Blindspot Recap 11/9/16: Season 2 Episode 8 “We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters”

Blindspot Recap 11/9/16: Season 2 Episode 8 "We Fight Deaths on Thick Lone Waters"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Wednesday, November 9, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 2 episode 8, someone who has a vendetta against the team resurfaces.

Did you watch the last week’s episode where Reade (Rob Brown) has to put the past behind him. Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) returned to the FBI when he needed help with a pressing issue? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “When Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Jane (Jaimie Alexander) go missing during an undercover operation, the rest of the team must interrogate two criminals who hold the key to finding them. AUSA Weitz (guest star Aaron Abrams) returns with a vendetta against the team.”

Blindspot the season 2 episode 8 airs at 8PM – 9PM ET on NBC. Make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Blindspot recap! While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Blindspot recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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#Blindspot starts with Reed and Tasha monitoring a facility while Patterson watches the scene remotely. Tasha tells Reed she stole the knife that killed Jones out of evidence. He says he didn’t kill Jones and she says the knife is Freddy’s because she saw him with it.

Tasha says she can’t figure out how to put the knife back and Reed says she can’t. Shots are fired and Tasha and Reed head inside the building. A woman runs out and they tell her to get on the ground. There’s chaos and something explodes. They cuff the woman.

Doyle is down and Nas realizes that Jane and Kurt have gone missing. Back at the FBI, Matthew Weitz shows up at the FBI and Tasha isn’t happy to see him. He says he’s auditing them today and a car bomb at a political summit makes it Homeland’s business.

Weitz asks how Kurt and Jane went missing. Reed says he doesn’t like him being there after he tried to put their boss away. Nas pulls Weitz aside to talk and he says the team is known for breaking rules. Nas says he’s wasting her time but Weitz won’t go away.

Nas explains herself to Weitz

Nas says Patterson found a case this morning because she’s been fishing on a suspect dog adoption site. Jane and Kurt were hired via the site and Lynn Burton, a hacker, and Clive Doyle, a career criminal were also hired. Those are the two that the FBI dragged into interrogation.

Nas didn’t like this and said it wasn’t part of their larger mission. Weitz demands to know their larger mission but Nas refuses to read him in on that. She says Kurt made a good case so that’s why they went ahead with the op.

Nas gives Kurt a shirt with a transmitter in a button. Patterson wants them to taste test some cake and that’s how Jane finds out she wasn’t invited. It gets awkward fast. Nas tells Weitz they put a mobile tac team together and went to meet them.

Nas says the last she saw them they dropped them off at an abandoned warehouse. Weitz says her agents turned an event into a war zone. Nas says they need Jane and Kurt back to get the answers he wants and she wants too.

The op starts

We see Jane running through the woods desperately and Kurt being beaten by a man who holds him at gunpoint and tells him that his life is over. Tasha recommends they target Lynn since she’s never done time and might be more scared.

Weitz goes to interrogate her. He says she will go to prison no matter what happens to her. He says eight years in a white collar joint. He says if the agents turn up dead or never turn up, she’s got a life sentence in super max where white girls like her don’t do well.

Weitz says tell me where you are and you get a deal. She tells him she was hired on the message boards and met up with Clive and the two cops and Emile the guy who hired them. He told them they had to steal something from the environmental summit.

He says his employer has his eye on this item a long time and will pay them $2 million each. Nico Marconi is the ultimate boss. He’s an arms dealer on the top FBI list. Reed says Kurt may have decided to stay undercover to get to the guy and that’s why they haven’t heard from them.

Emile runs the job

Nas goes to talk to Clive and he says he’s not scared of Marconi. Nas says Lynn told her that he froze up at the job. She says Lynn said she saved his butt and he snaps. He says five years with conjugals then asks for Otisville where a buddy is doing time.

He says they were going in as servers and gave them some communications devices. Kurt has to change out of his shirt with the transmitter button. Clive says he smuggled in the weapons in food containers. They put the guns together.

Lynn says Jane and Kurt helped put the guns together then they changed into outfits to go in as guests. Clive says Jane was flirting with him and says Lynn have something to Emile that says Timberland on it. It’s a radar jammer.

Reed says maybe the jammer was to help during the escape. Tasha says they should check for radar disturbances. Clive says Emile knew all the security procedures and says they had access to everything but the vault. Clive says Jane and Kurt were grabbed and he went full Ninja to save them.

A trap for Jane and Kurt

Nas is skeptical of Clive’s tall tale. We see them in a vault area and they open a package and it looks like the design for the green energy device. An alarm goes off and Jane wonders why Emile didn’t tell them. Kurt says he wanted them to get caught as a distraction.

They decide that Emile is stealing the real item while they have to fight off the guards that are heading their way. Tasha tells Reed that she can’t put the evidence back and says a colleague she knows saw her there. She tells Reed he’s her best friend and she took the risk for him.

She says the knife has to go back or she’ll go to jail and she can’t worry about Freddy. Reed says he can’t turn Freddy in. Weitz grills Lynn some more and she says she and Emile were stealing the real item. She says when the alarm sounded, the guards would go to the helipad on the roof.

Lynn says she rewired the elevator to go to the basement where Emile shot the guards and grabbed the van. Emile tried to get her to come with him but she ran for the van that exploded and Emile took off. Clive tells Nas his version.

Clive lies some more

He is the one playing it cool and says it’s going to be hand to hand combat and Nas says let’s skip ahead of the BS. Clive says Secret Service came at them shooting. Emile radioed them to come to an alternate getaway vehicle. He says he took out as many as he could before he went down.

Nas mocks Clive and leaves. Reed says the Caddy went North. Tash says Marconi has a plot of land on the waterfront and that’s where the boat might be leaving from. Jane is in the woods and steps into the road. Tasha and the team find her.

Jane says Kurt is on the boat and is with Chen – she’s an earthquake scientists and the thing they stole from the summit. Nas says she thinks it’s because Marconi is working on a tsunami bomb. Patterson says they’ve never made it work but Nas says they have perfected it.

Jane says Marconi stole the woman that can make a tsunami bomb and Reed asks who will he sell her to. Nas decides to compare Lynn and Clive’s story to Jane’s to see what they’re missing. Jane says Kurt got Clive to agree to no guns and they used brute force to knock out the guards.

Kurt double crosses Jane

Jane says they got out of the vault and then Kurt knocked Clive out to stop him from shooting at them. Nas thinks Lynn knows about Chen. Jane says she thinks Lynn knew Emile before this. Nas goes to confront Lynn and accuses her of planning the heist with him.

Nas says she knows about Chen and she’s going to make sure she never sees the light of day again. Lynn says it was Chen they were after. Lynn says she was trying to protect herself from kidnapping charges. Jane says they didn’t see Chen until the boat.

They pulled Chen out of the trunk and Jane spoke to her and Emile said don’t talk to her. He hands them a bag of cash and told them to burn the car. Jane told Kurt they can’t leave the girl with them. Kurt told Jane to run out of it and he’s getting on the yacht.

Jane tried to get him to let her do it since he has a baby on the way. Kurt told her to help him box in the guard on the other side of the building. She went to do what he said but then saw Kurt had taken off and was climbing on the back of the boat.

Tsunami bomb builder for sale

Patterson is surprised they were paid in cash since Lynn says they would have money wired to them. Patterson cracks a hard drive and says Lynn does money transfer stuff for Marconi. Patterson says Lynn wants the sale to go through so she’ll get her share.

Patterson says they found her account and froze her money. Lynn says Marconi thought Chen was one of a kind and he’s doing a dark web auction for her. Nas says to tell them how to access it. Reed tells Tasha he agrees that they need to turn the knife back in.

Reed shows them a file about a lab tech that has been suspended twice for misplacing evidence. Reed suggests they plant it in his car and he’ll panic and put it back in the right place. Patterson calls them in and says the auction is live. They see that Kurt is also up for sale.

The tsunami bomb builder and Assistant Director of the FBI are on the block and for sale. The team is stunned. Tasha says Kurt has a ton of intel and will go for a high price. Weitz asks can’t Lynn shut it down but she can’t.

Sold to the highest bidder

Reed suggests they win the bid. Then Marconi will give them an address to pick it up. Weitz says they don’t negotiate with terrorists. Weitz asks to talk to Jane in the conference room to talk about the boat. Nas says she has a risky idea once he’s gone.

The team tells Nas they’re in even if it’s illegal. Kurt and Chen are in a cell and Emile comes in and says he sold for $40 million. Emile tells Chen he’s had his eye on her for months waiting on her to figure out that bomb. Kurt realizes that Emile is really Marconi.

Kurt tells Chen he can get them out if she helps once the guards and Marconi are gone. Jane interrupts Weitz and hands him some coordinates and says send a rescue team. She says Nas used Lynn’s frozen funds to win the auction.

Weitz is outraged. Jane says let the FBI assistant director die or take credit for a great rescue. The guards tell Kurt the buyers are coming. Chen fakes like she’s having a seizure. When they check on her, Kurt grabs the gun and shoots them.

Kurt stages a rescue

He sends Chen to hide behind a tree and tells her to stay put while he gets a vehicle. Nas shows up to pick up the merchandise. The guard that meets her says to send the other $20 million. She refuses to give the other half of the money until she sees proof they’re alive.

Reed is with her. They are taken to the cabin and no one is there but dead guards. The guard tells them to find them and Nas says she wants them alive or no money. Chen runs and a guard sees her. Jane shoots the guard.

They see FBI vests and all hell breaks loose. Nas fights off a guard and they start taking down the bad guys. The guy is choking Nas when he gets the flip on her. Jane saves her and says Kurt went after Marconi. We see Marconi at the Jeep.

Nas and the others join them. They creep up on them and order the guards down onto the ground. Jane holds a gun on them while Kurt cuffs them. Kurt tells Marconi he’s under arrest. Weitz rants at Nas later about stealing funds from the FBI.

Nas confides in Patterson

Weitz says she could have lost it on a coin flip. He threatens her job and she says he doesn’t have the power. He says he’ll find someone who does. He promises she won’t work for the government again. Nas says he likes instilling fear because it makes him feel powerful.

She insults him and then tells the team it’s no big deal, just a slap on the wrist. Nas pulls Patterson aside and says her superior laughed at her about Sandstorm. She says it took her a long time to convince her boss. Nas tells Patterson she has a gift.

She opens a safe and pulls out a card that gets her access to everything in the room and says it’s six years of her life and everything on Sandstorm. Nas says her work on the tattoos has been exceptional and she looks forward to seeing what she does with this.

Kurt approaches Jane and invites her to the baby shower. She says it’s okay but he says it’s not true that no one cares about her. Kurt says he would miss her if something happened to her and says she’s his friend and he wants her at the party. Jane agrees.

Party at Kurt’s

Kurt asks Allie about her boyfriend Connor and she jokes about introducing him as her baby daddy. They start a pool on whether the baby is a boy or girl. Tasha shows up and tells Reed that it’s done. She says she put it in his car and they’ll see what happens.

Tasha says she just wants it over. Reed hugs her tight and thanks her. He says she thought he killed someone and still stuck by him. She says he would have done the same. Nas finds Kurt in the bedroom cleaning up his shirt from a spill and helps out.

He asks if Weitz is coming after her. She says maybe and he says he’ll help her fight it. Nas says when he was missing she was worried. He hugs her. Kurt is called to cut the cake to find out about the baby’s sex. The team is there including Dr. Borden.

Kurt cuts the cake and they see it’s pink inside. That means a girl. Allie and Kurt hug and everyone toasts. Reed stands apart from everyone and Jane also seems distant. She notices Reed takes his jacket and goes. He goes to meet Freddy and hands him a ticket out of town and says he can never come back.

Rescue and a visit from Roman

Freddy leaves. Reed stays and watches him get on the bus out of town. Jane goes home later and Roman shows up. He says Shepherd doesn’t know he’s there and says they have been through so much. He says he doesn’t want to do this without her.

Roman says he wants her by his side when this happens. He says in a few hours they’re going to change the world. He’s thinking about the note he was given that said Jane’s loyalty is with the FBI. Is he setting her and the team up?