Blindspot Recap – Jane Accused in Mole Hunt: Season 1 Episode 13 “Erase Weary Youth”

Blindspot Recap - Jane Accused in Mole Hunt: Season 1 Episode 13 "Erase Weary Youth"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday March 14, season 1 episode 13 called, “Erase Weary Youth,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, the team must uncover a mole in the FBI while being scrutinized by an inspector, and the tense situation puts everyone’s secrets in jeopardy, especially Jane’s.

On the last episode, after a disturbed Iraq War vet shot up a military base, the team exposes a sinister plot. As Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) raced to stop a single-minded scientist, Jane recalled her own mysterious military past and contemplated a new relationship with Oscar (guest star Francois Arnaud). Also starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Ashley Johnson and Ukweli Roach. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “after a tip reveals there’s a mole within the FBI’s New York Office, the team must hunt for the operative while facing extreme scrutiny from Inspector Fischer (guest star John Hodgman). The team’s deepest secrets threaten to be exposed, and everyone is a potential suspect – but some, especially Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) have more to hide.”

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#Blindspot starts with Jane running at top speed. She thinks about Oscar telling her Orion is why they’re doing this and why she died. She thinks about the team trusting her and the video message she left herself. She stops on the pier and pants.

Kurt teases his sister about her walk of shame and he asks why he hasn’t met the guy yet. She asks about how it went with their dad and he says the cancer meds are bothering him. She says it took cancer and the return of a murdered girl to heal their family.

Patterson works out at the gym intensely and thinks about David. Tasha and Reed come into the workout room and ask if she’s okay. They ask if she’s upset about the Russian spy’s final arraignment. She says she wants things back the way they were.

The judge meets with the lawyers in the case – looks like she has information to cut a deal. The woman says she had to see the judge before she revealed she had the name. Her lawyer says it could get her out of this. The lawyer says something in Russian then attacks her.

A guard comes in and the lawyer comes at him and he shoots her dead. Kurt laughs at a video of Sawyer that Sarah sent. She looks at it and hands back the phone as he gets a call from Allie. He heads outside to take the call.

Bethany gets a call about the lawyer mess and waves Kurt to come into her office. She says Olivia was killed by her lawyer right before she was going to name a Russian intelligence source. She says the source is at the NYO and says that’s all they know since the lawyer is dead too.

Bethany says she wants Kurt alone working on this so no one knows he’s working on this. He doesn’t want to lie to the team and Bethany says it could be one of their team. Patterson tells the team that Maria Blanter was an attorney the Russians work with and she’s the one who killed Olivia.

Sloane shows up and talks to them about the case then Kurt pulls her out of the briefing. He asks what she’s doing and says she’s there to help. She says she’s counterintelligence. Kurt says don’t mention the inside man and says work the embassy angle.

Then Jonas from OPR shows up and says director called him to say they’re compromised again. Kurt doesn’t like him and Jonas says he won’t let them bungle another approach. He wants a polygrapher and is taking over her office.

Bethany says this needs to be handled delicately and Kurt says he’ll spook the mole but Jonas won’t be dissuaded from doing it like he wants. Bethany says Jonas has been trying to steal her job for a year and is going to use this to push her out.

Kurt says that’s the last thing they need and they need to find the mole first. Tasha asks Jonas why they’re under investigation and he blabs the mole news. Reed thinks Kurt knew and Jonas says maybe Kurt doesn’t trust him.

Jonas starts with Kurt who is utterly annoyed. They hook him up to polygraph and Jonas complains they have no Turkish coffee. Jonas asks if he’s had sexual relations with a coworker. Then he asks if it’s Allie. He says yes and then says no to him being the Russian operative.

He asks if he’s involved with any other coworker romantically. He says no. Sloane asks Tasha if she has any theories who it is and Reed asks the team why Kurt didn’t tell them. Kurt comes back for an update. Patterson says there are three diplomats that are dirty.

Patterson says it’s subtle but when those three are back in Russian, smuggling slows down. Sloane has an asset at the embassy but isn’t ready to push him. She says he’s not ready and tells Kurt in private they can’t just go down there.

Kurt says get him to meet us and Sloane agrees. Bethany says Sloane knows how bad this looks and that’s why she’s pushing. Jonas won’t let her out and the guard says the building is locked down. Tasha tells Reed that her polys always get flagged.

Reed says he should be worried and says Jonas will ask who they’re in bed with and she asks who it is. He admits he’s seeing Sarah, Kurt’s sister, on the sly. Tasha says tell Kurt now and Reed walks away. Jonas has Jane in polygraph and asks for her name. She says Jane Doe.

He says your real name and she says Taylor Shaw. She glares. He asks if she has assisted a terrorist organization. She says no. He asks if she’s a terrorist or Russian operative. They have Dr Borden in there too and he says his mother is 7/8 English and Jonas hassles him.

He asks them if they speak Russian, are trained in Russian martial arts. Then he asks if they’ve removed government property. Jonas brings up David to Patterson and asks if David was a Russian spy. He asks if Patterson ordered David’s death or feels responsible for it.

Jonas says Sloane’s cell number was in the dead lawyer’s cell phone. He asks if they consult with the CIA and know Thomas Carter. Tasha says yes or no. She gets squirrelly when it comes to Tom Carter and then asks if they’ve seen him recently.

Reed pulls Kurt aside and says he’s dating his sister and has been for weeks. Kurt glares and walks off. He tells Jonas he needs to lift the lock down and Jonas says one of the women is the inside person. He says the women are all hiding something and he’ll find out what.

The ladies are put into a conference room and Bethany tells them that Jonas is tearing apart their lives and says the jerk wants to disgrace her and take her job. Tasha, Bethany and Jane are all being held. Reed says Sloane needs to bring her guy in – Roman.

Kurt says tell the guy she’ll get rid of his drug charges if he comes in and she agrees to try. Jonas bugs Bethany about the Saul Guerrero file. He says she was his handler and was there to see him when he was killed. Bethany says he has nothing and the team is clean.

Jonas next grills Tasha and she says she’s bad at tests. He also has the surveillance device that Carter gave her. She says she doesn’t recognize it and he says they found it in her home. She says she doesn’t know about it and he says it was hidden in a light switch.

He asks why the CIA is bugging her home and she says she doesn’t know. She says Carter wanted intel on Jane and she told him to go to hell. He says Carter isn’t around so that’s convenient. Roman shows up with Allie and Kurt says Jonas is there on a mole hunt.

She’s annoyed he didn’t tell her. He says Bethany, Jane and Tasha are suspects and none of them are the likely source so they need Roman. Sloane talks to an upset Roman. Roman says it’s too dangerous for him to be there.

Kurt says he’s not talking until he sees a deal in writing. Kurt sits and tells him to look at the camera. He says talk or I send that pic to the embassy. Jonas is with Tasha and sees Jane in the conference room. He walks by.

Jonas talks to Reed and asks her about Jane Doe and says Tasha told him that Carter wanted her to inform on Jane. He says Carter approached him too and he also said no. Reed says Carter made a career out of making enemies.

Jonas asks if Jane was alone with Carter anytime. He says Jane was always with her detail, there or at the safe house. Jonas lies to Patterson and says Reed said that she was out without her detail. He asks where Jane was the night Carter disappeared.

Patterson says she worked late and then went home with the detail. Jonas is focusing on Jane now. Rman tells Kurt about driving the Russian guys to meetings. He says he doesn’t know who they meet. Kurt threatens him again and he says Slave mentioned inside help.

He says he stays in the car and doesn’t hear much. Kurt threatens him again. Roman says he has a good memory for faces. Kurt tells Sloane to show him photos of everyone who’s there. Allie pushes Kurt to think it’s Jane and says they don’t know about her past.

Reed comes to get Kurt and says Jonas wants him. Jonas says Sawyer, his nephew, saw him and Taylor kissing outside his house. Kurt says one kiss does not mean romantic involvement. Jonas says he’s sleeping with the enemy.

Kurt says he’s not sleeping with her and she’s not the enemy. He asks if her detail will confirm them not sleeping. He says they met, talked, kissed then she went home. He asks if Kurt walked her home and he says no. Kurt says this has nothing to do with the mole hunt.

Jonas harps on Jane being out without her detail the night Carter died. Jonas comes to see Jane and says Carter wanted her in custody and threatened her mission. She says she has no mission. She says she was with Kurt that night and went home.

Jonas has photos of her avoiding security cameras near her safe house at 4 am. He says she’s in window reflections. She says she went for a run because she couldn’t sleep. Jonas says she went after Carter and killed him.

Jane says no and says she’s not a mole. Jonas says she’s caught and she says she didn’t kill Carter. He says her polygraph is a straight line and says she was kidnapped, taken to Russia, trained as a spy and was sent back. Jonas says she spoke Russian to Olivia and says she recognized her.

Jonas says Jane’s Russian handlers had her killed. He says it’s over then asks if she’s relieved. Roman looks through photos but has no one yet. Kurt says look faster. They’re almost out of time. Jonas says it’s like Bethany wants him to take her job.

Kurt says Jonas has no evidence and says he has a guy ready to ID the Russian source. Jonas says the guy will probably lie. Jonas says he found the mole and says he’ll confirm it with his guy. Jonas comes in and says Patterson is giving a civilian access to private files.

Jonas says show him a photo of Jane. Roman says he’s seen her with Slav and says he knows her tattoos. Jonas says it makes sense. Jonas says to call the director. The FBI comes to arrest Jane. Jane tells Kurt she didn’t do this and he says don’t say a thing to them.

Kurt says Jane didn’t do this and they need to find the real traitor. The team takes Jonas’ side. Kurt says it doesn’t make sense and says she has no access to the intel they need and says her tattoos are helping solve crimes, not cause them.

Kurt says Roman is Sloane’s guy and he ID’d Jane and says she showed up out of nowhere. Kurt goes to confront Roman and notices the label in his coat. It’s the same as Jonas’ coat make and Kurt figures out Jonas is the mole.

He says he was tipped off by the people who ordered the hit. Roman stays quiet and Kurt threatens him then Jonas says he threatened to kill him and says he’s a very dangerous man. Kurt says Jonas will try and permanently silence Jane.

Jane is unloaded from the prisoner transport van and she tells Jonas again that she’s innocent. He asks where she was the night Carter was killed. He says she was probably up to something worse. He says he’ll find more evidence in a few months while she waits in a dark hole for her treason trial.

He says he’s going to bury her. Jane is taken to a cell and Jonas is part of the escort. Kurt and the team runs up there and Kurt says Jonas is the mole. Jonas says he’s going to call the director. Jonas heads down the hall and Jonas takes down the guards, grabs a badge and gun and goes after Jonas.

The team finally gets through the door and Jane is hot on Jonas’ tail. She tells him to stop and she shoots him in the shoulder. Kurt yells at Jane to stop. She says he was going for his gun. He’s dead. That’s not good.

Later Jane asks what happens now. He says Sloane will pick up the diplomats and they’ll be deported. She asks what happened to him. He says she shot in self-defense so it’s fine. She thanks him for standing up for her and believing in her.

He asks if she wants to go somewhere and talk but she wants to go home. Kurt asks Reed if he’s serious about his sister. He says it is and Kurt tells him to end it. Tasha has a beer and walks around her apartment. She looks at the mess from the search and says – can you hear me?

She says I know you’re listening and says stop wasting time and just call me to talk. She waits and sips her beer then laughs. Her phone rings. Sarah yells at Kurt and says it’s not his right to tell her who she can’t see. He says they’ve had too much loss in their lives.

He says Reed told him it’s serious and says they have dangerous jobs. He says he doesn’t want her or Sawyer to lose someone she loves. He says protecting people takes everything from him. She asks what’s going on when he snaps.

He says he’s sorry and walks out. Jane meets Oscar and says she was in incredible danger today. She asks if he works for the Russians and says she knows nothing about him and asks who he works for. She says enough of this circular.

She says she was almost caught by OPR for killing Carter. She says she is a mole and is responsible for Carter’s death. He asks what happened and she says she killed the mole. He says she’s one of us. Oscar says her secret is safe and they live to fight another day.

He says there’s a time sensitive tattoo he needs to bring to her attention but she says she’s out and walks away. Reed comes to see Bethany and says Jonas’ case against Jane wasn’t crazy. He says she may not be a Russian spy but could have killed Carter.

He says he has reservations about Jane’s alibi that night and Bethany agrees she does too and she asks Reed what they’ll do about it.