Blindspot Recap 9/21/16: Season 2 Episode 2 “Heave Fiery Knot”

Blindspot Recap 9/21/16: Season 2 Episode 2 "Heave Fiery Knot"

Tonight on NBC Blindspot airs with an all-new Wednesday, September 21, 2016, episode and we have your Blindspot recap below.  On tonight’s Blindspot season 2 episode 2, A corrupt DEA agent wants to sell missiles to a drug cartel, so the team try to halt this plan.

Did you watch the las week’s episode where after escaping from CIA custody, the team recaptured Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and convinced her to become a triple-agent within her old terrorist organization?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed Blindspot recap, right here for you!

On tonight’s Blindspot episode as per the NBC synopsis, “The team races to stop a corrupt DEA agent from selling stinger missiles to a drug cartel as Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) fights to keep everyone together under the increasing pressures of Jane’s (Jaimie Alexander) rift with the others and the uncomfortable addition of Nas (Archie Panjabi) as co-leader.

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#Blindspot starts with Jane talking about having another memory and says it was vivid. Kurt asks about it and she says she was in a helicopter high above the treetops. We see her in uniform with other soldiers in a chopper. They landed and then a woman runs out of a shelter screaming.

They move into the house looking for hostiles. The house explodes and some of the team dies. Jane is knocked out but gets up but then a secondary explosion leaves her still on the ground and the woman dead. She says Shepherd and Roman told her about it and that it was an Orion op.

Roman says Douglas Winter blew the whistle and the CIA ended Orion. Shepherd says they thought Jane died too and she says America needs to be saved from itself. Roman says it will be a complete reset then Shepherd interrupts and says that’s all she needs to know for now.

Another task and tattoo

Shepherd tells her there’s something she has to do today. Jane tells the FBI team that she told her they need to solve a particular tattoo case today. Nas doesn’t like it but Jane reminds her that she wanted to keep working the cases. Jane reminds her that the tattoos have gone.

Jane says Sandstorm gave her a hint and saw the spaces between the pillars on the tat look like bullets. Kurt says he’ll get Patterson on it. Reed goes to see Freddy, a guy from football camp in high school. Freddy asks what business he’s in because of the suit and he says FBI.

Freddy asks why he stopped by and he says he tried to call but couldn’t find a number on him. He asks if he heard about the football coach and says Tim and Levi went to the same football camp they did and says Jones abused a lot of kids and they need victims to testify.

Reed tries to nail the pedophile coach

Freddy says people are trying to move on with their lives. Reed says Jones will walk if they don’t talk and he might not be finished. Freddy says they can’t change the past and Reed says they can make him pay for what he’s done. He asks Freddy to call the DA.

Freddy tells Reed it’s good to see him gain then walks away. Reed promises him they’ll get Jones. Kurt thinks about the box of his dad’s belongings and asks Dr Borden why he can’t throw it out. Kurt says he hates his father and Borden says he has to deal with it.

Kurt’s phone pings and he says he has to go. Borden says he can’t confront his father since he’s dead but must confront his feelings about him or it will haunt him. Patterson shows them what she found on the tattoo and Tasha says this is from a cartel shooting at a cop’s wedding.

DEA and dirty deals

Patterson says the weapons came from the DEA and Nas says the DEA sold them to the cartel. Kurt says this is a bad idea but they do this to try and make big busts instead of just nabbing street players. Nas says the DEA is releasing more weapons including stinger missiles.

They see that nine cartel members are now in New York and they think an attack is coming today in NYC. Tasha talks to Kurt about the cartel and he says it’s from Sandstorm so they have to. Tasha worries it’s a trap and Kurt says Jane was the trap.

Kurt says he doesn’t want to be in the same room with her but it has to end. Jane overhears them. Reed talks to the DA who says they can’t win the case against Jones. She says Freddy is not a good witness because of his criminal record.

DA disappoints Reed

The ADA says none of the victims but Freddy will go up on the stand. Reed is disgusted and says what Jones did made Freddy who he is. Gail says it won’t’ happen and tell Freddy I’m sorry. Patterson says Valentine Barker is the DEA agent getting weapons to the cartel.

Valentine and the weapons are off the grid but Nas says she’s at a bank in Queens closing out her account. We see Valentine at the bank getting into her safety deposit box. Reed tells Kurt working with Jane is messed up.

He says her mother is the leader and brother is a homicidal maniac. Jane rides with Nas who tells her that everything they knew about her was a lie and they need time to forgive me. Jane says they handed her to the CIA to be tortured and she has no idea what this is like.

Shoot out in the street

Nas tells her she had dealt with a lot of obstacles as a Sunni woman. Jane says Sandstorm is exposing corruption. Nas says Shepherd’s people are killers that must be stopped. Valentine grabs the cash from her box. They spot some men in suits in front of the bank.

They think it’s a cartel siege and they tell Valentine to get down. The cartel guys open fire. Jane hides out then she gets the drop on Valentine. They nab Valentine after saving her from the cartel. She’s not happy to be found by the FBI.

Jane has a session with Borden and is agitated. She’s thinking about torture and says nothing much. He asks if she can confide in Kurt and she says that won’t work. Borden says Kurt is going through a lot right now and they could help each other.

DEA grilling

Borden says the team is the closest thing to family she’s got. Valentine says she was being followed starting yesterday and was scared. They tell her to tell them where the stingers are. She says her boss Robert Kingston runs that program.

They show her papers with her signature. She says she wasn’t even there. Nas comes in and says Kingston ordered the hit on her. Valentine is stunned and says six months ago, she was checking numbers and found irregularities.

She told her boss who said he’d deal with it and says two days ago, the numbers were worse off and she wanted to push it upstairs. She says Kingston told her he’d handle it. Valentine says he was like a father to her then asks how he could do this.

Borden asks out Patterson

Shepherd and Roman talk about Jane and they cross swords but she tells him to do what she said. Kingston is undercover and Kurt argues in favor of letting Valentine help. Borden finds Patterson and asks if she has a moment.

He gives her a copy of Oregon Trail he bought her on eBay. She asks where she could use it and asks doesn’t one of her computers have a floppy drive. She says they’re all new. She laughs and says he doesn’t know a lot about computers. He asks her to dinner.

It’s awkward but she says yes. He says he’ll email her and she teases him about his lack of tech knowledge. It’s cute. Kurt, Reed, Nas, Valentine, Jane and Tasha head to a warehouse. Tasha doesn’t like Jane being with them.

DEA op starts

Valentine alerts them that Kingston is there and has the weapons. She pulls a gun on him as he’s in front of a rental van. Kurt tells her to wait but she won’t. Valentine is angry and he says let me explain. He’s got another gun hidden away.

They hear shots and come out and find her gut shot. Jane starts helping her and says get an ambulance. The missiles and Kingston are gone. It’s not pretty. Roman loads weapons into a car and some Sandstorm guys confront him because Shepherd said to keep him there.

He beats them down but then Shepherd is there and slaps him. She says his sister can take of herself but he says he can’t loser her again. Nas and Kurt bicker and they get news that Valentine might not survive. Tasha says she doesn’t want Jane in the field.

Kurt calls a time out

Jane reminds her she saved Reed this morning but Reed says their boss would be alive if not for her. Kurt says until they stop Sandstorm Jane is part of the team and he tells Patterson to stop treating Nas like the enemy and work with her.

Kurt tells them to focus on the missiles and the cartel hit. Nas says they can access the traffic cams but if he swapped his plates, he’s as good as invisible. Patterson points out the ads on the truck and says he can modify their search algorithm.

Nas says she can get it done and Kurt says let her work. Reed glares at Jane and walks off. Tasha complains to Reed about Jane and asks why he’s so distracted. He tells her about Freddy and Coach Jones and says the guy is hanging on by a thread.

Nas and Jane

He tells her the DA said there’s no case and he doesn’t know what to tell Freddy. Tasha says the truth is the only thing to tell. Jane finds Nas in the dark listening to earbuds. Jane says she can’t do this but Nas says there’s no alternative.

Nas says she has to keep up her end to get the protection from Sandstorm and the CIA. She says Tom Carter’s name and Nas says they found one deleted email about Orion sent by Carter. Nas says he likely ran Orion and that’s why he’s interested in Jane.

Jane says that’s why he wanted her dead. Nas asks her to stick around to learn the rest of the story and says she knows it’s not easy. She says Jane has everything to gain by seeing it through. Nas says she’s on her side and she might not like her but can trust her.

Shepherd and Roman discuss Jane

Nas listens to Jane’s session with Borden. She’s got ears all over the building… Shepherd and Roman talk as he treats his wounded hand and says he didn’t mean to hurt them and disobey her. She tells him to keep his elbows in and shoulders down.

Shepherd tells him Remi will be fine and he says it should be him since it doesn’t matter if he dies. Shepherd says he can never do what Remi does. He asks her to activate the FBI resource and she says she won’t do it.

Someone comes in and whispers to Shepherd that Cade has been sighted. She says it’s a problem. Jane tells Kurt they need to move forward and he says he’s trying but it won’t happen overnight. Jane asks why he didn’t tell anyone he found Taylor’s body.

Kurt comes clean

Kurt says he exhumed her body in secret and buried it somewhere in secret. He says the team knows and Sarah knows but Taylor has no family. She and her killer are both gone. Kurt says let the horror of what his father did die with him.

Jane tells Kurt she misses being Taylor. Kurt glares and Jane says she’s trying to be honest with him. She says if she was him, she’d hate her too. Kurt says he doesn’t hate her but he doesn’t know who she is anymore.

She says she doesn’t either. Patterson comes in and says the NSA ran the algorithm and they found the van in Brooklyn. Jane says that might be the attack location. They discuss what’s in range from there and consider possible targets.

Missiles in Brooklyn

The cartel unloads the weapons and Kurt wonders if they can evacuate the East side of Manhattan. Nas says there are too many targets and not enough time. Patterson hears a plane and says maybe a flight is the target.

Patterson checks for VIPs on flights. Nas calls the FAA to reroute planes ASAP. They pull up on Kingston and the cartel guys and they open fire on the FBI. Kingston goes down and two guys run off with missiles under their arms. Reed and Tasha give chase.

Jane and Kurt stay to fire fight with the rest of the cartel. They follow some guys that flee. Patterson says there are Mexican politicians on a flight landing soon and they can’t reroute it. Tash is taken down and Kurt and Jane fight the cartel.

Crisis averted

Tasha and Reed get to the missile guys but one launches. Kurt grabs a remote but there’s one more. Jane gets the second one off track and it goes into the water. Kurt tells Jane good work. Tasha and Reed are in shock.

Nas is impressed and Patterson says they usually get the job done. Nas greets Kurt back at the FBI and tells him nice work. He says this is what happens when you stay out of my way. Nas says Valentine is out of surgery and will live but won’t walk.

Nas says Valentine disobeyed orders and that’s not on him. He thanks her. They head in and he tells the team good job. Nas says Keith Manning is Valentin’s pal and they think that he fed the info to Sandstorm that two tats were based on.

Nas IDs sources of the tattoos

She said government insiders gave the info up and Kurt leaves them to it. Nas says every action they take creates ripples across the globe and shows her that even though they stopped the attack, lots of economic and political actions came out of it.

She says Sandstorm doesn’t want them to know the big picture and that’s the problem. Nas asks if Jane still thinks her family are the good guys. Tasha and Reed talk about Freddy and he goes. Tasha sees Jane checking her bandage and it’s bleeding.

Tasha hands her some antibiotic crème and says sorry I shot you. Jane says she asked for it. Tasha says she kind of did and walks out. Kurt stares at the box of his father’s possessions and drinks a whiskey. He dumps it down the trash chute.

Kurt’s having a baby

Allison shows up and surprises Kurt. He offers to buy her a drink and she says no. She tells him she’s pregnant. She shows him a sonogram and apologizes for not telling him sooner. She says he had so much going on.

She’s three months along. Allison says it’s his kid too and she’s not suggesting they get back together but he can be part of the kid’s life if he wants too. Kurt says his mom used to tell him he’s just like his father – then she took off.

Kurt says she’ll be a great mom. She stands to leave and tells him goodnight. He sits looking at the sonogram and pours another drink. He empties the bottle. Reed goes to see Freddy and he’s drinking. The DA already told him the trial isn’t going forward.

Freddy is crushed

He says nothing ever changes and he thought some good might come from this. Reed says they couldn’t get enough victims to come forward. Freddy says messing with kids and that makes them bad witnesses. Freddy asks why Reed didn’t testify.

Reed has no idea what he means and Freddy asks if he really forgot. Reed walks off very disturbed. Jane goes to the monument for the people lost in the attack she survived in the desert. Roman is there and sneaks up on her and puts a shot into her neck.