Blindspot Recap 10/5/16: Season 2 Episode 4 “If Beth”

Blindspot Recap 10/5/16: Season 2 Episode 4 "If Beth"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 5, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 2 episode 4, a museum gala assassin is sought by the team. Meanwhile, Nas (Archie Panjabi) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) work on their co-leadership; and Jane  (Jaimie Alexander) begins to see some positive aspects of her old organization.

Did you watch the las week’s episode where Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and the team had to race the clock to stop a series of escalating New York City bombings? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Nas (Archie Panjabi) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) navigate their new dynamic as co-leaders during the team’s hunt for a museum gala assassin, who turns out turns out to be harboring a dark secret; Jane (Jaimie Alexander) starts to see a softer side of her old organization.”

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#Blindspot starts with a security guard eating a sandwich as the camera screens go out. He’s grabbed and injected with something in his neck. His badge is taken by a masked attacker. The cameras come back online. Jane meets with Roman near a park on a lake.

He tells her that the lake has been polluted by a chemical plant and people got sick while the company bribed politicians. He says Lake Aurora was a betrayal and this doesn’t even make the news. He tells her this is what they’re fighting against.

Jane asks what Shepherd is planning and Roman says questions like that make people nervous. Reed works out and thinks about Coach Jones and his pal that was screwed over by the DA that wouldn’t bring the case. Reed thinks about Freddy saying he was molested too and Reed forgot.

Life changes

Later, Kurt talks to Allie about his nerves about the pregnancy and she tells him she’s growing someone inside her that will listen to horrible music. Kurt tells her that he’s in. Allie says it’s good and hugs him. Kurt smiles and hugs her back.

Freddy comes to see Reed at his place and asks if he can stay for a few days since his GF is mad. Reed agrees and Freddy comes in with his bag. Reed offers to get him some help but Freddy says he’ll go to a meeting but the coach stuff got to him.

He tells Reed that he’s a good friend. Kurt confronts Nas and talk about Jane right in front of her. Jane says she looked up the Lake Aurora stuff and what Roman told her was true. Tasha tells Reed he owes Freddy nothing and she says it’s a bad idea.

Do you want to play a game?

Patterson tells the team she found a sign in one of the tattoos using binary code and found two numerical messages. Nas says it’s an employee ID at Homeland Security. The other says Shadowcat. Tasha says that’s a hacktivist ID that undermines the agency.

Nas gets them a warrant and the team moves to take the house where the guy lives. They find servers that are set to burn up. The guy is there and opens fire on them. Tasha tries to stop the fire. The guy runs out and he and Reed grapple. Reed beats him brutally.

Kurt has to drag him off and then cuffs the Shadowcat. He glares at Reed who is out of control. Patterson says the hard drives were mostly salvageable. They find video games that are actually potential heists that are a training simulator.

It’s not a game

Jane asks how much a video game can teach you and Patterson and Tasha tell her a lot particularly if they include security measures and response teams. They look at footage of some heists based on his info and there are new heists that haven’t taken place yet.

Nas gives Kurt an update on the case and then asks about Reed’s assault on Shadowcat. She wants him to bench Reed and he says no. Patterson tells them the last plan the hacker sold is in New York and she thinks it’s the Aebly Museum.

She says they think it’s in two days at a party taking place there. Kurt says they’ll go in undercover to the party. Patterson says she’ll try to figure out what they’re after. Kurt pulls Reed aside to ask what’s up but Reed says he’s good. Kurt accepts it.

Party time!

Two days later, the gang gets ready for the party and Kurt zips up Jane’s dress and he hands her an ear comm. She thought for a moment it was a ring for them to play a married couple again. The team hits the party and split up to look around. Patterson is there too.

A man addresses the crowd and speaks about clean water initiatives – that reminds Jane of Lake Aurora. Reed and Tasha spot a guy headed for a closed exhibit and alert Kurt then follow. They find him getting busy with a girl and tell Kurt false alarm.

The host speaks to Jane and welcomes her – his name is Oliver Kind. He flirts with Jane and Kurt tells her to stop in her ear. Jane asks Oliver about Lake Aurora. He says it was worse than they said and the region is still trying to recover. Kurt glares nearby.

Patterson wins then loses

Kurt comes over and interrupts to pull her away when Oliver asks why she was looking at Lake Aurora info. He hands Jane his card after she tells him Kurt is her brother. Kurt asks what she was doing and she says blending in.

Kurt tells her to focus. Patterson gets more info from her techs and it looks like areas beyond the exhibit were part of the game. They head down to storage. Patterson follows the map from the video mod and is in the basement.

Someone is behind her hiding and chokes her. Kurt is there and the attacker throws her down and runs off. Kurt gives chase and alerts Nas what the attacker was wearing. Unfortunately, it’s a black dress. Kurt says lock the place down and Nas makes it happen.

Madness at the museum

The team looks around for the perpetrator and Patterson goes to security to try and find her. Jane finds a body in one wing and keeps going. She alerts the team. Patterson says there must have been a camera scrambler. Cameras start going out.

Patterson tells Kurt she’s on the second floor. Tasha and Reed check out a woman in a black dress. They find the scrambler in a guy’s pocket and Reed gets rough with the guy. Nas shuts him down and says the scrambler was planted.

The woman they’re looking for is with a guy in the bathroom and stabs him. Nas stops and pulls out her gun. She goes into the bathroom and sees the body and calls for more help. Kurt spots the woman and follows as she goes into another exhibit.

Missing marauder

Patterson tells Kurt where to find a hidden exit on the floor and he finds a dumbwaiter. It goes up to the Asian art win. The killer gets out there and Jane is already on the floor. She sees the dumbwaiter open and the woman attacks her and throws a knife.

They fight. She pulls off a shoe then comes at Jane with a sword from the exhibit. Jane gets a sword too and they spar. Jane gets the best of her but then the killer pulls out a flash bang grenade and throws it at Jane.

Jane has to duck and cover as it explodes. The woman makes her escape in the chaos from the flash bang. Kurt finds Jane down and helps her up. Nas checks the street but the woman made a clean getaway. Kurt’s concern touches Jane.

Walk like an Egyptian

Patterson says they got DNA from the mask the woman was wearing. She was hiding in a sarcophagus that was delivered to the museum yesterday. There were two victims both with ties to East Africa. Kurt talks to Reed and wants him to go talk to Borden.

He tells him he broke one guy’s face then roughed up someone at the museum. Reed is annoyed and walked out. Roman meets Shepherd to deliver C4 but it’s less than she wanted. He says they have to postpone but she says no.

Roman says he’ll check with some other suppliers and then she asks why he took his sister to Lake Aurora. He says they need to show her more than the worst of them to get her back on board. He says she needs to see where it all started.

Family matters

Roman tells Shepherd that she should tell Jane everything so she’s got something to work towards. Patterson got a hit on the print – it’s Elizabeth Gubarra from Sudan with terror ties. Nas says she’s the first of that group they know of in the US.

Charles Kessler was at the party and he knew the two other victims. Kessler is missing and they only have his home address. Kurt says they need to get to him first. Gubarra breaks into a house but Kurt and Jane are there and Tasha is on her other side. She’s surrounded.

Gubarra puts down her gun. Kurt cuffs her. Jane asks if Kessler was the last target. Gubarra tells them she’s CIA and not part of a terror cell. Jane is stunned.

Unwelcome memories

Borden meets with Reed at Kurt’s request. Borden asks him about repressed memories and Reed mentioned going to camp with Coach Jones. He says Freddy, a friend, was a victim and told him he was a victim too. Reed says he doesn’t remember anything bad.

He admits there are memory gaps there. Borden says childhood trauma can do that to you and they can be repressed. Borden says his bouts of anger are from the memories trying to resurface. Borden says he can try to help him recover the memories but it might not work.

Gubarra tells Kurt and Jane she was deep undercover for three years and that Kessler was her handler. They show her pics of Michael and Bridget – the victims. She says they were using the terror network to turn a profit. She says Charles burned her when she tried to report them.

Dirty CIA games

Jane asks if she had anyone to go to. Gubarra says the CIA killed her husband and daughter. She says she was just 14. Nas goes to check on something. Kurt asks why now and she says she just escaped from the terror cell because Kessler outed her as an agent and she was held captive.

Nas says there is no record of Gubarra working for the CIA and Nas says there should be a paper trail but Jane reminds her that there’s no record of what happened to her either. Patterson confirms info that Gubarra gave them about her victims and Kessler.

Tasha shows them a photo she found at Kessler’s place with Kessler and her daughter Meridia. Gubarra is stunned her daughter is alive and says Kessler kept the girl. Jane asks why she would do that and Gubarra says Meridia is Kessler’s daughter too because of a past affair.

Airport attack

Gubarra says she never told Kessler or her husband the truth but says Meridia has known Kessler her whole life so she would trust her. Now they know about the teenager, they locate travel plans on a private plane leaving from a small airport.

Kessler opens fire on Kurt and the team after sending Meridia to the car. Kurt shoots him. Meridia is horrified and crying, calling him dad. Kurt tells her to come out of the car. Meridia pulls a gun and opens fire on them even though they showed her FBI creds.

Meridia gets out of the car and keeps firing. Kurt says they are there to help. Kurt says stop shooting and she says they shot her dead. They tell her that her mom is alive. Meridia says she’s lying. She keeps shooting. Meridia says her dad shows her photos of her mom’s dead body.

Mother and daughter reunion

Jane tells her you can lie to someone and still love them very much. Kurt takes notice. Jane stands without a gun and looks at the girl. Jane says this is confusing and hard to know what’s right and who’s telling the truth.

Jane says if there is a chance your mom is alive, wouldn’t you want to know for sure. Jane tells her to put down the gun and let them take her home. Meridia puts down the gun. Jane steps closer. Meridia says he wants to see her mom.

Jane walks her away from the gun and carnage. Meridia is reunited with Gubarra. Jane says she hates that they’re reunited just in time for her mom to go to jail. Kurt says you don’t get over people lying to you. Jane says she doesn’t trust the FBI or Sandstorm and stuck in the middle with no one.

Tasha runs out the roommate

Tasha goes to Reed’s place and finds Freddy there. Tasha sees the drugs on the table and tells him this is a hard time for Reed, too and that Freddy should go. He says okay. He takes his paraphernalia and his bag and says to say goodbye to Reed for him. He goes.

Reed goes and lurks outside of Coach Jones house and watches the guy come home. At the office, Kurt pours a drink and Nas comes in and asks for a Scotch too. Jane is with Roman and he shows her a photo of Shepherd’s family.

Shepherd is there and tells Jane that her family was always at Lake Aurora. She says they started to get sick and her mom died quickly but her father slowly and with a lot of pain. Shepherd says her brother who was 25 had a tumor as big as a ball in his lung.


Shepherd says it took his life too and she survived but was alone at 17. She says they had to take her ovaries and when she found her and Roman in South Africa, they saved her life by being her children. Shepherd says they agreed to wipe her memory totally.

Shepherd says Jane needs to know where they came from and where she came from. Jane asks if the lake was the beginning. Shepherd says what they’re about to do will be the end. Tasha goes to see Shadowcat the hacker at the hospital and says she has a job for him.

Nas and Kurt chat and flirt a little. Nas says she has to be fearless or she’d never succeed in the NSA. Kurt jokes with her and asks what else she knows about him. Nas says she has something to show him. She takes him to another room to show him something about Sandstorm.

She says six months ago, a contact went dark, but left a message saying Kurt was a major part of Sandstorm. She shows him a video of him at the military academy back when he was very young – just a teenager. Nas says Sandstorm has been watching him for 20 years.