Blindspot Recap – Jane Gives Roman the ZIP: Season 2 Episode 9 “Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform”

Blindspot Recap - Jane Gives Roman the ZIP: Season 2 Episode 9 "Why Let Cooler Pasture Deform"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 16, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 2 episode 9, in flashbacks, Oliver (Jonathan Patrick Moore) finally sits down with Konstantin Kovar.

Did you watch the last week’s episode where when Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) went missing during an undercover operation, the rest of the team had to interrogate two criminals who held the key to finding them? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When the bodies of two criminals are dropped at SCPD, Oliver realizes there is a new vigilante in Star City and the team becomes divided over whether they should stop someone who is helping keep the city safe. Meanwhile, Diggle gets frustrated with his new situation; and Thea fights for Lance who confesses a shocking secret.”

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#Blindspot starts with Jane and Roman at a secret location. He says she’s not going back to the FBI and it will all be over in 12 hours. She looks around nervously. Roman leaves Jane in a room and she finds his secret spot and grabs a cell phone.

Roman comes back and says Shepherd wants to see her. Patterson wakes to breakfast from Borden who says it’s their 10th sleepover anniversary. He says he hasn’t been this happy in a long time and she says me too. Jane goes to see her adoptive mom.

Shepherd asks if she’s ready and Jane says she doesn’t know since she doesn’t know what’s up. They leave Jane alone in Shepherd’s office and she picks a lock and looks in a file cabinet. She finds a map with locations marked all over the country.

Jane betrays Shepherd

Jane snaps photos of the map and tries to upload them. Kurt and Nas come in to work together and Tasha notices. Tasha tells Reade that Nas and Kurt are a thing and he says he doesn’t know. She asks him if he knows where Freddy ran off to.

He says people like him often wander off. Jane calls Kurt and says she sent photos to Patterson. She says she saw the compound and Roman told her she’s never coming back. She describes the location as best she can and tells him about a metallic noise she heard.

She says she smelled pennies and cleaning stuff. She says the attack is happening today within 12 hours. Jane says she might not make it back. Kurt promises they’re coming to get her and shut it all down. Kurt pulls the team together and Jane talks to them.

Total blackout

She says the documents look bad and describes a satellite or a bomb and Patterson has the photos and pulls them up. Jane says a lot of areas are circled and a receipt for a lot of explosives. They realize the marks are power substations.

Looks like they might blow up the electrical grid. Patterson says the chip that Roman stole might help override the safety measures and it could kill lots of people, start fires, and start a permanent blackout that could send them back to the Dark Ages.

Jane has to end the call as her mother and brother come back. They ask what she’s doing and she says it’s her plan and she has a right to know what it is. Shepherd says she’s right and Jane says you’re bombing the power grids. Her mom says she should have told her sooner.

Chasing the tail

Shepherd says today is about victory and they should share it as a family. At the FBI, they are rushing to try and shut down Sandstorm. Nas says they need to attack the compound in case they’re triggering it remotely. Patterson finds a site she thinks Jane is.

They spot a likely place and Nas says they need to raid it. Kurt worries Jane will be hurt and Nas wants Shepherd taken alive too. Roman comes to Jane and offers her a piece of gum like they used to have in the orphanage. She hands him back his coin.

She thanks him for trusting her. Roman says he doesn’t want to let her down. Jane says the gum is awful. Roman says his isn’t bad. She starts to cough. Roman lies her back on the bed. He drugged her. He says sorry about this and then she fades out.

Kurt has a baby mama emergency

Borden comes in and asks what’s going on and Patterson says she can’t tell him what’s going on. The team moves out. Connor, Allie’s boyfriend calls, and says Allie was in a car accident and was asking for him. He says she’s in critical condition and Kurt is her emergency contact.

He tells Kurt to get down there now. Kurt tells the team what happened and they tell him to go to the hospital while he goes to Allie. Jane comes to and Shepherd tells her she knows she betrayed them. Roman tells her to stop lying because she’ll make it worse.

Shepherd says that they kept tabs on her at the FBI to make sure of her loyalties and her psychology. Borden is their spy on the inside! She thinks about the things that Borden said to her. Borden is one of Sandstorm and we see him at the FBI looking shady.

Borden saves Jane

We see Borden, in the past, watching Jane sleep when she was injured after Afghanistan. She crawled her way out after the explosion and a pal of Borden’s fond her. He says she’s a Navy SEAL and says why was she left behind. He thinks Jane might be a fugitive.

He tells Chris they need to turn her over but she says no, not until she talks to the woman. Borden says he’s worried about them. Chris was his wife. Jane tries to leave and says it’s not safe if she stays. She’s got a fever and Chris says she has to stay. Jane passed out.

As she got better, Borden helped take care of her and took her on hikes while she recovered. He spent a lot of time with her and getting to know her. One day, two men knocked on the door and asks about an insurgent hiding there. They are with Doctors Without Borders.

Jane saves Borden

They show her a photo of Jane and ask for her. Borden says they are saving the people they are hurting. He says please leave our home. The man leaves them a number to call if they see her. The two men leave. Jane comes out scared.

Later, Borden and Jane hike and joke about his wife Chris. They make it to the top of a hill. She thanks him for helping her but says she has to go. He asks what happened to her but she won’t say. They hear an explosion and run to see.

There are bombs all over and she tries to stop him from going. She says the drones will be here and we have to go. She says they are all dead. He’s angry and says they’re here for you. Jane says we have to go now and pulls him along as more bombs are dropped.

Jane recruited Borden

Later, he’s exhausted and wants to stop and light a fire. She says they can’t. He says those were American planes dropping bombs on a hospital, farms and his wife. Borden says maybe this was a horrible mistake or else something is wrong.

Jane says it wasn’t a mistake. She tells him about Orion and says she thought she was working for the good guys but nothing was good or right – it was about money and power and then they murdered her team by American drones – the same ones in her village.

She says America lost its mind and something has to change. She says if they can get back to America, they can change things. She says her family is already working on it. She says let’s stand and keep moving. She offers her hand and he takes it.

The family turns on Jane

Shepherd says Borden told them she sent part of the microchip info to Patterson. She says they already suspected her about Cade killing Oscar for Marcos. Shepherd says they knew she killed Oscar. She says she wanted to kill Jane weeks ago but Roman thought he could bring her back.

Shepherd says he was wrong. She tells Jane she has something for her to see. Jane tells Roman he can’t let her do this. She says they are blood and always protect each other. She says think about the lives Shepherd is about to take. She says this is wrong, help me stop her.

Roman comes over to her and says he believed in her and fought for her and all he got back from Jane was lies and betrayal. Roman says it’s over and calls her Jane. The team speeds to the raid. Nas says she’s dedicated years to Sandstorm and this will change everything.

Kurt discovers a setup

Tasha says this will be hard for Jane to watch her family go down against them. At the hospital, Kurt rushes looking for Allie. The nurse says they haven’t received anyone by that name. They have no idea what he’s calling about. Connor answers Allie’s phone.

He says Allie is in the shower and asks what’s going on. The comms aren’t working when the FBI goes to raid the place. They wonder how Jane could call out if they were jamming. Patterson calls Kurt and he says they have to abort the mission.

Shepherd pulls up a screen to let Jane sees the team as they come into the house. Jane asks what this is. She watches in horror. Shepherd asks did you really think we’d let you call them unless we wanted you to Jane asks where Kurt is and she says we have other plans for him.

It’s a trap

Shepherd says phase two isn’t finished today but your team is and says Jane gets to watch. Patterson tries to call this off and they wonder why the scrambler is off. Nas says it’s a trap and tells them to run while Shepherd sets off the detonator and the place explodes while Jane screams no.

Nas coughs in the rubble but she’s alive. Reade is alive but in bad shape. His leg is pinned under concrete. She has no cell signal – they’re down in the basement. She says they need to make some noise so people can find them. They bang on metal.

Kurt pulls up and sees the rubble. He tells Patterson the building came down on them. He says send search and rescue. One survivor staggers out and Kurt sends him to a safe area and starts calling to Nas. He smells a gas leak and panics.

Nas tries to save Reade

Kurt finds Tasha and she’s shell shocked but alive. She says Nas sent her out. She has no idea where Reade and Tasha are. Jane asks Shepherd why keep me alive and she says Roman will kill her so he can break the hold she has on him.

Roman says it’s their fault for taking her memory but Shepherd tells Roman to pick a side and kill his rabbit. She hands him a gun and he takes it. Nas keeps banging but says it’s hopeless and stops. She tells Reade sorry and says it’s her fault.

Reade says get over yourself and says they all have been in it since the day Jane crawled out of the bag. He tells her to keep banging. She bangs and he calls out. Roman takes the gun and Jane tells him not to do it. Shepherd says that’s not your sister and tells him now.

Roman makes a choice

Roman aims at Shepherd instead and pulls the trigger. The gun wasn’t loaded. Shepherd sys she lost them both and she attacks Roman. Both of them surround Shepherd and they fight her. Roman finally gets the gun with bullets and shoots Shepherd but not fatally.

Shepherd says if he kills her, he kills the only person in this world that really loves him. Jane hears banging and tells Roman they have to go now. They leave at a run and Shepherd is down but not dead. Kurt feels a vibration in the metal just as the first responders pull up.

Kurt says they have to get down to them. Nas tries to keep Reade awake and promises to get him out of there. Kurt fights his way down to them. Tasha tells Kurt to hurry because of the gas leak. They work to free and save Reade.

Explosive exit

They bind Reade’s wound and Tasha tells them to hurry. Rubble comes down on them and Nas is trapped. The rescue workers get Reade out and Tasha runs to him. Kurt tries to get to Nas who is struggling to breathe. He gets her loose and Tasha begs Reade to breathe.

They’re out and they run as the place blows. Nas thanks him for saving her. Patterson calls Borden and gets voice mail. She asks where he is and says something bad happened and she needs someone to talk to. Jane hotwires a vehicle and she loads Roman into the car.

He’s bleeding and tells her to take him to a safe house. He says he can’t go to a hospital. He says he’d rather die out here. Jane drives him away. Reade is at the hospital and is in bad shape but opens his eyes for Tasha. She tells him he’s going into surgery soon.

Reade makes a confession

Reade tells her he really loves her and she smiles. He says he didn’t kill Jones but he also didn’t save him. He says he was in the basement and was trying to work up the nerve to watch the tape. He says he heard the noise and checked on it.

He says he found Jones on the floor bleeding and Jones begged him for help but he just stood there and let him die. He says he watched him choke on his blood and die. He says she was right and he lied to her. He says sorry.

Borden is at his place packing in a hurry. He has his wedding ring that matches his wife and puts it on Patterson shows up and sees the ring on his finger and says he knew Jane from before. Patterson says Jane told her about that ring and asks was he married.

Borden vs Patterson

Borden says she making no sense. Patterson says he works for them and used her for information. She says Sandstorm knew they were coming. She pulls her gun and says he’s under arrest. He says he never wanted this. He runs, she shoots.

He says he doesn’t want to hurt her. Jane treats Roman at the safe house. He says it’s well stocked since they tattooed her here and took her memories there. Jane says Shepherd wants them dead but says the FBI can protect you.

He says he’d rather die than turn himself into the FBI. She says Sandstorm will kill you – he never heard that name before. Jane says they shared the same awful childhood but she’s change and he can too. He says he should have shot her when he had the chance.

Will Roman get a reset?
Roman says get as far away from me as possible but Jane says she’ll never leave him. She says they’re the same and she’s his sister. She says when she lost her memories she got the chance to start over again and he will too. She fills a vial with drugs and stabs it into him.

He screams at her but it’s too late. He goes down. Jane takes care of him. She’s trying to give him a reset too. Patterson goes hunting for Borden in the house, He ran downstairs. He approaches and says let me explain. She won’t. She attacks.

They fight. The gun goes off again. Which of them was shot? That’s the end for now. Blindspot is back in January.