Blindspot Recap 10/26/16: Season 2 Episode 7 “Resolves Eleven Myths”

Blindspot Recap 10/26/16: Season 2 Episode 7 "Resolves Eleven Myths"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Wednesday, October 26, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 2 episode 7, Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) returns because he needs assistance from the FBI with a crucial matter.

Did you watch the last week’s episode where while Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and Nas (Archie Panjabi) chased a fugitive whistleblower in Bulgaria, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) went on a Sandstorm mission with Roman (Luke Mitchell)? If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Reade (Rob Brown) must put the past behind him. Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer) returns to the FBI when he needs help with a pressing issue.

Blindspot the season 2 episode 6 airs at 8PM – 9PM ET on NBC. Make sure to bookmark this spot and come back for our Blindspot recap! While you wait for the recap make sure to check out all our Blindspot recaps, news, spoilers & more!

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#Blindspot starts with Jane cooking with Kurt and they kiss. There’s a knocking at the door and Roman comes in and greets Kurt warmly with a back slap. There are happy couple photos on the wall and it becomes obvious it’s a dream sequence.

There’s a knock at the door and a body in a bag. Old Jane is there and she kicks new Jane’s butt and says this doesn’t belong to you. Remi kicks Jane’s ass and says she can’t have it. She smashes up the nice dinner and grabs a knife. She stabs Jane in the chest.

Jane wakes sweating from the nightmare. Nas and the team talk about the Sandstorm timeline. Kurt says Sandstorm dates back much further than they thought and they don’t know anything about phase two – the complete reset. Nas nags her about the chip.

Jane gets dating tips

Patterson says she didn’t get enough data to draw conclusions. She says she aborted the upload to save Roman and says they can turn him. Tasha says the chip would have been game over. Jane says she doesn’t know what’s on the chip but knows Roman has value.

Kurt ends the meeting that’s blowing up and pull Nas into his office. She complains about Jane and Kurt says she needs to hear out Jane or they risk losing her. He says things get complicated in the field when you’re far from home. She asks if they need to talk about their hook up.

Kurt confronts her about the listening device found in Borden’s office. Jane gets a text from Oliver and smiles. Patterson asks her about it and then looks at the phone. Jane says she doesn’t think he wants to date her and Patterson says yes he does.

Rich Dotcom plays games

Jane says she’s never been on a real date that she can remember. Patterson says she cried on her first date. Alarms start going off and screens go black. Patterson panics. Nas tells Kurt there’s a good reason but Patterson interrupts and says they’re being hacked.

A tic-tac-toe pops up with the logo and says shall we play a game? Rich Dotcom pops up on the tv screen and mocks them. Kurt says no games and Rich says he will give them back control of their computers if they bomb these coordinates with the drone on the roof.

He says drop the bomb by the time he’s done binging Stranger Things. Kurt says he’s in his apartment since he mentioned his bad beer. They head there and Rich lets them arrest him. The microwave beeps and Rich says his Hot Pockets are ready then tells Kurt, you’re out of Hot Pockets.

Arresting Rich

They haul Rich into the FBI. Tasha and Reed see Yamada with Gail Brown at the office. Tasha is worried they are there after him. She asks if he got rid of the tape. He says he did. She doubts. Tasha says she thinks he’s not being straight with her.

Reed goes to talk to them. Nas asks Rich what he wanted them to bomb and he flirts with her. They ask what’s in the silo he wanted them to bomb. He says it was a random location. He calls her MoneyPenny. He says he can’t be seen going to the FBI for help.

Rich mentions the Akkadian and Nas says that’s a myth. He says he’s being hunted. Nas says the assassin is rumored to reach even untouchable targets. Patterson looks it up and says it’s incredible how many deaths are linked to it.

Terrified Rich

Rich says the Akkadian killed his boyfriend Boston but he bought him time to escape. He’s visibly upset. He says the last thing Boston says it’s such a beautiful place to die with you. Kurt asks Patterson to confirm Boston’s death.

Kurt asks who wants him dead. Rich says who cares, a super assassin is after me. Jane says what if the Akkadian comes here. Rich says he’s counting on it so they have to kill the guy and save him. Reed asks Yamada and Gail Brown what questions he can answer.

Reed confronted about Jones

Gail tells Reed she came to apologize in person and tells him about the videotapes they found proving Jones’ abuse. Rich talks about Jane and Kurt’s emotional distance. Tasha gets a call from the NYPD and steps out to take it. She finds out the cops found a knife in a gutter near Jones’ house.

Tasha thinks about the knife gone from Reed’s knife block. He says Yamada is following up on suspects now. Jane comments on Rich being comfortable there in the FBI room. Kurt hauls him into FBI holding and Rich is terrified the Akkadian will find him there.

Kurt says tell me the truth or you stay here. Rich tells Jane that Kurt is in love with him. They lock him in and leave. Yamada offers Reed a list of victims of Jones’ and asks him which of them he should look at. Reed says these are survivors not suspects.

Shooter in the building

Reed says he won’t make these people suspects. He tells Gail that Jones is dead because she didn’t lock him up and says the guy got what he deserved. Tasha yanks him out and tells him about the murder weapon that was found. Kurt asks what’s going on.

Tasha says no big deal. Patterson is tracking movements and Jane hears a noise. It’s Rich in the air vent. He says you left me with red shirts. Nas says they need to get him off site. She threatens him with Rykers and threatens Nas that he’ll talk about Omaha.

Nas caves and says let him stay. Kurt tells her to fire the guys in holding. She calls, no answer. They check the cameras and see the guards are dead. They go back a minute on tape and see someone enter and attack them efficiently. Kurt calls a red alert.

Akkadian attacks

Everyone suits up in bulletproof vests and Kurt assigns guards and they lock it down. Kurt says go room to room and check IDs then evacuate. Patterson says a security guard was found murdered at home and he scanned his card. They put Rich in a conference room.

Nas goes to secure her office and Kurt sends Jane with her as backup. Jane sees sketches of Roman on her wall and tells Nas she’s seen good in him. Nas asks how she plans on turning Roman. Jane says give him the deal you gave me. Nas says she had a Roman in her past.

She says the guy was Sandstorm and killed three of her own. She tells her Roman has killed seven people and Jane says away from Shepherd, he’d be fine. Nas agrees to think about. Kurt asks Rich who sent the assassin. Jane tells him to prove himself to them.

Love in North Korea

Rich says it started in North Korea. He says he made a pass at Ri Sol-ju, Kim Jong-un’s wife. He says he had to do unspeakable things to get of there alive. Reed and Tasha work room to room with some others. Tasha tells him about the knife and says she’ll take care of it.

Reed says don’t bother, I didn’t do it. Patterson tells them the Akkadian is on the fifth floor. We see the Akkadian mixing chemicals in a closet. They spot the mail guy and he has the dead guard’s ID. Patterson says the mail guy’s badge was swiped in the elevator.

They see the chemical weapon in the elevator made out of a water cooler and Patterson says they have to defuse it or it will be worse. Kurt doesn’t like it but Patterson gets to work.

The bomb baby

They consolidate everyone into Patterson’s lab while she works with the chemical weapon. She says the guy got everything he needed here and she explains about the lethal gas and how it will spread through the building. Patterson has Kurt pour hand sanitizer into the water.

Now they have to take care of the secondary explosive. She cuts a wire, it beeps and she says run. They go as it explodes. Patterson is down and Kurt calls agent down. He feels for a pulse. Nas says they need to get Rich out but Kurt says they need to force the killer to come to us.

Kurt leaves Jane with Rich and he and Nas go to work. Nas says she put the bug there to listen in on Jane. Nas says she has to know if Jane is turning Roman or vice versa. Nas says Omaha that Rich mentioned is a surveillance program with no gaps and no boundaries.

Omaha intrusive

She says everything is being surveilled so this time they don’t miss anything. Nas says she trusts him and that’s why she told him. Kurt isn’t pleased. Tasha tells Reed that Yamada suspects him after that outburst. Reed says he doesn’t care.

Reed says he was there, missing time, at Jones camp, and this is not about her. He says she’ addicted to risk like she was when she was gambling. Tasha says she’s out. Tasha keeps on and sees a missing vent. They look around the locker room.

The killer drops down from the lockers and beats up Reed then attacks Tasha too. He’s Asian and knows Kung Fu. He kicks both their butts then drags Tasha out of the room. Some other guards find Reed and he looks around for Tasha. He alerts Kurt the guy took Tasha.

Rich on the loose

They realize that the Akkadian is watching them on security. Tasha contacts them and reads a message the assassin gave her. She says she was infected with a neurotoxin that will kill her and if they hand over Rich, he will give them the antidote.

Reed says make the trade since Rich’s life isn’t worth anything. Rich agrees but says they can’t trust the killer. Jane says they have to try. Nas says let’s do as he says and leave Rich alone then loop the footage and retake the floor. Rich says he can write the code in 30 seconds.

Nas says he could steal data or start a war. Jane says there is no choice. Kurt tells Nas and Reed to get the Akkadian. Kurt uncuffs Rich but threatens him. He begs them not to leave him. They play along and do it. Rich goes to the computer and to work.

Akkadian takedown

Nas and Reed go get Tasha. The three vials are there. Kurt lurks waiting by Rich who says this is like Speed and says Joss Whedon wrote all the good parts of it. Someone kicks in a ceiling tile and the assassin comes down a rope behind them. He beats on Kurt.

Jaen can’t get a good shot. He takes down Kurt and then Jane. Kurt is back up. Tasha is dying. Jane has a flashback of the nightmare with herself and goes postal on the Akkadian. He pulls a knife and Kurt stabs him but the guy never gave up the answer.

Kurt tells them the Akkadian is dead. Nas says they have to take a risk and choose one. Reed says she’s tapping something. It’s a message. She says left. Nas grabs the vial on the left and injects it into Tasha’s neck. She gasps and is alive.

Rich under arrest again

Rich says he could help them with their cases. He says him, Jane and Kurt could take down the bad guys every week. Kurt calls for prisoner transfer. It’s Boston that takes the call as he intercepts it. Rich is loaded into a transport van and cuffed down.

The van drives down the road and one of the guards hands him a key. Boston says fool them once, shame on them. Rich says the Akkadian is dead. They hear sirens and Boston has to pull over. Kurt opens the back door and says out. He takes in Boston and Rich.

Kurt asks if he thought it would be that easy. Patterson waves and says she went on a crab hunt. Patterson says he told them how Dobby died in Harry Potter. Boston complains about Rich’s death story. Nas says we knew you’d breach the server.

Nab a Crabb

Patterson was watching Boston and says they got two jerks for the price of one. She says to catch a con, you’ve got to run a con. Kurt cuffs him and says people don’t change. Jane glares. Later, Nas tells Jane they can’t take a risk on Roman and she knows it’s hard on her.

Nas says there’s more at risk here than one person. Jane thanks her for considering it. Roman is with a guy and gets a page from the FBI mole that says 911. He goes to get the message from the dead drop. Roman is angry at the guy who implied Jane betrayed them.

The guy says we should tell Shepherd. Roman attacks him and says do nothing. He says he’s going to the dead drop to find out. He goes. Reed checks on Tasha and he says he wanted her to take a step back and he was wrong.

Kurt and Nas again

Tasha says she wasn’t listening to him and he says leave the knife alone. He says he can’t have something happen to her and says he can live with what happens to me. Nas finds Kurt changing the locks at his apartment. She says she’s worried about Jane.

She says maybe it was wrong to bug the office but when she did right, she lost people, and can’t let it happen again. Nas says she’s lost people because she can’t open up so she tried to trust Kurt. He pulls her into the apartment kissing.

Jane is with Oliver on a date and she says she’s not great at texting. He asks if she’s okay because her nose is busted. Oliver says we should get the basics out of the way like all her tats, where she’s from, if she has family and rattles off info about himself.

Roman fights his rage

He jokes he’s got a butterfly tramp stamp. He says your turn and Jane says she can’t do this. She says this doesn’t belong to me and stands to go. She says he seems nice and she’s sorry. She walks away. Tasha is at the NYPD and goes into the evidence room.

She looks around and opens the carton of evidence. She pulls out the knife envelope and steals it. She checks it once she’s in her car and sees it’s the knife that Reed’s pal had with him when he left Reed’s apartment.

Roman goes to the dead drop and finds an envelope. A note reads that Jane’s loyalty is with the FBI and contains a letter that confirms that Jane sent the FBI part of the data from the microchip. He’s upset. Roman walks off with the proof.