Blindspot Recap and Review – Military Mindgames: Season 1 Episode 12 “Scientists Hollow Fortune”

Blindspot Recap and Review - Military Mindgames: Season 1 Episode 12 "Scientists Hollow Fortune"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday March 7, season 1 episode 12 called, “Scientists Hollow Fortune,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a veteran goes on a shooting rampage at a military base, leading the team to uncover a dire plot involving a scientist. Meanwhile, the veteran’s actions evoke some memories for Jane regarding her curious military background.

On the last episode, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) reeled from a series of massive revelations about her tattoos and grapples with whether to trust Oscar (guest star Francois Arnaud). Meanwhile, a tattoo lead the team to a shocking discovery in the Black Sea. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “after a disturbed Iraq War vet shoots up a military base, the team exposes a sinister plot. As Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) race to stop a single-minded scientist, Jane recalls her own mysterious military past and contemplates a new relationship with Oscar (guest star Francois Arnaud). Also starring Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza, Ashley Johnson and Ukweli Roach.”

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#Blindspot starts with Jane and Oscar. He says it’s time for her first mission. He has a pen for her to swap with Mayfair’s usual pen. He says she’s still you when she complains and he laughs. She asks if it’s a tracker and he says it’s a regular pen.

She asks how she knows he didn’t have a gun pointed at her head when she made the video. He says he wouldn’t dare and says she knows she’s not one of them. She asks about the man at her safe house with the beard that died and if he’s one of them.

Oscar says bring me the pen and you get more answers and gives her the double. Later, she opens it up and looks inside it but can’t find anything unusual about it. She takes every piece apart and finds nothing. Kurt talks to his sister and she says she’ll be late tonight.

We see a flashback to him waiting on Jane and her not showing. She says their dad is babysitting tonight and he says fine. He heads out to work. A guy walks down the middle of a road along the yellow line. He looks confused. A truck comes up on him.

The driver asks if he’s okay and if he works on the military base. He offers him a ride. Jane goes to work and looks at the pen again. Kurt comes in and greets her. He says sorry about last night and says he should have told her he wasn’t coming.

He says the two of them is too complicated and she agrees. He says they’re on the same page so nothing should be awkward. The driver pulls up at the guard shack at Fort Beck and says he picked up a guy with an Airborne tat who seems off.

They open the trick door and ask him to step out of the car. He does. They ask his name and he doesn’t answer. He tells the guard you can’t take me then snaps his arm, takes the gun and shoots at the driver and other guard. Then he takes the gun and steals the truck.

Patterson shows the video to them and says his name is Charlie Napier and says his name was on one of Jane’s tattoos and says he was killed in action in Iraq a year ago. Patterson says he enlisted straight out of high school and was a good guy.

Reed asks if she’s sure it’s him and Patterson confirms it. She says the IED explosion was too gruesome to find a body but they used dental and tissue samples. There are four names on the tat too all of KIA soldiers.

Tasha wonders why he said “you can’t do this to us.” They wonder if he had PTSD or some other issue. Patterson gets a ping and says Charlie used the dead driver’s cell to try and call his old home but the number is out of service.

The team goes to his childhood home and finds a woman out front who says he’s inside and has a gun. They head inside. Upstairs, they see Charlie standing in a child’s bedroom and Kurt says drop your weapon. He asks what did you do with my mom?

Jane is there too. He says he can’t take it anymore and then Jane gets a memory flash of someone in training yelling at her to ring a bell and quit if she can’t take it anymore. Charlie says he can’t go back there, he won’t.

Jane says his mom is there downstairs and wants to talk to him. She says put down the gun and let’s go tell her that you’re okay. He puts the gun down and Jane talks to him in a soothing voice. He screams when Kurt grabs him.

Charlie is at the FBI center and says he doesn’t remember the last year and a half. The dungeon is the last thing he remembers and flames. He says he was in hell being tortured by the devil. She asks what the devil looked like but he says she lied so he won’t talk to her.

Kurt asks how he got out and he says he swam across the river Styx to get out. Dr Borden says Charlie tested positive for a lot of drugs and one is the same drug used to wipe Jane’s memory. He says the level is almost the same as what was done to Jane.

Jane thinks about the fact that she did this to herself. Kurt says it might be the same. Jane asks about the other drugs in his system and he says they would put you in a coma in most cases and says he has very high epinephrine levels.

Patterson says it’s a constant state of fight or flight like super soldier drugs. Bethany says the military has a history of testing chemicals on soldiers. Patterson says he may get memories back in a few weeks. Jane says they should get his mom to trigger memories.

Bethany agrees. They find her and bring her to see Charlie. She sobs and goes to him. She says they told her he was dead and says she thought she lost him. He says he’s sorry and is crying too. She asks where he went and he says he was in hell and saw the face of God.

He says God told him to go home to her. She cries and holds him tight. Jane says his mom doesn’t care he killed three people and Kurt says she’s just happy to have him back. Jane looks sad and asks why Kurt hasn’t forgiven his father since he knows he was wrong about that night.

Kurt says it’s more complicated and she asks why. Kurt says he was a terrible father, a distant drunk. Jane says he’s sick, right? Bethany asks Patterson for more on the tattoo and says they may be experimenting on the other soldiers too.

Bethany asks Patterson why she hasn’t taken a leave of absence and she says there’s just more work and things feel important right now. Bethany says she’s been there and did the same thing she’s doing and says running from it will hurt more when it catches up with you.

Patterson ignores her and gets back to work. CID comes to take Charlie. Special Agent Ken Thorpe comes to take him and says they have jurisdiction. Bethany says the man has been subjected to inhumane experiments and the agent says it’s his case and walks out with him.

Jane gets in his face but Bethany tells her she has to stand down. Charlie begs them not to let him go. Patterson comes to tell them she found a link. They all supposedly died in IED and all were found by the same private military contractor Northlake.

Tasha says Northlake must have run the experiments and Kurt says they do have the motive. The team moves out. We see Charlie in the back of a prisoner transport van speeding down the road. Someone shoots out the tire and masked arm men dressed in black blow the doors. They go in and cut his chains and drag him out.

Patterson tells the team the truck was attacked and the CID agents killed. She says Charlie is missing and Kurt says they wanted him alive for a reason. They wonder if he’s being kept near Fort Beck. They create a perimeter based on his drugging.

They find a boot print with residue that used that heating oil. They narrow it to five buildings and look for a body of water. At a clack site, we see people being held in beds. Charlie is dragged in and a doctor says it will be over soon.

Others are shredding papers. Tasha says the face of God comment could be important. Tasha tells Reed she thinks she knows what that is. There is a stained glass Jesus and they look at one of the buildings. The church bells toll.

Jane has a flashback of training and a training sergeant yelling at her to quit wasting their time. He tells her to just quit and ring the bill and she does. Now, they head inside and spot people in the beds. They’re all dead. Charlie isn’t there.

Patterson finds a partial video file on a destroyed hard drive. She plays the fragment and Dr Sparacino is talking about one of the subjects having seizures. She says Charlie is the only one that it worked on. Jane says that’s why they killed the others.

Patterson looks up the doc who is retired military and she just emptied her accounts and moved them offshore. Patterson says they pinged her headed for a storage unit near Brooklyn. They wonder if she has another lab. Borden says she may be ready to kill Charlie for answers.

The team heads to the storage unit. Inside one of the rooms, the doctor is getting ready to do a lethal test on Charlie while some men stand guard outside of the unit. The doctor tells Charlie this won’t hurt for long as she injects him and the monitors start to go nuts.

The team goes inside and splits up and moves towards her unit. Reed is attacked by a guard and has to fight him off. Tasha takes out another. Jane and Kurt take fire and have to pull back. Kurt takes out one. There are two more. Jane takes out both neatly.

There’s one left that has Tasha pinned down and Reed is still fighting one. He knocks him out. Looks like the army guy who took Charlie. Jane and Kurt take out two more and move on. They hear Charlie in a unit and move closer. They tell the doc to put it down and she does.

Tasha is still pinned down but finally gets the guy. Jane lets Charlie loose and they realize he was drugged again. Charlie freaks out and runs from them because he doesn’t remember them. Jane runs after him. Tasha and Reed show up and Kurt goes after Jane.

He runs up the stairs to the roof and Jane follows. He moves at top speed then jumps down to a lower roof. Jane follows. She puts down her gun and says please. He looks around and she kicks the gun away. He comes at her and they fight.

She begs him to stop. He doesn’t. She knocks him down but he won’t stop. They are both down and he chokes her. She knocks him off her and he gets her gun so Kurt has to shoot him. Jane is furious that he killed Charlie.

She says he didn’t have to and he says he did. She says Charlie was innocent but he says he can’t have her at risk. Jane has a flashback to talking to the sergeant who told her to quit. Turns out, she was playing a role and says it was hard to ring the bell.

The sergeant told her the real work began then and welcome to Orion. She also gets flashes of Carter before talking about Orion while she was still a soldier then her asking Casey about Orion and then Carter asking about Orion as he waterboarded her.

Bethany is in her office writing with her pen when Jane knocks and comes in. Bethany asks if medics cleared her and she says it was just a few bruises. Bethany says never challenge me in front of someone like you did with CID.

Jane says she didn’t mean to but Bethany shouldn’t have let them take Charlie. She says she should have fought harder for him. She says he might still be alive. Bethany says it’s called chain of command and slams her pen down angrily.

Bethany is called to a meeting and she tells Jane to function better as part of the unit and storms out. Jane watches her go. She thinks about Oscar telling her she’s a cog in their machine. She looks around cautiously then swaps the pens and walks out.

Kurt comes home and finds his dad there making an icky smoothie. He says his sister told him it’s good for his platelets. Kurt helps him remake the smoothie and it comes out better. He asks Kurt if she knows who Sarah is out with.

They toast with smoothies. We see Sarah at a bar and she meets her new guy. It’s Reed. She sees a bruise on his face and asks if her brother hit him when he told him. He says he didn’t tell Kurt yet and says he’s been too stressed.

She offers to tell him but Reed says it has to be from him but he wants to do it right. She kisses him. At home, Kurt and his dad sit talking and it’s actually amiable. He talks about Sarah being traumatized at Disney World.

He laughs and Kurt asks what really happened the night that Taylor disappeared. He asks where he was and says he was gone from the dinner party for three hours. He says he went on a booze run and had to drive to a store further away because it was Sunday.

Kurt doesn’t believe him. He asks why his shoes were muddy. Kurt says you thought I was asleep but I wasn’t. He says he saw him hosing off his shoes. He asks why he lied and his dad says he was trying to kill himself.

He says he was depressed for a long time and drove to the river and says he walked in and then he got an image of he and Sarah at his funeral and what they would be wearing. He says he got back in the car and drove home with muddy shoes.

Kurt asks why he didn’t tell anyone and his dad says no one would believe him. Kurt is upset and says he, Sarah or his mom would have. His dad cries and says he was so ashamed. He says he wanted Kurt far away from him and says he was so full of rage.

He says he didn’t want Kurt to turn out like him. He sobs and says he’s so sorry. Kurt comforts his dad and takes his hand while his dad cries. Kurt is crying too. Jane goes to see Oscar and he takes the pen. He says good work.

Jane says he gave her this mission as a test of her loyalty. She says now she wants answers. He says the bearded man was with them. He says he was telling her not to trust the FBI. She asks who shot him and he says he can’t tell her yet.

She asks about the soldiers that were tested on and Orion. He says they knew about the testing and didn’t approve. He says that’s enough answers for tonight. Jane says what is Orion? Oscar says Orion is where she died.