herself with Oscar. She thinks about them arguing and he didn’t want her to do this.

He says she might not come back ever after they inject her with this stuff. She says it’s a risk they have to take. She says they should talk to Shepherd. He says he loves her and she says she loves him too. She says Oscar shouldn’t be her handler and this part is a mistake.

Now, Jane trembles with the knowledge. Kurt finds a work board of Jane’s tattoos and thinks about kissing Jane and the confirmation that she’s Taylor even though now he thinks she’s not. Allie asks the rest of the team if Bethany reached out to them.

She says Bethany hacked her ankle monitor and is on the run. Allie says he likes the and it’s their last chance to tell her what they know so they don’t go down for aiding and abetting. Reade, Patterson and Tasha give her nothing. Allie leaves annoyed.

Kurt tells Sarah what Bill said on his deathbed. Sarah asks who is she if she’s not Taylor and asks about the DNA match. Kurt says their father told him he buried her under the old fort. Sarah says it doesn’t make any sense and says the cops looked all over.

Kurt says they never looked under the fort and he has to go see if she’s there – he’s going back to their home. Sarah says she’s going and Kurt says we can settle this once and for all. Jane beats on Ana’s door – the teen hacker she helped before.

Ana invites her in and Jane says she needs help. She tells her she has an emergency number for someone and says she needs her to trace it and that’s all she needs to know. Ana says Patterson can do it but Jane says she doesn’t know who she can trust.

She thinks about Oscar shooting Bethany in the back. Ana agrees to help. Tasha and Reade wonder why they haven’t heard from Bethany and Tasha wants to go check out that address. Reade says let’s go. Kurt thinks about Patterson DNA matching Jane to Taylor.

Kurt tells Sarah about Jane remembering them fishing as kids. He wonders if his dad’s mind was playing tricks or if his was. Ana tells Jane to keep the guy on the phone long enough for her to triangulate his location. Jane dials the number.

Jane reaches her contact and says she needs to cancel her order. He says they can’t cancel it and says there are rules. Ana asks who these people are. Ana finds the location and tells Jane she still owes her for saving her life.

Tasha and Reade get to the address and smell bleach and wonder why was cleaned up. Reade says he has something and points out something under a crate. It’s a shell casing and he says they need to get CSU there and Tasha says they can’t call them in so he says call Patterson.

Kurt and Sarah go to their childhood home and he looks around distracted. He says it looks the same and he hasn’t been there in 20 years. Patterson sprays the floor with Luminol. She’s mad and not talking to them for not telling her they were in touch with Bethany.

She says she would have aided and abetted with them. Reade promises next time to loop her in. Patterson finds signs of a lot of residual blood. Sarah and Kurt tip the fort in the yard over and They take shovels and dig. Jane lurks waiting for her contact. He knows she’s in the RV.

Gas starts leaking in and she jumps out the window. He holds a gun on her.

She says Cade is not dead and he was tailing her this morning and may be on to Oscar. The man tells her where to go. He says they need to secure her. She asks if Oscar will be there but he says he’s busy. He says Roman will take her upstate.

He says get there and let Roman take care of her while they take care of Cade. She takes the keys he gives her and runs off. Kurt’s shovel hits something. Sarah is stunned. Jane goes back to Ana to look for the 50 pounds of lye that her contact mentioned.

Ana says that’s enough to break down a body. Jane begs her to get her the info so she can make this right. Patterson runs the trace blood samples she found to compare it to Bethany’s but is sequestering it so the whole FBI system doesn’t see the search.

Reade says the shell casing came from a gun registered to Bethany’s ex-husband. Reade says Bethany had him investigating Career’s disappearance. He says they found a pic of a guy driving Carter’s car then a masked man threatened Sarah and Jane.

Patterson is furious they haven’t confided in her so she could help. She says she can’t lose anyone else and says they’re family. Ana finds the order and says the lye is still waiting for pick up. She gives Jane the address and wishes her luck.

Sarah and Kurt keep digging and he says she’s not here. There’s nothing under there. No remains. Sarah says he was just talking crazy. Jane hotwires a car then gets a call from Kurt. She ignores it. She gets a voicemail and plays it. He says he wanted to check on her.

He says yesterday was rough and needs to tell her that his father died last night. Then he says when things happen to him, she’s the first person he thinks about and always has been. Kurt says he just wants to hear her voice telling him everything will be okay.

He says he’s glad she’s back in his life and calls her Taylor. He asks her to please call him back. Jane watches Oscar picking up the 50 pounds of lye then follows him. Patterson tells Reade and Tasha that it’s Bethany’s blood they found.

Reade tries to call Kurt but gets voice mail. Tasha says they would have hidden her body and Patterson wonders where Bethany might have kept notes. Patterson says maybe her house and Reade says if they break the crime scene seal, they could all be in deep trouble.

Tasha says let’s not get caught and the three head out. Jane lurks watching Oscar unload the lye at a barn. She thinks about sparring with Oscar and taking him down. She says after the memory wipe, he has to win her trust back and it won’t be easy.

She says his feelings can’t cloud his judgment and he flips her and throws her down. Now she chambers a round and creeps towards the barn. She opens the door and goes inside. She sees a body bag and then she’s hit with a stun gun. Oscar knocked her out.

Tasha, Reade and Patterson break into Bethany’s house and start looking around. Patterson notices a painting and says it’s different than it was before. Patterson says she may have left them a sign and pulls it down. There’s a safe in the wall.

Patterson says it’s a Biro and says it’s the worst safe. She says with her tools it would take her a day or two. Tasha says she wanted them to get into it and so they should be able to guess the code. Kurt and Sarah sit with a beer and talk about their dad.

He says Bill was so good with Sawyer and she says he really loved them. They kill a six pack at the kitchen table and he says they drank the well dry. She says there’s a backup six in the garage if she knows their dad. He goes to get it and sure enough, it’s there.

Kurt then notices something in the garage and comes back inside. He says he’ll be back in a minute and Sarah asks where he’s going. He doesn’t say anything and just drives away. Patterson tries badge numbers then Reade notices something on the back of the painting.

There are some symbols – a snake, rat, pig and dog – and Reade says it’s Chinese zodiac. Patterson tries their birth years in that order and the safe clicks open. Inside is a flash drive and nothing else. Kurt thinks about talking to Jane about where they used to go camping.

He says the campsites has strange names. The one they went to was Fort Boone. He takes his shovel out there to dig. Jane comes to and thinks about telling Oscar that she loved him and says Shepherd told her it would happen one day but she didn’t’ believe it.

Jane promises Oscar they’ll find each other on the other side of this. Now, Jane struggles to untie her hands and Oscar says he’s sorry he failed her and won’t make the same mistakes next time. He says the mission can’t go on this way and is too compromised.

He says he has to start from scratch. He says he has to wipe her memory again.

They plug in the flash drive and they have to solve a riddle to get the key to open the encrypted file. They try it and get it wrong and it says you get one more try and it self-deletes. Kurt digs at the campground as thunder rumbles. He thinks about it storming when he camped there with Taylor as kids.

Jane begs Oscar not to do this and she says she’s Taylor Shaw and this was all her idea. She says she knows they were in love. Oscar says she has no idea who she is. He says they were in love and it was her idea but it’s Shepherd’s mission and always will be.

Oscar says no she was never Taylor Shaw. Kurt finds a child’s rain boot in the mud he’s dug up and inside is a leg bone. He screams in rage and frustration. She says what about my DNA and he says he replaced the old case files and says it was part of her plan to believe she was Taylor.

Jane asks why me and why Taylor and he says Kurt Weller. He says the tattoos gave Kurt a lot of wins so he could succeed Bethany. He says the flashbacks were problematic and Marcos was too conservative with the dose the first time.

She says Marcos is the bearded man. She says Cade came after him because Oscar killed Marcos. He says we’re trained not to leave a trace and Marcos had to go but wouldn’t take it like a man so he tried to turn her against them.

Jane asks who is Shepherd and what’s Orion. She says Shepherd is our leader and he brought you back from the dead. She says Oscar is scared of Shepherd. She asks what’s phase two. Oscar says it’s about burning the country to the ground because it’s too corrupt.

He says she promised to love him no matter what and says he’s sorry he has to do this. Jane says he left a trace and that’s how Bethany found him then asks what will Shepherd say about this. Oscar says he loves her and will see her on the other side. He goes to put in her IV and she kicks him away.

Jane says no more secrets, no more lies, I’m bringing you in. He says she’ snot FBI and hates the FBI and says the government betrayed her. He says it doesn’t have to be this way and she says it does. The fight without holding back while the barn begins to burn.

She impales him and then immediately regrets it as he goes down. The barn is going up like a torch and Jane runs out just before it goes down completely. Jane watches it burn coughing from the smoke.

Jane checks Oscar’s truck then finds a can of spray paint and tags the side so that it reads “for Marcos.” She walks away from the inferno. Tasha says the clue is guess for whom the bell tolls. Patterson says she uses all letters except for four that spell DAVID.

Patterson says that’s not enough letters and they wonder if it’s a Vegenere cypher. Patterson tries again with David as the keyword. She comes up with I’m sorry as the answer. Patterson tries that key. It works. There are files for Daylight and Orion and a number – three files. They start with Orion. They open it and are floored. They wonder what Bethany was caught up in and Patterson says they’re in it now too. Jane tries to call Kurt then goes to the safe house.

Kurt is waiting for her. She asks what happened to him. He says his father died. She says sorry and he asks if she is. Jane says something happened. He says it’s funny we still call you Jane since she doesn’t feel connected to Taylor. He says it was such a long time ago.

He sets down a doll and she asks what it is. He says it’s Taylor’s – her favorite doll. He says she took it everywhere and couldn’t sleep without it so he buried her with it. He says his father killed Taylor Shaw 25 years ago and told him right before he died.

Kurt says Taylor is dead then holds a gun on her and asks who she is. Jane says she doesn’t know. He tells her to get on your knees and she says she can explain. He reads her the Miranda rights as she begs him not to do this. She says listen.

He says she told him she remembered fishing and camping. He says because of her, he let his father back into his life and around Sawyer. Kurt says turn around, get on your knees and put your hands on your knees. Jane cries but does what he says.

She puts her hands on her head and he cuffs her. He says whatever this is is done now and says she’s under arrest.