Blindspot Premiere 9/14/16: Season 2 Episode 1 “In Night So Ransomed Rogue”

Blindspot Premiere 9/14/16: Season 2 Episode 1 "In Night So Ransomed Rogue"

Tonight on NBC the second season of Blindspot premiere with an all-new Wednesday, September 14, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot premiere, in the second-season opener, Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) recaptured by the FBI and they ask her to become a triple agent, supplying them with info while spying on her old terrorist group.

Did you watch the season 1 finale where Weller went on a difficult search for the truth and Jane turned to a former suspect for assistance with Oscar?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “After escaping from CIA custody, the team recaptures Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and convinces her to become a triple-agent within her old terrorist organization where she unlocks some major secrets from her past, while recent betrayals from both sides threaten to tear her and the team apart for good.”

Blindspot the season 2 premiere airs at 10PM – 11PM ET on NBC. Make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Blindspot recap!  While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Blindspot recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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#Blindspot starts three months after we last saw Jane and she’s being held at a CIA black site. She’s having flashbacks of torture as she sits in her cell. She’s asked why Kurt Weller. Her torturers ask how much longer she will make them do this to her.

She recalls being taught to overcome pain by going into a spot deep in her mind. She practiced being tortured back in the day and is withstanding it now. They stick her head into a vat of water. She remembers being taught to keep her mind strong no matter what.

Jane tries to drown herself but they revive her. She comes to and fights the men tormenting her. She’s knocked out by the guy in charge and he tells the others to put her back in the cell. She sits there playing with her arm and pulls the needle out she hid there.

Jane escapes

She puts it into her mouth and then opens the drain in the floor. Later we see her taking off her cuffs as she’s brought back to the torture room. She fights with the main guy after taking out the other two. She grabs his key card and runs out.

She’s in a garage and pulls a gun and demands keys from the men she finds there. They hand them over and she takes off in a pickup truck. Two weeks later. Armed men kick in a door to raid a house. Kurt is in the lead.

Tasha and Reed are there too. They see her speeding away on a dirt bike. Kurt takes off after her. They race through the woods and Kurt keeps up. Patterson is on surveillance and tells him where to turn to cut her off.

Not the girl they want to nab

He fires on her and shoots out her tires. She goes tumbling. The helmet comes off and it’s not Jane! It’s Laura Moses. They weren’t after Jane. After the raid, Reed says this stinks and Tasha says they miss working the tattoo cases.

A chopper lands nearby in the field. Nas Kamal, an agent with the NSA, steps out. She’s played by Archie Panjabi!! (She played Kalinda Sharma on The Good Wife). Nas asks to speak to Kurt. She tells the team that Jane escaped from CIA custody.

FBI Director Pellington (Dylan Baker who was also on The Good Wife as serial wife murderer Colin Sweeney) complains that the CIA stole her and wouldn’t cooperate with the FBI. Nas says they were holding her at a black site.

Jane on the run

Patterson asks why the NSA wants Jane. Nas says she works for Zero Division and they work on remote terror activities that seem unrelated. She says they call this Sandstorm. She says there’s an incident coming in Times Square and Jane was sent as a Trojan Horse from Sandstorm.

Nas says they need Jane before the CIA gets her. She says she thinks Jane was going to turn against Sandstorm. Tasha says they handed her to the CIA but Kurt says no, they took her. He asks where Jane is now.

In Camden, New Jersey, Jane is working as a maid for cash. The team ponders how to get to her. Kurt pulls off his vest and says he’s going in there alone. He says they can’t go in there hot. He says she’ll be prepared but he can do the unexpected.

The team makes a plan

Kurt goes in alone but Reed and Tasha will back him up at the front and back doors. He goes into a room with his gun out but Jane gets the drop on him. She holds a weapon on his neck and tells him – don’t move.

Kurt says he wants to talk and she says drop the gun. He does. She asks where the agents are and he says she has to come in. Kurt says he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. Jane asks if he knows where she’s been and what was done to her every day.

Kurt says he didn’t want the CIA to take her. Jane says she doesn’t exist and has nothing and no rights. Kurt says please put the gun down. Jane says she won’t go back. He says then shoot me. He slams her against the wall and takes the gun.

Jane vs Kurt

They brawl hand to hand. Kurt slams her around and tells her to stop. She won’t stop fighting and he slams her against the ground. She pulls a backup gun but then Tasha and Reed are there and she can’t get away.

The FBI team watches Jane get hooked up to an MRI-based lie detector test. They inject her with a fluid and Pellington tells them it’s not exactly legal. Nas goes into the room with her and asks her to be honest. Jane asks why she would be.

Nas says she knows Jane is resourceful yet didn’t leave the country. She says she thinks Jane wants to find them and so does she. Nas says if the CIA get her back, she’ll never get away again. Nas says work with us and earn your freedom.

Jane talks

Nas says they’ve been watching her. She asks when Oscar first approached her. Jane says after Tom Carter kidnapped her. She tells Nas that Carter tortured her and Oscar killed him then showed her a video about her doing this to herself.

Jane says she and Oscar were engaged once. Kurt grimaces. She says Oscar gave her small missions like stealing a pen, planting a chip in the office. Jane says he told her that if she didn’t do them, they would kill her FBI team.

Nas says these missions had a large goal. Jane agrees. She says she didn’t realize until it was too late. She says it was to frame Mayfair for murder. Nas asks where’s Mayfair. Jane says she’s dead. She says Oscar killed her and promised her no one would get hurt but killed her anyway.

Hard truths for Kurt to hear

Nas asks where is Oscar. Jane says she wanted to bring him in but he attacked her so she had to kill him. He’s upset and walks out. The rest of the team is stunned as they listen. Nas comes to talk to Kurt later and says Jane told the whole truth.

Kurt says Jane had no choice but that doesn’t mean they can trust her. Nas says they made a mistake killing Mayfair in front of her and says Jane wants to bring them down. Nas says Jane loved Mayfair and him but he scoffs.

Nas says she was caught in a storm with her father and it was terrifying. She says she’s more scared now. She says these people scare her like that sandstorm. Kurt says they can’t work with her after what she’s done but Nas says she’s the first lead for something critical.

A plan forms

Nas says Sandstorm did this, not Jane. Kurt goes to see Jane. She’s still in the MRI room. She looks away from him. He unhooks her from the machine and she gets up. They face each other. He says she has to believe he didn’t want her tortured.

Jane says she thought she was protecting them but was wrong. She says the people who did this are still out there and need to be stopped. She says they can make it right. He says Mayfair is dead and it can’t be right.

She says let’s make them pay. Patterson asks later how they can get Jane back in with Sandstorm after she’s been missing. Jane says Cade went rogue and Nas says Jane can tell them Cade held her and was torturing her.

Jane calls into the group

Tasha says if Cade is back with Sandstorm, they’ll kill Jane on the spot. Nas says this is dangerous but asks Jane what she wants to do. Jane says let’s go. She is taken out of town and makes the call. She’s told an address to go to.

She tells Kurt and Nas the voice was familiar but she doesn’t know who it is. Nas says her life is on the line and she needs to meet Shepherd. Reed tells Tasha that Jane is a pawn again and they get sacrificed. He says he almost feels sorry for her.

Nas says they need to work their way into the heart of Sandstorm. Jane says they won’t believe she’s been held for three months. Jane tells Kurt to shoot her. She says this has to look like it cost her something. She says there can’t be doubt.

Old wounds and new ones

Jane says shoot me in the side and it could save my life with Sandstorm. Kurt asks what the last thing that Mayfair said. She says she’s the reason Mayfair is dead- do it. Tasha shoots her. Jane says she can do it. She walks away and gets into the car and goes.

Jane drives wounded. She thinks about the tracker that Nas gave her. She pulls it out of her tooth and throws it out of the car. Kurt says he would have done the same thing. Nas says scanners won’t catch it but he says it’s a risk Jane couldn’t run.

Jane staggers to the house. It’s Roman. He looks just like Oscar. He runs over to her and she says Cade shot her and tortured her. He loads her into the car to take her for medical treatment. He calls her Taylor and she say she knows she’s not Taylor and Oscar told her.

Roman to the rescue

She demands to see Shepherd. They are at a checkpoint and he says cover your wound. Tasha rants to Kurt about working with Jane again. Patterson asks if he still believes in Jane. Kurt says the group she was part of needs to be stopped.

Reed asks how he can be sure and he says they can’t but says Jane didn’t do this alone. He says they owe it to Mayfair so he can swallow his feelings about Jane for now. The team agrees to do it for Mayfair. Patterson shows them the flash drive and wonders if Nas can help.

It’s Mayfair’s flash drive. The DUI checkpoint was going smoothly until they notice blood on the window and the cop asks about Jane. He orders Roman out of the vehicle. Roman gets out into the pouring rain. Jane watches and shakes her head no.

Cop stop goes bad

He attacks first one cop then another. Jane watches in horror as he uses one cop as a shield and shoots another. He gets back into the car after taking out three cops and they speed away. (Roman is played by Luke Mitchell who should look familiar – he played Lincoln on Agents of SHIELD.)

Jane demands that Roman take her to Shepherd but he says hospital first or she won’t live to talk to them. The FBI Team shows Nas the Orion drive which was part of Daylight. Patterson says they did some horrible things, even things blamed on terrorists.

They tell her some of the files are still encrypted and Patterson hasn’t been able to put some of the materials they found. Patterson says maybe the NSA quantum computers can help. Nas agrees to help and then asks about one of the items.

Nas talks about Orion

Nas says these are top secret operations. Kurt says they need to know what’s on the drive. Nasa and Kurt glare at each other. Roman and Jane pull up outside the hospital and he tells her to wait. Jane thinks about Oscar, Kurt, Roman, the fire, all of it.

A cop knocks on the window and then Roman is there with a wheelchair and takes her into the hospital. He sneaks her into a room and treats her wound. She asks Roman how long they’ve known each other. She remembers him from the weird orphanage place she was trained.

They’ve known each other since they were kids. Jane passes out. Nas and Kurt talk and he’s pissed that she watched them for a year and didn’t speak up and now his boss is dead. Nas says Sandstorm has someone inside the NSA – a guy she thought was a friend – and he killed three of them.

Nas says no time for this

Patterson comes in and says Jane’s tracker just came online. Nas admits she put a second one on her and it was set to come online two hours later. Kurt is worried it will be found. Jane wakes in the car to Roman giving her blood directly from his vein.

He assures her they’re the same blood type. Kurt tells Patterson to shut down Jane’s tracker before it’s found and she’s killed. Patterson says it’s not that easy. Kurt says find a way. Patterson tries to find a workaround.

Roman takes Jane to meet Shepherd. It’s a woman who asks if she’s been swept. Roman says she took a bullet. Jane says you think I’m wired. She says go ahead – sweep me. Patterson gets it off just before they do. She’s clean.

Mommy dearest

The woman approaches and says it’s so good to see her again. Jane doesn’t know her. The woman is Shepherd. She tells Jane that she’s her mother. Jane is floored. She asks how that’s possible. She tells her that her real name is Alice Kruger and she was born in South Africa.

She says her parents were anti-apartheid activists. She says the government killed her parents and then Jane was trained to be an operative for the state at a facility that trained children in a violent academy. She says when apartheid fell, so did the academy.

The woman says she was an American soldier that helped liberate them. She says she and her brother Roman were too dangerous and too special. She says she raised them herself. Jane is stunned. She says they wanted new names and to forget.

Jane finds out her real names and past

Roman and Remi are their names. Jane asks about Orion phase 2 and her mom says Oscar is dead then says Cade got him before he got her. She tells her she’s sorry and knows how much she loved Oscar. She says Roman has been trying to track down Cade.

Her mother says Cade will pay for what he did. She tells Jane to go back to the FBI and says to tell them that Cade kidnapped her. Jane begs for more answers but her mom says she has to get back in play. She hugs Jane gently.

Her mom tells her she’s missed her face and says it’s good to have her back. She tells her the pieces are almost in place and she won’t have to life this double life much longer. She says they’re almost ready. Shepherd leaves and Roman hands her a MetroCard.

Jane has family

He says he can’t drop her back at the FBI. He says when he dropped her off in Times Square he said an Afrikaans prayer for sage journey and return. She asks about him being her brother. He hands her a coin and says it’s time she got it back and he’s been holding it for her.

Roman walks away and she looks at the coin in her hand. She’s all alone again. Jane goes back and reports to Nas what she learned about her mother and brother. Nas tells her great work then tells Jane to get some rest.

Jane asks why Kurt didn’t tell her the truth about how she couldn’t be born here and her isotopic material in her tooth showed South Africa. Kurt says he wanted more than anything for her to be Taylor. He asks how she got the memories.

Shepherd and Roman talk Jane

She says they told her she was Taylor and gave her photos to pretend she had memories. He asks why she lied and she says she wanted it to be true that she was Taylor. He says see you and walks out. Jane is back in a holding cell.

Patterson has the images decrypted thanks to the NSA and they see a photo of Jane wounded in a military operation lying in a field. Shepherd tells Roman that something feels off with Remi. Roman says he’d be off too if he endured what she did.

Roman says activate the FBI mile but she says it’s too dangerous. We see a montage of the people on the team including Nas and Pennignton but we don’t’ know who it is. Roman and Shepherd stare at a giant weapon – it might be a rocket. She says they’re almost ready.